Raglak SS : Life is full of happiness by Sriya and Crystal : Chapter 9


Raglak SS : Life is full of happiness by Sriya and Crystal : Chapter 9

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Chapter 8

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Recap : Raglak accept to become friends.

Next day was a Sunday and Laksh called Shomi

(Laksh) “Hello Ma, How are?”

(Shomi) “I am good beta, thanks a lot for making Ragini happy and putting so much effort in this relationship”

(Laksh) “Thank you Ma and anyways is Ragini free today. I mean is she having any plans?”

(Shomi) “I am not aware of any as of now else she would have informed me yesterday itself. But why are you asking all this?”

(Laksh) “I am planning on taking her out for coffee. Let’s see if she agrees”

(Shomi) “Ok beta. Then get going she is already awake and ask her before she hatches any other plan”

(Laksh) “Sure Ma. Bye”

As soon as Laksh disconnected the call, he whatsapped Ragini

(Laksh) “Good morning, Ragini. Have a wonderful day”

(Ragini replied back after 5 minutes) “Good Morning, Laksh and same to you”

(Laksh was happy on seeing Ragini’s message as he had lost hope when he did not get reply from her in the last 5 minutes) “So what is Sunday’s Plan?”

(Ragini) “No plans have been made as such. Lets see how the day goes.”

(Laksh) “If you don’t mind, can we go for a cup of coffee?”

(Ragini) “Hmmm. Wait let me ask my parents. If it’s a yes then let’s go around 4 to XYZ Place”

(Laksh) “Done”

(Ragini messaged after asking Shekhar and Shomi) “The plan is on.. So let’s meet up at that place”

(Laksh) “Sure Ragini. Do you want to pick you up from somewhere?”

(Ragini) “No Laksh, I will come by my own”

(Laksh) “Ok, then Bye. See you in the evening”

In the evening both reached the place. This place was famous for it’s coffee ad variety of Maggi. They both had great fun eating Maggi, drinking coffee and talking random things.
By far it was a good day for Laksh and Ragini. Both of them left the place around 6.30pm.

(Ragini’s POV)

I don’t know why, but I am certainly attracted to him. It was the first time I have given a boy my number in just two meet. I was the one who initiated the exchange of numbers. I certainly can’t believe that it’s me. I don’t what is happening to me. It’s just weird. The first time when he became my partner I felt as if a current had passed through my body. But I never told or shared it with anyone. I know it’s wrong for me to think this because I am going to get engaged in another two weeks time. But I am not able to stop him coming inside my thoughts and my dreams. I don’t know how to handle this situation. Please Bhagwanji help me. I don’t what is love… Am I in Love with Laksh?? No that’s not possible?? I should be thankful to my future-in-laws and y future husband, who permitted to follow my passion, How can I fall in love with someone else? No, I am wrong it’s not love, it’s just infatuation… I think he is a good friend.. Yes, he is a good friend only… She brushes of her mind somehow(Thinking all this, Ragini confusedly reached her home)
The next day, she had to complete her dad’s work related to Maheshwari merger.. So she gets busy with that. During Lunch when she got back home, she heard a message beep,

(Laksh) “Hi Ragini, How are you? How have you been? Are you busy in having lunch?”

(Ragini happy seeing his message but at the same time controlling her feelings) “Ya Laksh, I am good.. Day was super… I am going to have my lunch now. What about you? Did you have your lunch?

(Laksh) “No, even I was going to have now.”

(Ragini) “Okay Laksh. You continue having and even I will have my lunch. See you on Thursday for class”

(Laksh) “Bye, Ragini. Are you free tomorrow we can meet up for Lunch at around 1pm in the afternoon? Only if you are free?”

(Ragini – didn’t know what to tell.. her mind said don’t go and her heart said just go… She was in a dilemma and then she typed) “Sure Laksh. I would love to come. Let’s go to XYZ Restaurant, it’s a good place”

(Laksh) “Sure Ragini.. Bye and take care… See you tomorrow”

They both had their lunch and Ragini had gone to the dance studio. She again forgot about her botheration and she continued teaching dance to her lovely naughty kids batch.

The day passed by…
The next day she as usual went to her office and then straight from there she reached the place where she was supposed to meet Laksh. Ragini had reached the place and sat on the table that had already been reserved for them.

The restaurant was nice and cozy. Laksh had booked a nice table that had given privacy when people spoke. It was a like a small compartment. She liked his choice. She didn’t wasn’t to be disturbed since she wanted to know Laksh better. Then Laksh had arrived.

(Laksh) “Sorry Ragini. I was late.”

(Ragini) “Not a problem. Even I reached five minutes back”

(Laksh) “But still I was the one who requested you for lunch and I itself came late”

(Ragini) “Not a problem. Anyways dogs and cats are running in my stomach, so let’s order something”

(Laksh chuckled by her statement) “Sure Ragini. Even I am feeling damn hungry”

(Third Person’s POV)
They placed their order and started talking to each other. Ragini got to know Laksh’s preferences more. She found that he adored and loved his family. He can never betray them and for him work is worship. When he works he never mixes personal feelings. Ragini liked his thoughts as she was completely opposite. She on the other hand was short tempered and impatient person. It was clear that Ragini was falling for him. On completion of lunch, they bid bye to each other.

The weeks and days passed by and her engagement date was coming near. She didn’t like the fact that she was getting engaged because she realized she loved Laksh but at the same time she didn’t want to break her parents trust. She continued her dance class teaching at the same time she changed her dance partner in order to avoid Laksh. Her engagement was on a Tuesday, so that previous Sunday Laksh invited her to some place for a coffee. Ragini also agreed and she decided that it would be their last meet.

