Raglak Few Shots by Bela: Cocktail (Shot 7)

Bela is back again, this time later than late 😛

I have been travelling across the city these days, in a bid to get some inspiration for my stories as well as to relax and enjoy after so long. Poor Ria knows exactly what is wrong with me, after being subjected to my torture. Much love, baby 😀

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Here we go next……..Shot 7 😀


The next and final shoot was about to commence. I was wearing a body fitting strapless black dress which ended a few inches above my ankles. My hair was straightened, eyes were made up smokily while a deep red lipstick was applied to my lips, to give me the ‘siren look’. And black strapped stilletoes to completed the look.

I smoothened my hair with my perfectly manicured hand, nails painted the shade of my lipstick. I had skipped lunch since I was busy crying over that jerk Lakshya. How dare he say what he did? I am doing time pass? Is that what he thinks I am? I believed that I had truly found a friend, someone who was too good to be true. Guess what? Yes, he was too good to be true. I was freaking helping him out and that useless, thankless git was being so rude!

Twinkle entered the room, looking really tired. “I have explained everything to Sanskaar but he doesn’t seem to understand. He still thinks you did it on purpose to put Swara down and you are possibly behind Swara’s condition!” she said as she smiled looking at me. “But duck them all, you look killer babe!”

I smiled sadly as bile rose in my throat. Two best friends. Two men. Both of them jerks. I am the most unfortunate girl on this wretched planet!

“Ragini, are you ready? The car has arrived and Lakshya is also ready.” Navya said as she entered my room. She smiled broadly. “You seriously look stunning!” she complimented. I smiled weakly as I followed her outside.

Lakshya was standing ready in a black suit with a starched white shirt, the first three buttons opened, black shoes and a red pocket square. His hair was arranged neatly, giving him a very s*xy and suave look. I passed him by as I went to Tarun.

“Oh you are here, thank God! By the way, you look gorgeous! Am I not repeating that statement too often? Hahahahahahahaha. Okay, anyways, let us get to the work. Lakshya Sir, can you come here? Yep. Okay, so the shot is this. We have placed this royal blue Audi here in front of this palm tree. Ragini ma’am, your body is supposed to face the front, not the car and you have to lean back and keep your hands on the car’s bonnet behind you and look towards your left. Meanwhile Lakshya Sir, you stand towards her left but a little bit in front of her. Open the buttons of your coat and touch them while you face your right, NOT looking ma’am. Okay, shall we try?” Tarun asked as he stepped back. We nodded to him and assumed our positions.

Some trial pictures were taken and finally, the final shot was clicked at a 30 degree angle from upside. Next, we were made to sit inside the car, Lakshya in the passenger’s seat and I in the driver’s seat and look behind us and smile warmly. A single photo was clicked from the backseat by Tarun.

“Okay, so there is just one photo left for the inside story, and then, it is a wrap! Let us get it over with. So Sir, take off your coat and roll up the sleeves of your shirt while Ma’am, you loosen your hair a bit, we want it to blow behind gently. So the shot is that as the sunset as a backdrop, I want you both sitting on two separate rocks, facing the sea. It will be a dark shot, only your silhouettes will be visible. Ma’am, you will be towards my right side if I am behind the camera and Sir, you towards left. Sir, your knees should be apart, not in contact and you will clasp your hands and place them in between your legs with the support of your forearms which will be on your thighs. And Ma’am, you will lean back and place your hands behind, like you did with the car. Both of you will look at the sea, okay? So basically, I will see both of your side profiles. Let us do it!” Tarun commanded.

We sat on the rocks and looked at the sea as a portable fan was switched on in my direction to make my hair blow behind me. It is good I wasn’t required to face the camera, I was on the verge of crying. Why am I bearing all this? What wrong have I done? Both of my best friends were accusing me of something I couldn’t even dream of doing. Lakshya wasn’t a timepass while I didn’t do anything to hurt Swara. Why is this happening to me?

