(RagLak) Storm of love- part 5

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/* this will be big episode guys..!*/
Storm of love 5

The train reaches the village they have to get down. Ragini is struggling to lift the bag.
Laksh: arey teju ji, mein hu naa..! I will get the luggage, you please go down..
Ragini: no. I can take them.
Laksh: how can I see when my girl…

Ragini glares at him, ‘ahh..?’

Laksh: I mean, when a girl is taking heavy luggage, it’s not good. according to our culture we have to respect woman..!

Ragini holds her hands and listens to him, ‘ahan..! ok then..!!’ she removes back pack from her shoulder and gives it to Laksh.
Ragini: bring that big suitcase also Mr. Namish..!

Ragini goes away laughing. Laksh looks at all the heavy luggage in fear.

Sujatha: where is this Nami..??

Then they see Laksh coming with two bags in his two shoulders, two suitcases in his two hands.

Ram: nami, why are you bringing them all..? we talked a porter right..! Teju beta, didn’t you tell him..?

Laksh looks at Ragini in confusion, Ragini shows her tongue to him. Laksh narrows his eyes.
Later they all reach to their guest houses.
Teju(Ragini gets a separate room). Ragini comes to her room holding her luggage. She opens the door and shocks..!!

Laksh is sitting in a rotating chair.

Ragini: what are you doing here..? this is my room..?

Laksh: is miss. Teju is a princess..? why she need a separate room..? even, I need to share my room with my snoring brother..!

Ragini: for peaceful ness..!

Laksh with question mark face says:: peacefulness..??

Ragini looks at window:: yes..!! Do you know what happens when you are alone..??

Laksh naughtily:: yes, what happens..?

Ragini glares at him. He turns his face.

Ragini: when you are alone, the thoughts awake, the mind gets relaxed…
She opens the window, cool wind comes and that even touches Laksh. He keeps looking Ragini mesmerized. Ragini breaths that air deeply closing her eyes.

Ragini continues: then series of poetry comes… it leads us to keep pen on the book… then..then…
Laksh is moving his head up and down to listen what she will say next. She stops telling and looks at him.

Ragini: so, I have to write my poetry, you go out..!!

Laksh: for poetry a separate room..!! this is too much..!

Ragini: what..??

Laksh: actually Teju ji, I don’t like to stay with my snoring brother… so, can i…

Ragini: can you..?

Laksh: can i..?

Ragini: what..??

Laksh: share your room..?

Ragini shouts closing her eyes:: get out..!!!

She opens her eyes and Laksh is nowhere. She looks around. Suddenly she hears, ‘I didn’t go away..!’
Ragini trembles and falls in chair. Laksh bends towards her.

Laksh: I will not leave you in dreams also. I will come as Dracula..!! hahaha…

Ragini opens her eyes after few seconds, he is nowhere. She sighs.

After sometime,

Ram: let’s go to the function hall and see all arrangements. Janaki, Sujatha, swara and Teju will stay here. Nami will come with us.

Sanskar: yes dad.

Laksh: no.. I’m not coming.

Ram: why..?

Laksh: my tummy is paining..ah..ah…(holding stomach)

Sanskar: ok, stay back. Teju, come let’s go.

Ragini gets up happily.

Laksh shocks: but, she is staying back right.

Ragini: Jiju has called me. What’s your problem..? let’s go jiju..!

Laksh: I will also come then..!

Ram: tummy hurts right..!!

Sanskar, Ram and Ragini goes away. Ragini winks her eye. Laksh looks on.

Later Sujatha, Janaki and Swara with Laksh goes to a temple. Many girls come to that temple. They all are beautiful.

Janaki laughs: sujatha bhabhi, I don’t know how our Nami will feel looking at so many girls here..!!

Sujatha laughs and looks for him. He was sitting on a small wall and looking somewhere ignoring all the girls. Sujatha goes near him.

Sujatha: what are you thinking beta..! it’s really amazing if you aren’t looking at any girls..!
Laksh: maa, I don’t want to look at anyone..!

Suja: why..??

Laksh: maa, after seeing my chadvi ka chand. I can’t look at anyone. Nah..nah..!!

Sujatha: who is she..??

Laksh: she is..
Suja: haa..?

Laksh: she is…
Suja: tell know..!!

Janaki exclaims from far:: ‘Teju…!!’

Laksh and Sujatha looks in that way. Ragini is coming there in pink and blue lehenga.
Laksh keeps looking at her mesmerized.

Janaki: didn’t you go with them..?

Ragini: I went, but came back knowing that you went to temple. See, how’s my half saree..?

Sujatha goes near her.

Sujatha: you always look beautiful Teju dear. The one who marries you na, the lucky fellow.

Teju(Ragini) smiles, but Janaki expressions changes to sad remembering fact that she is going to die soon.

Laksh coming near them:: it’s me..!!

Ragini glares at him.

Laksh: I mean, the lucky fellow is me..!

Janaki: nami..??

Laksh: I’m telling I’m the lucky fellow. To get great mom like Sujatha(he hugs Sujatha) and great aunt like you(hugs Janaki) and great bhabhi like swara(he hugs swara) and great friend like Teju..(he is about to hug Teju. She goes back)

Ragini: Mr.Namish…! be in your limits.

