RagLak Few Shots by Ria: Bawara Mann – Shot 2

RagLak Few Shots: Bawara Mann – Shot 2

I, I’m super late again. I just feel disappointed at times for making you all wait for so long everytime but my college has been a little too burdening this year. Anyway, not briefing out how much it sucks.

Link to Shot 1:
shot 1

Here we go . . .

Expectantly, I opened the door and there he was. The Greek God. Lakshya Maheshwari. The black shirt clung tightly to his body and little droplets of water trailed down his black dishevelled hair. The desire to tousle his hair surged through me and instantly, my hand rose up. If I had the slightest clue of my actions, I would have stepped back, but before I could contemplate, I tousled his hair and taking the towel from his hand, I smiled and muttered a ‘Thank You’. An attractive smirk outlined his lips and running his hand through his hair, he walked back to his room.

My cheeks felt warmer than before. I had no idea of what I had been getting affected from, but whatever it was, I was not neglecting it. I wanted to react to it. To feel it. Closing the door, I dried my hair and looked around for my luggage. I, at any cost, did not want to catch a cold in these wet clothes, but probably, God had planned otherwise. I, being the foolish one I was, HAD FORGOTTEN MY LUGGAGE.

Oh, how foolish could you be Ragini Gado.. Ahuh, Maheshwari? Inhaling a deep breath, I rummaged through the cupboards expectantly for a bathrobe to spend the night in, but seemingly my fate had been planned exceptionally. I did not want to spend the night in this wet saree. There were two reasons; I did not want to catch a cold, but more importantly, I had noticed how Mr. Maheshwari’s eyes wandered all over me. Although I had been doing the same, and it did not feel wrong under his gaze, yet I wanted to change. I wanted to change into something warm. Warm . . . How would it be lying on soft silk sheets under . . .

The door squeaked open and I was immediately brought out of my reverie. What had I been thinking? There stood the Greek God, shirtless. Again? And instantly my eyes wandered all over him. Again. His toned and perfectly built chest. After tousling his hair, I wanted to run my hands over his chest. Oh My Dear Lord, what have I put myself into? Couldn’t you be a little considerate before gifting me with this Greek God. Even if it meant for a deal.

A deal to destroy my sister’s life. Her anticipation of a surreal married with her beloved. I won’t let him to do so, no matter what I have to go through. Resolutely, I shook my head trying to get rid of the swarming thoughts, but seemingly, I was occupied in the thoughts, as if, bringing them to action. Parting my lips, I mumbled a few words, unexpectedly.
“I don’t have clothes. Can you lend me something of yours?”

My eyes widened instantly and I repeated the words in my mind. Had I actually uttered those words? Oh My Dear Lord, please. Why are you doing this to me? I shook my head again and looked at him confidently. His eyes raked through me. This man was . . Unpredictable. One moment, he claimed Swara to be his love and the next, he was ogling at me. The former troubled me while the latter sent a wave of pleasure through me and the muscles in the pit of my stomach clenched at the thought. What had I been going through?

“Lakshya . .”
“Since you’ve forgotten your luggage, you can use this shirt of mine for the night. I’ll ask Ramu Kaka to bring your luggage tomorrow early morning, as soon as the rain stops.”

I stretched out my hand and held the shirt in my hand. It was a white shirt. I hung it loosely in the air and asked, “You expect me to spend the night in this? For God’s sake, it is a FREAKING SHIRT. JUST A SHIRT. DOU YOU UNDERSTAND? Give me trousers or pants as well.”

He shrugged and walked towards the door. What is he doing? I can’t wear this shirt. Only.
“I had put my clothes in laundry, and had not been expecting such a heavy downpour, so they got wet. This was all I had in my cupboard – dry. I remembered you did not have clothes, so I brought you this. If you want, you can wear it or else, give it back to me.”

And with that, he shut the door and walked back to his room. Could things have been worse? A beast, yet a GREEK GOD!


She was a plethora of beauty. Her clothes clung to her body outlining her perfect figure. The raindrops slowly trailed down her fair, white skin and I immediately wanted to touch her; Experience what it felt like. Letting her hair loose, she spun around in the rain and it perfectly cascaded down till her waist. If it hadn’t been for the rain, I would have never realised how beautiful she is.

It might seem I was attracted by the rain but I wasn’t. It was Ragini who attracted me. The enigma in her. Everything about her was known, yet unknown. She was Swara’s sister, foolish and . . . BEAUTIFUL! It was not even a day and I was attracted to her, irresistibly. The way my name rolled out of her mouth perfectly left me spellbound. No one has ever spelt my name so correctly and beautifully. In fact, as much as I hated my name, I loved it now.

The knock on the door brought me out of my reverie. Things had been messing up and it was not even a day. This was a deal and nothing else. I was using her. Simply, using Ragini Gadodia. But how would she look in that shirt of mine. The desire to smell my aura clouding all over her had been pulsating through me, and I could not help but imagine. Imagine how beautiful she would . . .

