Raglak story one shot


Hey i am Zai, this is my second os of Raglak, i just love this couple so much that i planned to write an ff on them but couldn’t due to lack of time, so thought to make it an os. Hope you guys would like it and sorry for any mistakes and also it is going to be a very long os so prepare yourself for long reading.

It starts where Kavya entered the serial
(i know it is very old but i had this idea for quite a long time so thought to write it)
And some changes, Kavya didn’t come for revenge but she married Laksh for his money.

Ragini returned to Baadi with Shekhar and her family.
(Swara didn’t return as Shekhar allowed to stay back and he is not angry with her)

At Baadi:
Ragini went to the her room and the washroom.
She opened the water, she let the water open on her, and think about all her moments with Laksh. She was not crying but her pain could be seen.

Sharmishta knocked at the door and Ragini replied that she will come soon.

Ragini changed and came downstairs.
Dadi:”laddo, you are fine? Don’t worry i will teach that Laksh a lesson…”

Ragini:”no need… This is all my punishment. I deserve it”
Saying this she left and went to her room again.
Shekhar followed her.

He hugged her.
Ragini:”baba, can i ask you something?”
Shekhar with teary eyes, nodded yes.

Ragini:”plz let me go from here.”
Her dad was shocked and upset too.
Ragini, holding his hand:”plz baba…”
Shekhar:”you can’t leave us… Where will you go? How will i be without you?”

Ragini, crying:”plz baba, let me go… I promise that i would call you everyday. Its just that i need some time alone.”
Shekhar:”I won’t stop you but you have to promise me that you would take care of yourself and would call me everyday”

Ragini, crying, nodded yes:”i promise… But dadi and maa?”
Shekhar:”i will handle them. You will go tonight itself”
Ragini nodded yes.

Shekhar hugged her for a long time. He knew that he will not see her for a long time.

Everyone were upset with what happened. With what Laksh has done to Ragini.
They were in the hall.

In Raglak, sorry now Kavlak room:
They were celebrating their marriage.
Laksh:”finally, Ragini went away from my life. I am so relieved”
Kavya:”right, i still can’t believe that we got married that too in front of all your family and did you see that behenji’s face when you told her everything? I was trying so hard to control my laughter.”

Laksh:”yeah, but now no more talk about that Ragini. Its only us now.”

Next morning:
At Baadi:
Dadi and Sharmishta were preparing for breakfast when they heard a knock at the door.
They went to open it.
Sharmishta:”Shona… Sanskar come in”
Swasan both entered.

Shekhar also came there.
Swara:”maa, How is Ragini?”
Dadi:”she didn’t come out of her room since last night”
Swara:”don’t worry dadi! I will talk to her”
Swara was about to go in the room but Shekhar stopped her

Shekhar:”no need Swara”
Sanskar:”why baba? We will talk to her, she would feel good”
Sharmishta:”let them go, Ragini would feel nice…”
Shekhar:”Ragini is not in her room.”
Dadi:”what? Where did she go? Shekhar? Where did Laddo go?”

Swara:”baba, where is she?”
Shekhar:”she left…”
Shekhar:”yeah, she wanted to go far away from here and i let her go”
Dadi:”how could you let her go?”
Swara:”yes baba, she needs all of us and you let her go alone…”
Sanskar:”no Swara, she also needs time, its good she would feel nice”
Swara:”what if she does something to herself?”
Sanskar:”no, she is strong, she won’t”
They were upset and soon Swasan left from there

They informed the same to Maheswari family and they also got tensed.
Laksh heard it when he was coming down.

Laksh, in mind:”Ragini left? That’s great! I would not have to see her face again. But where did she go? How can she just leave everything and go?”
Kavya call him from behind which disrupts his thoughts.

Kavya came downstairs and everyone went back doing their job ignoring her and Laksh.
Laksh:”i am sorry that they are behaving like this with you”
Kavya:”its ok baby, everything happened so quickly…”

Swasan room:
Swara was upset and thinking about Ragini.
SR bgm plays.

Sanskar saw her and hugged her from behind.
Sanskar:”what happened?”
Swara:”i am scared for Ragini, Sanskar. Don’t know where she will be, how will she be?”
Sanskar:”shhh, relax. Baba said that she will call, right? You can call baba and ask him later on”
Swara nodded yes but was worried and Sanskar noticed that but didn’t say anything. As he knew that whatever he says, Swara would not stop worrying about Ragini and now he was also worrying about her. So he remained silent but he didn’t leave her.

At a bus station:
Ragini came out of the bus with her luggage.
Ragini, to herself:”your new life starts now Ragini, from now on, you will fulfill all your dream, those dreams that you saw before meeting Laksh. I would achieve something. No more Laksh, no more anyone, it’s only Ragini. I will think about myself. I will do what i want to do. Mumbai, Ragini will definitely make her name and place here.”
And she walked away.

After one year:
MM is shown.
Everything has changed in the house. Obviously now Kavya is ruling over the house. She is worst than Ragini when she was owner of the house.

She makes everyone work in the house. She tries to harm them but Swara saved them multiple times, due to which Kavya hate her.
Sometimes back, Kavya took over Shekhar business also when he was suffering losses. Kavya did so to take revenge from Swara from ruining her plan. So now Gadiodia family also stays with Maheswari.

Adarsh and Sanskar no longer work in Maheswari groups, they work for another company, different ones.
Laksh is the only one handling office.

Swara, Pari, Uttara, Sujata, Ap, dadi and Sharmishta have opened a small business of sarees and clothes. But they still have to obey to Kavya.

Rp, Dp and Shekhar also do some jobs but they don’t earn much.
And Laksh has become like a puppet of Kavya. He agrees to whatever she says. (And no he is not drugged like in the serial)

He tries to take stand for his family but Kavya doesn’t let him.

Now Mumbai:
A big mansion is shown:
A girl wearing a sky blue vans climbing down the stairs and reached her car, a black Porsche. Soon the camera moved up. She is wearing a black skinny jeans and a blue crop top matching with her shoes.
She was wearing many colorful bracelet on her right hand and a watch on the left. And the camera moved to her face, her eyes were shown, she was wearing glares of black color. She was wearing light make up, but was mesmerizing. She was none other than Ragini.