“And, that’s it. The shoot is complete now. Congratulations everyone!” Tarun screamed as everyone erupted in loud cheers, clapping, hooting and whistling. I closed my eyes tightly to control my tears as I forced a smile on my face. On the pretext of setting my hair, I wiped off the stray tears that had leaked. I stood up and walked towards where everyone was celebrating.

Suddenly, I felt a little hazy as the world around me started spinning. I clutched my head and lost my balance, slowly falling down. But I never reached the ground as I felt a pair of large warm hands around my waist, giving me support and pulling me up. I collided with a hard body whose owner I was unable to recognize in my haze as I heard a wave of voices around me.

“Ragini? Are you fine?”

“Oh God! She has fainted!”

“Must be the heat or fatigue.”

“Here, take the water.”

“PSL, open your eyes please!”

I felt something wet on my face and slowly, my consciousness returned. My blurry vision improved a little as I started making out the worried faces surrounding me- of Kunj, Nisha, Twinkle, Radhika, Arjun and the one whose hands I now recognized as the one who saved me from falling: Lakshya.

He looked damn worried as he patted my cheeks with a wet cloth, encouraging me to take sips of water from the bottle he was holding. His words of the previous hour boomed in my ears and I tried to get up and free his hold on me.

“You shouldn’t be trying to move much…….” he began to say as he tried to pull me back towards him but I had already stood up with Kunj and Radhika’s help and was now on my feet.

“Thank you. I am fine now.” I said curtly to Lakshya as I turned and walked away from him, not looking back.

I didn’t notice a pair of dark eyes, full of tears of guilt and sadness, which were following me.


I was still sitting on the same spot, with the wet cloth and water bottle still in my hands. A mix of strong emotions was flowing through my veins, emotions I was unaware I was capable of feeling, as I recalled her face when she thanked me coldly. No expression on her face, no twinkle in her eyes, no warmth and chirpiness in her voice, no feeling of PSL in her. Was this what I wanted? HELL, NO!

I shook with sorrowful disbelief as I closed my eyes and her happy face came to my mind, followed by that face I had seen half an hour back. Is such an utterly unnatural transformation possible? She……..she wasn’t my PSL. She was someone I didn’t know and probably, I was someone who SHE didn’t know, had any outsider witnessed our exchange. Two strangers. No friendship. No connection. Something which was desirable to me till half an hour ago but now was giving me immense pain, far intense than any sort of pain I ever fathomed I could feel.

She just stood up and walked away from me as soon as she probably realised that I was holding her. As if my touch was unbearable for her. As if it disgusted her. She didn’t even turn back to see me once. Does she even know what had happened to me when I had seen her suddenly fall down? How I had thought of nothing but dashed for her, my mind screaming that I had to save her? It was as if my life depended on it. As if it would have been my life’s biggest failure if she reached the ground and hurt herself. I ran madly, picked her up and quickly soaked my handkerchief with the water from the bottle one of her friends gave to me. I was so worried, constantly praying that nothing happened to her, as I gently wiped her face with that wet handkerchief. And she just walked away. Walked away without even looking back once.

Tears came to my eyes as I finally sobbed, letting out all the pain I was feeling. Damn it, is it really over? Has what I had always feared happened? Is my friendship with her over? Will I never be able to talk to her about my worries, my goals and my passion? Will I never be able to boast to her of my achievements and good looks? Will I never be able to b*t*h about Kavya to her?

And most importantly, will I never hear her speak to me the way she used to earlier? Will I never be able to listen to her crib about Sanskaar and Swara? Will I never be able to listen to her talk about her dream of taking R-Bazaar to the top in the international market? Will I never be able to laugh at her antics, shout at her for her stupidity and hit my head at her never-ending hunger?

This cannot be. I cannot live like this. I don’t care if I was being a source of distraction for her from Sanskaar, I don’t think I was, anyways. I don’t know why I said that, I just got too angry at her, how close she had been to that useless jerk.