I shook my head at the second knock. I could not help but think of her. Think of how angelic she was. Think of how innocent she was. Slowly, I stepped towards the door while my mind was swarmed by RAGINI GADODIA’S thoughts. In a white . . Saree, Maasi stood at the door and softly said, “Beta, the food is ready. Shall I serve it?”
“Maasi, you can rest. We would serve ourselves. Just let Ragini know too.”
She nodded her head happily and patting my cheek gently, made her way towards Ragini’s room. Instantly, I stalked out of the room and glanced at the figure that stood at the door. She was BREATH-TAKING!

Pulling out the chair for myself, I settled down on the chair. She slowly stepped towards the table while I pushed the chair opposite to mine asking her to sit. The shirt fit her exactly, probably just a little longer, outlining her curves in the most perfect way. Her toffee brown eyes looked at me blankly beholding me under a magic spell. Staring deeply into her eyes, I felt a whirlwind of emotions surge through me.

Unwarily pushing the chair, I stood up and walked towards her. A hint of cluelessness clouded over her eyes and she stepped back slowly. I mentally smiled at her innocence and continued walking towards her calmly. As her back hit against the wall, I gently strode towards her and placed my hands on either sides of her, on the wall. She clenched the hem of her shirt tightly and pressed her eyes shut. Smiling, I moved towards her, decreasing the mere distance between US.


The house felt emptier. Ever since we had relocated to Mumbai, we had been together struggling or celebrating in every moment of our life, and today, I was not informed about my sister’s wedding. Why? Had she thought that I would break her marriage? I already had enough for myself, I even had the person whom I could claim to be mine, and I did not wish for more. I wanted her to find the man in whom her happiness would subside, but she had chosen conceal it. Was I not the sister she could have faith in?

I wiped the tears from my cheeks. I had been . . . Suddenly, the helplessness in Ragini’s eyes swarmed my mind, and I immediately knew she was HELPLESS. She had not married the man on her own choice. She was . . . Forced to? Immediately, I sprung up from the bed and walked towards the table. I had to sort everything with Ragini. I could not leave her alone. At least, not now, when I know she has messed up with her life.

My eyes fell upon a white piece of paper, neatly folded with “Read Me” written over it. Unfolding the paper, I realised it was a letter. A letter from Ragini. She, after all, had trusted ME.


Dear Shona,

By now, you must’ve known that I had hidden my marriage specifications from you, but trust me, that’s all I could have done. I did not want to, but knowing you, I knew you would jump in to help me. To help me conclude everything that is happening. And find out why your ‘Ragu’ is so helpless. I do not want that to happen. I want to do something for you, all alone. Not because I don’t trust you, but because I have to repay. When all this is done, tab kabhi fursat se, I will tell you everything. Do not worry about me; I would fight through it and come back to you.

Yours dearly,


I was not expecting Ragini to tell anything, but she had not provided me the slightest hint of what she had been intending to do. Why did she have to marry Lakshya SUDDENLY? I did not want her stuck amidst all problems, but alas, I was unaware. Unaware of anything that could happen. Unaware of anything that has had happened. But I could not sit unworried. And relaxed. I would have to find out what my Ragini has to go through. Under any circumstance, she was not telling me, but I HAD to know. There could be only one thing I could do to know about her intentions. I needed to meet her. SOON.


His intimidating figure proceeded closer decreasing the distance between us. His aura clouded all over me and I pressed my eyes close anticipating the fluttering breath of mine. As his aura consumed me, it felt as if our souls blended together. Parting my eyes slowly, I found him staring at me. A deep stare. I looked back into those black eyes of his, matching the colour of his hair. If I were to nominate someone for the most handsome man, I would have nominated him. Lakshya Maheshwari.

His lips touched my lower lip slowly compelling me to give into his touch, but my mission flashed through my mind and I pressed my lips tighter. I was NOT letting this Greek God seduce me. It was not as if I did not want, but I had no option. I had to save my Shona’s life and entangling with this man would only be troublesome, leading us to absolutely nowhere except amidst confusions and problems. I shook my head at the swarming thoughts and looked up at the man before me. His now confused face looked handsome than ever and seeing how irresistible it was going to be for me, I gave into my temptation. The temptation of kissing his full, kissable lips.

As my lips touched his, I felt a fire igniting between us. The fire of passion. The fire of temptation and attraction. Had it been a while ago, I would have not believed that this Greek God was attracted towards me much the same way I was, but now it was proved. Lakshya Maheshwari, the Greek God was attracted to me. To Ragini Gadodia. The muscles in the pit of my stomach clenched at the thought and the . . . Kiss. I could not comprehend the sudden actions my body was undergoing, but whatever they were, it sent a wave of pleasure pulsate through me.

The kiss was broken haphazardly by ME as I hugged Lakshya Maheshwari tightly at the sound of thunder struck. The rain splattered harshly against the windows inviting me to get wet again, yet at the same time, I was scared of the lightning. Letting go of my fears, I pulled apart from Lakshya Maheshwari and without looking at him, I made my way towards the patio. Stretching my hand outward, I let the drops splatter against my skin. The feel of raindrops splashing against your skin is unbelievably pleasant. I lifted my leg to step out and immediately stepped back at one remark of his. Of Lakshya Maheshwari.

