RAGLAK SS : a horror love story episode 1

Hi guys I am back with the first episode of my ff. Hope u guys like it too. Thank u for ur encouraging comments.

Episode 1
Scene 1
We see a boy going back to his house by car. It was a lonely road no one was present there it was midnight so it was too much dark. The car was going and going suddenly something appears in his car mirror I am back I will kill u it was written by blood. The boy gets scared and he tries to put the brake to the car but the brake was not working. He reaches the edge of the forest he was going to fall from the edge but he jumps from the driver seat and the car falls down with a blast. He was sweating badly suddenly a ghost appears in front of him the ghost was in a white cloth blood was coming from his eyes his legs were not present his head was upside down. The boy immediately faints after seeing the ghost. The boy was laksh. After sometime the ghost disappears from there.

Scene 2
We see a girl reading a book she was alone in her house suddenly light goes off. The whole mansion becomes dark the girl lights the candles she starts reading the book suddenly she hears a sound from backwards she turns but to her surprise no one was present there once she turns in front she sees the ghost coming towards her the girl shouts please don’t come near me please oh god somebody help me where are everyone please somebody come and help me. The girl gets up from her sleep yes she was dreaming. She is sweating badly. She takes the jug beside her and drinks the water. The girl was Ragini.

Scene 3
Laksh gets up after sometime and founds himself alone in the road and thinks where did the ghost go I think this is was a dream and leaves from there. After he leaves the ghost appears and says I will not leave u soon u will be killed with my own hands and laughs.

Precap: – raglak to be scared by the ghost.

So guys how was the chappy let me know through your comments. Guys tell me whether it is scary or not. Bye love u all take care u know I was also scared while writing the description of the ghost I imagined it was too scary don’t whether tonight sleep peacefully please pray for my safety lol anyways thanks for reading and commenting.

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  1. nice next part soon

  2. Nice . Laksh entry was scary. Anyways try to be regular

  3. nice bit make it long

  4. Very nice dear

  5. Superb dr it was scary enough plz make it a lil’ more longer

  6. Prateeksha

    Nice start. Waiting eagerly for next episode ☺

  7. RKapoor

    Amazing dear superb u nailed it !!! keep it up lots of love from me

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