I am not letting her go away. Not now. Not ever.


“Wow, what a shoot! Ragini babydoll, you are a natural model!” Nisha said happily as we all sat in the garden of our penthouse, sans Sanskaar and his Swara. I was seriously pissed off with him now, more than I had been with Lakshya.

I smiled softly in her direction as I removed my makeup. I had changed back into a pair of blue shorts and a white tank top, worn under a checked purple, red and black shirt which was open in the front. I brushed my hair and braided it as I finally sat back.

“You are fine right? We got so worried when you fainted.” Radhika said as she gave me an anxious look. I smiled and nodded at her.

“Something the issue with you and Lakshya?” Kabir asked casually as he munched his sweet potato. I gave him no reply as I closed my eyes, my face blank.

“Everything is fine between you both, right?” Kunj asked gently. I opened my eyes and looked at the curious faces before me.

“Guys,can we just NOT talk about him?” I asked them icily. They looked at each other. “You can share with us anything.” Nisha said to me.

“There is nothing worth sharing peeps. He was being a jerk, just like Sanskaar always is. I didn’t take his bullshit and now we aren’t on speaking terms. That’s it. Pretty simple. Now I want to rest, it has been a long and tiring day for me. I am going to stroll around for a bit and take some fresh air, don’t worry for me.” I said as I stood up.

“Shall one of us accompany you?” Arjun asked. I smiled and shook my head in negative. “I will be fine Juno. I think I have ample experience in handling my male best friends who are jerks.” I replied as I smiled at everyone and walked away.

A heavy feeling settled in my chest as finally, the tears rolled down my cheeks again. I started walking faster, rubbing those tears away as I walked ahead aimlessly. I soon found myself on the same beach where I had been shooting. I sat down on a rock and looked at the calm sea waves, stark in contrast to my inner turmoil.

I heard some sound behind me some time later and turned around quickly to find Lakshya standing there in his casual wear. He walked towards me as I whipped my head back to avoid having to face him. He sat beside me on the rock adjacent to mine and let out an audible breath.

“PSL?” he asked as he looked at me. I kept on looking ahead at the sea, paying him no attention. How dare he try and talk to me after what he said to me? blo*dy insensitive jerk!

“PSL? Look at me please?” he said again as he turned towards me slightly. I moved away a little to create some space between us. He scooted closer to me.

“Ragini? Please listen to me once. I am sorry.” he said gently. My eyes started getting wet, much to my annoyance and I faced away from him, not wanting to show them to him.

“Ragini? Please? Just one chance. Hear me out. Please?” he pleaded. His voice shook just like it does when he is really upset and on the verge of crying. I looked back at him finally and saw the most heart wrenching sight I had ever beheld. He was really in tears, his face pale as his entire body shook, trying to control his sobbing. Seeing him in that condition, I stopped thinking rationally. I reached out to wipe his tears and slapped him lightly on both his cheeks. He smiled slightly through his tears and I smiled back too.

“I am sorry, really. I have no idea what took over me.” he said as he pulled me closer to him.

I didn’t reply, just sat there still, breathing in his now familiar manly musk of chocolate and his sweat. A sense of comfort filled me, something I had been missing and that hit me so hard that I started sobbing. He wrapped his arms around me and in his soothing deep voice, whispering sweet nothings to calm me down.

After a while when I had sufficiently calmed down, I said to him in a croak, “Because of you today, I am left with no best friends!”

Lakshya widened his eyes. “What? What did I do? Did Sanskaar say anything to you?”

“He accused me of trying to put down his darling girlfriend by modelling with you and then even insinuated that I was somehow responsible for Swara’s condition!”

“That bastard! What did you do then?”

“What was I supposed to do? I was anyways very angry with what happened with you and he chose exactly the next moment to do this drama. I neither saw nor thought of anything, just swung my hand like Virat Kohli swings his bat and gave him a sixer on his face!”