Ragini on reaching that place was shocked to find it beautifully decorated and there were no clients there in that place. It had a hoarding that said “I Love You Ragini”. Meanwhile Laksh also came in front of her and he sat on his knees in front of her with a hand full of a bouquet made of roses and carnations(I know this is a cliché… I am sorry for disappointing)

(Laksh) “ Ragini, I know it’s a little cliché but please listen to me and please don’t stop me”

Ragini was dumb struck. She kept quiet because she did not know how to react.. She was loss of words. But before she could say anything Laksh started..

(Laksh) “Ragini, I fell for you the instance I saw you. For me it was love at first sight. As soon as I got to know about you, I felt like respecting you and I had fallen in love with you all the more. You have been in my dreams as soon as I sleep. I have never respected any other woman after my mom, my sister and my aunty. Though your nature is opposite to me, I would like to know you more and I would want to spend my entire life with you. Will you accept me Ragini?”

(Ragini controlling her tears, said in an adamant voice) “Laksh I am getting engaged on Tuesday.”

She ran from that place without giving a single glance to Laksh. She knew she would not have been able to control her feelings for Laksh and she would fall for him. She ran towards her car and drove the car near a lake and she cried her heart out. She then calmed herself down. Ragini being a strong headed knew how to control her emotions and not show the same to anyone else.

The next day she had gone to dance studio and she felt Ragini was sad. She was not herself and she informed the same to Laksh. Laksh just told Uttara to wait patiently for their engagement and all will fall in place. Uttara sighed and didn’t tell anything to Ragini though she felt bad for her.

The two days passed by. She did not get Laksh’s call or message neither did she message him. She didn’t want to fall weak. She just wanted to make her parents proud.

The D Day had come. Her engagement day.. She was going to see the face of her fiancé and her future-in-laws.

(Third Person’s POV)
The engagement was a very close family matter. So many guests hadn’t turned up for the engagement. It was a closed affair but being engagement of two big business tycoons children, media had knocked up and stood in front of the venue where engagement was to be held. The Maheshwaris and the Gadodias decided to address the media once all the engagement rituals were over.

Ragini was still ignorant of the fact that whom she is getting engaged to. She was dressed up in a nice golden and red lehanga. Her head was covered with a beautiful light weight but extra ordinary red dupatta. She was nervous and sad. She wanted to confront her fiancé everything about how she fell in love with a guy in her class. She didn’t want to start a relation based on lies. Her thoughts were disturbed when Shomi asked Ragini to come down to the hall as it was time for her engagement.

She was looking down; she did not even raise her head. She was accompanied by Shomi on one side and Shekhar on the other side. She was scared so Shomi told her

(Shomi) “Laddo, don’t get scared. They are a very good family and they will always keep you like princess”

(Ragini) “Hmm”

(Shekhar) “Why are you keeping your head low beta. You are my pride. Don’t walk like a timid girl. You are a princess, walk like this is your kingdom.”

(Ragini) “Thank You Papa”

Saying this Ragini held her head high. She saw that there were many media people standing, but they were stopped by the body guards. As she was about to enter the hall, she saw a handsome man coming towards her. She was shocked to see the man. The man held her hand and took her to the stage. He was smiling brightly and she didn’t know how to react. She was happy at the same time shocked. Her silence was broken by AP, Uttara and Shomi. They were bringing the ring. They were followed by DP and Shekhar. Ragini was all the more shocked seeing the Maheshwaris as well as she was shocked seeing Uttara. Her face clearly showed that she was shocked and confused. She didn’t know how to react. So to break the ice

(Uttara) “Bhabhi, put brakes on your thoughts; every doubt will be clarified soon. Pehle let the engagement ceremony get over.” Uttara turned towards Boy and told “ Bhai, bhabhi is going to stay with you only, you can leave her hand, else how will you put the ring”

(Laksh) “Bacha, I am not leaving her hand” then he turned towards Ragini and told “Otherwise Madamji will run off again without even looking at me. I am so sorry I am not leaving her hand and about the ring. I will manage.. uski tension tum mat lo (don’t take tension about how I will make her wear the ring)”

Ragini blushed when he told that he will not leave her hand. She was shocked that he was so straight forward and he didn’t even bother about the environment and the people. She was happy.

(AP) “Laksh, don’t leave her hand. But now at least take the ring and make her wear”

(Shomi) “Let them live the moment. They will not get this moment again. Life is full of happiness, so let this moment also be part of their happiness.” She turned towards Laksh and said “Am I right beta?”

(Laksh) “Both my Maa are right. So AP Ma give the ring, one time I have been rejected I don’t want to be rejected again” (he laughed)

(AP) “Beta, don’t you see that my Beti is already feeling shy don’t tease her more, warna you will get one slap from me also”

(Shomi) “No AP my Beta is right, you cannot slap him, I am there like his shield”

All laugh at the both mothers antics, it was a moment to be captured. All were laughing and from Ragini’s eyes tears of happiness were about to fall when Laksh pulled her close and said

(Laksh) “Ragini these tears are precious” wiping her tears off “Never waste them”

Ragini was happy but didn’t know how to react, so she just gave a big smile. The rings were exchanged and as promised Laksh did not leave her hand even for a second. He wanted to steal the moment. DP interrupted and told them to move to the media as they were waiting for long. So Laksh taking Ragini along went towards the media people.

Precap : Last Chapter

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