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Epi 8

Ragini amazes with Laksh’s statement.

Laksh: I would never ever forget you, or your place in my heart never changes.

Ragini: nami, but I’m married..!

Laksh: that’s why Teju. I will help you in finding your family members.

Ragini amazes.

Laksh: I will make you and your husband together again..! this is my promise..!

Ragini looks on…

Laksh: but, the thing is I can’t forget you. It’s enough for me, if you are happy somewhere..!!

Laksh turns away and wipes his tears. Ragini looks on…

‘Even, I wish the same Namish..! you have to be happy without me. Yes, even I started loving you. But, I’m married to someone else which I was not aware of. And, now after knowing what use..? Even, I’m leaving this world..!’ Ragini thinks in herself.

All were packing stuff to return back to their city from that village.

All get into train, the train is going. Ragini is sitting alone at a window. Laksh comes.

Laksh: teju ji…
She looks at him.

Laksh: all are sitting there, and why are you sitting alone here..??

Ragini simply smiles and looks out of window.

Laksh: oh, so a poet needs loneliness sometime for poetry right..! what are you thinking right now..??

Ragini lost:
the dreams are shattered,
because they are never permanent..
the wishes are dead,
because they are never fulfilled..
the thoughts are lost,
because they never have destination..!

laksh looks at her with her words. he holds her hand. She looks at him.

Laksh: Teju, don’t worry. I will make your family meet you..! I will make you together with your husband.

Ragini smiles.

Laksh goes to other seat where all were there.

Janaki: how is Teju..?

Laksh: not fine..!

All looks on..

Laksh: what is her story..? who is she..?

Janaki: nami, we don’t know who is she. But, she was victim in those terrorists attacks and she has forgot the past. There will be only pain if she remembers the past..

Laksh: why..?

Swara: because, all most everyone in that hotel were dead when they attacked. It’s lucky or unlucky only this girl was saved..!

Janaki: maybe, all her family might have dead in that attack. What is use is she knows about her pain…

Laksh looks on…

Janaki: and we never thought to say this and make her sad. Because she is not going to live…
Swara stops her words in middle.

Laksh: so, Teju has lost everyone. Now, I will be everything to her…!

Sanskar: nami.. she is married..!!

Laksh: but, her husband is not alive. She has to be like this only for whole life..??

Ram: nami, your point is right. But, the thing is… she never agrees to marry you even though her husband is dead…

Laksh: then, let’s do one thing..!!

All looks at Laksh.

Laksh: let’s make her believe, I’m her husband.
All shocks.

Laksh: let’s consider even I was in those attacks, even I forgot the memory. We were just separated after our marriage..!!

(Laksh unknowingly says the actual thing actually happened, even if he don’t know)

All looks even more shocked.

Laksh: then I can start new life with Teju and make her happy forever..!!

Laksh looks back and shocked. Ragini has listened everything what he said.

Laksh: teju…

Ragini in tears: enough..! I thought, you will understand my feelings. But, I never thought that you will play with me..!!

Laksh bends his head.

Ragini: I’m getting disgusted even to look at your face. How can you steep to so low..! you wanted to fool me for whole life..??

Laksh feels sad.

Ragini: if you wanted to make me happy for whole life, for your kind information.. I’m going to die..!!

Laksh looks at her shocked.

Ragini shouts in tears: I can live only for few days..?? happy..???
Ragini runs away from there. Laksh looks on shocked.

Only silence remains for a while… they reach their hometown.

Laksh looks at Ragini before leaving to his house. Ragini doesn’t even look at him once.

Night time,

Laksh is sitting sad. Sujatha was looking him sadly.

Ragini was sitting as soul less object looking at her mangal sutr. Janaki feels sad. Swara is also not there now. she is in her sasural.

Swara: laksh, how much time will you sit sad like that..? come and eat something.

Laksh: bhabhi, did Teju eat anything…

Swara looks on..

Laksh: I will go and check whether she has ate something or not..?

Laksh goes to her house without listening to anyone.

Ragini: nami, go away. I don’t want to look at you.

Laksh: Teju, I have not come to fight with you. I came to say you sorry.

Ragini looks at him.

Laksh: however, you are going to stay for few days. Why can’t at least I remain as your friend..?

Ragini looks on…
Laksh holds her hand and takes her to dinning. He makes her sit.

Laksh: eat something now..

Ragini: did you eat..?

Laksh smiles. Both eat together.

Laksh: Teju… let’s go to hotel tomorrow… let’s find out about your family.

Laksh leaves, Ragini keeps looking.

Next day,

Ragini comes out. Laksh is waiting for her near car. Swara and Sanskar have also come.

Ragini: nami, what will you do when I go away..?

Laksh: teju, those are none to discuss now. let’s go.. we are getting late.

Ragini: no..! I want to see that active flirting Namish back..!! then only, I will come.

Ragini holds her hands.

Laksh sighs: so, you want to see romeo in me again..?

Ragini nods head. Swasan looks on…

Laksh looks around and sees a girl.
‘see romeo within me now..!’ he takes a rose in car stand and goes…

Ragini looks on…

Laksh stands before that girl. He bends on one knee and points rose towards her…

‘roses are red… violets are blue…
And, it is true… I love you…’

Ragini gets tears in her eyes… that girl makes eyes big.

‘I love you… sister..!!’ says Laksh.

Unknowingly a smile appears in Ragini’s face. Swasan shocks. laksh will be coming back. Ragini understands that Laksh could never forget her.

