RAGLAK SS : a horror love story character sketch and promo 2

Hi guys I am here with the character sketch and with another promo of this ff. hope u guys like it too. Thank u for ur encouraging comments.
Character sketch: –
Laksh maheshwari: – fiancé of ragini engaged to her recently soon they will get married loves her a lot and cares for her. His mother died due to some disease and his father is a big business tycoon. Laksh also joined in his father company.
Durga Prasad maheshwari:- a famous business tycoon loves his son and wife a lot. He treats ragini like his own daughter.
Ragini gadodia: – a sweet cute bubbly girl a ghost is after her and laksh after knowing that laksh is engaged to ragini. She is very much scared of ghosts. Loves laksh and her father a lot. Her mother died at a small age.
Shekhar gadodia: – a caring supportive father of ragini loves her a lot.

Promo 2: –
We see laksh going in his car with full speed he tries to put brake but it doesn’t works. He keeps trying he reaches the edge of the mountain soon he is about to fall but he jumps from the driver seat and cars fall down with a blast. Laksh was sweating badly. Laksh calls to ragini and says whatever happened she also gets tensed u go to home safely. I will tell my driver to pick up u and dop in ur house and asks him to tell him where he is right now he says he is in the edge of the mountain okay I am sending my driver there. After sometime the driver reaches there with the car and he leaves from there in the car. A ghost comes there now u are saved laksh but how many times soon u are going to be killed and laughs and left from there.
Promo ends

So guys how was the promo soon I will post its first episode. Shoot ur comments at me positive negative all are welcomed. Bye love u all take care.

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    1. Sriya

      thank u sindhura di

  1. waiting for the next part,

    1. Sriya

      thank u lovely dear glad u liked it I read ur ffs I love all of them

  2. Amazing.. Poor laksh y is the ghost after him..

    1. Sriya

      thanks ruhani for the comment and ya poor laksh hehe

    1. Sriya

      thanks akshaya dear for the comment

  3. good
    carry on

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      thanks lisa dear for the comment

  4. Megha123

    Awsm promo just waiting for it to start

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      thanks megha123 for the comment

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  6. Prateeksha


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      thanks prateeksha di for the comment ur an amazing writer I love ur ff a lot

  7. Want to c wat tat ghost wants..gud one

    1. Sriya

      thanks for the comment S priya dear

  8. Akshata

    nice….. who is the ghost?

    1. Sriya

      thanks for the comment akshata dear and who is the ghost it is a supense

  9. Oh my parents r nt at home . Also Electresity problame. First i thout to nt read but when i readed the nt so scary. I know i am late but plz reply me.

    1. Sriya

      Dear thanks for the comment but it was scary or not

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