RagLak Few Shots by Ria: Bawara Mann – Prologue

RAGLAK FEW SHOTS: Bawara Mann – Prologue

Hey Guys, this is Ria back with a few shots! For anyone (taking into consideration, most of you all must’ve forgotten it) waiting for Is Everything Really so Perfect as it Seems to be?, I’m a little messed up with it. I shall be continuing it as soon as I get a hold of it. Till then, enjoy the prologue of this.


“I want you to marry me,” he said and as if decided beforehand, I agreed to him. Without a second thought, without contemplating, I agreed to marry him. A contract marriage, by which he’d ruin my sister, my Shona’s life. Certainly, it was decided. I couldn’t risk my Shona’s life. I loved her dearly and she was my only support. Being brought up by my father, I’d always loved him. He was my only guardian after all, besides Dadi. But everything shattered that night when I and Shona came to know about our parents. Shona was my sister, yet she was an orphan half her life. Neither Baba nor Dadi could tolerate Maa when she gave birth to another daughter and consequently, they killed Maa and abandoned Shona.

It was only because of our company’s extended support to the orphanage that I’d come across Shona. Although alone, she looked beautiful and her eyes always glistened with joy. I’d become friends with her only because she remained happy in spite of the struggles she’d to fight against. If it hadn’t been for her, I would’ve never realised how lucky I was. Upon continuous requests, Baba had finally decided to adopt Shona. When Shona came to our house, she absent-mindedly walked towards Maa’s picture. Unwary of anything, I’d always distracted her and it continued happening unless we started growing up, and her face slowly reformed and moulded into one similar to Maa’s. It was only then that we’d realised we’d some connection. Filial or unfilial. We were determined to find out the truth and when we did, it shattered us inside-out. We left the house amidst the darkness of the night and escaped to Mumbai, the city of dreams.

Working together, we built up our small NGO sheltering the homeless and needy people. The NGO, SwaRagini Dreams foundation had aroused a hope in us. Swara met Sanskaar, her soon to-be-husband when we tried expanding this foundation. Slowly, Swara had learnt to believe and confide in others, but I’d lost my faith. I couldn’t stand men after all that Mr. Gadodia did. Thinking about him, I’d always thought how lonely Swara could’ve been in her life if that day we hadn’t met.

“You’ve to. You don’t have a choice,” he said bringing me out of my reverie. I wasn’t, for the slightest of minute, backing off. I wouldn’t let this man do anything to my Shona. Wiping the tears with the back of my palm, I said, “When would we get married?”

I could see his calm and firm composure changing into a surprised one, but he quickly composed himself and said, “It isn’t a typical marriage. I just need you to make your sister realise what mistake she has done.” I nodded my head. If he thinks that I’d help him out rather than my very own sister, I’m sorry, my dear, but I won’t. I Can’t.

Explaining me the details of the contract, he let me contemplate on it. Although, there was nothing to be thought of, I took my own time and enacted to think. After all, I didn’t want him to figure out my plans. I won’t let him spoil my sister’s life and that was decided. “Deal. We shall meet in the registry office tomorrow,” I said before pushing the chair back. Glancing at him for one last time, I walked back towards the parking lot.


Standing in front of her pictures, I traced her beautiful face. She didn’t know how disastrous her life would turn in a matter of few hours, but the storm would ultimately be silenced with our reunion. Sanskaar Kapoor wasn’t what she deserved. She deserved better. Much, much better. Someone like me. Someone like Lakshya Maheshwari. And in achieving her, her foolish sister, Ragini Gadodia would help me. If she had the slightest clue of the upcoming storm, she would’ve never agreed for this contract marriage, but now that she’d, there was no way the sisters could escape from my grasp.


The second cup of coffee arrived and I looked around the café, Screamin’ Beans, once again. The soft, soothing music along with the excellently flavoured lukewarm coffee helped me to plan aptly. I wasn’t, at any cost, let Mr. Maheshwari destroy Shona’s life even if that meant risking my own life. The plan slowly moulded in my mind and I smirked. Men couldn’t be trusted. I’d to show him what it means to try and trick Ragini Gadodia.



Ragini Gadodia
A smart, beautiful, ambitious girl and fifty percent owner of one of best running NGO’s of the city, SwaRagini Dreams Foundation. Swara’s sister and confidant, and an ex-daughter of Mr. Gadodia and his mother, Parvati Gadodia. Is practical, but a misandrist.

Lakshya Maheshwari

A handsome, suave, arrogant businessman and soon to inherit the Maheshwari enterprises. For him, everything in life is based on deals. Is hopelessly addicted to Swara and wants to marry her sister, Ragini Gadodia to eventually claim Swara as ‘His’ own.

Swara Gadodia/Kapoor

A wise, practical, beautiful girl and part owner of the SwaRagini Dreams Foundation. Ragini’ssister and her best confidant. Is head over heels in love with Sanskaar Kapoor and soon to be Mrs. Sanskaar Kapoor. She’s unaware of Lakshya’s addiction towards her and considers him to be one amongst his best friends.

Sanskaar Kapoor

Owner of the Kapoor Pvt Ltd Companies and a pure gentleman. Loves and respects his parents and his family means everything to him. Has an affair with Swara Gadodia and is soon going to get married to her.


Hope you all sort of, at least, liked this. Please tell me whether I should continue this or not, provided updates won’t be regular.

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  1. Wow a awesome plot pls continue

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      Thank you Sinni! I’ll continue. x

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  5. Interesting and plz continue all ur Raglak stories

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      Thank you Ammu! I shall continue both of the stories. x

      P.S.: Wasn’t expecting anyone to remember me. Feels great to know you remember me! ?

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    Interesting plot

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      Thank you Raglakholic! I shall continue with this soon, but probably, ‘Is Everything Really so Perfect as it Seems to be?’ deserves an update before. So may be, that one will be up first followed by this! x


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      Thank you Gayu! The FF shall be up next. x

  22. Bela

    Congratulations Ria……. Welcome to the vicious trap of ‘Few Shots’ where you are always unsure when to end 😛
    I am already hooked bad to it and desperation is surging through my veins to know how Mr. Maheshwari falls for Miss R Gadodia 😀

    1. Riaa

      Belaa, well, surely the trap is vicious! ? I’m not sure how it’d end, to be frank. Probably, this one would be longer than the FF, so vice versa titles would’ve fitted. ?
      Anyway, even I’m eager to see what and how Mr. Maheshwari and Ms. Regards Gadodia fall for each other. I’ll try updating soon.

      Thanks Bela! ?

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