Hii guys sorry for not replying… so the next part is here..

It was morning … Ragini woke up with swollen eyes.. as cried all night…
She gone downstairs…. Everyone were ignoring her except sanskaar…
All men left for office…
Ap n uttra were making lunch… when Ragini went near them..
Ragini: maa.. uttra .. pls allow me to do some work…maa pls talk to me… maa pls
Ap: making faces: accha okk… uttra go n tell all the servants that from now you are given holidays… our ragini will do …
Uttra obeys…
Ragini done every household work and on the other hand uttra was creating some or the other problems… now it is the daily routine of MM every night a drama created by uttra … and blame goes on ragini…

A week later
A servant was crying… laksh seen her and moved towards her….
Laksh: what happened
Maid: chotte maalik… I need to tell you something..
Laksh: what…
Maid: chotte maalik.. everyday the drama occurs in this house… this is not made by ragini jii.. but by uttra … even the salt n sugar drama…. she herself burnt her hand…..
Laksh shocks…
Laksh fumes in anger…
Laksh goes downstairs…..
Laksh: maa.. .. Ragini… papa … uttra …. sanskaar… all come downstairs…
All came running…
Laksh: uttra what prove you have that ragini is hurting you.. .
Uttra: bhai.. voh.. voh..
Ap: lakshhhh….. you are doubting your sister….
Laksh: not doubting but blaming…
And he calls the maid…
The maid says all matter …
Ap: it is the trap of ragini… laksh… can’t you understand…. my uttu is not like this…
Laksh: maa … I am not talking to you…
Ap: lakshhh… have you lost your manners …its not my manners that I have given to you.. this is the manner in which ragini talks… she talks like a shameless … are you becoming that…
Laksh: not a word against my wife… and about manners teach your daughter not me n my wife…
Becuz of this uttra I tortured my wife…
Ap slaps him…
Ap: go … just go from my house… I don’t need to see your face…
Laksh: pack your bags ragini… we are leaving now… I want to make every one see that I am not scared of anyone … if i I am in the right side….
Every one shocks…

Precap: some emotional talks between raglak…

How’s the epi guys… guys.. I have two ideas for the story … can i end it with raglak’s golden night… or want more.. i can go both the ways..

Pls comment your views..

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  1. Akankshanna

    He doesn’t deserve Ragini… As firstly he slapped her due to the lack of the trust….. What if the made said opposite to him by adding some more……… Thn he again never trust him or may be he is the one by whom Ragini lost home………… Have to see what is the other episode……..
    I don’t say I don’t like it…. I just say…… What if truth never comes out at this time….. Then what will he do……… Is Ragini again trust him….. As he only want proof… Its really difficult for Rqgu to trust him that he will always with her……. As I said Wait for ur next episodes so that we can see now what drama played by Uttara….

  2. Sreevijayan

    Nice update dear….

  3. AMkideewani


    I’m hating Uttara, the whole family and Laksh except for Sanskar.

    Laksh doesn’t deserve Ragini, she deserves way more better than someone slapping her???

  4. I WANT MORE!! Pls!! Awsome episode

  5. Laksh is a wife beater.Its him whom should Ragini leave first.His wife was arguing with his mom so he thought its right to beat her?Wow!Its not obly matter of trust.Even if Ragini was falsely blaming Uttara then also Laksh or AP didn’t have any right to beat her coz Ragini was talking but didn’t raise her on anybody.Now Ragini should slap him & show his place.Then pack her bags & leave from this house alone not with him.He can live with his momma & sisso forever.Ragini should decide to move on

  6. TeitokUn1718

    Want More…

  7. awesome
    want more pls

  8. Akshitha

    It’s superb… I loved d way laksh supports ragini now..but I want ragini to ignore laksh for a few time…nokjhok of raglak…and try to add more beautiful moments btwn raglak..post d next update soon

  9. Lovely7

    More parts please
    Nice part


  11. Amazing dear, want more parts

  12. Amul


  13. IQRA222

    sanskriti it was wonderful episode
    and loved when lucky supported ragu
    but as i said i dont want her to forgive him soon
    and also do agree with akankshaana di and akshita di
    waiting for the next part
    take care
    keep smiling and writing
    lots of love

  14. Nice want more

  15. Asra

    superbbb dear

  16. Awesome

  17. Mintu

    Awesome dear..Give more parts with more raglak moments …

  18. Awesome update

  19. Amazing part nd can’t wait for next

  20. Awesome

  21. Dont end it so soon laksh should get punishment for beating her wife without knowing the reason and for treating her badly

  22. Elizabethlovely


  23. Laashya

    Wonderful story and I want more

  24. Loved it

  25. Awesome superb

  26. Simply superb di…pls write more

  27. Awesome

  28. Jiyani

    Awesome episode…Loved it

  29. Firstly I’m really sorry for this very late comment. My exams will starts in next week, that’s why I’m late. It’s outstanding episode dear and I really loved the way Laksh supporting Ragini. Eagerly waiting for more Raglak scenes. Please don’t end soon. This is my favorite story. Please write some more episodes. Love you dear

  30. R u on wattpad

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