Raglak SS : Life is full of happiness by Sriya and Crystal : Chapter 4


Raglak SS : Life is full of happiness by Sriya and Crystal : Chapter 4

Hope you liked the previous part. If you haven’t read then the link is given below for Chapter 3

Chapter 3

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Recap : Meeting of the Gadodias and the Maheshwaris and Laksh’s secret feeling for Ragini

(Laksh’s POV)
After the Gadodias had left, I walked back to my cabin. My mind was filled with her thoughts.. Her eyes, her aura and her confidence, it just captivated my attention towards her. On screen if she could look so beautiful, I was not able to stop thinking how beautiful she would look in front of me. She is just like a pari. Hopefully she comes to the party though Uncle and Aunty have told that she wouldn’t come but I can’t stop my heart from hoping to see her.
Though I didn’t feel like working, I knew I always had to draw a line between my personal thoughts and my professional life. Though it might be LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT but I also know that my work is equally important. So I head back to the files that were pending to be completed and at the same time I had instructed all the people to take care of the arrangements of the party.

(Ragini’s POV)
Once the meeting was over via skype, I was confident that deal would be signed smoothly. On completion of the chat, I decided to break out my decision about my future to my parents. Finally taking the decision, I feel so light and relieved. It’s been my passion and stress buster since age of 15 but now I wanted to pursue my passion and I was ready for it. (The smile that was on Ragini’s face was just beautiful and the smile showed that it was a sense of relieve)
Dad though said that he would be coming to office after meeting, I stopped him saying I would take care. At around 6.00pm, my phone rang and I saw that the name flashing was of Papa. So I picked the call

(Shekhar) “Laddo, would you be caring to join us for the party at the Maheshwaris Mansion? DP was asking about you and he wanted you to be introduced to his family”

(Ragini) “Papa, I am really sorry but you knew I would be busy and I had already informed you earlier.”

(Shekhar) “Yes Beta, You are right but I thought if at all.. Anyways leave it. Shomi and I will be leaving around 7.00pm. Shomi has made your food so please eat that beta and also don’t sleep before we come”

(Ragini) “Tell Maa thanks for preparing my food though I could cook on my own. Anyways, Tell sorry to DP Uncle. And about sleep I want to tell you and mom something important so I will not be ablt to sleep as such. So I will be waiting for you guys. Now bye, I have lot of work to complete” (I cut the call in a hurry else dad would torture me to spill out the truth now itself”

(Shekhar’s pOV)
As soon as she cut the phone I understood she wants Shomi and I infront of her when she talks. That’s the reason why she cut the phone in hurry. Though I am curious I would wait patiently and I will also not tell Shomi about it. Let Ragini’s coffee be a surprise for her (I will tell the secret of coffee later)
The party had started at the Maheshwari Mansion. Many business tycoons, family friends and celebrities had arrived at the party. The party was a talk of the town. The media was fully covering the party.

As the Gadodias were entering, one lady ran towards Shomi and hugged her tight. She said

(Lady) “You forgot e completely, this is really not fair. I don’t even get to meet you.”

(Shomi) “Sorry AP. This last few years I have just stopped going out much until and unless its for business. I wanted to give full attention to my daughter and support her dreams. She has been life and I am happy for it. By the way AP ki bachi you could have also come and met but even you were lost.”

(AP) “Same as your case I dedicated my life to kids and moreover you also know that we were not in India and last two years from when we have come back, its been busy with kids adjusting again to these environment and transferring the entire business here.”

Both the ladies were talking and they totally forgot that Shekhar and DP were laughing at them and their talks. Both ladies looking at the environment felt a little embarrassed
because not only their husbands but Laksh, Uttara and many people who were attending the party looked at them .

(Laksh) “Maa, Aunty now if your friend talks are done, can we move forward and tell the media about the tie up.

(AP) “ So sorry, its been so long that we were lost in our talks. Ya we can move forward but before that, Uttara come here”

(Uttara) “Haan Ma”

(AP) “Uttara, this is Sharmishtha Gadodia my soul sister and (to Sharmishtha) this is my daughter Uttara”

(Uttara) “Namaste Aunty, how are you ?”

All the three ladies were walking and talking whereas the gents decided to address the media

(Shomi) “I am fine beta. How are you and how have you been doing?”

