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Storm of love 9

Recap: raglak knows their past..


Ragini cries bitterly in Laksh’s embrace. Even Laksh was dipped in misery. Anyone of them should be normal now to make other one happy. Because, it was past maybe it was a bitter one..!
Laksh breaks the hug and cups her face.

Laksh: teju.. I mean, Ragini… it’s ok. Relax..!!

Ragini: how should I get relaxed Laksh, they have killed all our family members in front of our eyes..!! why this should happen..??

Laksh again hugs her and sooths her head. ‘shh, Ragini, calm..’ he was consoling her.

That man who was showing footage,
‘Sir, are you son of Mr. Durga Prasad Maheswari..?’

Laksh: who is he…?

That man: the person with you was him.

Laksh: do you know about them..?

That man: yes sir… he is the xxx company’s M.D. and if I’m not wrong, you are their son the heir of asserts, Mr. Laksh Maheswari.. I don’t know much details, but… your mansion is near xxx locality. If, you go there, anyone may tell you about that…

Laksh and Ragini looks at each other.
They come back to home.. meanwhile, Sujatha Ram and Sanskar are talking like this,

Sanskar: this is a great news..! we got a medicine for Teju… but, not sure if it will work or not.. and moreover it’s too expensive.

Sujatha: our Nami will do anything for that medicine now.

Ram: but what use..? that girl is not accepting Nami telling that she is already married, still she don’t know her past..!

Sanskar: even our Nami doesn’t know his past. He too has lost his family in that attack I think…

Sujatha in anger: chup Sanskar..!

Sanskar and Ram look at Sujatha shocked.

Sujatha: I said you already he is my Nami. My nami has come again..!

Sanskar: mom…

Sujatha: don’t say that he an unknown person again..!! he is my Nami..!!

They shock to see Ragini and Laksh at door suddenly. They have listened their convo.

Sujatha goes near Laksh.

Sujatha: nami beta, when did you come..? it was nothing..we were joking..

Laksh: I’m Laksh maheswari… son of Durga Prasad Maheswari..

Sujatha shocks.. Whereas Sanskar and Ram too.

Laksh: I got to know about me…

Sujatha putting sad face: oh, you got to know about you..? so, you will go back..!! I’m glad beta, ok… I’m happy for you… go…

Sujatha saying that sadly goes back. Laksh comes near her and holds her legs. Everyone looks on.

Laksh: maa, how can a son leave her mother and go somewhere..?

Sujatha gets tears.

Laksh: I might be some Laksh… someone’s son… but, today, tomorrow, and forever.. I’m Namish…! Your son maa..!! I’m your and Ram’s son. Sanskar is my bhai..!!

Sujatha: Laksh../

Laksh raises and cups her face.

Laksh in tears: not Laksh. I’m Nami..! your Nami..!!

Sujatha crying: nami..!!

And hugs him.
Sanskar and Ram wipe their tears. Ragini looks smiled.

Sujatha: chalo.. I will prepare kheer..

Laksh: no..! I want beer…!!

Sujatha raises her hand funnily to beat him. Laksh runs. She smiles.

Later, laksh was taking clothes in cupboard to change. Sanskar comes.

Sanskar: where are you going Nami.. I mean, Laksh…

Laksh smiles.

Laksh: bhai, I want to know something more about me. It was a tragic accident. Ragini, I mean our Teju shattered a lot. I don’t know why only we both are left alive..? and, that memory loss was gift for us…!! We wouldn’t have known that fact Sanskar..! it was really touch to digest..!

Laksh was clutching his cloths in hands in dismay. Sanskar hugs him.

Sanskar: nami, now this is your second life..! forget all that pain. We were also shattered when we lost our nami at his childhood. Maa, has seen him in you. Yes, he would have been like you if he was alive. That’s why we never turned against her.

Laksh: I’m not getting, I’m fortunate or misfortunate.

Just then they hear door knocking. It was Ragini with tea for them. She gives them tea.

Ragini: where are you going Nami..i mean Laksh..?

Laksh: Ragini, call me nami only.

Ragini: then call me Teju..

Laksh smiles: I’m going to maheswari mansion.

Ragini: I will come too..

Sanskar: shall I come..??

Laksh looks at Sanskar.
‘Bhai, two new couple are waiting for a lonely time here.. and you want to be as kebab mein haddi..?’

Sanskar looks on confused.

Laksh laughs: She is my wife bhai..! and see the fate, unknowingly, we fell in love.. I mean, I only fell but she…

Ragini: I also fell… but… I didn’t say after knowing truth that I’m going to…

Sanskar: nothing will happen to you Teju. We are trying to bring a medicine. So, be happy. And guys, forget the past and enjoy…

Sanskar goes out. Now Ragini and Laksh are alone. Both look at each other.

