Raglak ss Judai intro


Raglak ss Judai intro

Hi guys this is angel back with a ss this is mainly a raglak ss but for the ragsan fans I hav also decided to add ragsan

Character sketch
Laksh maheshwari- responsible business man and a very loving husband basically same as serial
Ragini Laksh maheshwari- ideal daughter in law and a very doting wife loves her husband Laksh to the core and her sister swara same as serial but considers sanskaar as her friend
Swara sanskaar maheshwari-sister of ragini and wife of sanskaar an ideal daughter in law she loves both sanskaar and ragini to the core but after a accident her life changes.
Sanskaar maheshwari- husband of swara and cousin of Laksh exactly the same as Serial and considers ragini as his friend

“Laksh please I beg you please for the sake of my sister for me please you have to pretend to love swara” ragini pleads Laksh as she cries whilst Laksh looks at her in anger

“So you want to me love your sister…you want me to leave you for your sister” Laksh harshly says and grabs raginis shoulder

“Yes” ragini says and cries looking down leaving Laksh shocked

Swara is in the ICU room with a bandage covering her head and sanskaar is outside seeing her through the glass window and tears fall down from his face

“I will wait all my life for you swara” sanskaar says and cries

“Don’t worry swara I will take care of everything and I will also take care of ragini from now onwards until you are not well Ragini is my responsibility” sanskaar says with determination as he wipes his tears
Swaragini along with sanlak enter mm together

“Swara you go and rest in your room and ragini you also need rest so you also go to your room” ap says and smiles at ragini and assures her through her eyes

Laksh looks at ragini painfully and gets angry when he sees ragsan together
Laksh heads upstairs to his room and sanskaar also heads up
Swara holds raginis hands and takes her upstairs leaving the family members in a shock and takes her to sanskaars room

“Ye lo ragini we have reached your room” swara says to ragini whilst ragini stands numb and tears fall down sanskaar sees them and walks upto swara and smiles

“Sanskaar I want you to take care of my sister and not let a single tear come out of her eyes otherwise I will be hurt” swara says and smiles at sanskaar and he also smiles back but inside his heart there r laddos bursting

“I promise you swara that I will take care of ragini just for you” sanskaar says and places his hand over swaras hand
Ragini looks at sanskaars hands on swaras hand and smiles

Swara leaves the room leaving ragsan alone and she closes the door
Ragsan look at each other…..

So here is a short prologue or introduction to my new ss any ideas are welcome because I like it when people give me suggestions so all suggestions are definitely welcome infact they are needed more so shoot down your opinion on this ss I should continue or not and if so then any suggestions you can to give to either change something or add anything

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  1. Certified_Bhootni


    It’s awesomeeeeee, I loved it and I loved this new Idea of yours, like used concept mein new twist, wahhh! Yahi hone wala tha na serial mein? But Sahil aa gaya ?

    And Sanskaar was so cute, especially when he said “I’ll wait for you Swara” and Lucky? Humara Lucky bahot hi nakchad tha and ohooo, DP, koi ki, uska toh ana nishiant hai, haina?

    Loved this and har harai ke first part upload kar de, will be waiting ???

    Love: Tu ki jaane pyaar mera
    From: Varun Dhawan

    Namish ko main rakh leti hoon ??

  2. Janvi_prabhas

    Nice intro … do write more

  3. Hi I will read it for sure but pls dont give swa—lak scene too much ok raglak and ragsan are ok but it will not look good to see swa—lak scenes because they loved each other in past.

  4. Awesome I like it you are a good writer nice concept please continue.,……

  5. Sindhura


  6. Follybraverl

    Awesome next part soon lucky reaction??

  7. Awesome

  8. Jazzy

    superbbb ramu kaka amazinggg


  10. Awesome

  11. Amazing part nd can’t wait for next

  12. Amazing dear

  13. Awesome dear

  14. IQRA222

    angel di!! totally fab
    i am too excited for the story to start!!
    so do update soon
    take care
    keep smiling and writing
    lots of love

  15. Interesting

  16. Laashya

    Awesome episode

  17. Awesome superb amazing

  18. Awesome

  19. Awesome

  20. Elizabethlovely


  21. Superb di

  22. Awesome update

  23. Jiyani


  24. It’s interesting episode dear and thanks for Raglak story. Eagerly waiting for next episode and please post next part ASAP

  25. Superrrrrr

  26. Loved it

  27. Bela


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