Raglak a story of werewolf (episode 5)

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After a month….

Laksh was depressed without Ragini. He is not even sure what has happened to him. And he never saw the video completely.

He opens the main door of the house as the bell rang. He is surprised..! Ragini is standing in front of him. She is showering a cute smile. She is in her red saree.
“Ragini..!” Says Laksh and hugs her. She is amazed at first but later she soothes him by rubbing his back.

“I saw the video Ragini.. I was turning to wolf…”

Ragini is amazed that Laksh got to know about himself. She kisses his forehead. Now Laksh amazes. “I’m there for you Laksh. I will not let anything happen to you..!”
Laksh holds her hand, “what are you going to do? Are you going to sacrifice yourself?”
Ragini stuns with his question. “Why are you thinking like that.” “I have seen video Ragini. You have kissed me..!! But, I didn’t see what happened later.”

Ragini remains silent as he came to know half truth. “I don’t let this happen again..!” He says firmly.
Ragini keeps her hand on his cheek. “I will get freshup.”she says and goes to washroom in his room.

Laksh don’t understand her behavior. What is she going to do now??

Ragini removes her clothes and stands under shower. She cries for a while. She looks at the teeth marks on her body. Those were all made by Laksh but he is unaware of it. She comes out of shower in towel. She stands at door of room and calls Laksh. Laksh hears her voice and stands at door.. “haa ragini..”
“Once come inside..!” Says Ragini.

“Why..?” Asks Laksh in confusion.

“Shower is not working. Check it.” She asks.

Laksh enters into room hesitatingly. Without looking at her, he goes into washroom but the shower is working. He is surprised. He thinks Ragini might be normal and comes out normally.
“Ragini..shower is working ” is says and looks at her.

She was in dark red towel, her bare shoulders reveling her cleverage also slight and up to knees legs are visible. Laksh sticks his eyes to her. She was extremely hot.
Her wet hairs are falling on her face and shoulders. She keeps rubbing her both of legs sensually. Laksh takes gulp.
“Sorry..” he says and about to leave room.

Ragini stands at door and bolts it. “Why are you running away?” She asks seductively. Laksh takes gulp again, “let me go Ragini..”

He touches bolt to unlock the door, but Ragini touches his hand. She smootly runs her hand over his hand and at last brings her hand at his nape. She starts smoothing his nape, he too starts losing his control.

“Ragini…” his voice becomes weak.
She places her two hands around his neck. She moves closer to him. Both can listen their heavy breaths..and both are feeling their heart beats as both of their chests are touching. Ragini brings her lips too close to his lips.. now Laksh cups her face and have her lips among his lips. He starts crushing her lips with his. Ragini keeps rubbing his head with her thin fingers.

Laksh likes her tasty lips and doesn’t get apart after having them. Meanwhile Ragini removes his overcoat, for which he comes into senses,

He breaks the kiss and looks at other side taking heavy breath.. “I’m sorry Ragini.. I didn’t understand what have I done.”

Ragini looks out from window.. the moon light starts penetrating.. she soon goes and closes the curtains to prevent his wolf transformation. Laksh is about to go out.

No..he shouldn’t go out. If he goes out moon light will touch him, he will change as uncontrollable beast. So, Ragini fakes that she has wound on her leg..

“Aa..laksh, my leg hurts.” She shouts. Laksh runs at her.. “where Ragini..where?” He asks looking at her legs.

“Umm.. I can’t stand take me to bed” she asks. Laksh carries her in arms as she said she can’t walk. He touches her smooth legs and one of his hand is on her waist.. her wet body is touching him.. He keeps looking at her and she too.. he places her on bed. Her towel from her knees slip little back and revel her bare thighs too.

“Ouch..it’s paining..she acts, and Laksh presses her leg. She bends and removes his shirt buttons.
“What are you doing.” He is about to ask.. Ragini pulls him holding his collar and he falls on her. She rolls up on him and starts kissing him which make him weak. When he is not in sense she removes his short. She rubs her legs on his legs. Laksh now wakes and makes Ragini come down and he sits beside her. She is looking at him, he removes his shirt. His hand move to her cleverage… he moves his hand there and bring to her armpit. Ragini gives a pleasures smile… he removes the knot of her towel and she takes gulp. She closes her eyes. Laksh removes the towel from her and soon a tear escapes from her eye.. he moves his hands on her tummy which shivers her… and later he kisses all her tummy and comes up and licks her neck and then, they start smooching with lips. Their legs are rubbing each others. Laksh bends her to and plants numerous kisses in her neck… “laksh…laksh..” keep moaning Ragini…

Ragini covers Laksh completely without moon light falling on him.

Next morning….

Laksh wakes with the sounds of birds and sunlight. Ragini is on his chest. Their legs are entangled. His hands are around her waist and back. Laksh wakes and slowly places Ragini on bed. She is still not awake. Her hands are around his neck. She was murmuring in sleep, “Laksh…laksh….” He smiles and covers her in bed sheet.

He goes into washroom. After a while after bath he comes out. Ragini was sitting on bed at one corner, she has covered herself completely in bed sheet and she was crying deeply. She was biting her fingers so that no one could hear her sobbing. She was taking heavy gulps while crying. Her face is pale and turned red as she cried a lot..

Laksh feels very sad and goes near her. “Ragini..” he keeps hand on her shoulder. Ragini opens her mouth then her sobbing sound is out. Laksh hugs her. She keeps her head on his shoulder and she clutches his shirt. His shirt start becoming wet with her tears.

“I’m sorry Ragini. I lost my control..”

“It was me who did it Laksh.. you need not feel sorry”

“Ragini..let’s get married.”

Ragini removes her head from him and looks at him. He wipes her tears… “will you be my wife?” He asks..

Ragini looks on…

Guys..is the part too hot? I’m sorry if it is.. I hope I’m not spoiling any minds. Please be careful and take care guys…

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  1. OMG!!!Please post the next part soon…And yes plz don’t feel bad if you don’t get comments from my side in next episodes…I have my exams and so might not have time to update…your plot is really good…I am so happy the story is about a werewolf…it has been so much time since I last read a supernatural story…I love supernatural stories…keep writing dear…if you don’t mind can you tell me your age?Want to see if I am supposed to be calling you di or not…bye and all the best for your next episode…

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    awesome n hot update dear…… good plot….. n don’t worry about someone….. just trust ur writing skills… waiting for next update….

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    superbbb yaar

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    Superb… Its different… What laksh is going to do???? Post it soon

  6. it was amazing yar..jst loved it..plz dnt end this ff yar..during llast update you told that you are going to end this.but plz dnt end this.it is an amazing concept dear..nd plz dnt let ragini die..

  7. Follybraverl

    Butterflies on my stomach

  8. fabulous epi

  9. Akshata

    it is an interesting story and quite mysterious too. i am so curious to know how will ragini survive after three full moon nights.
    pls update soon

  10. It’s outstanding episode dear and Raglak scenes are really hot. Eagerly waiting for Ragini’s answer. Plz post next part ASAP


  12. Asra

    awesome dear….loved it…..

  13. IQRA222

    Hey i am still 13 only so i didnt read the part but i know the paet was awesome

  14. Its nice dear. A vry diff concept and the way you write is also too good

  15. Awesome..

  16. Hy dream girl.this is my first comment in ur ff.ur ff is awesome .raglak scenes were too hot.since I have exams I am not able to give comment .I am sorry.

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    Nice don’t kill Ragini yaar keep going

  18. Fabulous dear. Don’t end it, nice story dear

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