They both drove to hotel.

Laksh will be waiting out. Ragini goes inside. She goes to receptionist and try asking about cctv footage on that day.

Man: plz go away madam. It’s confidential.

Ragini: plz sir. I want to know. I was there on that day here. And, I didn’t remember anything..

Man shouts a little: plz go..!!

Ragini gets tears. Suddenly that man gets a tight slap. Ragini shocks and looks. Before that man could realize who has beat him, his collar is grabbed by the strong hands.

‘Nami, no… leave him..!!’

But, Laksh has held him strongly.
‘Learn manners mister..! wearing a suit doesn’t make you gentleman. Behave properly with ladies..!’

That man shouts: help me..! security..!

Laksh puts him down and keeps hands on his shoulders gently.

‘See bhai, do you know the pain when you lose everyone, and you don’t even know about them..? the rules and regulations are for making society better, not to humiliate human beings. We are here to understand each other. Show the footage, and we will leave silently…’

Laksh makes his grip on his shoulders tight.

‘otherwise, you will be going to home alone.. your family also might waiting for you right..!!’

That man nods his head. He takes Raglak to the camera room. He shows footage on that day.

He shows terrorists coming suddenly and shooting all people. Ragini gets tears while watching it. There was a marriage happening in the hall.

Laksh: how insane..!! how can they kill innocent people..!!

One man: sir, I have showed you what you asked. Plz go away.

Laksh: bhai…bhai.. one more thing. Show the footage just before this attack. Highlight that marriage scene. Probably, that was your marriage Teju….

Ragini nods her head in tears. Laksh takes her near and she cries as she has just seen how her family got killed. (she is assuming that as her family)

That man rewinds the scene and now marriage is about to start.

At first bride arrives to mandap and her face is clearly shown as Ragini.

Laksh: teju, you are looking so beautiful as bride.

Ragini smiles but in tears.

They see name board beside mandap.

Laksh(nami): Laksh weds Ragini. Hmm, that means, your actual name is Ragini… and your husband name was Laksh.

That man looks amazingly at Ragini. The video continues. Shekar and Sumi are bringing Ragini to stage.. they have beautiful smiles on their faces.

Ragini gets emotional: maa.. papa..?

Laksh presses her hand a little to comfort her, but she is becoming still emotional.

Around Ragini rest of her family members are there. All were laughing and smiling. Ragini smiles unknowingly looking at all of them. She clutches Laksh’s hand in mixed emotions. Laksh looks at her.

Then a music starts symbolizing groom’s entry…

Laksh: ragini aka teju… now your honewali pati is going to come.. be ready..

Ragini wipes her tears and looks at screen keenly. Laksh too tights his hand to see the fellow who has married his heart.

At first Dp and Ap are shown.

Laksh: probably, they are groom’s parents.

Then…. A man gets off from the horse. He moves the flowers falling on his face. And his face is shown.

Ragini, Laksh and that man shocks at once..!!

That man is on one but Laksh himself..!!

Laksh: I’m not namish..? I’m I laksh..?

Ragini looks at Laksh shocked. Laksh was looking at TV shocked. And she too turns her vision towards TV.

Laksh enters the mandap and sits beside Ragini. Ragini smiles looking at Laksh. Their winking of eyes and naughty smiles and secret eye locks are showing that they love each other deeply.

They both took the promises. And Laksh fills her maang with sindhoor and ties mangal sutr. Both, exchange garlands.

A tear falls from Laksh’s eye looking at the video.

Then suddenly, entry of terrorists. They kills everyone… Ragini and Laksh are shocked. Laksh comes in front of Ragini and a bullet struck to his shoulder. Shekar before dying keep shouting, ‘Take Ragini away… save her Laksh. Save her..!!’

Ragini is shouting, ‘maa.. papa..’

Ragini cries looking at video.

Laksh was taking away Ragini looking at his parents and family dead bodies in shattered state.

Laksh turns away his face as he was not dare enough to look still further. He breaks down in tears. Ragini was also crying.

That man who was playing video has also got tears.

Laksh tights his fists and get all courage to watch what happened next. Escaping from all the bullets.. Laksh takes Ragini somewhere.

Those terrorists get apart to search all hotel if anyone are left.

That man shifts the recording to other camera where Raglak were running. They enter into a room.
(In rooms no cameras will be there.)

For some time, that corridor seemed empty. He forwards that track. Then two of terrorists are coming they are opening every door and shooting with guns as if gone mad.

Then they bang opens the door where raglak entered. They shoots their guns.

Ragini clutches Laksh’s hand tightly listening to those bullet sounds in video.

Later, sudden entry of army. They killed both terrorists. They enter the room and take out Raglak.

Ragini and Laksh are shocked to see themselves covered in blood in video. Ragini’s head is bleeding badly.

Then the man shifts the scene to out… there, Ragini and Laksh are placed in separate ambulances.
The video ended….

Ragini was crying holding the bench tightly. Laksh looks at her in red eyes who has already cried a lot.

Laksh keeps hand on her shoulder and Ragini hugs him tightly sobbing.

That man too wipes his tears looking at them..

Precap: raglak(temish) to get married again.. their romantic moments…

/* friends, I know… I made you all cry. You know, even I had hard time while writing this part. Even, I have tears. I never cried while writing emotional tracks in ffs. Why I had to write this, I will say in next part…. And, sorry dears I made you sad… */

Guys… keep smiling and take care….

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