(RagLak) Storm of love- part 4

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Storm of love 4

With the sound of train Ragini and Laksh breaks their hug. They look at each other. Both of them feel that they might have any relation before.

Laksh: vo, I’m sorry, you were about to fall because of me…

Ragini: no, I have to say thanks. You have saved me..!

Just then Swara comes in search of Ragini. She looks at them both.

Laksh: I feel like, I have seen you somewhere.

Swara thinks: flirting suru hogaya..!

Ragini: even, I feel the same..!

Now, Swara amazes.

Laksh laughs:: that means, we were related somewhere something…
He says looking at Ragini and he changes his face expressions with her serious look.

Laksh: I mean…

Ragini smiles: maybe that’s true..??

Now Laksh smiles. He forwards his hand.

Laksh: I’m Nami… Namish..!! may I know your good name..?

Ragini also forwards her hand hesitatingly. They have shake hand. Swara amazes.

While they are giving shake hand, they both feel their touch as familiar. And, they related more than they know now.

Ragini smiles: I’m Teju. Just Teju.

Laksh is about to talk something with her again, but Swara comes.

Swara: nami, enough for now. teju, come let’s go. Mamma is calling.
Teju(Ragini) nods her head and goes with Swara.

Nami(Laksh) keeps looking at Ragini who is going away. She turns back and looks at him. He smiles and says bye with his hand. Rag too smiles.

Ragini sits with Swara and Janaki. Sujatha is talking with trio. Sanskar and Ram are busy in talking something. Laksh just comes and sits in side berth seat, he was looking at Ragini as if he is going to swallow her.

Ragini keeps talking with everyone and looks at Laksh in middle who was looking at her. She feels uneasy with his looks. She keeps setting her chunni, and Laksh smirks while she is doing that.

Sanskar observes what he is doing. He sits before Laksh.

Sanskar: nami…nami…!!

Laksh looking at Ragini: hmm..?

Sanskar: look at me..!!

Laksh still looking at her: tell me bro..!

Sanskar: abey, stop your flirting program here..! she is swara’s sister. If anything goes wrong, my marriage will be stopped..!!

Laksh: let it be..! you will be named as one who sacrificed marriage for his brother..!!

Sanskar grabs his neck and shouts playfully, “Nami…!!”
But, Laksh was still looking at her.

All turns to them.

Sujatha: arey, what’s happening..?

Sanskar: maa, this nami naa..!!

Laksh imitating sanky: maa, this sanky naa..!!

Sujatha: stop your mess at least now..! all are looking at us. Hey Ramachandra, give some buddi to these boys..!!

Laksh was still busy looking at Ragini, and Ragini who looks at him once and turns away her eyes setting her hair. Her other hand is twisting the chain in her neck showing that she is feeling nervous.

Sanskar grabs Laksh’s shirt and takes him from there. They are talking near the door.

Sanskar is requesting Laksh holding his chin.

Sanky: my boy know, my brother know, my chotu know, don’t look at that girl please..
Laksh: bhayya, bhayya, I want that girl..!!
Sanskar beats his head with hand. Just swara enters.

Swara: Nami..! it’s better if you forget her now itself.
Laksh: why..??

Sanskar: because she is going to…
Swara gestures Sanskar not to say anything.

Swara: because, she is not like all girls. She is different..!

Laksh: but, she is still a girl and I’m a boy. Anyone day she has to marry someone and that will be me..!!

Swa san shocks: marriage..??

Laksh: yes marriage..! I want to marry Teju..!!

Laksh turns back and shocked to see Ragini(teju) is already standing there.
She comes forward of him.

Ragini: I know, you are flirting me. But, it’s better if you stop this here. I’m not interested in marriage..!
Swasan looks on.

Laksh: but, someday you have to marry right…!

Ragini: why we should get marry..?

Laksh scratches his head:: I don’t know exact reason. But, everyone gets married.

Ragini: so, you don’t have any reason to marry me?

Laksh: haha, if you ask like that.. then, I love you…

Ragini: what is love..?

Now Sanskar scratches his head.

Laksh turns face up down left and right and he keeps moving his hand in different ways…

Laksh: love means..?
He looks at sanky with blank expression.

Laksh: love means..?
He looks at swara in blank expressions.

Laksh: love means..!!
He looks at Ragini deeply and moves his head forward towards her…

Laksh: love means, love..!

Swara and sanky controls their laugh. Ragini turns away her eyes.

Ragini: so, you don’t know what is love..?
Laksh looks on…

Ragini: love means a divine feeling.
Swasan opens their eyes wide. Laksh opens his mouth.

Ragini: love means a selfless commitment. Love means sacrifice, love means the heart full feeling. Love means the complete happiness.

The trio’s expressions are same.

Ragini continues: love means pain, love means breath, love means…

Laksh interrupts: banana, cabbage..!
All looks at Laksh.

Laksh: teju whatever you said divine, happiness, pain, breath I felt all of them when I saw you..

Ragini: it was just your attraction. So, I will tell you difference between attraction and love..

Sanskar comes forward and salutes to Ragini…

Sanky: teju dear, plz stop your philosophy here..!

Ragini: let him understand what I say jiju..

Laksh: you need not say anything teju..!
All looks at Laksh again.

Laksh: my brother Sanskar marriage is in one week. Till then, I will prove mine is love not attraction..! If in case I can’t prove, I will never show my face again to you..!

Teju looks on…

Laksh: deal accepted..??

Teju: but, you shouldn’t disturb me or shouldn’t make me uneasy..!!

Swara: I’m feeling as filmy..!!

Laksh: done..!!
Laksh shows thumbs up. Ragini nods her head and goes away.

Swara and Sanskar turns to her.

Swara: what do you think..? your brother can prove..?

Sanskar: I have damn confidence on him. He can do anything..! Not, only Teju he can make all girls fall in love..!

They both hear a laugh and turns back. Laksh is laughing.

Sanky: why are you laughing now..?

Laksh: bhabhi, your sister is really innocent..!

Swara confuses: why..??

Laksh: she has given permission herself that I can prove her for one week..!

Swara: ha, but in case you fail..!!

Laksh glares at Swara: if I fail…..
Swara gulps..

Laksh: I will forget the deal..!

Swasan shocks.

Laksh keeps dancing while walking away. Swasan looks on..

Swara: he is really flirt maha raja…!!

Precap: laksh’s struggles shuru…

/* haha, guys, today I tried to present dialogues in rhyming format. Do tell, howz it.

And coming to my late and small updates, this is exams season at present. That’s why I have observed less comments in all ffs and less ffs also. So, what I’m feeling is some of our readers are missing the updates. That’s why I’m giving gap in updates. And, guys..I won’t disappoint who are following every day. Plz, bear this gap and small updates… up till April. From may, the Summer damaka… I will present you all the chilling packages of Ragini and Raglak ffs. It’s my promise..!! do support me in my decision… love you all…. Forget not to comment on today’s part…

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