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Chapter 4

Maheshwari Mansion

All enter inside and gather in the hall room

AP – ji after hearing swara story I don’t think her dadi would let this marriage go smooth

Sujata – yes jiji I think the sane didn’t you see she was trying to give Ragini on us no matter what swara is a perfect DIL for me

Laksh – wait Chachi she is not impure she was not raped

DP – what??

Sanskar – yes me and lucky went for catching swara culprit but to our surprise you can see.. INSPECTOR GET HIM IN

The police gets a man

Laksh – he was on if the man in the raping gang

Sanskar – speak up the truth

Man – she was not raped we were just told to kidnap and then claim that we raped her

All were shocked and the police takes him away

Rp- we should tell this to Parvati kaki she will then understand what she took away fun swara

DP – let’s leave all this and prepare for the wedding

Rp – tomorrow we have to go to their house for fixing the dates

All youngsters tease Sanskar and he blushes like anything ☺️☺️☺️☺️


Laksh Room

Laksh thinks of calling Ragini

Laksh – hello

Ragini – hello

Laksh – Ragini I called you to tell something about Bhabhi past

Ragini – please Laksh

Laksh – bhabhi was not raped we found a man there he told us that he just kidnapped her and told a lady to tear up her clothes

Ragini – really

Laksh – yes baba

Ragini – you told me such a good news if you were there I would have given you a jadoo Ki pappi (magical kiss)

Laksh smiles at her and Ragini realizes what she said and says

Ragini – bye bye good night

Laksh smiles and Ragini smiles there and they think about each other and doze of peacefully ??


Next Morning

GM : hall

Everyone is getting ready for the temple for fixing SwaSan marriage

Ragini – ahem ahem di you are looking so happy today I know your marriage is going to be fixed and then Aha Aha Dhak Dhak karne laaga mora jiyara jalne laga

Swara gets embarrassed while all of the people present there laugh

Swara – shut up Ragini once you will get married see what I do you will see the real face of swara Gadodia

Ragini – finally atleast you will be that bubbly swara I knew

Swara – yes but I will not forgive some people and yes everyone present here please behave properly infront of the maheshwari’s

All get sad hearing that and leave for the temple ?


Temple ?

Both Maheshwari and Gadodia family are present there swara and Sanskar seek all elders blessing and all bless them happily

Soon all elders settle down and Sujata goes to get flowers and dadi follows her and Laksh gets suspicious

Dadi goes to Sujata

Dadi – Sujata ji

Sujata – yes kaki do you need something

Dadi – no I need to share something with you

Laksh understands what and comes there blasting

Laksh – enough Dadi when my family is saying they have no problem with swara bhabhi the why don’t you see bhabhi happiness haan

Sujata – yeah he is right I don’t oppose swara and yeah she is perfect for my son so kindly don’t create any mess in the marriage

Sujata Laksh leave from there leaving Dadi irked

Dadi – swara swara swara she is a obstacle and now this Laksh the savior see now what I do I want to make my lado better than swara no matter what

Laksh is really angry and he moves to a side and stands there Ragini sees him and goes towards him

Ragini – Laksh any problem you look really tensed

Laksh – I am worried if dadi tries breaking Bhai bhabhi marriage

Ragini – why do you think so

Laksh – because she just now was going to instigate Chachi against bhabhi

Ragini – don’t worry ok

They both have a friendly hug but it was S really passionate one ❤️

Soon they join and everyone leaves for their houses as they time of the marriage is 1 week

Marriage Day

Swasan get married and thank raglak for this and at night they consummated their marriage


next chapter – Surprise


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