Raglak SS : Life is full of happiness by Sriya and Crystal : Chapter 2


Raglak SS : Life is full of happiness by Sriya and Crystal : Chapter 2

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Recap : Introduction of the Leads and their family

The Inauguration of the dance studio was complete and we started back to our home. On entering,

(Uttara) “Bhaiya what was the need of building something that too with all my likings”

(Laksh) “You see a dream and your brother doesn’t fulfill, it isn’t possible. You are my life and whatever you want in your life will be fulfilled.

(Uttara) “I am the luckiest girl in the world. I don’t think that even y future husband would do anything of this sort”

(Laksh) “ Don’t worry bacha, we will select only that husband for you who is just like me. Even if you fall in love let me know if he is worthy or not”

(Uttara) “Don’t worry bhai. I will say you along with our parents. You know that I will not hide anything from you”

All the Maheshwaris sat on the dining table after freshening up. All were very happy seeing Uttara happy.

(DP) “Uttara Beta, we had already published advertisement for requirement of Instructors and Assistants. So you have to audition them from tomorrow and this process will go about
for a week. You can hire the best.

(Uttara) “Ok Papa. Thanks a lot. Since it’s a Maheshwari Undertaking, have you decided about the payroll”

(Laksh) “You don’t worry about that. The payroll will be under the Let’s Dance by Utt. We are just undertaking but all the rights are vested upon you. You can decide the pay grade and pay them and you just have to inform us about the decision. Whatever decision you take that would be final.”

(Uttara) “Thank you so much bhai. What about the care takers for kids area and admin?”

(Ap) “ Uttara, the caretakers have been hired. I have made sure that they treat children properly. They are good. I have hired two people. You have to pay them Rs.5,000/- per month per person. If you want to increase you can increase that later. They will start the work based on how many parents bring their kids. They will not stay in the studio for full time.
They will exactly come at that time when you require them. Is it fine Beta? Sorry I took the decision without asking you.

(Uttara) “Ma, you have taken the best decision and its totally perfect. As you said I would not need care takers full time. I will need them between 10.30 to 12.30 in the morning and 5.00 to 9.30 in the night. So in between that they can do any other work if they want. Also mention them that Tuesdays and Sundays would be off. What about their travel?

(Laksh) “ So you have decided that you will work from morning 10.00 to night 10.00. That’s good. Travel don’t worry for all staffs, instructors and caretakers we will provide them travel facility. I have talked to Rahim Chacha, he said he will make his son Gaffur to work for you. So you don’t have to take tension about that. You have to pay Gaffur Bhai Rs.15,000/- per month. About balance staffs, all have been hired. You have to pay receptionists around Rs.10,000/- each. There are two receptionists and they all are well trained. You just have to explain them about the requirements and they will do the needful. I have appointed two part time admin staff. They will come in the evening around 6.00 and they will live at the same time as others. You have to pay them Rs.4,000/- per person.

(Uttara) “Bhai. Its just amazing. I just have to hire dancers. Superb. And the payment sound reasonable. Bhai tell the Admin staff that they will get leave on Tuesdays and Sundays would be off. In fact Tuesdays and Sundays all will have an off. So they all can chill.

(Dp) “Good Beta. I like your thinking. So it will become and employee friendly place to work.”

(Uttara) “If my Papa and Brother are so efficient, why can’t I be the same. Seeing you guys I can do so much at the least. By the way Papa, I have Rs.5,00,000/- in my account that I had earned all this while. I know I am just 24. But its all the savings that I have kept from choreographies that I have been teaching from past 4 years. So I want that money to be used for the business and none of all Maheshwaris money”

(DP) “Good thinking. The Maheshwaris have invested a sum of Rs.10 Laksh out of which your infrastructure cost has come up to Rs. 7 Lakhs have been already spent. Balance will be gone in your account. Now you see how you have to use it.”

(Uttara) “ Ok Papa, I will keep that but I will not accept further support from Maheshwaris.”

(DP) “You are very egoistic and filled with Pride. I accept this condition of yours”

(Uttara) “Thank You Papa”

(DP) “Acha Laksh Beta, tomorrow we have an important meeting with the Gadodias. They are a very good friend of mine and AP. They are planning to invest in our business. So they will become 50 percent shareholders and moreover they are willing to merge their clothing line business with ours. So this way we will also be able to touch new lines of business. What do you suggest?

(Laksh) “Papa, I have heard that Gadodia Clothings are one of the best. So I don’t have a problem. Let me ask our financial and legal advisor. Once they give go green, I don’t see any problem.”

All of them completed their discussion and had their dinner. They left for their respective rooms. In the meanwhile Laksh had messaged his Financial Team and the Legal Team to think about the proposal by morning 10.00

On the other side,
After the Gadodias had dinner, Ragini came back to her room,

Ragini was thinking about what she wanted to do and when she was not able to come to conclusion, she started throwing things in her bedroom. When her parents entered her room, they were shocked to see condition of the room. They got worried seeing her crying and angered at the same time.

(Shekhar patted Ragini’s head) “What happened Beta, why are you feeling so down”

(Ragini) “Papa, even after achieving so much I really don’t know what I want to do. Its kind of irritating.”

(Shomi) “Beta, this is not the way to deal with situations. Remember what I told, Life is full happiness. Wait for the things to turn with patience and you will get what you want to do.”

(Ragini) “I Know Ma, but you also know that I don’t have patience and I start feeling useless.”

(Shekhar) “Never be pessimistic. Always be positive”

(Ragini) “Thank you Ma and Papa, I will try sleeping now and sorry for creating a mess. I will clean my room before sleeping”

(Shomi) “Why do it all alone when we are there to help you always”

Ragini hugged her parents and the trio started cleaning the room. After sometime the room became presentable. Then Shekhar and Shomi made Ragini lay down on her bed. Both were there till she fell asleep. As soon as they saw a contended smile on Ragini’s face, they left towards their room praying that next day should remove all her insecurities and it should give her a new happiness.

Precap : Same as before

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