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Gadodia House

Ragini enters and goes to dinning table

Ragini – hello everyone

Shekhar – beta come in.. Have your dinner

Dadi – lado when is all this finishing

Dada – Parvati let it be she is a kid let her stand on her feet

Dadi – yes so that she Becomes a spoilt brat haan

Person – hello Dadu

Dadu – arrey Swara what a pleasant surprise

Shekhar SHOMI – Swara beta you came we missed you how r u

Swara – Dadu tell some one that I don’t need their wishes now bye I am going to my room as tomorrow I have to go to college with Ragini

Ragini – Di plzz

Swara – don’t support them in this please.. Gm everyone

Dada ji – I am also going ab Khanna muh se nahi uthare ga.. Good night

Everyone – good night

MM house

Laksh enters and greets everyone

Laksh – hello everyone I am coming in 5 minutes to join you all

Dp – sure

Laksh changes and comes down

Laksh – papa ma chacha Chachi everyone listen today I learnt to make paneer it was fabulous

Dp ram – finally we will get good food to eat. Keep it up our boy ek beta aacha Khanna dusra ache reputation

Person – you talking about me

Dp – Sanskar beta come in

Sanskar – he seeks blessing

Sanskar – what happen lucky any thing special koi ladki mili Kya?

Laksh – no today I didn’t meet that irritating kavya

Sujata – really thank god she is a Dayan

All – yes

All of them talk and have food and chit chat and go to sleep


Night in Shekhar Sharmishtha room

Shekhar – it’s been 6 months Swara didn’t talk to us

Sharmishtha – Shekhar I think we should plan her marriage.. Otherwise our Ragini will never get a boy

Swara (from back) – you are wrong Mrs GADODIA I know I am burden soon I will pay you and leave this house

Shekhar – Swara it’s

Swara – enough Mr Gadodia I will pay you in cash I know

Sharmishta – shut up Swara it’s just you are

Swara – I am impure I was raped by your relatives.. I know that.. You are not my parents I am not your child I know

SheShar – please listen to us

Swara – no way.. That time I need you guys but you guys loved Ragini more than me my love my brother everything you snatched from me I hate you guys

Swara – anyway after some days I will leave and take care of Dadu

Swara leaves from there leaving her parents broken


MM Sanskar Room

Sanlak are talking about their dream girl

Sanskar – what type of girl you want

Laksh – she should be honest

Sanskar – enough

Laksh – yes I don’t care about beauty and all .. Btw what type of girl you want

Sanskar – I want rmrhe girl to special that’s it..

Laksh – if the girl is impure but still

Sanskar – Idc but she should love me that’s it

Laksh – ok gn tomorrow we have to go to college

Sanskar – ok

They both doze off thinking about dream girls



Swaragini enter and Sanlak enter 5 minutes after

Bell rings and SwaSan raglak proceed for their classes


Ragini enters and gets a seat next to Laksh he didn’t notice her as he was talking to Rohan in back seat and Ragini was talking to Riya who was sitting next to Rohan

Soon the professor enters – hello everyone

Student – hello

He gives an project to work with your tenor mates soon Laksh turns and sees Ragini

Laksh – hi what a pleasant surprise.. You Ragini rite

Ragini – yes bye let’s work on our project

They start working and Laksh doesn’t entertaining things and ragini laugh all heart which is noticed by RoRiya they smile

Soon their class ends and Ragini and Riya were about to go but stopped by Laksh

Laksh – guys can you both join us fit lunch

Riya – why

Laksh – plzz

Rohan – yes Riya you come with me we have to catch a table

Riya Rohan move

Laksh – Ragini can you give me your phone number

Ragini – yeah but why

Laksh – for studies

Ragini -ok it’s 9168053172

Laksh – thanks

They both move to canteen and see the scenario I front of them

They see Swara laughing loudly Ragini gets tear eyes

Laksh – why are you crying

Ragini – my di is laughing free after so many months

Laksh – but why

Ragini – nothing it’s personal she was depressed these month

Laksh – thank to my Bhai

All finish talking and leave for their houses



SanLak enter mm house

Laksh – Bhai how did you make that girl laugh

Sanskar – she was kind of depressed so then we got a cooking activity I intentionally put some flour on myself and made her laugh

Laksh – I am proud of you

Sanskar – I know

They laugh and go inside for their lunch and spend time with each other



Next Chapter – Swara Past,RagLak planning which brings them really close to each other


Guys I am removing kavya and Kartik on negatives my story line changed…. about swara I know many of you can’t digest the fact but that point will bloom love between raglak….. and only 3 chapters left..

Hope you all like it? sorry for small update

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