She told the guards to open the door and she drives off.
Ragini, in the car while driving, call up Shekhar by Bluetooth. ( she still talks to him)

Ragini, excitedly:”baba, i have some exciting news to give you.”
Shekhar:”yes my princess…”
Ragini:”remember i told you the other day that i went for an important work, well that work got successful and i am so happy.”

(Shekhar does not know where she is nor what work does she do and he is the only one who talks to her. Ragini forbids him to make anyone else talk to her as she was afraid of their reactions but Shekhar sometimes put the phone on speaker so that everyone could hear her voice and every time they get emotional)

Shekhar:”accha, good! Now tell me, how are you? And you were having cold yesterday naa?”
Ragini, bites her tongue as if she forgot something:”yeah baba, but now i am fine.”
(She was still not fine but couldn’t say it otherwise she will be scolded)

Ragini:”ok, baba, i will talk to you later on. I have some important work to finish”
Shekhar:”ok, bye beta, take care”
Ragini:”you too”
She hung up the phone.
Shekhar:”God plz keep her happy and safe, I don’t know where she is and I can’t ask her but plz keep her happy”

The ladies were carrying out some works when Kavya came there all angry with some papers in her hands with her few assistants following along with a manager.

She was scolding her assistant for something.

Laksh also came there and looked tired from office work. He went to the dining table and took a glass of water.

His family went away from him, although they stay under the same roof no one except Sanskar talks to him, that too rarely and when no one is around.

He looked at Kavya who was now scolding everyone who comes in front of her. Uttara came there to pick up her phone and Kavya scolded and pushed her a bit. Laksh caught her and scold Kavya.
The ladies were a bit shocked that Laksh scold her beloved wife but were happy too.
Kavya immediately apologized to Laksh and Uttara. And talks sweetly to Laksh. She pulled him to the room.

Kavya:”Laksh, i am sorry… I know that I shouldn’t have scold Uttara but what can i do, i was tensed. Plz forgive me.”
Seeing that Laksh was lost in his thoughts, she came near him and sat in his lap.
Kavya:”what happened?”
Laksh:”hmmm… Nothing”
Kavya kissed him on his cheek and forehead and Laksh was also smiling now.

Laksh pulled her nearer to him and Kavya closed her eyes waiting for his kiss. Laksh also closed his eyes and was about to kiss her but he got flashbacks of Ragini and him when they consummate their marriage.
He stopped and got up quickly due to which Kavya fell on the ground.
Laksh:”sorry, sorry…” And gave her his hand so that she gets up.

(Kavlak didn’t consummate their marriage till now, Kavya didn’t let Laksh come near her. She romanced him whenever she wanted to say sorry or when she needs something)

A hotel called Paradise Villa
Ragini joined some kids in the garden, she gave them chocolates and then went in the hotel.
A man came to her and greet her while handing her a file.
Ragini:”thank you Samar”
She went to a cabin.
And the name plate shows the name Ragini Malhotra.

(Ragini is the owner of the hotel, Malhotra groups belongs to Raj Malhotra. When Ragini came to Mumbai, on her first night, some goons were chasing her when Raj Malhotra helped her. She told him about her situation and he decided that Ragini is going to stay with him as his granddaughter. And since that Ragini stays with him, taking care of his business as he lost his son and daughter in law in an accident, he has no heir so he made Ragini the heir of Malhotra. Now she handles the hotel.)

In her cabin:
Ragini were reading an article in a magazine about the hotel success and smiled to herself.
Samar, the manager came there and gave her a file.
Samar:”ma’am, he is calling for the past one month to fix a meeting with you, what do i say to him?”
Ragini:”tell him that i am busy so can’t meet him.”
Samar:”but ma’am…”
Ragini nodded no and he left from there.

Kavya came to everyone in the hall with Laksh.
Kavya:”listen you servants, your son wants to tell you something.”
Laksh:”we are all going to Mumbai, i need to meet someone for a deal”
Kavya:”and in one week its my and Laksh first wedding anniversary so we thought to get married again. Last time, I couldn’t do any rituals so i want to do them this time. So i planned to do it in Mumbai. We are going for 2 weeks for our wedding. So come on, pack up and prepare for the marriage”

Sanskar:”I can’t come, i will not get 2 weeks off from office…”
Adarsh:”me too…”
Laksh:”bhai, actually….”
Kavya:”we already talked to your bosses as they are our good friends and they said ok. So both of you have no reason to say no and about the ladies, i know that you are not getting any orders at this time so you are also free. So everyone can come.”

Sujata:”jiji, now we will have to go to her wedding… We don’t have excuses also.”
Swara:”mom, we should go… I mean forget about Kavya, we will go for Laksh. It’s his wedding too”
Dp:”we will go…”
Laksh was happy.

Everyone were packing.
Swasan room:
Swara was packing both their things. Sanskar came there.
Sanskar:”Mrs. Maheswari, i was thinking to let all of them go and we will stay back and for 2 weeks, we will be alone. We will spend all our time with each other.”
Swara:”really? But you will have to go to office…”

Sanskar:”no, I won’t. Didn’t you hear i have 2 weeks off so… ( he pulled Swara close to him) i will not let you be away from me”

Swara:”have some shame Sanskar.”
Sanskar:”arrey, i am your husband…”
Sujata came there and saw Swasan in that position.

Sujata, closing her eyes:”sorry sorry, I didn’t see anything.” Swasan parted away.

Sujata:”if you have finish packing and romancing, you can come downstairs. If we get late, that Kavya will take our class”

Sanskar:”coming mom…”
He took the bag and they came down.

Everyone were set and they left for Mumbai.

In Mumbai:
At night, Ragini came back to Malhotra mansion.
Raj, her dadaji, was waiting for her on the dinner table.
Ragini:”what is this Dadaji? I told you not to wait for me and to eat your dinner”
Servant:”baby (they all call her baby) he kept on refusing saying he will eat when you come”

Ragini:”ziddi (stubborn) dadaji”
Dadaji:”same like you”
Ragini smiled at him.
They both took dinner and spend some time together: talking about the hotel, about its improvement and all. And Ragini was teasing dadaji that he was missing dadi (his wife who went out of city for work)

Ragini was very pampered by the two, and she behaved like a kid with them. And they also never restrict her from doing anything. They were completely different of Gadiodia family. They were no such rules about her behaviour and clothes, she would wear anything she wants. Ragini has become fearless in this one year. She changed a lot: her way of talking, her behaviour to people who would taunt her. You would say that this is not Ragini anymore, she changed completely.

