Raglak a story of werewolf (episode 3)

Laksh doesn’t understand what to do. He goes to home and checks the juice they drank, but it was ok. He tries to remember what has happened. He remembers the before night. He and Ragini were doing assignments. He opens his camera and shoots Ragini..she was thinking something.
It was a full moon day. Moon light was coming into room. Suddenly he feels dizzy and Ragini shouts his name.

Laksh comes out of thoughts. He checks the camera which fell down. It has recorded something. He checks it. The video plays,
“Suddenly, Laksh holds his head. He is not in his scene. “Laksh..” Ragini shouts and tries to calm him. But he shouts loudly in wolf sound. He starts getting fox ears on head. His eyes are becoming red. His nails are becoming sharp and cruel. His legs are changing the form.”

Laksh was shocked to see his transformation in video. Vidoe continues,

He throws books aside. He is about to jump from window..but Ragini comes in a run and hugs him. He tries to move her away. But she uses all her strength and ties him in her embrace. Then she slowly licks his neck. Laksh somewhat gets soothed.

Laksh who was seeing video gets amazed. Ragini was trying to make him normal?

The video continues, his teeth were like wolfs teeth. But still Ragini doesn’t get scared and she sensually moves her hand in his head. He was getting soothed even more. Then she places her lips gently on his lips. She licks his lips and makes him open his mouth and she explores all his mouth with her tongue. Laksh comes to her control now. She breaks the kiss and moves to window and closes it. The moon light is not penetrating now. Then she removes her shirt…!

Laksh closes his eyes and offs the video because he is not wished to see his friend Ragini like that. Then he cries,
“What happened to me..? Why am I changing to wolf? And Ragini knows about this..? She is soothing me for saving me..? For that she has sacrificed herself for me..??”

Then he runs to Ragini’s house again with the camera. But the watchman says, “madam ji and ragini beta has left to other place. They didn’t say where they went..??”

“Ragini…!!!” Shouts Laksh.

Ragini who was going in a bus opens her eyes. Sumi was beside her. She don’t know anything happened between raglak.

“I will come Laksh. I will come again in next full moon..!!” She thinks.

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  1. Interesting episode and waiting for next episode

  2. Lovely7


  3. Fairy

    Omggg!!!!super fabulousss……oh so she had done dis to soothe him…..oh gawd!!!such an interestng plot….hatts of to u dr….waitng sooo impatiently for nxt episode….plz plz post soon n longer one…lotz of lovee…fabulousssss story reallly?????keeep rockng n stay blessed????

  4. IQRA222

    awesome and really interesting
    does Ragini love Laksh

  5. Jazzy

    amazinggg episode

  6. interesting

  7. Awesome nice episode

  8. Amazing

  9. Superb..

  10. A.xx

    fab and is ragini a werewolf xx


  12. Amazing

  13. Asra

    awesome dear…..ragini already know about laksh conditions….really interesting….waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear..

  14. omg it’s the first time i have ever been so surprised abt a story.it’s realy an amazing concept..something new..you just nailed it yar..plz nxt part soon

  15. Rajkumari

    Awesome yaar

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