Hiii my first raglak ss…. so pls support me….
A bride was seeting on the bed
Her pov
I didn’t wanted to get married at the age of 18… i have just passed my 12th and my family shifted me to my inlaws house… in the age of making my career…. i have married …. i wanted to be an IAS officer but my family didnt understood me… even my choice was not asked whether i wanna get married to this man or not …. i am interested in him or not … no means no… my little sis .. swara… tried enough to convince my parent but not was at success….
Pov ends

A man comes to ragini
Man: ragini
Ragini: laksh ji????
Laksh: ragini go and sleep ….
Ragini: but??
Laksh: ragini i need to take it slowly…. we dont know eachother much …. and in that condition we cant make any physical relation…. go and sleep i will sleep on sofa cum bed???
Ragini: ji laksh jii..
Laksh: dare you say me laksh jii again???? call me laksh … thats enough … no need of jii or any formal thing ….
Ragini: jii?
Laksh : again jii??

Ragini: accha sorry baba..
Laksh: sorry..?? huuhh
Ragini: accha achha …pls forgive me …
Laksh: no sorry n thanks…… so friends…
( laksh takes his hand ahead)
Ragini: yes?
( keepz her hand on his)..

The screen freezes on their hands….
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Guys …. i wanna give credit to CRAZYGIRLS.P…
without her support i wouldn’t be posting it
Thanks sista..

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      Thanks… ooops… sorry

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  4. first time it’s awesome but promise me u will regular just loved it
    Thanku for writing raglak ff bcoz the writer of raglak ff keep my raglak alive but some writer are missing plzz come back with a bang bcoz.we really enjoye reading raglak ff bcoz it give us raglak memory plzz all those raglak ff writer write more and those who left incomplete raglak or ragsan ff plzz comeback and plzz those who finished plz start new one bcoz all those writer is awesome and yaa some people say I write same thing but guys all raglak or ragsan ff writer is really hardworker so every ff is special and yaa all Temish fan who are inactive and raglak ff write who are inactive comeback in TU with bang and all fan become active and make teju as serial biggest hit of the year


      Thanks…. dear would day tat i will not disapper but i will post 1 epi in 2 days….you know swaragini tu n wattpad lost it charm…

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  17. It’s interesting episode dear and loved Raglak scenes. Eagerly waiting for next episode and please post next part ASAP. Thanks a lot for Raglak story


      Tysm ….. i will post it asap

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