Next morning:
Ragini’s room:
Her room had many photos of her, her new friends and dadaji and dadi, not forgetting Gadiodia family pics which she took with her along with Maheswari but no Laksh in any pictures. It was a big room with a round shape bed. The curtains, the bedsheets and the decorations were of matching colours of blue. There were drawings on the walls, beautiful painting.

She was still sleeping and as the window was open, the wind played with her hair. The sunlight was disturbing her and after sometimes she woke up.
She went to get ready.

Maheswari and Gadiodia arrive at a hotel. Its the Paradise Villa, Ragini’s hotel.
They meet Samar and he showed them their room. Kavya took a master room for her and Laksh and the other went to single rooms.

Laksh stopped Samar and asked:”this hotel is of Malhotras right?”
Samar:”yes sir…”
Laksh:”i would like to talk to the owner plz to ask permission if we could do the wedding here.”
Samar:”sure sir but i have to confirm it with ma’am if she is ready to meet you”

Laksh:”ok… Ma’am? I thought that Mr. Raj Malhotra was the owner”
Samar:”yes, sir but now he hand over it to his granddaughter.”
Laksh:”ohhh ok”
Kavya called Laksh so Samar left from there.

Ragini came into her cabin. Samar also came there. He told her what Laksh has said without mentioning his name.

Ragini:”ok, I will meet them. Tell them in half an hour.”
Samar said ok and went to inform Laksh.
Laksh informed Kavya and the family as he wanted all of them to be present.

Laksh was getting ready, he was selecting a coat. Kavya came there.
Kavya:”Laksh, we should take a selfie. We both are looking so hot today.”
She took the picture while Laksh remembered doing this with Ragini few days before his marriage.

Kavya left from there.
Laksh, to himself:”what’s happening to me? Why am i thinking about her? I am married to Kavya and i am thinking about Ragini. Why am i not able to get her out of my head? Its been one year since she left… Maybe that’s the reason, I want to see her to see if she is fine. I want to hear her voice once to be reassured that she is fine… But why? Am i missing her? Laksh what are thinking? You can’t ever miss her nor love her. She is Ragini, the type of girl i hate and she will never be that girl who i want for myself. And you can’t forget what she has done to your family”
(Laksh doesn’t know that Shekhar still talks to her or if the family also sometimes hear her voice)

He tried to remove these thoughts and concentrate on the clothes.

After half an hour, Samar came to Laksh and Maheswari family, who were waiting in the lobby.
Samar:”i am really sorry sir, but actually Raj sir wanted to talk to you. He never allowed a marriage here due to some reasons (Ragini was the reason- he knows everything about Ragini) that’s why he wanted to meet you. So he called you to his house. Our hotel drivers would take you to his house”

They reached Maheswari mansion and they were awestruck seeing the mansion. Kavya eyes were popping out. They were impressed by the house and soon the servant welcomed them and brought them to the hall.
Dadaji soon join them. Laksh and Kavya talked to him and ask permission for the wedding. Dadaji tried to refuse due to Ragini but couldn’t.
He told the servant:”call Baby, i need to talk to her about this.”
Sujata:”how will you talk to a baby?”
Dadaji:”Baby is my granddaughter, we call her baby”
Sujata:”ohhh i thought that…”
Ap:”leave it Sujata”

Dadaji talked to Ragini while calling her baby. Ragini was ok with the wedding happening not knowing it was of Laksh.

Dadaji agreed and soon he invited them to have dinner with him and they agreed.

Swara, to Sanskar:”he seems nice…”
Sanskar:”yeah, her granddaughter will be also…”
Swara gave him a look of excuse me.
Sanskar:”i mean to say her values will be the same…”
Uttara was giggling hearing them and Sanskar signed her to stop.

While the servants were serving dinner, Ragini came there in her car.
Servant:”sir, baby has come…”
Dadaji:”good, we will have dinner together”
Ragini entered the house. As her hair was open, it fell on her face covering it. She was searching for something in her bag. They all looked at her. Sujata was looking at her head till toes. Even Kavya was looking at her with envy.
Kavya noticed Laksh who was looking at her and pinched him. He startled and look at her.

Sanskar, to Swara:”so she is his granddaughter, seems cute.” He said so to tease her.
Swara, now angry:”ok then go to her.”
She got annoyed.

Ragini:”sorry dadaji, i got late again…”
Everyone recognizes her voice and was waiting to see if she was really Ragini. Swara was teary eyed while Kavya was angry and frustrated.
Laksh was smiling surprisingly.

Finally Ragini moved her hair and they could see her face. Everyone was really happy to see her except Kavya obviously.

Ragini was shocked seeing them all in front of her. She didn’t expect it.
Dadaji:”she is Baby… I mean Ragini… Ragini Malhotra.”

Ragini trying to control her emotions came to dadaji. Dadaji got a phone call so he went upstairs with the help of the servant.

All of them were examining Ragini. She was wearing a blue jean and a white blouse.
They couldn’t believe that the girl who wore only traditional dresses was in front of them wearing jeans and blouse.
They were shocked. Especially Laksh.

Dadi was about to go to her but Kavya stopped her.
Kavya:”you can’t go to her, don’t forget that you are my servants and you can’t disobey me.”
Ragini was watching her closely.
Dadaji came back and they compose themselves.
Ragini:”dadaji, i will go and change them we will have dinner.”
Dadaji:”ok beta”
Ragini went upstairs. She had mixed feelings: surprise, shock, happiness.

Ragini, to herself:”Ragini, you have to relax, you knew that you have to face them. So i have to be strong in front of them. Their presence, his presence doesn’t matter to me.”

She changed her clothes, she put on a simple white t-shirt with a kaki shorts.
She came down while checking her phone.
Everyone were further shocked seeing her in shorts.

She came on the dining table and sat next to Dadaji and On the other side was Dadimaa.

Dadaji talked to Dp and Shekhar and Rp.
Ragini was eating silently. The ladies and Laksh were watching her.

