Raglak SS : Life is full of happiness by Sriya and Crystal : Chapter 6


Raglak SS : Life is full of happiness by Sriya and Crystal : Chapter 6

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Chapter 5

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Recap : Ragini says YES for the proposal.

Next day, Ragini had gone to office and Shekhar and Shomi went to the boy’s place who was an eligible candidate for Ragini.

Sharmishtha had told the address to the driver and Shekhar didn’t pay any heed. He was planning ways and methods to reject the boy for Ragini. He did not even bother to see the roads. The only thoughts that fogged his mind was Ragini and her happiness. So all plotting and planning was going on in his mind (It’s a father’s mind.. if he thinks that his daughter is not happy he will do anything to bring back her happiness)
The car stopped and they got down, that’s when Shekhar realized that they were standing in front of Maheshwari Mansion. He was shocked and confused and he did not know how to react. He looked at Shomi and her face didn’t give away any information. They walked and entered the main hall of Maheshwaris where DP, AP and Uttlak were waiting for them.

(DP) “Good morning Shekhar and Namaste Bhabhiji”

(Shekhar hugged DP and said) “Good Morning”

(Sharmishtha) “Namaste Bhaisaab, (she hugged AP and said) “Hello”

Uttlak both came forward and took blessings from Shomi and Shekhar. All of them settled down.

(Third Person’s POV)

Everyone sit around, and then Shekhar understands that the alliance for Ragini is of Laksh. Shekhar told them about Ragini’s interests especially in dance. Shekhar also narrated last night’s incidents and how Shomi told her to stop dancing, and for this Laksh hatched a plan along with both families. Shekhar was happy and he blessed Laksh. Shekhar was on Cloud9 on finding Laksh being best for Ragini. Laksh also said when he fell in love with Ragini. Laksh had confronted Shomi and all the Maheshwaris about it and that’s when Shomi decided to put up that drama in front of Ragini. Shekhar was shocked on hearing about Laksh because he was the only person who never knew about all this. Shomi also said that Ragini would not see the groom’s pic till engagement. Maheshwaris accept it but simultaneously they had to work on Laksh’s plan.

That very same day Ragini had informed her students that she will not be teaching dance because she is going to get married. All the students are sad but they are happy that Ragini is getting married. They all wish her all the best for her future. She gives all the kids, youngsters and elders chocolates and takes them out for a Snacks Party.

At the Gadodias House

When Ragini came back

(Shekhar) “How was your day Beta?”

(Ragini) “Office was as usual and I told all my students and also gave the party saying that my alliance is fixed (she told all this sadly)

(Shomi) “I have one more proposal; you have been allowed to join a dance studio named “Let’s Dance by Utt” (This was plan made by Laksh to make her join Uttara’s dance studio
as instructor in that way she would be safe and Uttara would always be around her). You can join there as an instructor and continue teaching dance. You have to go there by 4.00pm to 10.00pm and so on…….. (before she could complete)”

(Ragini ran and hugged her mom tightly and said) “Thank you Maa. Thanks for allowing me to pursue my passion.”

(Shekhar) “Don’t thank Shomi go and thank your in laws, they are the one who have allowed.”

(Ragini) “Papa, could you please thank them on my behalf. As you know I will neither talk nor meet them till the engagement”

(Shomi) “But that condition was on the Groom when did it become Groom’s family”

(Ragini) “I don’t know but please do this favor on me”

(Shekhar) “Done Beta. Hopefully now you are happy”

(Ragini) “I was happy then also and I am happy now also. You are the world’s best parents and so are my in laws” (At the same time Ragini thanked God for this in her mind)

(Third Person’s POV)
Ragini was very happy and contended with her life at present. Shomi explained her about her in laws but she did not mention the name of the Maheshwaris (this was one of the strict advice given by Laksh. It was part of their plan on not telling or using the word Maheshwaris as in laws in front of Ragini). Ragini was happy listening about their in laws. She was so happy that they allowed her to dance, she also forgot to ask the names of her in laws. All the three had dinner peacefully and went to sleep.

On other Side

Laksh was being restless as he had a major part in executing the plan. He was tensed and nervous about execution because what he was going to do was not his forte. He just made a plan for seeing happiness in Ragini’s face. Shekhar had clicked a pic of Ragini enjoying and sent it over to Laksh. Shekhar also sent Laksh that it was all possible because of him and he is happy to get Son in the form of Laksh. Laksh was happy that his plan was working. He then dozed off slowly while thinking about Ragini.
The next day as usual, Ragini left to office. She completed all her work and by 2.30pm she was back at home. Shomi made her eat her lunch. Ragini then changed into Tracks and nice fitting T-shirt. She carried all the necessities like Extra Change of clothes, her wallet, Deodorants, Perfume, Towel, Her Dancing Shoes and her car keys. Shomi wished her
“ALL THE BEST” and again told her to ËNJOY HER LIFE and her DANCE”

Ragini reached the dance studio “Let’s Dance by Utt” and walked towards the reception,

(Ragini) “I am here to meet Miss Uttara (she doesn’t know that she is a Maheshwari).”

(Receptionist) “”May I know your name Maám”

(Ragini) “My name is Ragini Gadodia”

The receptionist was shocked by hearing her name. In fact everyone at the dance studio knew that she is going to be the “TO BE WIFE of LAKSH MAHESHWARI” but everyone were instructed to treat her normally so that she doesn’t show any suspicions.”

(Receptionist coming out of her thoughts) “Sure Maám, Uttara Maám is expecting your arrival. You could walk up straight the path way and the last cabin is hers”

(Ragini) “Sure. Thank you so much”

Ragini walked towards Uttara’s cabin and they spoke the deal and her pay package. Ragini agreed to all the terms and conditions. Ragini was given to handle kids batch and Salsa batch beginner level for corporates. Uttara explained that Kids Batch would be 5.00pm to 6.00pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Salsa batch would be 8.00pm to 9.00pm on Thursdays and Saturdays. She told her that Tuesdays and Sundays would be off. Ragini was happy listening to the conditions and her duties she was happy. (Uttara has seen her dance videos that Sharmishtha had showed and at the same time Ragini showed all the choreography videos. Uttara was impressed by her videos and its after that she has selected her….. No favoritism its all because of Ragini’s talent)

Precap : Raglak’s first meet

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