(RagLak) Storm of love- part 7

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Story till now in brief: Raglak are married but, in terrorists attack in hotel.. they are separated. They forget their past laksh will be leading life as ‘nami’ whereas ragini as ‘teju’

Storm of love 7

Next morning, swara and Sanskar marriage is done grandly. Teju(Ragini) was dull, but acting as smiling. Nami(laksh) keeps disturbing her but she simply ignores him.

‘Hey teju… your mehendi says something. What is it..??’

‘leave me alone nami..!’

He holds her hand, ‘arey tell naaa…’

Ragini jerks her hand and shouts loudly, “I said leave my hand…!!’

Laksh shocks with her action. All guests looks at them shocked.
Laksh leaves her hand. Ragini goes away.

She goes to terrace and cries bitterly. Then she hears the foot sounds of Laksh and she wipes her tears.
Laksh says, ‘Teju, did I hurt you..??’

She won’t respond.

Laksh: I know, putting mehendi as I like is not a good thing… but, the truth is I really love you…

Ragini controls her tears.

Laksh: I’m not saying this for Teju… I really love you..

Ragini shouts: stop it Nami..!! just stop it..!!

He looks on…

Ragini: what are you thinking..?? I will fall for you..?? if you simply rotate around me..?? why the hell you are disturbing me like this..???

Laksh: teju..but..

Ragini: stop taking my name Nami..! you don’t have that right..!!

Laksh looks at her shocked.

Ragini joins her hands:: if you have any feeling of human, please leave me alone..!! and, I hate you…!!! I hate you….!!!

Laksh shocks with her words. unknowingly a tear drops from his eye.

Ragini: now..!! get out of my way..!!
She runs away from there….

Laksh stands there only like that.

Ragini runs into her room and shuts the door. Laksh falls on his knees.
Ragini cries bitterly falling on bed.

The rain starts… Laksh was getting wet in the rain like that only….

Both closes their eyes… and same words come in their mind…
‘the storm of love… has made us apart..!!
The storm of love…has separated us..!!’

Laksh gets some flash of kissing Ragini sometime before…
And Ragini gets a flash of hugging Laksh…

Laksh shouts on terrace.. ‘why do I feel I know you..?? who are you…???”

Ragini closes her ears as if she heard his voice… ‘who are you..?? why did you come in my life…??’ she questions.

After 2 hours…
In a pub…

Laksh is seemed drinking. Sanskar is sitting before him.

Sanskar: Nami..! this is second bottle. Stop it now..!!

Laksh: shh, bhai…. Drink is the only medicine to cure pain of love….!!
He says and drinks again.

Sanskar: nami, you have never drank. It’s enough for now. let’s go back to guest house.

Laksh holds the table.
Laksh: no..!! the love failures like devadas has only one house..!! this is that house..!!

Sanskar takes him forcedly back to guest house.
Rp, Sujatha, Janaki, swara are waiting for them,. Ragini is standing on the corridor up stairs. She can look at everyone in hall from up.

Just then, Sanskar brings Laksh there. Ragini shocks looking at Laksh’s condition.

Sujatha holds Laksh.

Suj: nami, what happened beta..? why did you drink..??
Laksh: maa, it’s medicine for hole in my heart..!!

Suj: hole..?? how hole formed in your heart..??

Laksh laughs… Ragini looks on…

He takes two spoons and taps them on glasses and dishes to provide a rhythmic music…

He sings… (in drunken voice)

‘The story is sad..
You never heard..
But it’s boring..!!’

All looks at Laksh…

‘it’s flop story..
No proper ending…
Everything is bouncing…!!’

Ragini holds the pillar tightly as she couldn’t see Laksh in that state and she is the reason for it.

Rp: whatever it is, say son.. we are ready to hear..!!

Laksh sings and dances as he like,

‘oh… she made the heart as a dream land..
Poured many feelings till over flowed… (he touches the flowers)
And at last, the heart has got the hole…!!!’
(he cries touching the flowers)

All: how..??

He throws the flowers up in air, and they fall on Ragini.

He sings,

‘because.. she broke my heart..!!!’

He dances…

‘into pieces and pieces….
She broke my heart..!!’

Music follows… Ragini cries leaning to pillar looking at Laksh.

Laksh sings,

‘she came as butterfly
Brought a spring..
And made me a Romeo..!’

He dances,

‘later she, stabbed my heart..
Made it pieces..
And gave me storm..!!’

All looks on….

‘She broke my heart..!!
She broke my heart..!!’

He sings holding his chest..!!

At last, he falls on sofa… he keeps murmuring, ‘she broke my heart..!!’

Sanskar and Ram carries him to the room. Ragini wipes her tears and goes into her room.

They makes Laksh sleep.

Ragini: maa, swara.. I came to know everything. I’m going to die right..! it’s me who rejected Laksh, so that he won’t grow any feelings on me..!

Swara and janaki looks on..

Ragini: now, I want to know rest all the truths about me. I opened my eyes in hospital. I didn’t remember anything. But, swara.. I know only you as doctor. Someone asked me questions about me.. who am i..? who are my relatives..? I didn’t answer anything, but… you came and said that you are my sister and Janaki maa is my mother..! is this is also true or false..?? and please before I die, let me know who am i..!!

Swara: we don’t know who you are..? army people has brought you from the hotel injured in terrorists attacks. I gave you treatment, but you forgot the past…
I only found this mangal sutr, jewelery…on you.

Swara shows her a bag. Ragini looks at all her stuff. She takes mangal sutr in her hands.

Janaki: till you live in this world for some days… we thought to make you happy. So, we acted as your family.

Ragini in tears: you are kind hearted people.. so, you helped me. I’m very unfortunate… I have to leave you all one day.., and, I don’t even know.. who am I still..??

Swara and Janaki hugs Ragini emotionally. Ragini cries.

Next morning,
Laksh wakes. Everything is blur in front of him.

‘where am i..??’ he asks.

Suddenly a bucket of water falls on him. He trembles and wakes. It’s Sujatha who has poured.

She beats him with stick.. ‘why did you drink..?? why did you drink..!!’
She is just beating him.

‘maa…maa.. plz.. stop..!!’ he keeps shouting. Sujatha throws stick aside sits beside him and keeps hands on her head.

Laksh removes her hands and keeps head on her lap…
‘sorry maa, I won’t drink again..!!’

Sujatha kisses his forehead. Later, Laksh comes out. He was walking in corridor and Ragini comes in front of him. Laksh turns away his face to go.

Ragini: nami, one minuet..!!

He stops, but he doesn’t look at her.

Ragini: nami.. I’m not Teju..!! I don’t know, even.. who am I..??

Laksh looks at her. Ragini smiles.

Ragini: but, only the thing I know is I’m married..!!

Laksh looks shocked.

Ragini: I don’t know who’s my family..? who is my husband..? I was joined in hospital after terrorists attacks.. and see coincidence, I was just married then..!!

Laksh looks on…

Ragini: nami, if I would have known this before.. I would never gave you any chance to love me. But, the truth is I’m already married. So, how can I love you..??

Laksh bends his head.

Ragini: that’s why Nami… forget me. Anyone day, I may remember my past again.. then, I will go back to my husband. Don’t waste your time for me..

Ragini is about to go. Laksh holds her hand. Ragini looks at him shocked.

‘But, the truth is I love you Teju… and I keep loving you always..!!’
Ragini makes her eyes big..

Precap: Laksh to help Ragini to know her past… will they know about them..??

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