“Ragini, remember I don’t have clothes to spare anymore, and consequently you would have absolutely nothing to wear. But in that case, we could conclude our attraction for the evening even more pleasantly.”

My cheeks burnt crimson and I immediately wanted to run away. Run away from this man whom I was irresistibly attracted to. Even if I tried, I could not fathom upon my thoughts and actions. Involuntarily, I gave in to his touch and remarks. Facing him, I tried to look normal, when the lights dimmed and there was an outage because of the heavy downpour. Instantly, I screamed for him, fearing the loneliness in the dark. I had always been scared of dark, especially on a rainy evening. It brought me all those horrifying thoughts of the day Maa was thrown out of the house. I screamed for him again when a barely audible whisper reached my ears.


His lips touched my ear and with a swift kiss, he drew back. I outstretched my hands in an attempt to reach out to him but failed miserably. Unless I spoke his name, I knew he would not submit himself. Defeated, in an audible whisper, I said, “Lakshya.”

Immediately, my face was lit up and I saw him standing in front of me holding a candle. The flame burnt fiercely in front of our faces but all I could see was his dishevelled hair falling slightly on his forehead, his perfectly matched black-shaded eyes and his full, luscious and kissable lips.

We moved closer to each other and in a swift drift, entangled ourselves in a . . . Pleasant KISS. My hands circled around his neck and his hands encircled my waist, pulled me closer mingling with my soul. Unable to hold on to our irresistible attraction, we let the candle fall from our hands, and kissed each other mightily. Once we pulled back and looked at each other, Lakshya picked me up, bridal style, and looking at each other, we walked inside the room he claimed to be mine and escaped into another world. A world of fantasy. Of the irresistible attraction between us.


That’s all for Shot 2.
I don’t know what’s happening! What is it? What is Swara thinking? What are RagLak upto? Is it messed up? Oops, let’s see what all is stacked for them!

And just to let you guys know; My long-lost FF had been updated in the meanwhile. For anyone who had missed out can check it out now:


And now that Shot 2 (Yippee!) is done; Scroll down and comment phataphat se. Quickr than ever on Telly Updates and not on Quickr. ?

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  1. Hey Riaa Di. This shot was ??. The s*xual tension between Raglak is infinity. I was waiting since long time for you to upload this shot. But now l know this shot was worth the wait. I am loving this baawra Mann season. I think raglak are forgetting their main objects and are becoming extremely naughty?? this naughtiness caught me off guard. I never expected it to drift this fast. But Raglak are definitely not at fault. When someone so hot and captivating is before you, you surely cannot control yourself. Please tell Ragini to control herself and focus on her objective. Or else her and Swara’s life is definitely going to be messed up. Devil LAKSHYA. Even I don’t know what Swara is thinking. ? This Baawra raglak are definitely muddling the things. Eager to see their reaction when they wake up after this heavenly night. Post soon. Will be waiting.

    Sorry for posting this ludicrous comment and wasting your time. But this superb shot forced me to post this botched up comment. And thank you for writing this series of shots for raglak. A crazy raglak fan here.?

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      Arey baba, Ria loves the length of your comments. Not to worry. ?

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      1. Oh my god. I’m honoured to know that at least someone waits for a dumbhead like me to comment. And not to forget that someone is an awesome writer. ??Secrets ha!!! I love secrets. And will be waiting for another awesome shot.

        Aye, hopefully the length of my comments will be increasing with every shot. But, sorry to say, you have to bear with the messed up and weird comments of mine.

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  2. Fats

    Oh my gosh! This was an amazing update. The steaminess between RagLak escalated very quickly and I absolutely loved that. The fact the two of them are well aware of their attraction and have no form of control over their hormones was hot. Everything was smoking hot ?. And eeeks I loved how Laksh was so direct about taking his attraction to the next level. He is full on attracted to Ragini and she is also no less ?. This is really going to make their deal a lot more fun and interesting. Can’t wait to read the next part ?

    1. Riaa

      Thank you so much Fats! Your comments just make my day. ?
      Theirs no question of CONTROL. It’s all about the irresistible attraction and the deal. Let’s look forward to it, aye? ?

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      Arey, ye dono jo karne aaye the uske alava sab karenge. ? Wait and Watch!
      Lakshya is so hot because Ragini (and Ria) think he is and consequently, the author writes so. ?
      Aha, Thank you Bela! x
      Hehe, love myself too!? And love to you too! ?

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    what is the meaning of the title bawara mann???? I loved it…I only hope Ragini will succeed in her mission…I liked L thinking that it is very easy to cheat Ragini as she is very innocent….I loved swaragini bond too….L’s tots on seeing R drenching in the rain….and the final scene…simply superb…

    1. Riaa

      The word ‘Bawara’ means Crazy! ?
      Hopefully, things would be thought to done in much the similar way as expected, but let’s keep no expectations. If might end up at: Expect the Unexpected. ?

      Thank you Aasthu! x
      P.S.: Oh, I’m a Shrenu fan too! ?

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