Raglak – you are my soul ladoo

This one is for you astra akka

This one is for you astra akka. Happy Birthday to u.πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚

A couple is sleeping in each other embrace. They have a smile in their face. A bright sunlight falls on a face which is disturb their sleep. The girl looks at a man. And he looks at her. They have a eyelock.

Boy- good morning ladoo
Girl- good morning lucky
Yes u all guessed it right. Its our RAGLAK

Ragini is trying to move from the bed. But our laksh didn’t leave her so easily. He tightened his grip on her waist

Ragini – what is this laksh? I want to get ready for pooja
Laksh – this is not fair ladoo. Yesterday only our marriage happen. Now you are trying to leave me so soon. He made faces.
Ragini closed his mouth don’t speak like that laksh. Im always beside you.
Laksh remove her finger from his mouth and said – don’t be emotional ladoo. I just kidding u.
But ragini show fake anger and made faces. Laksh seeing her antics he is admiring her. Ragini sits in the bed but laksh is only seeing her. Then he too sit in the bed and says

Laksh – aww mera bacha is angry with me??
Ragini – only nod her heads
Laksh – so what can i do for it?
Ragini – u deserve punishment?
Laksh – what can i do?
Ragini – do 100 situps
Laksh – omg..its not fair ya.. Why don’t we go for 100 kisses.. Laksh said in a wink
Ragini eyes open wide. Laksh is laughing seeing her expressions and before ragini could react. He kissed her cheek. Ragini is hitting him with the pillow. Finally after the pillow fight. They laughed and hugged each other.

Ragini – laksh i want to be with u forever don’t say u leave me. We both get united after long struggle.
Laksh – don’t get emotional ladoo. Im always be with you. Whatever the situation is and he kissed her forehead.

They smile looking at eachother.

Raglak is just married. They did love marriage. Raglak are fell in love in with each other in their college days. There are many dramas happen before their marriage. They cross many struggles to get each other. Finally they convince their parents and they got married with their parents blessings. Now they are happily married and start their journey.

After 1 year,

In this one year, Raglak marriage journey goes with love and fighting with each other for some silly things. More than love their day ended with arguments. Their love for other is true but they have some ego clashes. They are trying to show other they are the best. Both are complaining about each other.

One fine day, laksh and ragini is arguing with each other. Their fight goes very seriously. Ragini thrown things in her room being frustrated laksh can’t able to control his anger. He gives heavy blow to her. Yes he slapped her. Ragini eyes are filled with tears. Nowadays fighting is common between them. But its the first time laksh slapped ragini. Laksh leave the room angrily. Ragini falls on floor and cried bitterly.

At night,

Laksh returned at night. When he entered the room he saw ragini is sleeping. He slowly reach her side and see her. He feels very bad for his action. His finger impression is clearly shown in her face. Laksh wants to touch her cheek. He move his hand to touch ragini. Before he touch her, he back off his hand. Then he too lay beside her and slept.

Slowly days are passed. But raglak are not talking with each other. They are missing each other very badly. But their ego can’t let them talk with others.

Laksh pov :

I know i did wrong by slapping you. But i can’t control my anger When you are arguing with me. Please ragu talk with me once.I will ask sorry to you for my behavior. I miss you badly ladoo. I can’t control myself when you are beside me. I want you to buried ur head in my chest. But something is stopping me ragu. I Want to hug you and console you.

Ragini pov :

What? I cant believe it. First i have shocked My laksh slapped me?. But later i didn’t felt bad because You have all rights with me laksh. Im feeling for MY lucky is didn’t talking with me after seeing my cry. He can’t came to console me. Im missing you lucky. Im missing your embrace. Im missing your crazy talks. Im missing our silly fights. Please talk with me laksh.

Raglak are missing each other very badly. But they didn’t show to others. Days are passing. Raglak can’t able to accept to digest it they’re avoiding eachother. Sometimes ragini do something and try to get attention from laksh and laksh do the same. But they both are adamant they expect others to talk with him first. After that incident 1month passed. Their family didn’t know about the issues. They always clear about they didn’t let others know about their fight.

