Raglak ss judai (Part 1)


Raglak ss Judia part 1

Hi guys angel back with my ss and I want to thank each and one of you for your immense support thank u so much once again


The ss starts from raglaks second marriage everything is going smoothly in all of their lives until one day they discover that they are having another family member joining them soon which meant ragini was expecting laksh’s happiness knew no bounds as he was extremely excited and impatient the family decided to rejoice the happiness by going on a family picnic

Raglak room
Ragini is sitting on the bed with a worried expression whilst Laksh is busy adjusting his hair standing infront of the mirror when he notices raginis disturbed face and decides to approach her

“Ragini” Laksh says and touches raginis shoulder which jerks her out of her thoughts

“Haa Laksh” ragini says and smiles at laksh pretending to be perfectly alright and to avoid Laksh’s questions

“Ragini you seemed disturbed ever since the picnic matter has been brought up you are quite disturbed about it what happened” Laksh asks ragini and holds her cheek to make her look at him and looks into her eyes and assures her that he is with her

“Should I share my worries with laksh” ragini says in mind but brushes of her thoughts and looks at laksh’s innocent face

“Laksh” ragini says and looks at Laksh and he looks at her waiting for her to say what she wants to convey to him

“Laksh I’m scared..we are going to the same place where everything had once scattered I don’t want to go there again” ragini says and breaks down in Laksh’s embrace and weeps whilst laksh strokes her hair and consoles her

“Shhh bacha nothing will happen and please for the families sake come to this picnic” Laksh says trying to convince ragini

“Only for you Laksh” ragini says and agrees to Laksh to which he responds happily and gives her hug

Downstairs everyone is waiting

“Badi ma see this sanskaar na he’s teasing me” swara says and makes a annoyed face and looks at sanskaar being annoyed

“What” sanskaar says being shocked at looks innocently at ap

“Badi ma all I said to swara was to eat less I mean look at her she’s becoming fat day by day and swara you should be gratefully you haa got such a caring husband who cared about you and is concerned about your weight” sanskaar says teasingly and smiles at swara whilst she fumes in anger

“Mr maheshwari please I don’t need your favours” swara says and looks away

In the meantime raglak come downstairs and witness the whole scenario and see ap dp rp Sujata and uttara who are trying hard not to laugh ragini goes upto swara and holds her shoulders

“Swara you again fought with sanskaar..swara how many times have I told you not to annoy sanskaar” ragini calmly says to Swara

“Ragini it wasn’t my fault and even if you stay with sanskaar you will realise that he is the one to always argue and not me” swara says to ragini and smiles

“We are getting late for the picnic I think we should leave even the gadodia family might be waiting for us” dp broadly announces to the family and everyone nod their heads and obey his words

After reaching the venue which was near the bridge were swara was once pushed everyone decides to take some rest but dp decides to go on a stroll
There is a girl who is riding her bike and she is Wearing a jumpsuit her hair is left open and it is flowing in the air she seems to be enjoying the breeze when suddenly she spots a figure coming towards her but she is riding the bike in such a fast speed that she is unable to stop her bike and she loses control over it
And next minute she realises that her bike has hit the figure and she is on the floor with a bruised elbow

The figure is revealed to be dp he gets up and sees his glasses have a small crack on them he furiously looks at the girl and the girl also gets and up and looks at dp

“Ayyy Larki” dp angrily shouts looking at the girl with full rage

“First of all you got that right that I am a larki and secondly I have a name and my name is halima it’s not hard” the girl says with full attitude who is revealed to be halima
(Humari apni halima TU wali)

“I don’t care whatever your name is but you broke my glasses” dp angrily says as he looks at his cracked glasses and tries to hold on to his tears

“Show me” halima says and demands to see dps glasses and after seeing the glasses halima lets out a laugh

“I think your eye sight is definitely weak look it’s only a small scratch and your saying it’s broken stop being over dramatic look even I’m hurt I bruised my arm you don’t see me crying and look at you crying over a pair of glasses” halima says and mocks dp which hurts his ego

“Badtameez larki” dp says and angrily walks off whilst halima picks up her bike

“Huh he ruined my whole mood Saala Buddha kahi ka” halima says and goes off

Precap one accident to spoil four lives

So first part of my ss I hope you guys like it I will be showing both ragas and ragsan and do tell me what you want to see more of. negative and positing comments will do so as gauri says har harai ke comment
(Sorry bhootni ji)
And this ss was requested by someone special only for this day

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  1. You told us you are updating after swara’s return but???????????anyways update it soon I am waiting for your FF when you update it intro please fast Yaar even if you update in the evening I won’t mind????

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    awesome dear…loved it alot….
    halima what did you do with dp spec…eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

    1. _Hxl1m4_

      I’m innocent Asra, it’s all Angel’s fault ?
      She knows how much I love DP so she decided to gift me this scene ? Isn’t it just adorable? ??????

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  4. Outstanding episode and I want Raglak scenes only.


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    Add karne ke badle Birthday wish hi kar deti ?

    Ahaan, this day is apparently “Special” but mereko nahi dikhta ? I love love loved itttt!! ????

    Thank you for this story and thank you for posting it on the 24th but I’m sorry for the late comment ????

    I enjoyed reading it, take care and upload the next part soooooon!! Keep rocking and smiling ???

    ?- HALIMA – ?

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