Hii guys… thanks for your wonderful replies…. i am overwhelmed seeing the love n support of you all guys..
Lets begin..
It was the morning..
Laksh was sleeping in his room when he gets a sound of some kind of aarti…
Laksh: yrrr… who is singing this song… at 4:30 am…. but the voice is sweet… may be it would be mom…with radio…but the radio is not working properly since days … and where is ragini…
Laksh gets out of his bed… and go down stairs..
All family membz were already there… the one who was singing was non other than ragini ❤
Laksh smiles…
Ragini gives prasad to everyone one by one…

Sanskaar: bhabhi…. laksh never gets up early but today you are the star for me…
Ragini smiles…
Laksh: sweet voice ragini…. you are looking gorgeous…
Ragini shys: laksh ji prasad
Laksh: again jiiiiiiii…. go and dont dare to talk to me…
Everyone starts praising Ragini..but utttra gets jealous..
Uttra’s pov
Today only she came and dragged the attention towards her…. now no one is noticing me… even no one is looking at me… look ragini…. if today only … i didn’t bring tears in your eyes… my name is also not uttra..
..Pov ends…

Ap: ragini… today would be your first kitchen ritual… just think of what you will make and haa keep sugar and salt very low… your papa has bp n he is diabetic …. yaa take uttra’s help…
Ragini: jiimaa…
Ap smiles and leaves…
Sanskaar comes towards ragini..
Sanskaar: bhabhi … for now i am taking bhai to the office… we would be back by lunch…. pls make tasty tasty food and do some preparations for the night… i .. mean… if laksh didn’t eat enough food … he would be sleepless at night…
He leaves… ragini shys..
All gents leaves for the office..
At the kitchen
Uttra: bhabhi what should we prepare for luch
Ragini: kheer.. rice… malai kofta.. mix veg … chapatis.. pista icecream …
Uttra: it seems nice
Ragini : thanks…
With lots of hard work…ragini n uttra made the lunch…. when ragini’s eyes were not on uttra… she added a great amount of salt n sugar…
Howz the epi guys…. pls comment your valuables feedback…

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  1. Thanku for writing raglak ff bcoz the writer of raglak ff keep my raglak alive but some writer are missing plzz come back with a bang bcoz.we really enjoye reading raglak ff bcoz it give us raglak memory plzz all those raglak ff writer write more and those who left incomplete raglak or ragsan ff plzz comeback and plzz those who finished plz start new one bcoz all those writer is awesome and yaa some people say I write same thing but guys all raglak or ragsan ff writer is really hardworker so every ff is special and yaa all Temish fan who are inactive and raglak ff write who are inactive comeback in TU with bang and all fan become active and make teju as serial biggest hit of the year

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  23. Firstly I’m really sorry for very late comment, my exams will starts in next week so I’m busy in studying. It’s interesting episode dear and loved Raglak. Poor Ragini and what happened next??? Eagerly waiting for next episode and please post next part ASAP

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    sanskriti di it was a wonderful episode
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