Raglak a story of werewolf (episode 4)

Ragini while going in bus remembers past incidents…

Raglak are very best buddies from childhood. They go scholl together. College together. Do homework together. But they have respect towards each other.

Once they go to college excursion. There when raglak misses way in forest.. a wolf tries to attack on Ragini… Laksh is process of saving her gets the bite of wolf. It was a full moon night. Later they return back and everything was normal.

But month later… Ragini happens to go to Laksh’s house to study for exam next day. Laksh’s father Durga prasad is also with them. It’s a full moon night again. Suddenly Laksh start changing. Ragini and Durga prasad shock. Laksh nails change bigger, he get sharp teeth also. His legs become big and he gets hair all over body. He seemed to be like wolf. He groans in wolf sound.

Ragini scares and shouts. He looks at Ragini in big red eyes. She scares. He jumps near her to kill her. When he is about to kill her Dp come in between and get victim to his nails. “Uncle..!” Ragini shouts. Laksh in wolf form groans again and runs somewhere. Dp before dying takes promise from Ragini that she will always be with Laksh. Dp dies.

Next morning, Laksh finds himself in a forest like place and he gets surprised. He come back to home and gets shocked to see his father dead. He cries. Ragini amazes that Laksh didn’t remember anything. She doesn’t tell this to Laksh as he may feel guilty that he has killed his own father.

Ragini then meets a professor and he explains about his situation. “A soothing love can change a werewolf as human. That wolf has bit Laksh and he became like that. When someone stands three consecutive three full moon nights with him..he becomes normal. But… the girl who helped him will die..!”

Ragini rather shocks but decides to bring Laksh out of that situation. He is a best friend to her. And she has to save him.

For that she has done that previous night. And Laksh being a beast at that time.. he has bitten her so harsh. But he didn’t remember anything. She has to bear that two more times to save him and she has to sacrifice herself to death.

Ragini comes out of her thoughts remembering all the past.

Guys… plz do comment. And thank you everyone for the comments. That means a lot.. this ff ends in two more parts.

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  1. Kumal

    Amazing story

  2. IQRA222

    Awesome but please dont kill ragu

  3. Lovely7


    Please don’t end this yar

  4. Awesome story new plot

  5. Amazing.. Dont kill ragz

  6. Awesome amazinggggggggg plz make it a longggggggggg story

  7. Jazzy


  8. amazing dear..it has a fantastic story base..plz dnt end it yar nd plz dnt kill ragini..i jst love this ff

  9. suprb

  10. Asw

    Nice did Ragini is dead in this ff ? Keep going

  11. A.xx

    fab and feel bad for them as she is dieing to save him xx

  12. Fairy

    Omggg!!!!so amZngggggggg…..superb superb superbbb … So dats d mystery behind rags behaviour…..aww!!!!m afraid for my ragini now!!!plz dont let her die plzzz……..it’s fabulous story dr…N I loved it sooo very muchh..plz try to extend it…N don’t end it sooon plz…..keep rockng n stay blessed sweety..thnx a lot for such interestng story..lotz of love…?????

  13. Interesting episode dear and waiting for next episode

  14. Niku

    A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. …..
    Post soon

  15. Asra

    amazing dear….plz don’t end it soon dear…..waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…


  17. Fabulous epi

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