Sanskar, to Swara:”Swara, you wanted to see your sister and see we met her finally”
Swara:”i know Sanskar but she seems different, her…”
Sanskar:”her clothes? Its ok Swara, clothes does not matter…”
Swara:”it doesn’t matter for us but for our family yes.”

Sanskar:” leave this… And you were telling me to go to her sometimes back right? Now that she is my sister in law, i would definitely go to…”
Swara:”now i don’t mind… You are her friend so no problem”
Sanskar smiled at her.

Dadimaa:”lad… Ragini beta, what do you do?”
Ragini without looking at her:”i manage Dadaji’s business as he is now retired and ill.”
Sanskar:”that’s nice, and i have been reading in news your hotel is doing good”
Ragini smiled to him.
Kavya:”hotel is doing good doesn’t say that the one handling it is good too. She can be cunning, manipulating and have done many bad things”
Everyone went silent.

The dinner went on like this only.

After dinner:
They came in hall. Ragini and dadaji were still at the table as Ragini was giving him the medicine.

Sujata:”jiji, what happened to Ragini? She never wore such clothes. And now…”
Ragini came there

Kavya:”she is so shameless right? She didn’t think that her family is right here and wearing such clothes. What does she think that by changing her clothes, she would gain Laksh back. She is so stupid and characterless too.”

Ragini:”clothes doesn’t matter, i can wear anything i want. And Kavya, this is my clothes not my character.”
Laksh was just looking at her.
Kavya didn’t know what to say.
Sanskar, whispering:”wow, great answer. No one should judge a girl according to her clothes”
Shekhar came to Ragini and hugged her.
Shekhar:”I didn’t know that my princess would be here”

Ragini:”baba, see i told you that i will meet you someday”
Shekhar hugged her once more. Dadaji came there and Shekhar moved back.

Soon Maheswari and Gadiodia left from there.

In hotel:
Kavlak room:
Kavya was sleeping while Laksh was near the window. He was thinking about Ragini.
Their meeting today, he remembered the time when Ragini felt uncomfortable in Swara’s clothes when they were in storeroom with Gadiodia family. At that time, it was just a sleeveless shirt but today she was wearing shorts and no uncomfortableness.
He was surprised seeing her like that. He never thought Ragini would wear such clothes.
Laksh, to himself:”she changed so much, and finally i got to see her… But why i am happy seeing her. Why am i feeling relieved seeing her? It was as if i saw her after ages. Why? Why does it matter to me so much?”

Ragini’s room:
Ragini was also thinking about what happened earlier. Her family was in front of her but only Shekhar talked to her like before.
Ragini in her mind:”Kavya you are making my family suffer a lot, i will not let you do that now.”

Next morning,
Ragini came to the hotel, she was wearing a pink floral short dress.
She saw Maheswari and Gadiodia family waiting for her in the lobby.
Samar came to her:”ma’am, they wanted to talk to your about the preps for the wedding”
Ragini:”ok, but not now, Mr. Chung is coming, make the arrangement for his arrival”
Samar:”sure ma’am”
Ragini left for her cabin. Samar informed the family about the same.
Kavya:”how dare she makes us wait like this? She should be thankful that i still want my marriage to happen here after knowing its her hotel.”
Sujata:”yes yes, we all know why you want to be here. All your friends have stayed here so you want to show them that you also came here”
Kavya:”just shut up.”

Mr. Chung, a Chinese client, came there. Ragini also came to welcome him. Ragini hugged him.
Mr. Chung:”you are looking very pretty today”
Ragini:”had to, as you were coming. So i need to pretty.”
Laksh, in his mind:”did she just flirt with him? What’s wrong with her?”

Ragini was chatting with Mr. Chung and laughing. On the other side, Laksh was feeling jealous, he didn’t know why but he was sure that he couldn’t see Ragini with another man.
Laksh, in his mind:”what is she doing? Why is she being so informal with that guy? Why is she…. Wait am i being jealous for Ragini? That too…. Jealous of a man that is doubled the age of Ragini? What’s wrong with you Laksh?” (Yes, Mr. Chung is very much elder to Ragini, he is the friend on Dadaji so Ragini also knows him)

Ragini turned back and saw Laksh staring at her.
Ragini turned around so not to face him.

Ragini:”Samar, plz take him to his room”
Mr. Chung followed Samar.

Ragini was going back to her cabin.
Kavya was ordering actually scolding a waiter for no reason.
Ragini to the waiter:”you go, i will handle her…”
He left.
Kavya:”here, The Great Ragini, if you have time, can we discuss the marriage… Or you don’t want to organize it just because it is your love’s marriage, your Laksh, for whom you tried to kill your own sister. You still love him right? His presence still makes you uncomfortable. And you know what, you are a big gold digger, you were flirting with that old man. Don’t you have some shame?”
Swara, angrily:”Kavya…”

Ragini, angrily:”cut the crap dude, what do you think i am interested in all this, or in your husband? Go to hell with your blo*dy husband. I don’t give a damn to him. His presence here doesn’t affect me. Him being here or not, I don’t care. And yes, this attitude of yours, your bossy attitude show it in Maheswari mansion not here. You can give them (pointing towards the family members) orders but not me or my staff. You are a guest so better behave like one.”
Everyone was shocked at the way Ragini talked to Kavya.
Laksh was shocked also but felt bad when Ragini said that she doesn’t give a damn to him.

Ragini, continues:”and what were you saying Gold digger, whose gold digger am i?”
Kavya:”obviously of Laksh, you know that Laksh is the only one handling the office that’s why…”

Ragini:”Gold digger of Laksh? Really funny! Gold digger of someone who has nothing. He doesn’t have any money. What do you think Kavya, i left my family and my sister but I didn’t keep any info on them. I have everyone’s information. Of each and everyone. Sanskar and Adarsh bhaiyya are working, the ladies have opened a sari businees. And you both…. What should i say about you two. The great…. No no, what media said? The most romantic couple KAVLAK. Kavya who is 51% shareholders of Maheswari group has sold her 51% of shares to give a producer money for her great comeback on tv. But scoundrel producer run away with all the money. And Laksh, at least he didn’t sell his 49% shares. He put almost all the money, the rest of the money, in a project, his dream project which he sent to a company one month ago and till now no answer from the company. And by now, Laksh must have realized why he didn’t get any answer. Right?”