One day, ragini is doing some household chores she feels dizzy. Laksh sitting in the sofa he is watching her. Then she managed to walk. Laksh noticed that ragini is not well. Ragini is going to fell down before that laksh caught her. Laksh trying to wake up her. But there is no reaction from ragini side. He lift her and take her to their room. Ap call doctor, doctor is checking her health. Ap said outside their room, nowadays ragini is not having food properly she always seems upset she is not at all happy. When i ask her about this but she said there is nothing. After hearing from ap, laksh felt bad because of his behaviour. He feels guilty. He is scared to see his life in this in this condition.

Doctor came after checking her. Laksh runned to her and ask so many questions. He didn’t allow her to speak.

Laksh – why are you not speaking doctor? Answer me please

Doctor – now only you allow me to speak laksh.

Laksh – sorry doctor.

Doctor – its ok . Calm down. Your wife is perfectly alright laksh.

Ap – then why she fainted?

Doctor – congrats. She is pregnant.

Laksh – wh… Wh..wha..what? Are. you. saying. truth ? Laksh stammering. He is out of the world.

Doctor – yes. Your are going to became father.

Laksh – thank you so much doctor.

Ap hugged laksh congratulate him and he rushed to their room. Both ap and laksh entered the room. Ragini is sitting in the bed. Laksh runned to her and take ragini in bone crusing hug. Ap neared them she hugs ragini and kissed in her forehead. After ap leaves, Raglak are only present in the room. Laksh slowly come to her sit beside her with wide smile and he kissed her cheeks, eyes and face fully then again he takes ragini in hug but ragini didn’t respond to him. He notice it he freed from hug. Ragini is not facing laksh she bent her head down so laksh cant see her face. Laksh raised her chin he made her look at him.

After seeing ragini reaction laksh is confused. She has tears in her eyes. Laksh doesn’t know why she is crying. she have tears in her eyes. Laksh scared to see his love in this situation. Because she must be happy in this condition.

Laksh – what happened ladoo? Why are you crying? Asked in concern.

Ragini – did u remember me laksh? Said with chocked in her voice.

Laksh understand her condition and says – sorry ragu. I know i did wrong by slapping you. I want to say this sorry to you so many times. But now im saying sorry to you. But i felt bad because of my behavior towards you.

Ragini – laksh frankly speaking i didn’t get angry when you slapped me. I get hurt when you are not talking me. Im hurt because my laksh is not beside my side( crying) . I missed my lucky when you not face me. I missed your crazy talks. I missed your embrace. I missed your hug. I missed your kiss. I missed your prank. I missed my naughty laksh. I missed the one who is always stand with me whatever the situation is. She completly broke down in his arms.

Laksh melt with her love for his. He know she to miss him. But he didn’t know she broke down completely. He hug her and try to calm her. Then he made her look into his eyes.

Laksh – i know ragini. I did wrong by avoiding you. I don’t know what is stopped me ragu. Maybe i think that’s man ego. When we are in college days We used to fight with each other. But it didn’t take upto 1 day. When we married to each other We are trying to win others by our ego. I didn’t know that fact we are in this situation. We both love eachother truely, deeply now and forever.

Ragini – i accept the truth laksh. Your point is correct. Yeah we love eachother truely we both made mistakes by giving priority to our ego. When we are lovers we cross all the hurdles likewise we do in our future. But the same time i can’t forgive you so easily laksh. Im going to punish me also.

Ragini said to laksh when she looks straight into his eyes. Laksh know he deserves the punishment from his love, life.

Laksh – tell me Ragini. What can i do for my love?

Ragini – stay away from me for another one month.

Laksh is shocked and shouted – what?

Ragini – yeah in this one month we are going to understand our pain. So we don’t do this mistake in our future na. Ragini said in serious tone.

Laksh said with pout- its not fair ladoo. I can’t control myself in this one month. But your are giving me another one month? Its going to hell.

Ragini – we both must do it.

Laksh – i can’t assure you. But i will try to convince you. I will make you talk with me.

Ragini – so your challenging me?

Laksh – yes ofcourse with proud grin.

Laksh is pampering ragini. He try to make ragini talk with him. Laksh not allowed ragini to walk in stairs. He used to carry her. Ragini always make stubborn to do this. But laksh is laksh na.

At night,

Ragini in simple saree. She is removing her bangles. Laksh is watching ragini by mirror. Ragini know about laksh his concentration is only on her. She smiled by herself. Laksh saw her waist. He mesmerized by her beauty. Laksh moved to ragini she feels tensed his hot breath touching her shoulder which make her restless. Laksh made her to turn to him. Laksh touched ragini waist. She gasped laksh make her more close to him. Their chest are touching with eachother.

