Raglak a story of love-hate (5)

RagLak comes to new house as all the family has banished them. Laksh promises that he will find the culprit and soon chase the mystery. Ragini sighs.

Next morning, Laksh was standing out of the house, he was taking a newspaper and milk. He comes inside amd keeps milk on stove.

“Ragini, brush your teeth. Let’s have coffee.” Laksh shouts from kitchen, as he didn’t hear her voice he goes inside the room. He opens the doors.

“Where are you Ragini?” He calls and just then he luks that Ragini comes out of wash room just in towel wrapped around her wet body. Her thighs and neck are visible. Laksh looks at her mesmerized. Ragini too looks at Laksh and remains stuck for a second. Meanwhile, Laksh scans her all.

“Laksh” Ragini shouts, then he comes into world.

“You are seeing me?? Go out.” She shouts. “Why didn’t you bolt the door?” He asks.

“I forgot..” Ragini becomes calm when Laksh was locking the door. She takes a gulp. Laksh removes his shirt and moves towards Ragini. She looks at him silent.

Laksh soon holds her shoulders and throws her on bed. Ragini gasps and looks at him in shock. Laksh comes over her, and he directly attacks her neck. Ragini breaths deeply and her chest raises up. Laksh looks at her chest and moves hand over it. Ragini clutches the pillow biting her lower lip. Laksh proceeds down and starts licking n kissing her bare thighs. Ragini places her other leg on his back and rubs it. Both are lost in their romantic environment, then they get distracted by the milk over flow sound on stove.

“Oh no” Laksh gasps and runs out. Ragini remains on bed breathing heavy and she blushes closing her eyes.

She wears the dress n goes out, meanwhile laksh prepares the coffee. Both r silent for the incident just happened. Ragini was trying to hide her blush but in vain.

“I want to talk with swara once. I miss her.” Ragini says, Laksh nods his head. Laksh goes out on other work dropping Ragini at her home. She hopes her family might allow her in. Butt, no one are at home. She hears Swara’s laugh but. Ragini smiles and follows her voice, but she is shocked to listen that voice is followed by a male voice.

Then Ragini looks at a shadow on wall, two couple are romancing. That girl has removed her inner ware and that guy has removed his shirt. Both are kissing like animals. Ragini looks shocked n luks into room. It’s swara and sanskar. They both are naked on top. Ragini closes her eyes soon. Swara luks at Ragini.

“Oh you have come!!!” Swara asks.

“What is this swara??? Without getting married you..”

“Hellodrama queen i have already married him. Secretly ..!! I didn’t do romance like you before marriage.”
Swara says n Ragini gets tears.

“I didn’t romance wantingly. Someone has drugged me and Laksh.” Ragini says in tears.

“Whatever, you are a spoiled girl. So, don’t teach me lessons.” Swara says. Ragini cries with her words and runs away from there.

Ragini runs keeping remembering Swara’s harsh words. “I’m spoiled??” Ragini questions in herself in upset and about to go infront of a truck which is coming in full speed. The truck is about to hit her,

“Ragini” shouts Laksh and pulls her back who was just there on luck. Ragini falls back with all force on Laksh. Laksh falls on road unable to stop her. Both roll a bit as the road is on slope. Now, Ragini is at bottom and Laksh at top.

“Are you ok Ragini?” Laksh questions. Ragini nods her head. Laksh was getting tears that Ragini was almost in danger and she was saved luckily. He didn’t bother who are around, but his love over flows in heart and he suddenly kisses Ragini on her lips. They are on main road. Laksh was not in sence to kiss her so. Ragini too gets perplexed and melts down in his kiss. They smooch for a while,

Then they hear people’s voice, “see, they don’t have shame. How they r doing in public.”

As soon as Ragini listens to it, she pushes Laksh away and slaps him. Laksh shocks. Ragini runs to home crying…

To be continued…

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