RAGLAK SS: a horror love story promo

Hi guys I am back with another ff on raglak. It would be a horror love story and it will be a SS of 10-12 parts. Hope u guys support me.
We see a girl alone in her house sleeping and suddenly a voice comes from back she gets up with jerk and turns back there was nobody and she again sleeps and in her sleep she sees in front of her there was a mirror in it there was written I am back Ragini I will not leave u and ur fiancé I came back to take revenge from u it was written by blood and soon she gets up and was sweating badly she calls her fiancé and tells him to stay with her today laksh comes to her house and says Ragini what happened and Ragini tells him everything and says laksh please today stay with my room only I will sleep in bed and u can sleep in couch laksh agrees to it. They both sleep somebody starts coming towards them and says I am back now no one can save u both from me and starts laughing. Soon it was reveal that it is a ghost and vanishes after sometime.
Promo ends
Positive negative comments all are welcomed. Bye take care love u all. Not to forget I am swasanian. guys how was the promo shoot ur comments at me guys tell me if u want me to continue or not.

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  1. Megha123

    Another horror ff on raglak aww…..sooperb & interesting.

  2. Cntnu I love horror stories

  3. we want some horror

  4. Nice Plz continue.

  5. it seems so intresting dear !!! so u r talking about this ss or other ff dear

  6. carry on

  7. RKapoor

    it seems so intresting sriya !!! so u r talking about this ss or about another ff ??can u disscus it’s story line ??

    1. Sriya

      yes dear I was talking about this ss only yaar soon u will know actually a ghost wants to take revenge from ragini and laksh as he is engaged to her so the story is that how the ghost will try take revenge from raglak is its storyline. as the story proceeds there will be so many twists so u have to see whether the ghost will be able to take revenge from them or not and about why the ghost is taking revenge for there is a big reason u will soon get to know about so dear can we write this one together if u have no problem hope u understand i will tell the whole story to u personally and I am also register member so in my account i will tell u the whole story

      1. RKapoor

        yah sure why not !!! intresting story line dear contiue it i will be great pleasure to join u good luck and yah send me the whole story when u will get free time i will give u me suggestions regarding it bye take care luv u !!!

  8. Very nice

  9. Prateeksha

    O. M. G I don’t know why but all the raglakians are horror lovers. Anyways nice start. Waiting eagerly for next episode ☺

  10. Sindhuja

    Horror!!! Interesting!!

  11. Wow another horror story on raglak I’m so much excited.. Plz update the nxt part soon

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