(RagLak) Storm of love- part 6

Hai friends,
I know I have surprised you, shocked you a lot.. not like any time before, I have submitted 5 ffs at a time. (one is OS)

This is only because of one reason, there were no raglak ffs yesterday. That’s why. I know, all are busy in exams.. I can understand… but, I don’t have any exams to write or job to go… I’m the graduate sitting at home (hehehehe) just like Raguvaran B.tech. that’s why, I have lot of time to type and submit… but the thing is.. I can’t do this every day… just yesterday, I was furious.. and typed like a demon and at night ended up with tired ness… hehe..no problem.. I took nice rest at night. So, I can only submit one ff each day… (however, OS already is in wattpad)

That’s why guys, I couldn’t reply anyone.. I’m sorry… I didn’t even check your replies properly. I will check now… and, I may give or may not give replies for previous submitted (sorry dears..understand me)…. But…. Million ton and ton of thanks to all of your love for the support… to each and everyone and also to readers who are going to comment…

So, coming to ffs.. in Samragni… ya.. the villain name will start with ‘s’ hehe.. but, who is that will be reviled soon..
This is my land—the random idea I got just for yesterday.. but I don’t know how to proceed story.. I will write this only after completing of my married life, storm of love and after break up…!

Sometimes, I amaze… am I human being..?? hehe… enough of my blabbering.. let’s jump into next episode.

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Storm of love 6

Next morning,

Ragini has waked up with Laksh’s Dracula dream. She is in confusion whether she has also fallen in love with him..?

That day is mehendi and sangeeth of swara and Sanskar. Ragini gets ready beautifully in green lehenga. She comes out of her room and finds Laksh nowhere.

Suddenly, a letter falls on her.. ‘Looking beautiful..!’
She looks around. It’s Laksh’s work only. But, she didn’t find him. Laksh was secretly observing her… he was also in green sherwani.

Then Ragini goes to arrange some decorations, she raises her hands to put garlands then her waist is visible. then, other letter falls on her, ‘Don’t expose your waist like that, only I have right to see..!’ she shocks and suddenly covers. She looks around. Again, he is nowhere.

Then other letter falls, ‘why are you looking for me..? do you love me..?’

Now Ragini gets angry.

Swara: what’s wrong Ragini..?

Ragini: didi, tera devar deewana hai..!

Laksh laughs listening to her words.
Sanskar: why are you laughing..?

Laksh: I’m a crazy man my bro…
He jumps out from there and lands before Ragini who was searching for him. Ragini shocks at once.

Laksh: aahhh..! don’t see like that Teju…they are stabbing my heart…in pain of love..!!

Ragini shows finger: Namish..!

Laksh: haa…say my name again from your honey lips…

Ragini bends to his ears and shouts: shut up..!!!

Laksh holds his ear in pain… Sanskar comes.

Sanky: kya huva..?

Laksh sings loudly,

‘Bhayya teri saali deewani..!
Hey ram…how should we bear her madness..!!’

Ragini turns back at him in anger. He winks his eye. Ragini grabs a stick and chases him. Laksh runs.

Ragini: stop there Nami..!!

Laksh: Teju..leave me please..!!

All people who came keep looking at them amazed.

At last, Laksh is blocked by a wall, Ragini who is coming skids and falls on him. She holds his collar tightly in her palms without falling down and he holds her by waist.

Laksh: it’s ok Teju. You are fine…
He says.. but Ragini amazingly looks at Laksh’s chest which is visible a slight as she held his shirt..the upper button opened. She looks at a mark on his chest. It is symbolizing ‘R’. Teju looks at it amazed. She feels as if she has seen it before. She gets a flash that she has kissed that mark..on same chest. She feels dizzy, she holds her head.

Laksh: teju..
He says and holds her. He shakes her a little. As she was still feeling dizzy he takes her to room slowly making her walk.

All were busy in party no one observes them.

Janaki: where is Teju..?

Sujatha: probably Laksh is disturbing her…

Janaki: haaa..?

Sujatha: no problem bhabhi ji, he is not that bad..!

Laksh makes Ragini sit on bed. She leans her head back to wall. He gives her water.

Laksh: what happened to you suddenly..? you have to dance now, keep mehendi to your hands.. bride’s sister means do lots of fun.. but you are…

Ragini: nami, I’m fine.