“Damn! You slapped him?”

“Smacked him, actually! He fell to the ground with the force.”

“Bravo, my girl! He deserved it! It is better to have no best friend at all rather than have someone like him………..wait! You said that you have no best friends NOW. What about me?”

“You aren’t my best friend! Not after what you did today.”

“Whyyyyyyyyyy??? I said sorry………….”

“A sorry doesn’t change things. Sanskaar got a slap, even then he isn’t my best friend. You think you can get away with a sorry?”

“But………..okay fine! Tell me what I need to do in order to get back my status of being your best friend!”

I looked at him to determine if he was jesting or not. He wasn’t. He was perfectly serious and sincere, looking at me in the earnest. I sighed audibly as I looked out into the sea.

“I……I want to be happy and free. I want to breathe, without having to worry about what tomorrow brings. I want to forget the pain I had to bear today, twice, at the hands of two of my most prized friends. Can you make it happen? If you can, I will forgive you.”

He stood up. “PSL, come with me. Come.”


“Somewhere. Don’t ask. Just trust me. Come.”

He stretched his hand out for me to hold and I stood up holding his hand, wondering what he could be up to. We walked towards the exit of the beach where I found a sports bike. Lakshya sat on it and gave me a helmet and asked me to sit behind. I raised an eyebrow at him.

“Where are you taking me?”

“Don’t you trust me?”

“I used to……till this morning.”

“Which is why I am now trying to make amends. Sit behind me.”

“The others must be waiting for me in the penthouse.”

“I talked to them and told them that we could be late. Come on now!”

The sincerity in his voice compelled me to wear the helmet and sit behind him. I gripped his waist tightly as he started his bike and soon, we were speeding through the roads of Panaji. It was almost dark now, and the star studded sky above me, the trees around and with the breeze, I found myself feeling better than before. It was a smooth ride and soon Lakshya stopped his bike in front of a large building. I squinted my eyes in the dark as I read the signboard. It read “Aakash Flying Club”.

“What are we doing here?” I asked him as I jumped off the bike. He removed his helmet and parked the bike and turned to me.

“Patience, PSL. Just getting to it.”

We walked inside and Lakshya took me to the terrace. It was sufficiently lighted and in the middle was a round table laden with food. Lakshya reached there and picked up the lid of one of the bowls and I found my favourite smoked salmon in it.


I looked at him and nodded. He smiled back. “I know you must not have had anything to eat since our fight. So I guess, you deserve this special treatment.”

“How did you get to know that I didn’t have anything? I told no one.”

“I know you. Normally, you eat so well but when you are angry and upset, you skip your meals. I was also so worried, I ended up missing my meal too!”

I sat down with an amused smile as he proceeded to serve me the smoked salmon with Thai curry and Jasmine rice. I looked at him as he sat down opposite to me.

“Why are there two bowls of fish?”

“You must be double hungry. So I asked for two!”

“Are you mocking me?”

“Nope. I just know you too well.”

“Like I do. You won’t be eating the fish so you are eating Thai curry with wheat noodles, since rice is currently not in your diet.”

“Well….yeah. See, we know each other so well! Dig in baby!”

We sat in silence, eating our dinner. I looked above and saw many planes flying above us. It was a flying club, I was bound to see planes. I finished my meal at almost the same time as Lakshya and sighed happily, the heavenly taste of my food still lingering in my mouth.

Half an hour later, I was lying beside Lakshya on a woolen mat, watching the planes fly above us. The smell of the fresh grass beside me was a welcome addition to my comfort. We watched silently as the planes flew above us, sometimes straight, sometimes in a zigzag motion and sometimes in reels. It was calming.

“Why did you say that?” I asked Lakshya who was lying beside me with his hands behind his head. He looked at me in the eye.

“I….okay, I know this sounds ridiculous, but I was sort of…… jealous!”

