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Chapter 4

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Recap : Ragini’s wish fulfilled

It has been six months since Ragini and her parents spoke and in those six months a lot had happened.

(Third Person’s POV for both Ragini and Laksh)
Ragini is now teaching dance in her building all are liking her dance class be it kids or aged people. Along with taking class she is also handling her dad’s business with ease. The staff at the Gadodias likes her change in attitude and patience level. Ragini still needs perfection but she is not scolding or cribbing with them for unnecessary reasons. They have now become more open to Ragini and they are able to share ideas with ease and perfection. Ragini herself felt the change in her. This made her feel light and she was able to accomplish her missions, goals and also dreams. She is planning on opening a bigger dance studio nearby her house to accommodate more students. She wanted to break out this to her parents also.

On Laksh’s side, he has been busy with the tie-up between Gadodias and Maheshwaris. He has been able to make the profit of the deal double. All are happy with his hard work. He is also helping Uttara whenever she has doubts related to business. He has been handling his business and family very well. The only one thing that he has not been able to handle is his thoughts about Ragini. He still sees her through skype whenever the Gadodias have a meeting with Maheshwaris. He always sees her secretly and without anyone noticing him and at the same time not showing his face on the screen. Thoughts of Ragini makes him unsettle but he never let that unsettledness come in-between his work.
DP-AP and Shekhar-Shomi have started meeting quite often. Both the couples visit each other’s house and they get to meet each other’s children. But Uttlak have still not got chance to meet Ragini and vice versa. Both the couples are impressed by each other’s children. Since their kids are handling the business now both couples have got time to spend time with each other.

One fine day Shekhar-Shomi were discussing something and decided

(Shomi) “I know I am going to talk like a typical mother but now I think its high time we should get our daughter married”

(Shekhar shocked and spoke) “But why Shomi. She is happy in what she is doing. She has started making herself a name and everything then why do you have to stop her from all this and get her married.”

(Shomi) “It’s not that Shekhar, it’s just I want to see her getting married. I have a very nice proposal for Ragini”

(Shekhar) “What is this nonsense, Shomi? You know I will never let my daughter sacrifice her lifestyle for anyone. No ways its too early”

(Shomi) “Shekhar, please understand. I want her to get married.. Please and I have found her a match”

(Shekhar angered) “Shomi, why are you playing with Laddo’s life”

(Shomi) “I am not playing and I want her to get settled and it’s end of discussion. I am talking to Laddo today and this time I am not going to stay the name of the person who has sent us the proposal for Ragini’s hand”

(Shekhar) “Shomi, this is not fair and I am not allowing this.”

(Shomi) “I have made my decision and that’s final. Please cut the discussion here and don’t you dare tell anything to Ragini. I will handle her and you just have to say a “YES”.

(Shekhar) “Do whatever you want. I will only support my Ragini and I am sure she is going to say a big NO”

(Shomi) “That we will decide after Ragini comes. If Ragini says “YES” then you have to come with me to visit the boy’s family and if its “NO” then I will give one more year for her to achieve her dreams.”

Shekhar sighed in anger and walked off from that place but Shomi was adamant and she decided how to handle both Daughter-Father Jodi.
In the evening after everyone had dinner,

(Shomi) “Laddo, I need to ask something to you”

Shekhar was hell mad with Shomi’s tactics. He didn’t understand why she was behaving like that.

(Ragini) “Yes Ma, tell me”

(Shomi) “I have found a very suitable match for you and you have to get married”

(Ragini) “But Maa, it has been just 6 months since I have sorted myself and you are asking me to get married. This is not fair. Moreover I was planning to open a huge Dance Studio for which I need another year’s time to set everything. So Maa please postponed my marriage”
Shekhar was happy because Ragini had said no and he was sure she would stick by it. He never spoke anything in between both the ladies.

(Shomi) “Laddo, if you have forgotten let me remind you, six months before you promised me that when I ask you to get married you will say YES and this is the time to prove whatever you said was true.”

(Ragini) “Yes Maa, I remember but please is all I can say”

(Shomi) “This time I am not going to listen to you, I have got a very good proposal for you and you have to accept my decision. This is the first I am asking you to do something of my wish. So you have no choice. I know I am being rude but I cannot help it. One more thing, you have to stop teaching dance. You can continue with the business though. If you are in laws are Okay with you pursuing dance then you continue after your wedding but for now just stop you r studio dreams and everything else.

(Ragini she was sad but with a fake smile she said) “Maa, you have taken decision and thanks a ton for that. I will respect your decision because this is the first time you have asked for anything.”

(Shomi) “Good mera bacha. Thanks.. Good night and sleep well”

Ragini wished both her parents GOOD NIGHT” and left for her room. She could see her dreams shattered. She was sad that again her dance is going away from her. She will be missing all her students. Saying them NO would be tough but Ragini has no other option.

On the other side Shekhar was hell angry with Shomi’s decision and the way she forced Ragini. He didn’t like it even a bit. But as he knows that she has won the bet, he decided to accompany her the next day to the boy’s house. He was so angry that he did not wish Shomi Good Night. He just kept quiet and went to their room and slept.

Ragini’s eyes were filled with tears but she was not able to say anything. She did not complain though. She was quietly sobbing and then she dozed off.

Shomi in the night came and checked Ragini’s room. She came quietly and sat next to Ragini where she found that the pillow was wet. Shomi (in her mind) “You will never regret for the decision that I have made and I bet you will be happy. I know I am put it in the wrong way but I have done so that both you and Shekhar would be surprised. Trust me beta, that family is the best for you. I am sorry” Saying this Shomi brushed her thought, gave a kiss on Ragini’s forehead and then walked off from there.

Precap : Shekhar gets ready to go and meet the Boy’s family

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