Laksh: Teju ji, I’m just hugging you. Friendly hug..!!

Ragini: I know what kind of hug it is..!

Laksh smirks: what kind..??

Ragini turns away her face in disgust. Laksh holds his heart painfully.
Laksh: her disgust also downloading feelings in heart..!!

Next morning, while Teju(Ragini) is sleeping, someone knocks the door. It was early morning 5’O clock. She wakes and opens the door.

Ragini: you..??

Laksh smiling with coffee cup:: yes.. me..!!

Ragini: what..?

Laksh: here..take this bed coffee..!

Ragini: I don’t want to drink. I want to sleep. Go away.

Laksh: you shouldn’t sleep. That’s why, I came with coffee.

Ragini: hey, what’s your problem..?

Laksh: drink coffee…

Ragini takes the cup:: ok..! go now.

Laksh drags her out:: no..! you come out..!!

Ragini: nami..!!

Laksh: shh…!!

She looks at him.

Laksh: come with me silently.
Ragini: where..??

Laksh carries her in arms.
Ragini: what are you doing Namish..! leave me..! mummy… swara… aunty… uncle… jiju…!!!

Laksh takes her out and makes her stand in front of green fields, she could see hills.

Ragini: what..

Laksh: shh, see the sun rise now…

Ragini looks at the hills. The sun comes out from the hills…that light is falling on the green fields and they are shining. Ragini smiles. She smells the scent coming from the air touching those fields…

Laksh: how is this view Teju..? Are you not liking it..? can we find this kind of view in cities..? that smoky dust polluted air…but see this the fresh air..and new sun rise.. is it not like our lives re started again..?

Ragini emotionally looks at Laksh.

Laksh laughing slowly: I remembered nothing in my life. I remembered only opening my eyes in hospital and then Sujatha maa saying herself as my mother. Sanskar my brother. Still, I feel something near to my heart is missing. I don’t know when you are beside I feel completed.

Ragini looks at him amazingly.

Laksh coming into world:: haha, what am I taking to you. I need not tell this to you. I just wanted to show you this scene. Bye…..

Laksh will be going away. Ragini turns back and looks at him.

Laksh: Teju, I’m not that bad as you think…
He goes away, Teju(Ragini) smiles.

Looking at them swara and Sanskar talks.

Swara: what’s going on..? Namish doesn’t know that Teju will die in some days..? why is he growing feelings on her. I thought he is just flirting with her.

Sanskar: even Teju is loving him, I think.

Swara: she leaves world happily with memories, but Nami will be left behind alone without her. we have to do something, before it’s going to get intense..!

Sanskar looks on.

Teju(Ragini) runs back to her room happily. She locks the door and falls on bed remembering Laksh’s words. she closes her eyes and soon a dream follows….

This is that dream….

‘Ragini is walking alone in the forest. It is a night time. Suddenly something jumps behind her. she turns back and find nothing. Ragini is wearing a 3/4th skirt. And a white top. She starts going… then she hears a fox sound… ‘oww..!’ she scares and holds her hand tightly.

Then, suddenly a group of monsters surround her. she is looking them all in fear. Then a man appears in and kills all those monsters. His face is shown as Laksh. He looks at evilly at Ragini. He goes near her and bites her neck. She falls unconscious.

Later she wakes and finds herself on a big bed. She shocks and looks around.
She looks at Dracula laksh and starts running away, but there is no way…!

He starts singing,

‘where can you escape my parrot..
This is my den..!!’

A group of vamps start dancing with him. Laksh shows his big teeth and nails..

‘You have fallen in my love web..
Now you can’t escape..!!’

He comes near Ragini, she closes her eyes. He moves his big nails on her face…

‘Escaping is your dream…
Silently fall in my heart..!!’ he sings.

‘who are you..?’ she asks trembling. He pushes her on bed.

He dances and sings,
‘I’m Dracula..!
The lovely Dovey vampire..!!

Dracula…the one who drinks your love..!!’

Ragini runs and reaches a hall like place, where it seemed to be like haunted, and covered with spider webs and different potions are being prepared…

Suddenly, Laksh hugs her from behind….

‘I will follow you as a shadow…
I will jump in your dreams as nightmare..!’ he sings.

She pushes him. He dances with other vamps.

‘I’m your only destiny… you must emerge in me…
The waves of storm will not separate you from me..!!’ he sings and jumps near her.

Ragini scares and sticks to a wall behind. He locks her with his devilish hands.

The other vamps will be singing,
‘Dracula..! he is lovely dovey magician…
Dracula… he is the smartest of the vamps..!!’

Laksh smirking looks at her. She closes her eyes as he was approaching near her. He bends to her neck and opens his scary teeth to bite her.

‘Ahhhhhh’ Ragini shouts and wakes. She realizes that it was just her dream and she wipes her sweat.
‘Idiot, he is scaring me in dreams also..!’ she thinks.

Precap: Laksh(nami) going to propose Ragini(Teju)… Ragini comes to know about her..!

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