Laksh cupped ragini cheeks. He kisses her cheeks which made her blush. He kissed her forehead. Ragini forget everything in his touch. Laksh saw ragini eyes which is closed laksh take this is an approval he smashed his lips on her lips ragini clutched laksh shirt tightly in her fist. Laksh show all his love in this kiss it shows how they missed eachother in those days. Ragini is melted by his love. They parted from others when dont find breathe for them. Raglak are panting. Laksh touched her cheeks and kissed in her eyes. Laksh every touch made her numb. Laksh one hand in her waist other in her cheeks laksh pressed ragini waist which made her moan. It makes laksh crazy he kissed her neck ragini is clutching his hair in her fist.

Suddenly ragini remembered something. she pushed laksh and try to go before that laksh caught ragini saree he pinned her towards him she dashed with his chest. Her back is touching his front. His finger is placed on her stomach. Ragini heartbeat raised with his action. His hot breath touching her earlobe. She is blushing her face became red as tomato. He whispered near her ear.

Laksh – when your blushing i can’t control myself ragu He kissed her earlobe. I love u ladoo. Ragini pushed him and she lay on the bed. Laksh understand her that she feels shy he smiled and lay beside her.

Laksh went near ragini she saw her eyes which is closed. Laksh whispers in her ears i know ragini your are acting.

When laksh whispered in her ears she open her eyes with wide. Laksh see this and he smirked. He made her to face him. They both are drenched into deep eyelock.

Laksh saw his love very close after one month he is really happy. He adjusted her hair which is fallen on her face.

Laksh – did u know ragini after one month we are so close to each other.

Ragini is smiling

Laksh moved to her stomach. And whispers near hello angel im ur papa. I want to see you please come to this world soon. Actually i want to say you thank you because of your arrival is made we both realize our mistakes. We don’t do this mistake in our life time. Actually i felt bad, when i slapped your maa i hate myself for this. His voice is breaking.

Ragini looks on.

But past is past na. I love your mother more than you don’t be angry doll. Because she is my Everything she is my soul. I can’t live without her You changed our life doll. Love u. Laksh kissed on her stomach. Ragini clutched his hair. Laksh see her and moved near her. So you won’t talk with me now also. She nod negatively.

He said ok and kissed her cheeks, eyes and all over her face. Ragini moan his name. Laksh smirked because he want this. Laksh face her.

Laksh said – so i won the challenge.

Ragini raises her eyebrows indicating what?

Laksh – you said my name from your mouth. He smiled sheepingly.

Ragini made faces and she hit with him by pillow. He try to stop her. But ragini didn’t stop. She said you idiot, stupid, i won’t leave you. Finally laksh graped pillow from her and hug her. And caressing her stomach.

Ragini – did you know laksh. I just doing this for teasing you. Ragini smiled with cute expressions.

Laksh – yeah i know ladoo. That’s y i testing your patience.

Ragini smiled.

Ragini – we don’t let again this thing happen laksh.

Laksh – sure ragu.

Raglak – love u ladoo / lucky at same time

After 8 month,

Ragini give birth to small cute angel. More than ragini laksh shouted to see her in pain. Its difficult to control him. So doctor send laksh out of the operation theatre.

Ragini smiled seeing his love for her.

Laksh carrying their doll in his hand and hugging ragini. Ragini is caressing their baby head. Their smiling face is freezed.

**************THE END *************

This is my first story and its for you my jaan. If u people find its boring im sorry for wasting ur time.
Always my sisters ask me to write something. Now only i got time to write something on OUR RAGLAK 😍😍😍😍😍 thnq for ur words my dear darshu, hari, astra akka , yashu, dharu. Love u all 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Take care dearss😊😊😊😊


  1. nikky

    plzzz raglak ff writer write more bcoz now days very less plzz guys write I know I am saying saying same thing but really wish to more raglak ff bcoz we miss raglak so much but only u people believe is to imagine raglak in ff plzz write more those who stop in middle plzz continue and ended plzz start new and thanks to all those who give there precious time plzz write and yaa (all plzz watch pehredar piya ki in Sony tv and yaa plz.request Shashi Sumeet to cast Namish opposite tejasswi as lead by trending and tagging in Instagram’s it’s a request ) possible in raglak track plzz ff writer write more ff

    • Mintu



      Thnq so much nikky..yes I accept ur point raglak stories are less nowadays.. If I get some time i will try to write it dear..!! Yeah our Teju news show is amazing..she is rocking..!!

