Raglak SS : Life is full of happiness by Sriya and Crystal : Chapter 3


Raglak SS : Life is full of happiness by Sriya and Crystal : Chapter 3

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Chapter 2
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Recap : Family time

A new day always brings new hopes and new thoughts in one’s life and same happened with Ragini.

Ragini got up with a smile on her face. When she got up, she saw the time. It was morning 6. This was her regular time to get up. So she finally got down from the bed and freshened up. Till she was fully ready, it was 7 in the morning. She walked towards the dining table and watched her dad sipping his morning tea and reading the newspaper.

(Shekhar) “Good morning beta, how are you feeling today?”

(Ragini) “Happy and Fresh”

(Shekhar) “Very good beta”

Shekhar was already drinking tea and Ragini reached for her hands towards another tea cup and poured one for herself. They were discussing about the morning news and other topics. This was their daily routine.

Shomi came from the kitchen and kissed Ragini’s forehead and said “Good Morning Laddo, seeing your face I feel that you are feeling contended”

(Ragini) “If I have such beautiful and supportive parents why will I not be fine”

(Shomi) “That’s good beta”

Shomi sat along with them,

(Shekhar) “You remember right today we have meetings with the Maheshwaris”

(Shomi) “Yes, I remember”

(Shekhar) “So you and Laddo both have to come with me, being the board directors I want your presence”

(Shomi) “Why do you still keep my name in the list of directors, I don’t even go to office and I feel contented in my house wife life. Then what’s the need of dragging me to all these meetings.”

(Shekhar) “You are y lucky charm”

(Ragini) “But I don’t want to go Papa and moreover only two directors are required to sign the agreements. So I might of this and moreover and something to clear in our office account and I want it all to be perfect. I will mail you are financials if they are required for the agreement. “

(Shekhar) “Sign Beta, no one can argue with you and after becoming a CA you are talking too much in financial and legal terms. You always know how to escape”

The Gadodias had their breakfast and dispersed. Ragini had first left to the CA Institute where she applied for getting her membership number though she was not sure what to do.
Meanwhile she had already instructed the Finance Team to come early and complete the list of items that was required for this deal. Lucky for her the Institute and the Office were close by so she completed and ran to the office.

At office she became busy with checking of financials and everything. Once her work got over, she started browsing the web. She saw lot of dance videos and then one idea struck her mind. She thought of discussing with her parents later.

At the Maheshwari Office

Laksh and DP were sitting with their Finance Team and the Legal Team for discussing the clauses.

(Member of Finance Team) “Sir, we have seen all the aspect of the merger as well as the Gadodia’s proposal regarding investment, we find that it is a win-win situation for both the parties. Since the Gadodia Clothing is flourishing, it will boost the financials of Maheshwaris also. So this is our opinion balance is what Legal Team Decides”

(Member of Legal Team) “From all legal aspects we have no problem with this venture. It would be great for us to enter into an agreement with them”

(DP) “So its final, we will go ahead with the venture. So please keep all the necessary documents ready by 12 in the afternoon. I want all the papers ready as soon as we finish our discussions. Please hand a draft immediately and also mail one to the Gadodias.”

(Legal Team) “Sure Sir, the draft is ready. Please let us know the changes so that we can incorporate it. Till 12 we will keep those documents ready that are general and won’t require any changes. As speaking a mail has already been sent to the Gadodias”

(Laksh) “Yes Please, Go ahead and Good Job Guys”

Everyone dispersed, sitting at the office Ragini checked the mail and she was satisfied with the agreement but she had problem with one point and the same was conveyed by
Ragini to her parents. Ragini’s parents trusted her instincts and decided that they would go ahead.
Laksh was doing the work with determination and confidently. His PA had entered the cabin

(PA) “Sir, the Gadodias are scheduled to come in 5 minutes. The conference hall is ready. DP Sir has been informed and all the arrangements are done.”

(Laksh) “Thank u Maria Aunty and please don’t call me Sir, I know I am your boss but please call me Laksh.”

(PA) “Ok Laksh.”

(Laksh) “So everything is ready for the meeting I don’t want any mistakes as they are our family friends I want everything to be perfect for the meeting and please check it once more I do not want any mistakes from our side. Please Mary Aunty”

(PA) “Okay Laksh!! There would be no mistake. Now I suggest to leave for the conference, the draft deeds are also placed in the Manila Folder”

He leaves from the cabin. Laksh thinks that hope so no problem will be there in today’s meeting.

Shekhar and Shomi arrived at Maheshwari’s Corporate Office and they were guided to the conference hall. At the conference hall,

DP, Laksh and few members from the finance and legal department were already present. Shekhar and Shomi moved towards DP and Laksh and gave them a professional shake.

They started discussing about the venture and investment. They all got stuck in one point where the Gadodias were not ready to accept a term as it would pose a little restriction on their workings. So when they came to conclusion, Shekhar and Shomi decided to call up Ragini.

(Shekhar) “DPji and Laksh, if you don’t mind can I call my daughter. She has good instincts and since she knows the business full in and out I want her opinion on this also.”

(DP) “That’s not a problem Shekhar, why didn’t you bring her today.”

(Shomi) “She is dedicated to her work so she decided she would coordinate all the matters from office”

(Laksh) “That’s nice uncle. So why to delay, please go ahead”

(Shekhar) “Thanks beta, I will do a video call so that even you guys can hear her point of view”

Shekhar then made a Skype call to Ragini and told the entire matter. She also listened to what the Maheshwari side had to say and finally they came to a conclusion. All were impressed by Ragini and the legal and finance team members to draft the changes. In the meanwhile DP also spoke to Ragini and blessed her.
In all this there was one person who was lost in thoughts and that was Laksh. Laksh was able to see Ragini but she did not see him. She was only able to hear his voice throughout the discussion. He was bowled by her beauty and her intelligence. For him it was love at first sight. He just loved her eyes. At the same time he saw that she had some pain in her eyes. He also noticed that she was a little impatient while discussion though she didn’t speak it out loud. Her eyes were a great way of communication. Laksh brushed all the thoughts and concentrated at the meeting.

(Laksh) “Uncle, so let’s host a party for this venture tonight at Maheshwari Mansion”

(Shekhar) “Why no Beta”

(Laksh) “Aunty please bring Ragini also along with you”

(Shekhar) “I am sorry but Ragini would not be able to come she has some office work. She has to complete it and send it to one of our clients. Since she believes in perfection she
would not leave that and come to the party.

Laksh felt bad but he hid his feeling with a plastic smile.

(DP) “I really like her dedication, probably we can meet sometime later”

(Shomi) “Anyways Bhaisaab, I think all the formalities have been done, so we should move. If we start our chitchatting then Ragini would not be home tonight. So we request you to please pardon us”

(DP) “Ya sure. But one question, why will Ragini not be home”

(Shekhar) “Simple because the entire work pressure will fall on her if I am not there so we don’t want to put that pressure on her. Moreover it would be relief for the staffs because they will be saved from her anger”

(DP) “Ha Ha. That’s fine. I guess she is very strict”

(Shomi) “You can say so. Any ways we take your leave. See you in the evening Bhaisaab and Laksh. I am also excited to meet Uttara and my Saheli AP”

DP and Laksh escorted them till the main gate and left

Precap : Ragini’s request to her parents and party

Hope u guys enjoyed it. So it’s a bye from crystal and sriya. Love u all….

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