Kavya looked at Laksh with a questionable look.
Ragini:”he sent it to Malhotra groups… To me… So tell me Kavya, who is the Gold digger? Me or you two?…. So Kavya, stay in your limits, otherwise it won’t take me 2 minutes to tear off your husband project and throw it on his face”
Saying this, she left from there.

Swara:”what happened Kavya? Ragini shut your mouth? Don’t you have anything to say? Won’t you scold her, call her behenji? And what do you think she is a gold digger, look carefully Kavya, she is the owner of this hotel, of Malhotra group. That company is bigger than Maheswari, why will she want money from you and Laksh? I didn’t know that you were so stupid”
Kavya was angry.
Laksh was thinking about all that Ragini has said.

Ragini came back with a file in her hands.

Ragini:”Kavya was so much excited about her comeback that she didn’t even see to whom she sold the shares.”
She went to Dp
Ragini:”i bought the shares, on your name. So you are now the 51% partner of your own company. This is just a way to rectify my mistake because it all started by me.”
Kavya:”you didn’t buy the shares, it was a man who came to see me”

Ragini:”right, he was my assistant, he told you that but you didn’t pay attention. And one more thing, don’t think that i lose the money i paid you. That producer who came to you also was my man. I sent him to you. I knew you would do anything to come back in industry. So i got the shares and my money also.”

Ragini gave the file to Dp and left.

Swara followed Ragini.
Swara entered in her cabin.
Swara:”Ragini….” She hugged Ragini.

Swara:”why did you left us? You didn’t think about me? You broke Swaragini, you know how much alone i was. Once you didn’t think to meet me before going.”

Ragini, teary eyed:”you wouldn’t let me go”
Swara:”obviously, i would not let you separate from us. We would have fight Kavya together.”
Ragini:”no Swara, it was my mistake so i had to rectify it on my own. Because of me, papa, i mean Dp uncle, lost his property. And see today I returned it to him.”

Swara:”i am proud of you Ragini”
Swara nodded yes.
Shekhar:”we all are….”

Gadiodia and Maheswari family came in. Without Kavlak.
They came to Swaragini.
Ragini, to all:”i am sorry, for all that i have done.”
Ap:”no beta, even we did wrong to you. When we were planning Laksh and Swara marriage, we didn’t think about you. And we also apologized for what Laksh has done to you”

Ragini:”no maa… Aunty. Laksh said right, i ruined his life, i snatched his love from him”
Sanskar:”no, if you considered yourself wrong then i am too, it was me who instigate you.”
Dadimaa:”stop it now with all these forgiveness.”

Sanskar:”yeah, right. And i must say, you are looking very pretty”
Swara:”Oh Mr don’t flirt with my sister.”
Sanskar:”i can, she is my friend before my sister in law”
Ragini smiled seeing them, she missed all this in this one year.
Everyone hugged Ragini.
Sharmishta was teary eyed and said:”you will not leave us now”
Ragini nodded no.

Sanskar came out of the cabin. He saw Laksh in the lobby.
Sanskar:”Lucky, what happened?”
Laksh, lost in his thoughts:”she doesn’t care about me anymore”
Laksh, back to his senses:”no nothing. I was thinking not to do the marriage here.”
Sanskar:”it is your wedding, you decide”

Laksh got up and went.
Sanskar:”what happened to him? Was he thinking about Ragini? I must find out”

Swaragini spent sometime together.

Ragini’s house:
She was alone today, the servant went with Dadaji to the airport to pick up dadi.
She had her dinner and was going to her room when she heard a knock on the door.
She went to open it. And was surprised seeing the person.

Ragini:”what are you doing here Laksh?”
Yeah that person was Laksh.
Laksh:”i need to talk to you”
She let him in.

Laksh followed her and grabbed her hands.
Laksh:”why did you say that you don’t give a damn about me?”
Ragini:”what? Because that’s the truth. I don’t care about you. Whatever you do, marrying Kavya for the second, third or fourth time, I don’t care”
Laksh:”why? Don’t you love me now?”
Ragini:”how does it matter to you? What difference does it make if i love you or not. And for last time, I don’t care about you or your presence”

Laksh:”you don’t care, right? You don’t care if i hug you?”
He hugged her tightly, Ragini tried to push him but Laksh was much stronger than her.
Laksh, breaking the hug:”you don’t care if i touch you…”
He touch Ragini’s hand and moved up to her neck.
Ragini:”no, i don’t…”
Laksh:”you don’t care if i kiss your hand?”
He took her hands and kissed them. Ragini closed her eyes.

Ragini, her voice was shaking:”I don’t… I don’t care”
Laksh:”you don’t care if i kiss you?”
Ragini looked at him while Laksh was about to kiss her.
Ragini remembered what Laksh said on the wedding day.
Ragini pushed him away and slapped him. Laksh was surprised by her action.

Ragini, teary eyed:”what do you think of yourself Laksh? Don’t you dare touch me! Once again, Laksh, once again you made me realize that i am so wrong to love you because you don’t care about me. You don’t even respect me. I feel ashamed of myself for loving a guy who didn’t respect me, who insulted my dad, my family. I know i did wrong to you, but you could have insulted only me not my baba. He didn’t do anything wrong to you.”

Laksh:”i am sorry Ragini, i know what i did just now was wrong. It’s just that…”
Laksh left from there worriedly.

Ragini closed the door and rushed to her room.

On the road, Laksh was thinking about what happened at Ragini’s place.
Laksh:”what’s wrong with me? Why did i go there? She is no one to me… I love Kavya and i am going to remarry her. I should stop thinking about her.”

Next morning:
Ragini came to the hotel very early due to an important meeting.
Maheswari and Gadiodia were in the lobby. Kavya was discussing the decorations for the functions to Samar.
Ragini came there. She looked happy as the meeting went nice.

Dadi and dadaji came there and called Ragini.
Ragini:”dadi…” She rushed to her and hugged her.
Ragini:”i miss you so much dadi…”
Dadi:”me too…”

Ragini was behaving like a kid with them while Swara and others were looking at her and smiling seeing her.