  2. Fenil


    |Registered Member

    Awww…such a lovely os.

    Lovely gift u got Dear Astra on your birthday by Dear Mintu.

    RagLak was such Ziddddddiiiii ,they waste so much time in their ego.As some big person said Baby will always became bridge between their parents.Nd you used this nicely.

    Marvellously written.
    Loved it to the core.

    Just hope bashing stops someday.Swaragini page is totally spoilt.

    • Mintu



      Woww.. Thnq bro for ur lovely words..
      U described my point correctly…
      Ur comment made by day..
      choo sweet..😊
      yeah I agree with u hope this basing will be stop on some day..Take care dear

  3. Darshini


    |Registered Member

    Oh my god sissy..,it’s super duper amazing OS da..!!
    I loved the way you portrayed it..
    Everything is there in this stry..love,naughtiness,cute fights and their BIG EGO ..!!
    Finally their lil princess united them..!thnks to u..!!
    And i laughed whn laksh whispers in her ear as “I knw u r acting..!”whn she pretends sleeping..!!haha Cho cute..!!
    U rocked in ur first stry itself..!!vazhthukal da thangame nd I must say u nailed it..!!
    Luv u a lot😍😍😍😘😘😘..!!
    Ummaaahhh darls..!!

    • Mintu



      Thnq so much sisy..
      U know na im facing some worst situation but ur words made me strong 😘😘
      I have no words to say expect thanks for encouraging me.. 😍
      haha did u njoy that scene??πŸ˜‚ I too love that scene dear…
      Na ungaluku kuruvi muttai vangi tharn πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ love u lotss da thangame 😍😍 ummahhhhh 😘😘😘

  4. Astra


    |Registered Member

    awesome os mintu dear.. i thought there would be extension for it.πŸ˜‚ love u a lot dear.. it’s a sweet gift..😘❀

    • Mintu



      Thnq so much akka..if I could extend more it will be boring dearπŸ˜‚ wow.. U liked my gift 😍😍 I’m jumping like mad πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ love u lotss jaan πŸ˜˜πŸ’–

  5. IQRA222


    |Registered Member

    god mintu di i cannot belive that it is your 1st os
    you wrote soo well !!! you are a brilliabt writer
    this os was totally mind blowing, wondeful awesome and what not
    raglak scene were so cute and sweet
    loved them all to the core!!!
    and now as you have wrote this mind bolwing os as your first one
    i am expecting a lot more precious os’s by you
    so do write something soon
    take care
    keep smiling and writing
    love you!!

    • Mintu



      Omg..thnq for ur lovely words iqu..!!
      Ur comment made my day dear..
      ur each and every word means alot dear..
      Aww..cho sweet..!! 😍
      If I get sometime I will surely write it on future..
      Love u iqu 😍
      take care dear πŸ˜‡

  6. Asra


    |Registered Member

    vibha dear solave illa…nenga os ealuthurenga nu…semmmma dear…first attempt laya therika vidudenga….raglak join aanathuku aprm ulla scenes than semma….loved it alot dear…u rock it dear…love u dear…tkcr dear…

    • Mintu



      Aww..thnq so much asra.. Na idhu plan panala dear..takunu nu decide panadhu dhn da..ungata irundhu indha mari words kaeka romba happy ah iruku da…!!!😊😍 love u lotss da.. Take care dear

  7. Ammu

    It’s outstanding story dear and loved it a lot,Totally mind blowing story and you just nailed it. Truly You are an amazing writer dear. I can’t believe that this is your first story but I know it’s your first story because from beginning to till now I don’t missed any Raglak stories in TU and you also said. If possible, Please write more Raglak stories dear because nowadays Raglak stories are decreasing. Love you and take care

    • Mintu



      Wowww..thnq for ur lovely words dear.. I’m overwhelmed with ur comment..!!
      I don’t know i deserve ur words or not but ur comment means lot to me ammuπŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡
      Yeah im agree with u dear..raglak stories are decreased.. Me too crazy fan of RAGLAK 😍😍 if I get sometime I will write another story dear..love u too ammu 😍 take care dear

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