Ragini bends her head and about to go… Laksh holds her wrist. He comes forward to her. She looks at him. Laksh slowly moves her duppatta up from her shoulder. She closes her eyes. He moves his lips towards her shoulders and he kiss where he wrote ‘I love you’ with mehendi.
‘Nami…’ Ragini murmurs asking him to stop. He raises his eyes to see her, she was sweating and her eyes and lips were trembling. He smiles and cups her face. She looks at him.

He was moving closer to her. she closes her eyes. He was about to join his lips to her…


‘what’s going on..??’ they hear shout of Sujatha and get apart suddenly.

Sujatha twists Laksh’s ear.

Sujatha: what was that nami..??

Laksh: maa…

She holds Laksh’s hand and Ragini’s hand and brings them to hall.
Sujtha: everyone come..!!

All comes.

Sujatha: we have to perform, nami and teju marriage soon..!! otherwise, bhagavan Ram knows, what they are doing..!!

Sanskar: maa, but they are married already…

Sujatah: chup..!! I don’t know. All those things. They have to get married in my hands…

Ram: ok sujatha… now don’t make mess again..! let me read newspaper…

Sujtah: 1st see marriage arrangements..!!

She pushes Ram.

Ragini and Laksh smiles. He looks at Ragini and winks his eye. She bends her head.

Later, RagLak are going in car to MM, which is 1 hour far away from them. Ragini looks at Laksh. He was serious.

She keeps hand on his shoulder.

Ragini: Laksh, you are acting happy before all.. but, there is unknown sadness in your heart right…!!

Laksh nods his head. She places her head on his shoulder.

Ragini: don’t worry Laksh… I’m with you…

Laksh smiles and kiss her head looking at road.

(* note: guys, don’t do such things while driving*)

They reach MM. laksh looks at building in different expression. He feels as if he had relation with it. he gets many flashes of his childhood, teenage, and college days… his family. In that series of sudden flashes, he was stressed and holds his head.

Ragini holds his hand. He looks at her. she nods her head in positive to take it easy…

Laksh gets off from car. There are so many other cars waiting out.

Just then a servant comes out wiping his tears. He looks at Laksh and Ragini. He shocks and runs near Laksh.

Servant: Laksh babu, you came..?? you are alive..??

Laksh looks him confused.

Servant: me babu, ramu kaka…

Laksh: ramu kaka..?

Ramu kaka: haa babu.. come inside fast. Those business people are trying to take your property away. If they will see you, they stun and go away.

Ramu kaka holds Laksh’s hand and takes him inside. Laksh was still confused. All inside were discussing.

One man: dp won’t come.. his son won’t come. What’s wrong if we share their property..? it has to be like this in air..??

Just then they are shocked to see Laksh.

‘Laksh Maheswari..!!’ all shocks.

Laksh looks on expression less. They all come near in surprise. More than surprise, they are in upset why he has come back..?
‘How are you..? where are you laksh..?’

Laksh being clever and observer says frankly, ‘everyone..! get out of my house..!!’
All shocks and leaves. Laksh looks at all the photographs of him, his family… he was looking at all the house and he can hear in imagination…
His mother’s voice, father’s voice… etc….. he imagines in childhood he was running here and there and his mom running behind him.

Ramu kaka: ragini beta, why Laksh babu is not talking anything..?? he likes me so much. And beta, where were you all these days..?

Ragini looks him with unknown expression. Laksh was walking around as lost and Ragini explains Ramu everything. Ramu feels sad.

Later, Laksh goes into a room. Looking at photos etc.. it was his room only.

Ramu: Laksh babu, I will prepare your favorite kheer and bring.

He leaves.

Laksh: at least, ramu kaka is left to tell us about our past Ragini…
Ragini looks on…

Laksh checks all the room. He will see his childhood photos and smiles. He looks at a guitar and also sees a pic he was playing guitar on a stage.

‘I was a guitar player..?’

He checks cup boards and some photos fall from the clothes. It was Ragini. She was in pant shirts. Her jeans was shaded. She was looking as Tom boy.

Ragini amazes looking herself like that.

Laksh: my god.. Ragini, you are completely different then…

Then while tuning photos, they see another photo in which Ragini was kissing his cheek. Both look each other and smile.

Later, he checks their engagement album. All the family members are there whom they saw in footage.

Laksh: now I’m excited to know, whether our love started before engagement or after engagement..?

Ragini: me too..!!

They check all desks. And find a book. On that it was written,

Laksh: storm of love..??

He opens the book excited to see what’s next..??

Precap: the past love story of Raglak… The storm of love..!!

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