After sometimes, dadi and dadaji left.
Kavya came to Ragini:”manager, i want my room to be decorated nicely on my wedding night. It will be the best night for me and my husband. Its the wonderful night which only husband and wife would know about it. Right Ragini?”
The family members were feeling embarrassed.
Kavya:”poor Ragini, she didn’t get that experience of first night”
Laksh got tensed hearing that. (Kavya doesn’t know that Raglak consummate their marriage)

Ragini:”you want to know my first time, Kavya?”
Ap:”enough you both”
Kavya:”yeah i want to know.”
Ragini:”then ask your husband, he will tell you everything”
Ragini smirks at Laksh.
Kavya:”what? Laksh?”

Laksh didn’t say anything.
Kavya:”that shows how much low you can fall. You slept with Laksh for his property and don’t know with how many men did you sleep?”
Ragini,angrily, slapped her.

Ragini:”i told you to stay in your limits. If you don’t then I won’t spare you Kavya.
And yeah ask this question to your husband, why he slept with me for his revenge? And don’t question my character. Even i can say lots of things about you.”
Kavya, was tensed:”what will you say, there is nothing”
Ragini:”really, nothing? So should i tell Laksh the truth?”

Laksh:”which truth?”
Ragini:”that she married you only for your money. She didn’t love you, she was just behind your money”
Laksh:”Ragini… Stop it. I don’t need to know anything about my wife from you. I know her better. She loves me and i love her. It’s not a one side love like yours. I trust her more than you. You tortured my family and now expect me to believe you…”

Ragini:”i tortured your family, right? What is she doing? She is doing the same with your family”
Laksh:”plz, stop it”
Ragini:”why? You can’t hear anything against you lovely wife. You can’t or you don’t want to accept the fact that this girl doesn’t love you.”
Laksh left from there.

Soon the functions of the marriage were about to start.

Kavya on the phone:”I can’t stay with him more, he doesn’t have any money, why will i spent so much time with him”

Ragini heard her.
Ragini:”that’s it Kavya, now i have to bring out your truth. You played with him, his emotions. I can’t let you hurt him further”

On Mehendi night,
Kavya was putting Mehendi being irritated.
She no longer wants to get married to Laksh. Ragini saw her and went on stage.

Ragini:”hello everybody… Today is a special day for the couple Kavya and Laksh. It’s their anniversary and they are getting married once again so i thought to make it memorable for them. Here is coming a boy band, all of you know them so plz give them a warm welcome.”

4 boys came on stage and started performing on a song.
The main singer sings the mujhko baarsat bana lo from the movie junooniyat.

He took Ragini on stage and danced with her. He twirled her around and then dip her. Ragini was not feeling awkward or anything.
Laksh was feeling bad and jealous seeing them. He clenched his fist to control his anger.

Sanskar was watching him and came to him.
Sanskar:”what happened Lucky?”
Laksh:”why is she dancing with him like this? She doesn’t need to be so close to every guy.”

Sanskar smiled at him and when Laksh noticed him:
Laksh:”why are you smiling?”
Sanskar:”beacuse Lucky, you are feeling jealous.”
Laksh:”no… No… I…”
Sanskar:”because you fell in love with her and not now but from before but you didn’t accept it”
Laksh:”no bhai, I don’t love her”
Sanskar:”are you telling me or reassuring yourself?”
Sanskar left from there.

He came to Swara smiling. She asked her the reason and he told her.
Swara:”really? That means Ragini’s love will be completed”
Sanskar:”yes, but what will we do to stop this marriage?”
Swara:”lets talk to Ragini”

They came to Ragini who was talking to a waiter.
She sent the waiter.
Swara told everything about Laksh. His jealousy and love for her.
Ragini:”Swara, I don’t want to hear this. I have an important work. I have to go”
Sanskar:”what does that mean? She doesn’t love him anymore”
Swara:”no Sanskar, i am confused right now.”

Ragini brought the singer, Rohan, to a room and talked to him… Muted.
He agreed to do something for her.

In the hall,
Rohan came to Kavya who was trying to drink juice but couldn’t as her hands had Mehendi.
Rohan:”let me help you…” He makes her drinks.
Kavya:”so, you are the singer right? You have an amazing voice. You made a new fan today”
Rohan, smiling:”even you got a new fan to day for your beauty”
Kavya smiled at him.

Rohan:”so you are the bride?”
Kavya nodded no.
Kavya:”she is the bride, pointing towards Swara and i am her best friend.”

Rohan:”i am Rohan, Baby’s….”
Kavya:”Baby’s ….”
Rohan:”i think you understood.”
Kavya:”ohhh friend”
Rohan:”kind of”
Kavya spent some time with him

Next morning:
Everyone was in lobby discussing the preps. Ragini came there and talked to Samar.
Rohan came there.
Ragini:”hi, how come you woke up so early?”
Rohan:”thought to help you…”
Ragini came to him and he kissed her on her cheek and Ragini hugged him.

Sujata:”arey, how dare he touch Ragini? That too kiss”
Laksh was getting angry.
Laksh:”if you want to romance then you do it alone.”
Sanskar stopped him from saying further.

Kavya was looking at Rohan and Ragini.
Kavya:”he told me he is her friend… Was he lying to me?”

Kavya signed him to come aside. Rohan excused himself and followed Kavya.

Kavya:”what were you doing with her?”
Rohan:”she is my friend, i can hug her but why are you jealous? Don’t tell me you have fallen in love with me”
Kavya:”what if i say yes”
Rohan smiles and left from there.

Kavya:”idiot, not with you but with your money. You are a rockstar, you have lots of money and i need your money”

Rohan came back to Ragini and stand next to her.
Rohan:”so what can i do for baby?”
Ragini:”you will help me in deco”
Rohan:”got it ma’am” he said like a soldier.
Ragini laughed at him.

The family were confused about Ragini and Rohan’s relationship.
Sanskar, to Swara:”maybe that’s the reason that she doesn’t want to talk about Laksh. She loves someone else”
Swara:”no Sanskar, i know Ragini, she loves only Laksh”

Ragini’s cabin:

Rohan:”your plan is working. Kavya indirectly said that she loves me. Soon we will expose her in front of Laksh.”