Laksh: so, shall we go..?

Ragini: no I can’t…
She slowly closes her eyes.

Laksh: but, Teju.. you have to keep mehendi to your hands…

But she slowly went into sleep.

Laksh: what happened to her..?

He looks at her empty hands. he feels sad. Then he, runs down brings a mehendi cone. He takes her hand and he starts drawing.

Laksh: aha..ha..ha.. I’m drawing beautifully, I’m a good drawer…chi..! designer..!

He keeps putting mehendi to her both of hands. he hides his name Nami in the design. Then he slowly moves her choli aside and draws I love you… one her shoulder and covers it again. After finishing, he smiles looking at her.

Then only Swara and Janaki comes. They amaze looking at Laksh.

Laksh: haa…Teju is sleeping..so, I thought to…
He says and goes away silently.

Janaki: why is she sleeping like that..?
Swara: mom, I have given her medicine today morning. It will be dizzy like this..!

Laksh goes to his room.
‘will she look what I wrote. Will she understand it as my proposal..? how she will know, that I have written it..? who will do other than me..? if she won’t accept..? ohh…no..no..! she will like me for sure..!!’
His thoughts go on like this.

Ragini wakes in her room. She is amazed to see mehendi to her hands. It was late in evening.

She understands that Laksh has kept this. because, his name(nami) is hidden in that. she doesn’t get angry this time… she feels loved. She feels special. She feels that he truly loves her.

She goes to bath. When she stands under shower she checks, ‘I love you’ on her shoulder. She touches it. He has written that in mehendi cone and it turned red.. she blushes touching it.

She comes out of bath and gets ready in a night dress. Next morning is marriage.

She doesn’t understand to say yes or no to Laksh. She wanted to tell this to Janaki and Swara before. She goes to meet them.

There, Janaki, Swara and Sanskar are talking.
Janaki: we said to everyone that Teju will die in somedays…but Namish doesn’t know that..

Listening to it Ragini shocks.

Sanskar: nami is just a naughty lover. He don’t take it seriously. Leave it..

Janaki: Sanskar, no..! namish is really loving Teju deeply. We have to tell him this before something wrong happens. He will be heart broke then..!!

Ragini gets tears.

Sanskar: if he really loves her, if we tell him now also, he will be shattered. So, it’s better we don’t say anything to him.

Swara: we have to think when Teju loves him…however she doesn’t like him.. so, no problem. Namish will forget her.

Ragini closes her face among palms and cries. She runs to her room and closes the door. She cries holding her face in hands. She has feeling on Laksh now. And, just now she came to know she is going to die.
If she too tells that she loves Laksh(nami) now, he can’t tolerate when she leaves world. so, she has to keep it as a secret. Her love as secret.

Laksh who was waiting for her answer just comes and knocks the door.
‘Teju..are you there..?’

She cries even more listening to his voice.
‘can you open the door once..?’ he asks again.

She cries putting her face in pillows to avoid her weeping sound. And, she is growing even more emotional when she is listening to his voice.

‘are you sleeping..?’ he asks again… she was just crying.

Then laksh naughtily, ‘hey…are you feeling shy to come out..?’

Ragini smiles painfully.

Laksh: I know, you have seen it by now. If you are not showing yourself means, you are accepting it..!!

Ragini sits on bed and looks on tears at door.

Laksh: ok…sleep now happily my beautiful..let’s talk tomorrow morning.

Sanskar just comes, ‘Nami… what are you doing here..??’ he takes him away.

When he goes away, Ragini opens the door and looks at going away Laksh. He turns back as he feels she is looking. Soon, she hides again. He goes away.

Ragini looks at her mehendi hands in tears…

Precap: Ragini, to reject Laksh. Laksh’s love failure song..!! ‘She broke my heart..!’

/* don’t feel bad and sad now… keep smiling.. but, comment ..! bye guys.. */

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  25. Hey Astra. Ur writings are Awesome. I have read all ur ffs except Samragini.I will try my best to read that also.
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    Poor Temish….
    Dialogues of Storm of Love Part 4 r hilarious but I love Laksh dialogue
    “Love means Banana, Cabbage” alot.
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