RagLak SS: our trust and pure love for each other (EPISODE 1)

Hey guys kashish here with next episode… of raglak ss… hope you guys like it too….


We see raglak reached to laksh house….
Ragini: – laksh your house is very beautiful
Laksh: – thanks
Ragini: – where are your parents…
Laksh: – actually they have gone to a business trip they will return soon…
Ragini: – oh okay let’s have dinner together and then we will go to sleep…
They both have dinner together and slept in different rooms….
The next day

Ragini woke up and make bf for laksh….
Laksh: – it is so yummy and delicious
Ragini: – I made it thanks
Laksh; – I don’t know u are such wonderful cook okay u have also bf then we will do outing okay..!!!!!!!!!!!!! you will enjoy a lot I promise…
Ragini: – at least there is someone who cares for me but what is the use when I am not cared by my own family members only…
Laksh: – I am feeling very sad for u and ya can we be friends???
Ragini: – okay friends…

They leave for outing……
They first go to orphanage and play with children and gave gifts to them…. then they had go to India gate and did boat riding…. afterwards at evening they had ice creams and cotton candies…they go to the beach and play in the water afterwards they take many selfies together…and finally they had a long drive and reached home…
Ragini: – laksh now I am going to sleep I am tired
Laksh: – no Ragini let’s have more fun let’s watch ddlj together…
Ragini: – are u mad or what laksh who watches movies at late night in my home I was not allowed to even go out without a pallu…and today u took me out with tops and jeans… your life and my life is different laksh….u will not understand

She realises what she said cause she is all alone now….as her family left her……
Laksh: – Ragini why u always remember your family who doesn’t care about your feelings and emotions….. they never cared for you and now also they did not bother to contact u whether your are alive or not… are u safe or not….then why u should care for them….. and yes from now you will live a strong modern and independent life…. you are staying with me for few days…and ya day after tomorrow u will be going to office for giving interview…. I forgot to tell u that… so now watch the movie with me otherwise I will not leave u…
Ragini gulps in fear and laksh chuckles… they both watch the ddlj movie whole night eating popcorns they enjoyed a lot and slept Ragini heads was on laksh shoulder…they both slept in that position only….

Precap: – Raglak masti and Ragini to meet her family…

So guys how was the episode…hope you guys like it too…so it ‘s a bye from kashish…love u all….take care…


    • Kashish8456


      thanks ragz..!!!!!!!!!!! my pleasure yippee glad u loved it thank god warna i thought you guys will seriously kill me for this stupid story???…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kashish8456


      thanks rafeee first my destiny and this one end then i will think of my next story but it will be based on ragsan cause till now i am writing only one ragsan ff??…!!!! and other one is raglak and ragsan my destiny one…!!!!!!!!!!! yes i am girl dear… don’t be confused..!!!!!!!!!! will keep writing like this only…!!!!!!!!

  1. SPP

    |Registered Member

    Awesome Superb Fantastic Amazing
    Loved it
    Lovely epi
    Hope Ragini becomes bold
    Waiting for the next one………..

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