I know guyzz you all are dissapointed of raglak not getting importance but the title is our love it represents love towards to all!!!

Our Love SS

Hello guys I’m here with the last chapter of this no worries my new SS is there what’s raglak and SwaSan so no more blabbering and let’s start the last chapter

Last Chapter

Next Day : MM

The day goes really well and swara rasoi happens to be good and everything is going good the whole day passes with sweet memories

Night ??

Dadi enters mm and shouts

Dadi – Durga prasad ji ,Annapurna ji, Sujata ji, ram prasad ji everyone come outside

Everyone hear her scream and come down

DP – what happen kaki

Dadi – this girl ( pointing to swara) who was raped because of her mr vikram is snatching our GM so please free her and let her with me I will give her to vikram and get out house

Everyone gaze her disgusted look

Laksh speaks up

Laksh – eww Dadi how can you trade your house girl for just like your house and reputation ( he turns around) it’s high time dad I think we should tell her the truth

All people – go ahead

Laksh – so swars bhabhi wasn’t raped at all she was just kidnapped and they bribed the doctor to lie to guys

Ragini from back making Dadi shocked

Ragini – I know vikram you paid him to marry di but she put some stupid reasons and always ran from this matter vikram was a lusty man and you were a money obsession

Laksh – twist in tale she was the real reason

All are shocked they call the police and get her arrested


Night : Laksh room

Laksh is sitting and swara enters

Swara – Laksh

Laksh – oh bhabhi pls come in

Swara comes and sits next to him

Laksh – any problem bhabhi

Swara – no if you are there.. There is no problem in my life thank you

Laksh – my pleasure

Swara. – Laksh can you describe love in one word

Laksh – love hmmmm ok love is trust

Swara – ok I’ll ask you some questions answer me

Laksh – ok

Color – blue
Place – Paris
Food – Chinese
Girl name – Adhithi
Boy name – lucky
Trust – love

Laksh is shocked and swara teases him

Swara – when are you proposing her

Laksh – come on I will tomorrow after our dance practice

Swara goes and Laksh practices of proposing


Guest Room

Ragini is in MM

Sanskar enters

Sanskar – hello Ragini

Ragini – hi jiju

Sanskar – Ragini before I was coming you were lost in thoughts and now also

Ragini – hmmmm

Sanskar – were you lost in love of Laksh

Ragini – yes

Sanskar – oho love is in air

Ragini comes in senses and says no no no

Sanskar – describe Laksh

Ragini – laksh is so dashing handsome and kind hearted he is never greedy and loves his family that’s the reason I love him

Sanskar smiles and says good night and soni Ragini dozes of in Laksh dreams



Laksh – hello Ragini let’s start our dance

Ragini – yeah come on


Ragini and Laksh are standing in front of each other Laksh moves ahead Ragini moves back then the same Ragini does then they separate and hold one hand to each other then Laksh tilts Ragini and he stands straight she ones her hand and comes back and hits his chest they have a eye lock then Laksh twirls her and she feels happy then her back hits him and he kisses in her hair and he the song ends and and he tilts her holds her by waist and kisses her forehead

Laksh – Ragini hold on I need to take you some where

Ragini – yes sure come on

They both leave


They reach to an awesome setting place and Ragini if surprised and for more surprises she finds Laksh on his knees

Laksh has a ?

I love you more than yesterday and less than tomorrow, you are the reason why other girls stink,you are worth waking for,my heart beats your name,if I can’t say anything I start looking at you,when ever I look at you my hear says “SHE IS THE ONE”
The day I made u happy, the day I made u angry,
I had never thought,
If you would had gone of my life,
How would had I survived.
The day I made u smile, the day I made u cry,
I had never imagined,
There could be someone,
For whom, I could leave everyone.

Enough of my words I just have to says I love you Ragini will you be mine forever will you marry this lucky

Ragini had tears the thing she could do is hug him

She hugged him and said I love you too Laksh hugs her back and they are hugging


After some days family accepts their relationship and their marriage is fixed

Raglak get married and now it’s their first night


Forgive me on this because I suck at this

Laksh enters the room and gazes Ragini and she gives a +ve sign and he starts

He goes near her and kisses her neck Ragini can’t hold it and goes to the other side and now Laksh reached there and kisses and gives love bites to Ragini and she mourns and then he carries her to the bed she blushes hard and Laksh says

Laksh – how do you girls manage to blush so much

Ragini gets shy and hides her face in him then he puts her on bed and climbs on her then he kisses her neck then her shoulder then he undresses her and kisses her every part then Ragini open him up and gives him live bites soon they are under a comforter making love to each other the moon witnesses the love of two birds after difficulty they faced


2 Years Leap


Doctor – congrats mr Laksh it’s a girl

Laksh gets happy and hold the baby and kisses it

Ragini – finally our ragya

Laksh – yes OUR LOVE symbol

They hug and kiss the baby

The End


I hope you all like it.. I first time I wrote on Raglak so forgive me if you didn’t like this SS I tried my best!!!!

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