“What?!” I shrieked. Of all the things I had imagined, this was not anywhere in my list. Jealous? What?

“I know that is stupid…….it is just that…….I sometimes get insecure of Sanskaar. He has so much going for him and to top it all, he has you as his best friend. I don’t know why and how I started feeling jealous of his friendship with you. Like, what I know, he already knows and he knows much more. And we both are your best friends while I have only you. You aren’t understanding what I am blabbering, are you?”

“Kind of. Basically, you feel second to him?”

“Yes! That’s it. I feel like I will always be second for you, no matter what. The second best friend, the second person who gets to know what you are up to………….. everything. And to be honest, I think that if Sanskaar and you get together in the future, you will drift apart from me. I couldn’t have faced it then, so I was…………”

“Trying to push me away now itself?” I asked in a whisper. He looked rather shamefaced as he nodded.

“Pathetic, isn’t it?”

I had never thought that I would have to face this. It was confusing. Lakshya was not like this, he would never feel insecure or jealous of someone like Sanskaar, he was too cool for it. And yet, here he was, admitting that he IS insecure. How am I supposed to tell him that he needs not be?

“Well……it is pathetic. I mean, come on, you don’t need to think like this. A best friend is a best friend, first, second or last. I admit, you know me a tad bit less than Sanskaar maybe, but that is because Sanskaar and I have been together since we were little kids whereas you have known me properly for only a few months. But even in this little period of time you know me so well. And you are really important to me. Remember why we became almost-best friends in our first meeting after so many years itself? Because we didn’t judge each other. We talked freely. This sort of connection happens with only a few fortunate people and we are two of them. We share a special relationship!”

“Hmm…….I know. I am not like this, it is just that I felt it suddenly and I lost my temper.”

“If it makes you feel any better, these days, it is you who gets informed about me first. Cause Sanskaar is always busy in studying or with Swara!”



Lakshya grinned at me happily while I couldn’t help but smile in return. He gave me a high-five and contently closed his eyes while I continued watching the planes flying above us.

“Why did you bring me here Lakshya?”

“They serve the best Thai cuisine here at this time. And you wanted to eat Thai for a long time. And plus, because you like watching planes.”

“See! You know me so well! And still you think less of yourself. Move out of it. We are awesome!”

“Yeah we are! Thanks a lot for what you did for me, by the way. I am glad you volunteered to model, and it would be great to see you on the cover too. You were fab!”

“Thanks! I am awesome, I know. You can get an autograph!”

“By the way PSL, why was that assistant photographer being so clingy to you? Like, I noticed that whenever we were shooting, he would be close by, just staring. Finally, in the break, I had him removed, he could prove to be dangerous!”

“Umm…..thanks. Actually he and I were speaking as I wanted to know something and when my work was done, I called him bro. Maybe he couldn’t take it!”

“Damn! That is cool. I am proud of you!” Lakshya said with a smile as he took a deep breath. I closed my eyes and yawned. Suddenly, I felt warm hands around me as Lakshya stood up and took me in his arms. “Lakshya, what are you doing? Put me down now!” I said to him as he picked me up, bridal style, and started walking.

“Put me down!”

“You are loving it.”

“I am not!”

“You are. You told me once that when you used to fall asleep while watching TV or completing your homework when you were a little girl, your Dad used to pick you up like this and put you to bed. That doesn’t happen now and you confided in me that you miss that feeling of a man’s protective warmth.”

“I……..I……Well, yeah, but what makes you think that you can provide me with the same warmth?”

“I can’t. But at least my hold is that of a man. And maybe you may calm down with the memories.”

I looked at him as he looked straight ahead, walking with me in his arms. His scent was more overpowering now and since my head was pressed to his chest, I could feel his rhythmic heartbeat. I closed my eyes.