(Uttara) “I am super good Aunty. I have been choreographing for years and now finally my parents and bro have gifted me a dance studio. So I have been busy with that. I have been recruiting assistant dancers.”

(Shomi) “That’s nice beta you are very independent. I like the confidence that you have”

(Uttara) “Thank You Aunty. What about Ragini? I mean mom has told me that you have a daughter…So I just asked”

(Shomi) “My daughter is handling her dad’s business since 4 years and she has also become a qualified Chartered Accountant”

(AP) “Wow Ragini is so intelligent. Nice. DP had told me earlier that today he met Ragini at the time if meeting.”

(Shomi) “Yes, she was busy so she was not able to come for the meeting and the party”

(Uttara) “Aunty but I want to meet her. At least show me her pic”

(AP) “Haan Shomi, show me her pic atleast.”

Shomi showed them the pic, both were meserised seeing her beauty.

Meanwhile DP, Shekhar and Laksh had walked back to the ladies after addressing the media and again Laksh was lucky enough to get the glimpse of his lady love in the phone and he felt that she looked more beautiful. As he was dreaming about her, his thoughts were disturbed when DP announced to have dinner. All the six and moved towards the food counter and had their dinner. Laksh and Uttara kept all of them entertained both family and the guests. All started dispersing and Uttlak also escorted each and every guest personally. Maheshwaris were known for their hospitability and they proved they are the best.

Shekhar and Sharmishtha were also leaving and they were escorted by all the four. AP and Shomi exchanged numbers and then all dispersed.

On the way back Shekhar messaged Ragini that they have started from the party.

As soon as Shekhar and Shomi entered the house, they could feel that Ragini’s hand made coffee was brewing, this made Shomi understand that they were up for a talk. So Shomi
and Shekhar went upto their room, quickly changed and came back to sit on the Sofa. Ragini came with three mugs of coffee. (the secret of coffee is that whenever Ragini wants to discuss something in the night she prepares her hand made special coffee)

All the three had a sip of the coffee

(Shomi) “Laddo, now tell what you want to discuss. You have our ears”

(Ragini) “ Ma, Papa…….. I …… I ….. I have decided…… (she was fidgeting with her coffee mug)

(Shekhar) “Beta, why are you fidgeting? You can tell us anything and this is not the first time you are telling us something. Come on now spill the beans”

(Raginii with little confidence) “ MA and PAPA. I have decided what I have to do about my future”

Both of them were excited

(Ragini continued) “ I have decided I will help you in business for part time and I will (again fidgeting with the coffee mug) and I will take up dance”

Shekhar and Sharmishtha were shocked.

(Ragini looking at their expressions) “Please Maa, Papa… I want to do it.. this is one thing that relieves me from my tension and at the same time i am able to control my anger and my patience level… The very thought of dance enlightens my mood… …. Please B”

(Shomi stopped her in mid and spoke) “Beta, I am happy with your decision its your life and your choice do what you want but I have a condition…. (Shekhar and Rags stared at her but she continued) I want you to give 100 percent in business but I am going to start look at an alliance for you.. So if the family doesn’t agree for dance then you have to quit dancing but you will still continue with your dad’s business as part time”

(Ragini) “I am ready. Even if its for few months I want to live dance again”

(Shekhar) “Where are you planning to teach.. You have stopped teaching dance for almost three and half years.”

(Ragini) “I have asked permission from our building association. I can start teaching dance in our community hall”

(Shomi) “Ok beta then… So from tomorrow 10.00am to 1.00pm at office and then 3.00pm to 10.00pm dance. Do how many ever classes you want I won’t stop you.”

(Ragini hugs her parents tightly and says) “Thank you Mom and Dad. You are world’s best parents. I love you a lot and one more thing as you have started the topic of my wedding. Whenever you decide me to get married, I will trust your decision blindly and I will not see the face of the guy until my engagement.”

(Shekhar) “But why Laddo. You have full rights to see your future husband and take decision”

(Ragini) “When you don’t question me for the decisions I take and you trust me blindly then who am I to doubt you both. For me you are my everything and I know that whoever you guys choose will be the best for me because you know what is right and wrong for me”
They gave a good nice group hug to each other and walked away too their rooms. Ragini’s eyes were filled with happiness and her parents saw that happiness.
It was a night where the dreams were started to get fulfilled. But for how long?

Precap : Six Months Leap

Hope u guys enjoyed it. So it’s a bye from crystal and sriya. Love u all….

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