Ragini:”i am waiting for this day, Ro… I don’t want her to trouble my family.”
Rohan:”and Laksh? You still love him right?”
Ragini:”yes i do but that doesn’t matter, it will stay a one side love”
Rohan:”maybe he is realizing his mistake. Didn’t you see how much angry he was when i kissed you”
Ragini:”Ro… Just concentrate on the plan. Once Laksh knows her truth, then he will himself throw her out”
Swara:”which plan?” Ragini and Rohan were surprised seeing her.
Rohan’s phone rang. So he went out. Ragini told Swara the plan about exposing Kavya.
Swara joined hands with her and also asked her about her relationship with Rohan.
Ragini:”Swara, he is just my friend. Nothing else. And that hug and kiss, we always do it since i am close to him. If i hug Sanskar, doesn’t mean that i am having an affair with him.”
Swara:”ok…” She left from there.
Rohan came back.

Rohan:”yeah… Ok bye. Love you too”
Ragini laughed at him.
Ragini:”girlfriend? Let me see her picture”
Rohan shows her.
Ragini:”beautiful and seems perfect with you”

Rohan left from there as Ragini told him to bring some stuffs.

Ragini went to the hall and as there was no one, she started to decorate herself. She stands on the stool and was putting a veil on the wall.
Laksh was looking at her from far. Ragini was wearing a crop top so her belly was exposed when she was putting the deco.

The stool was shaking and soon she lost her balance and was about to fall. But Laksh caught her in time. The veil fell on them. They have an eyelock. Ragini compose herself. She struggled to remove the veil when Laksh stopped her by holding her hand.
He moved closer to her and lift the veil. Ragini was moving backwards but she struggled on something and Laksh once again caught her.
Laksh:”be careful, you will hurt yourself and I can’t see you hurt.” Ragini looks at him.
Ragini:”thank you”
Laksh:”i want to say sorry for what i said that day. I know i hurt you a lot.”
Ragini:”it’s ok, you said everything right. I don’t deserve you, and you can’t love me. That’s why i left so that you don’t have to face me and neither i have to face you”
Ragini was teary eyed saying this.

Laksh:”i am sorry Ragini, for everything. I played with your emotions, i even slept with you. That was wrong. And for the other day also. I don’t what happened to me.”
He hold her face and wiped her tears. He kissed her forehead. Ragini looked at him.

A staff lifted the veil and they both compose themselves.
Staff:”ma’am, are you fine?”
Ragini nodded yes while wiping her tears.

She left from there.

Sanskar came to Laksh.
Laksh:”I hurt her a lot bhai. I am feeling so guilty. I hurt everyone who loves me. It’s because of me if Ragini behaved like that before. I rejected her multiple times. I didn’t think what she will be going on. I hate myself for hurting her. I even slept with her…”
Sanskar:”you are regretting that you left her…”
Laksh:”i don’t know, I don’t know what am i feeling for her…”
Sanskar:”you love her Laksh…”
Laksh:”no, i love Kavya.”
Sanskar:”that’s what you think, but ask your heart, just close your eyes and think about the girl with whom you want to spend the rest of your life. Your heart will give you the answer.”
Laksh:”no leave it.”

Kavya came to Rohan while he was speaking on phone.
Kavya:”to whom are you talking?”
Rohan:”my manager. Anyway, what did you say earlier? You have fallen in love me”

Kavya:”yeah i have, but you didn’t answer me back”
Rohan:”why should i? You are going to get married to Laksh. Ragini unknowingly told me that you are the bride”
Kavya:”now what do i tell you? Yes i am getting married to Laksh but I never loved him. I am just pretending.”

Kavya:”he is not the kind of boy i want for me. I am being forced to marry him. If it was in my hand then i will never see his face. He is just an…”
Rohan:”ok, ok. Don’t worry, now that you told me the truth, i will not let you get married to him. I will find a way out”
Rohan left from there.

Kavya:”These boys are so stupid, he didn’t realize that i was lying.”
Someone came there clapping.
Kavya turned to face Laksh with whole Maheswari and Gadiodia family along with Ragini.
Laksh:”wow Kavya. What an act! You are being forced to marry me. I fight with my family for you and you… What did you do? You betrayed me. I left the girl who loved me immensely for you. And you were lying to me. Why did you do that Kavya?”

Kavya:”it’s good you got to know the truth, I don’t have to pretend now. Yeah, I betrayed you. You want to know why? Because i was with you only for your money. And now you don’t have anything. What will you do? How will you keep me happy?”
Swara:”happiness doesn’t depend on money Kavya.”
Kavya:”ohh, shut up. I don’t want you lecture. Anyway, i don’t care about what you all think, now Rohan has been trapped, so i am going to enjoy with him”

Ragini:”what do you think Kavya that i will let Rohan be with you?”
Kavya:”go ahead, tell him, he will not believe you”
Ragini, smilingly:”Ro…”
Rohan came in the room.

Rohan:”Baby is my best friend, you think that I won’t believe her. And one more thing, i am not interested in you, i have a girlfriend. I have done all this for Baby. She wanted to show Laksh your true face. And I supported her.”

Ragini:”i had promised to myself that i will expose you in front of everyone.”
Kavya:”you would regret that Ragini.”

She came near Ragini to slap her but Laksh stopped her.
Laksh:”don’t you dare touch her”
Kavya:”ohh, you have started loving her, Laksh”

Laksh:”no… Sanskar was right, i have always loved her but ignored that feeling. And when she went away from me, from all of us, I realised that i love her. I love her a lot. In this one year, I didn’t stop thinking about her. I felt incomplete in this one year. And Ragini, you think that i slept with you for my revenge, but that’s not the truth. That night, i forgot about everything, i was just with you. That night i saw that innocent girl back with whom papa fixed my marriage. That night, you were the simple Ragini who was afraid of everything, of thunder. It was not part of my revenge but the next day, I thought to use it as my revenge and that was wrong. And i am sorry for that”

Everyone was smiling after his confession but Ragini was speechless. She was teary eyed.
Kavya:”ohh, you love her, Laksh loves this behenji, great”
Laksh:”just get out of here Kavya. I don’t want to see your face”
Kavya:”i am going and don’t worry, you will get your divorce papers soon.”
Swara:”you are not going from here so easily Kavya.”