This was seriously the most thoughtful and intimate thing anyone has ever done for me. I opened my eyes and looked at him. He knows me so well, it is a surprise he would get insecure of Sanskaar. We reached his bike and Lakshya put me on the ground gently. He helped me wear my helmet, sat on his bike and I sat behind him, hugging him tightly as he sped his way back to the hotel. A strange sense of peace captured me as I smilingly laid my head on his back and closed my eyes. Lakshya Maheshwari. Who would have known what all this man was capable of? He was handsome, dashing, suave, blunt, honest, powerful, strong, kind, bullshit-intolerant, brave and loving. And he was the best best friend in this world, even if he was a bit of a jerk.

I smiled as I recalled his face when he had confessed to being insecure. I wouldn’t forget that face to my dying day. His eyes had dropped to the ground, his hands were tied in a complex position around each other while his lower lip jutted out in a pout. That moment, I was struck to see the reflection of the boy I once knew, someone who was always rather slow in getting my point. Someone who was happy playing with dolls with me, gifting me a kitchen set on my birthday. Someone who, I realised with an uncomfortable pang, came to play with me everyday despite getting scolded and bullied by me.



“Why would you always come to play with me even though I would ill treat you?”

“Because I had no one else to play with. And…………”

“And? What? Tell me!”

“I can’t.”


“Because you don’t consider me your best friend anymore!”

“But……..this…….how does this connect to my question?”

“You tell your deepest secrets only to your best friends. And when we aren’t best friends anymore……..how can I tell this to you?”

I pulled back and glared at the back of his hair-filled head as the speed of the bike suspiciously decreased. I felt as if he was smiling. I don’t know why, but I just felt. I raised my hand in a fist and stared at the middle of his back, a very inviting place for me right now. I tried aiming a few times then, after I was sure I had enough practice, I hit him on his back as hard as I could. He yelled, lost control of the bike and both of us flew out of the bike and fell in a drain nearby. A stinky drain.

I bobbed on the surface and looked around for Lakshya who was nowhere to be seen. Panic gripped me as I started looking for him. He hasn’t………………………..drowned, has he? “Lakshya? LAKSHYA?” I screamed as I swam around to look for him.


I looked towards where the voice had come from and found him behind me, head and face covered with a dirty pink polythene and some yellow leaves, looking seriously displeased. Seeing him, a confusing mix of relief and absurdity filled me as I hugged him tightly and then started laughing as I removed the polythene and leaves away from his face. He still had that irritation on his face as I removed the last of the leaves.

“What was that?”

“It is called an accident.”

“Why did you punch me? You could have broken my spine!”

“Stop being a baby! I didn’t strike THAT hard.”

“Why don’t you see what you have done yourself?”

“You will hit me? You wife-beater! Umm……… I mean, friend-beater!”

“You friend-beater! You hit me on my back! Just like how you used to kick me in childhood!”

“You were annoying as hell! You would always ask me why I dressed up like a pastry!”

“So you did look like a pastry! That frilly skirt and that red ribbon bow on your head……….bruh!”

“You pig………….stop this. Let us get out from this drain, it is stinking!”

“Of course it would. It is a sort of sewage………”

“What the…..? Ewwwwwwwwww! Yuck!”

I quickly swam my way out of the drain and Lakshya followed me. I sniffed my clothes in disgust and groaned.

“Stinky You, Stinky Me!” Lakshya said smugly from behind me. I glared daggers at him while he removed his shirt and stood there bare-chested in front of me. I quickly confirmed whether he indeed had six packs or not. He did. I was very happy. I was about to whistle but then realised that it would be a blunder. I quickly assumed my strict persona.

Lakshya opened the seat of his bike and procured a new shirt and a tee. He gave me the tee, which was a few sizes too big for me. “Remove your clothes and wear this. It would cover you up decently.” he said as he proceeded to wear his shirt. I mourned the loss of my good view and then frowned. “How am I supposed to change here?” I asked him. He pointed to the bushes behind me. “I won’t be watching and I will ensure no one else does. You change behind those bushes quickly.” he replied.

