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RagLak SS Flour Love name changed to our love

Chapter 3

Precap : SanLak talk,swaragini,Swara hatered towards the family,raglak moments and Ragini happy seeing swara laugh

Next chapter

Next Day:College


Sanskar – lucky are you sure that I should propose her

Laksh – yes I think swara is perfect for you

Sanskar – ok

Sanskar goes towards swaragini

Sanskar – Um.. Hi swara

Swara – oh hi

Sanskar – I need to say something

Swara – go ahead

Sanskar kneels down and says his lines and then says I LOVE YOU

Swara is almost in tears and leaves from there leaving SanLak confused

Ragini – Sanskar Laksh come with me I will tell you everything

Sanlak just nod and follow her and swara reached the store room too

Swara – hi guys I know you are surprised

Sanskar – swara why did you reject my proposal

Swara – I will tell you

(I am telling this in brief if any question ask me for sure)

swara was 15 only ad she had a brother named Aditya and some goons come atrack swara but Aditya beats them black and blue and takes her home soon after some days those goons kidnap swara and rape her brutally and go away and swara is all broken after all that family is against swara and they send Aditya away and swara starts hating them and then while all that she learns that SheMi aren’t her real parents after some days everyone believe in her and try to convince her but she doesn’t listen and only stays close to Dadu

Swara – you’re happy now get lost I am impure so please get lost

Sanlak are broken and Laksh takes Sanskar from there and swara cries and Ragini hugs her


Days Pass

Weeks Pass

College ends and raglak meet

Ragini – listen Laksh we have to unite them but

Laksh – I know and she is not impure my Bhai still loves her

Ragini – really

Laksh – yes.. Now listen

The plan is muted and Ragini in excitement hugs Laksh and they both get embarrassed and move apart


Swaragini Room

Ragini – can I ask you something

Swara – yeah sure

Ragini – did you love Sanskar??

Swara was shocked but said – no (closes her eyes)

Ragini – look into my eyes

Swara – yes I love him but he must be thinking that I am impure

Ragini – no

Interrupted by Swara call

Swara – hallo

Sanskar – swara I m ended my my life so bye he cuts the call

Swara gets tensed and she tracks and reaches him near the cliff

Swara – what are you doing

Sanskar – ending my life

Swara – I love you

Sanskar – really

Swara – yes

He gets down and they hug each other and raglak came there

Raglak – Ahem ahem

Swasan get embarrassed and leave from there and raglak are alone

Ragini – thanks Laksh because of you my Swara is so happy

Laksh – I know I am great but my gift

Ragini thinks and tells him – close your eyes

Laksh closes and Ragini kisses his cheek and runs away Laksh keeps his eyes open thinking what just happened


Next day

Laksh calls Ragini

Laksh – I need your help….. I want to learn dancing so will you teach me

Ragini – ok fine

They both talk and reach their respective spots


Ragini – let’s start

Laksh – ok

Ragini and Laksh starts

Janam janam janam
Saath chalna yunhi
Kasam tumhe kasam
Aake milna yahin
Ek jaan hai bhale
Do badan ho juda
Meri hoke hamesha hi rehna
Kabhi na kehna alvida

Meri subah ho tumhi
Aur tumhi shaam ho
Tum dard ho
Tum hi aaraam ho
Meri duaaon se aati hai
Bas yeh sada
Meri hoke hamesha hi rehna
Kabhi na kehna alvida

Aha ha ha.. Aa ha.. Ha.. Hoo..

Laksh holds Ragini by her waist and pulls her closer to her and they move right left front back then suddenly they depart for fast tune and join again to each other and mover front and back with palm to palm on face

Teri baahon mein
Hai mere dono jahaan
Tu rahe jidhar
Meri jannat wahin

Jal rahi agan
Hai jo ye do tarfa
Na bujhe kabhi
Meri mannat yahi

Tu meri aarzu
Main teri aashiqui
Tu meri shayari
Main teri mausiqi

Ragini sticks her back on his chest and they move around then he twirls her and makes her take a dip

Talab talab talab
Bas teri hai mujhe
Nashon mein tu nasha
Banke ghulna yunhi
Meri mohabbat ka karna
Tu haq ye adaa

Meri hoke hamesha hi rehna
Kabhi na kehna alvida

Meri subah ho tumhi
Aur tumhi shaam ho
Tum dard ho
Tum hi aaraam ho
Meri duaaon se aati hai
Bas ye sadaa

Meri hoke hamesha hi rehna
Kabhi na kehna alvida

then they come back together and hug each other and move around and come back together soon Ragini tilts and Laksh holds her by waist and they share a long eye moment

Soon they come in senses

Laksh – thank you

Ragini – your welcome.. Btw why you want to learn this

Laksh- to teach my sis Uttara

Ragini – ok

Raglak smile and leave to their respective destinations….


Next Day

Maheshwari get know about SwaSan and swara

Note – Maheshwari family has a really modern POV

They accept and leave for Sanskar proposal to swara



Maheshwari knock the door and Sharmishtha opens the door

Sharmishtha- ji who are you guys

AP – I want to give my sons proposal to your daughter swara as they love each other

Sharmishtha is shocked subs bring them in

Soon whole family comes there and they sit for SwaSan Roka but Dadi is unsatisfactory and says sarcastically

Dadi – she is s impure girl make my lado your bahu not her and she is naajaiz too

Swara is in the verge of tears when Laksh stops her

Laksh – wait bhabhi.. Dadi ji we know all that but the bad thing is you are still in old thoughts thou she is impure but is really pure from her heart and when we all are happy why are you so irked are you jealous of her happiness?? I am sure you are but don’t worry it will go away

All smile when Dadi gives a mum face and the Roka is succesful

To Be Continued…..


Next chapter – raglak come close during the marriage, exposed Dadi


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