Police inspector came there and arrest her.
Kavya:”why are you arresting me?”
Swara:”for all your wrong doing Kavya. You tortured us and also you have stole many people’s money. That’s the main reason”

The police took her.

Laksh turned to his family and apologized to everyone. Especially to Dp and Ap. They all forgave him. Adarsh and Sanskar hugged Laksh.
Sujata:”jiji, we got our Laksh back.”
Ap:”yes Sujata, and maybe our daughter in law too. Since Laksh confessed his love, Ragini will come back to us”
Dadimaa:”yeah, now my laddo will be back to Kolkata and with us, right laddo?”

They turned to Ragini but she was not there.
Dadimaa:”where is laddo?”
Laksh:”maybe she doesn’t want to come back, she doesn’t love me anymore after what i did to her”
Rohan:”no, Laksh, Baby still loves you, she will always do. I know her, i am her best friend. It’s just that she is afraid, and Laksh somewhere Baby has made her place here. She doesn’t want to leave from here. She doesn’t want to leave those people who are living only for her, dadaji and dadi. She has made a world for herself here.”

Laksh:”i know, i have to talk to her”
Rohan:”she will be at the back, of the hotel. She always go there when she is upset”
Laksh:”thanks…” He hugged him.
Laksh:”thanks for taking care of her”
Rohan:”don’t make my baby cry”
Laksh:”I won’t”

Laksh run to the back of the hotel.
Ragini was there near a little fountain. She was fighting with herself. Once side was telling that she should go with Laksh and other side telling that she can’t left this place. She has been happy here with Dadaji and dadi. She lived her life like she wanted to. They love her so much, how can she be so selfish and leave alone.

Laksh came there.
Laksh:”i know what you are thinking. You don’t want to leave this place right?”

Ragini, crying, nodded no.
Laksh:”so i will stay here with you”
Ragini:”you won’t leave your family for me. Got it” she said it with anger, pointing her finger to Laksh who backed off a bit.
Laksh:”ok ma’am”

Ragini realized their positions and compose herself.

Laksh:”do you love me Ragini?”
Ragini looks at him.
Ragini:”if I didn’t then I wouldn’t have save you from that Kavya, idiot”
Laksh:”i like this bold Ragini”
Ragini:”i thought you liked the simple Ragini with whom you spent the night”

Laksh:”i like all your forms, be it the simple one or this bold one”
Ragini:”i am sorry for everything… For what i did to your family”
Laksh:”and i am sorry too, for what i did to you and your baba. And i love you”
Ragini:”i love you too, but I can’t leave dadaji and dadi”

Dadaji:”you don’t have to leave us…”
Raglak turned around to see dadaji and dadi and whole Maheswari and Gadiodia family.
Ragini run to him and hugged him.
Dadaji:”i wanted to tell you this for a long time that your dadi wanted to shift to Kolkata. So you will not separate from us as we will also come there.”

Dadi:”yes beta, we will be there with you”
Ragini:”but hotel…”
Samar and Rohan:”we will handle it…”
Rohan:”Priya (his girlfriend) was searching for a job she could come here if it doesn’t matter to you”
Dadaji:”i am the big boss and i have no problem”
Everyone smiled.
Dadaji:”you will still be my granddaughter and my heir. Dpji, i have a request to you, can Ragini work in her own hotel, i was planning to open one in Kolkata.”

Everyone was waiting for his answer.
Dp:”I don’t have any problem.”
Ragini:”papa, may i still wear these clothes plz. I know that this is too much asking from you, but we should be allowed to wear what we want like the boys. Plz papa”

Dadimaa:”laddo, what are you saying? What will people say?”
Laksh:”I don’t mind Ragini wearing such clothes if she is comfortable.”

DADAJI:”dpji, we should consider girls equal to boys. Their clothes doesn’t matter, its people way of looking that is wrong. And we can’t stop that. Even if a girl wears a sari or a burkha, people with a dirty mind will continue to look at them with dirty thoughts.”
Shekhar:”yes Dpji, we should allow them to wear the clothes they want to in which they feel comfortable. We also do that then why can’t they?”
Dp:”ok, Ragini, not only her but Swara, Pari and Uttara also can wear the clothes they like. But it should be decent.”
Ragini:”thank you Papa”
She was about to hug Dp just like she hugs Shekhar and dadaji but stopped.
Dp just blessed her.

Dadaji:”now that everything is fine, they should get married here itself as all preparation are done.”
Ragini:”but I don’t like any of the decorations or anything”
Sujata:”Ragini is right, Kavya’s choice is so bad”
Dadaji:”Rohan… Call up the wedding planner and planned everything according to our Baby’s choice”
Rohan:”ok dadaji”

Soon everything was done and Raglak got married once again but this time, they both accepted each other wholeheartedly.
Without any conspiracy or cheating.
They was a party to celebrate the wedding also not forgetting it was Swasan anniversary too. The party was for both couples.

Swasan room:
Sanskar:”Mrs. Maheswari, happy anniversary” he gifted her a beautiful necklace of heart shaped.

Swara:”thank you, it so beautiful.”
Sanskar:”one more gift…” He showed her guitar written Swara on it and it was covered with their pictures.
Swara was really impressed by him.
Swara:”but Sanskar I didn’t bought any gift for you… Except this watch. It is not special as you gave me”

Sanskar:”your every gift is special to me and still if you thinks that it is not… Then you can give me another gift…” He showed his cheek for a kiss, Swara came near him and he turned off the lights.

Raglak room:
Raglak talked a lot, about many things, each moments they missed with each other.
Laksh had nothing much to say, but Ragini said a lot of what she has done in this one year. And Laksh was surprised with the number of adventurous things she did.

Ragini was talking non-stop which was surprising for Laksh as he used to be the one who is more open. But now everything changed, Ragini has changed so he will have to. He promised to himself to keep her happy always and to love her a lot.

As Ragini was not stopping talking, Laksh pulled her and kissed her on her cheek.
Ragini stayed quiet after that.
Laksh laughed seeing her.
He kissed her again but this time with love not to stop her from talking.

He kissed her forehead and neck. And he also turned off the lights.

Both couple made love and united once more during this beautiful night.

The end

Hope you guys liked it and if not plz tell me.
Sorry if it was too long but couldn’t do anything.

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