I made a face as I went towards the place. I turned back and looked at him with narrowed eyes. “Don’t watch, okay?” I warned him.

“Why would I want to watch you? I have better things to do!” Lakshya snorted. I widened my eyes in outrage while he smirked. “Anyways, I am not shameless like you, who checks out the body of a shirtless guy!”

My jaw dropped in shock as he shook with laughter. Cheeks burning, I quickly went behind the bushes and changed into his tee. Shit! He caught me watching? He won’t leave me now!

I slapped my forehead in grief as I came out of the bushes. I was so into myself that I didn’t notice a jaw drop, looking at my legs which were now exposed.


I smiled as I plopped on my bed, thinking about this evening. I am sure she has forgiven me. Of course she has, I could see it in her eyes. She is not one who holds grudges for long and not when she knew my problem. I grinned as I recalled the freaked out expression on her face when she realized that we were in a sewage. Grossly funny!

Thinking about it automatically led me to think of how she had been looking when she came out of the bushes, dressed in nothing but my black tee which was too loose on her and reached her mid thigh. The legs on display rendered me as shameless as I had proclaimed her to be just a few minutes prior. How couldn’t I? I don’t stare at women and I was surprised to find myself drooling over my best friend, of all people! Goddamit, what is wrong with me, she is PSL! Hungry Cat! Eating Machine! Automatic Insulter! Dangal Inviter! How can I drool over her?

And the reason we were in that mess? Her question. How was I supposed to reveal to her why I would always come back? It was………..embarrassing. I wouldn’t want to tell her that I would bear her insults silently and come to play because I had a………tiny crush on her. Not her, actually, but her frocks. They were so colourful, bright, frilly and pretty. She would frolick around in those voluminous dresses with a matching bow tied to her curly hair, looking like a chicken and I would be reminded of cakes and pastries which I loved eating. Someday it would be strawberry, the other day, vanilla, sometimes butterscotch and sometimes chocolate. I had cavities back then and was prohibited from indulging in sweet things so watching Ragini would satiate my cravings for cakes. Plus, she was the only one who didn’t mind my lisp, and was instead angry with my ‘slow thinking’. She says that I used to come back after being scolded but I would say that SHE would take me back everyday, tolerating my slow lethargy. For me, it was the other way round. I was used to being snubbed but she was the only person I knew would still play with me. She was always kind, even if she was rather……..violent.

I can’t tell this to her, I myself don’t know whether she would make fun of me or get offended. In any case, it would be my loss. No. She wouldn’t know. Never will I tell her this!


Right. Sakhi Saiyaan coming up next while Banjaare Ko Ghar shot is immediate next. Go comment phataphat se, and wait for Raglak again 😛

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    Now coming to the update, as I said I don’t have words left,…it is Awesomesauce …In this update, I imagined r TeMish…..
    love you dear,.

    Ps;My user id: AnonymousRagLak

    1. Bela

      BANG ON! You have just realised why I am always late!???

      The thing is, Lakshya is a complex character if I go by my works. In Sakhi Saiyaan, he is the typical Swaragini Laksh: jerk, insensitive yet not unfeeling.
      In Cocktail, he is Best Friends Goals and a gentleman (though don’t forget that I have described him as arrogant and that will be shown in the next few updates) and in BKJ series: ????. Sassy, s*xy and well, the king of all jerks.???

      Thanks a lot for your support and love, it is this which gives me my strength ???

  5. Mmp

    Wow yaar it was really amazing.. 🙂 I have no words to say how beautifully you written the chappy..!! With it’s every update I am loving this story more n more.. :-* totally loved it.. 🙂

    1. Bela

      Thanks a lot dear???

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    1. Bela

      Thanks a lot Krish???
      I had planned on this being one of my ‘non-cheesy’ stories but I would try and follow your request ???

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