Raglak a story of werewolf (episode 2)

Ragini looks at Laksh asks him to leave her hand.
“Tell me first. What all this?”

Ragini jerks her hand and runs away. Laksh looks on.

In college,

Laksh comes and searches for Ragini. He understands Ragini has not come to college. So, he goes to her house.

Her mom Sharmishta, “hey laksh… you here..?”

“Ragini has not come to college aunty..”

“Ya..she is feeling feverish. Taking rest in her room.”

He goes to her room. Ragini is crying. “Ragini..” he calls. She wipes her tears soon and looks at him. He comes inside and sits in bed beside her. She too sits.

They are friends from childhood. So they are too close. But, they were always in their limits. They know how to behave properly. Never such awkward things have happened between them. Now laksh is just concerned about previous night and how it was happened. He didn’t remember anything.

Ragini doesn’t look into his eyes. But he was looking at her.

“Ragini.. tell me why did you do like that?”

She holds her head in upset.

“Sorry…but…is it my fault..?” He asks. “Laksh..go away for god sake. Please..”

“How can i go without knowing. We slept together last night without our knowledge..!” He shouts.

Ragini closes her ears in tears.

“It’s even hurting me Ragini. We are friends. I never thought anything bad about you. I respected you. How can that happen?”

Ragini is just silent.

“We were doing assignments in my room. We ate and drank juice. Is that juice got something..?” Laksh trying to recollect.

“Laksh..get up..!!” She tells and she got from bed.

He just looks at her. “I said get up..!” She holds his shoulder and takes him out. She pushes him out. Laksh looks at her.

“If you want to talk about it..don’t talk with me.” Ragini tells.

“But Ragini..”

She closes the door on his face. Laksh bends his head and goes away.

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  1. IQRA222

    feeling bad for raglak
    is lucky a werewolf in your story

  2. Superb update next part soon

  3. Full of mystery..

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    Oh gawd!!!such an amaznggggg update dr….so so sooo awesome….outstandng plot..eagerly waitng for d mystery to gets unfold…..plz post soon n a longer update plz…..it’s reallly veryyy interestnggg!!!keep rockng n stay blessed sweety????

  8. Interesting…!!But I wanty bigg episodes…!!

  9. Akshata

    its awesome, interesting and mysterious story, loved it

  10. Awesome and very interesting…

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    awesome and interesting dear….waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

  12. Interesting episode and loved it

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    Fab and wonder why rags is acting like this…loved it and post soon..longer updates xx

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    Make it long please

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