Raglak Few Shots by Bela: Cocktail (Promo)

Heyya Guys, so this is supposed to be my last post for 2017, I don’t know though whether TU will post it soon enough for it to qualify as one. Great year to you guys ahead. Happy New Year❤


Ragini is walking towards Lakshya, a single rose in her hand. His back is to her and she is nervous, anticipating the moment she would open her heart to him.

Lakshya hears her footsteps and turns around. His smile broadens on seeing her. “Ae PSL! Man, you are just the one I wanted to see right now. You know what? I went to see Kavya today. We sorted it out amongst us. I am so glad, I was worried I was always thinking about the way we ended things…….”

Ragini’s smile falters. The light single rose in her hand suddenly feels like a ton of bricks, too heavy to hold. She tries to crush it in her hand, only to realise that she couldn’t hurt the one thing she had hoped to give to her love. Yes, love. The more she had thought about her feelings, the more she had realised that her feelings for him were deeper than a mere infatuation, like with Sanskaar. It was love, pure and simple. A transition from friendship to…………. unrequited love.

She closes her eyes to hide the tears threatening to spill out as she hears him talk about how his meeting with Kavya went. As he is speaking, his eyes fall on the rose in her hand.

“Is that a rose PSL? Why are you carrying a rose? Is that for me” he asks with a wink.

Ragini pales and trys to deny it but she knows it is futile. However she is adamant on one thing. She wouldn’t lose her friendship over her feelings. She decides to hide the fact that it was for him.

“No. It isn’t.”


“I….I got it from someone.”

Lakshya’s broad smile falters a bit. He frowns playfully. “Who gave it to you? Some secret admirer?”

Had Ragini been in her normal state, she would have detected the slight jealousy and irritation in the otherwise warm voice of Lakshya. However she was too heartbroken and busy in hiding her emotions to pay notice.

“Uhm. Yeah. Sort of. We were in college together and still text each other frequently. My friends used to say that he was crushing on me since Day 1.”

“So he gave you a rose and you took it? Shall I congratulate you on something?”

“No no. He just….well, he did buy it for me. But we haven’t reached any understanding. Yet.” Ragini adds as an afterthought to avoid any further questions. She is looking down. Had she been looking at Lakshya, she would have seen his eyes darken.

“Oh well, good for you. So, what’s up these days, PSL?”

“Nothing much. Dad is planning to send me to the London branch of our company for learning the overseas part.”

“WHAT?! London? Man, that’s sudden. I….I didn’t know. Uhm, how long would you be there for?”

Ragini tries to hold back her tears. “No idea.”

And suddenly, nothing seems right anymore. She sees her world crashing right in front of her eyes, piece by piece, as Lakshya makes an excuse and leaves………………


Oh well, BKG next. Then Cocktail ❤. And a very very Happy New Year❤❤❤

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  1. Mittu

    Okay. What ? WHAT ?
    How do you manage to blow me away every single time Bela ? ?
    This is just amazing ! I’m too impatient, I cannot wait !
    Now that I’m done squealing and fangirling, Happy new year ! Hope you have a great year ahead ! Loads of love to you❤️❤️

    1. Bela

      Hahahahaha, thanks for being so sweet Mittu. Congratulations for the Relay OS competition. Thanks a lot❤❤❤

      1. Mittu

        Thank you soo much ?❤️

  2. NAIMI

    happy new year………waiting for cocktail……this story is getting in my nerves make it soon plzzz….tc

    1. Bela

      Oh, I am so sorry but I have Banjaare Ko Ghar lined up first. Then of course, I will do Cocktail. Thanks a lot❤

  3. Eureka!! Eureka !!
    Bela ka update aaya !!??
    I am too shockex to react di ??
    Aapne update kia ???
    Vo bhi aapke expected time se pehle ……
    Bhala ye chamatkar kaise hua ??
    Kavya ko toh mei dande se pitungi … Meri Ragini ko rulati hai …
    Aur Laksh ye aadmi toh mujhe samaj hi nahi aata kabhi !!
    Pehle bolta hai xyz se pyaar karta hu
    Phir abc ke liye jealous
    Phir bolega abc se pyaar karta hu !!
    Ye pyaar hai yaa sens*x , nifty jo pal pal badalte hei ???
    Ghum phir kar , faltu ladkiyo ke chakkar katkar , aana toh isse Ragini ke paas hi hai .
    Uss bechari ko rula rulakar , pyaar toh uss hi se karna hai iss aadmi ko !!
    Isliye I am not tensed
    Anyways Nav varsh ki hardik shubhkamnaye aapko meri taraf se !!

    1. Bela

      You will realise in the last shot that Lakshya wasn’t actually at fault here. But let’s see how to do it.???

      Thanks a lot Nayonika❤❤

  4. Shilpa-Saraj

    Finally so happy to see you back.. ..
    Really eagerly waiting for your stories dear.. pls update soon..

    1. Bela

      Thanks a lot Shilpa. Trust me, it would be really soon❤❤❤

  5. Awesome promo, happy New Year

    1. Bela

      Thanks a lot Anju❤❤

  6. Fabulous dear continue ur stories soon

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      Thanks a lot Raglak_fan❤

  7. Simply awesome di…Happy New year

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      Thanks a lot Soumya ❤❤

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    Happy New year

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    Happy to read this promo
    Happy New year ?

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  11. Asra

    awesome bela dear….loved it…omg what ragu broken…ohh no…my poor soul….eagerly waiting for nxt one…
    Happy New year dear..
    tkcr dear

    1. Bela

      Thanks a lot Asra. Ragu will be fine❤❤

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    Amazing yaar after a long time cocktail happy new year keep going ?

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  19. Loved it, keep going

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  20. Laashya

    Wonderful didu
    But Poor ragini

    1. Bela

      Thanks a lot Laashya. But don’t worry, Ragini would be rocking soon❤❤

  21. Oh wow Cocktail finally. I luv dis story so much. When will u update? Is this a dream or real? If not then what will happen? Pls post soon?
    And BKG wow???

    1. Bela

      Oh no, not a dream. It is true. I will try and update soon Ani. Thanks a lot❤❤

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  26. Firstly Happy New Year dear ????? it’s interesting promo dear ?? feeling sad for Ragini. I don’t know when that Laksh will realise his true love is Ragini. Eagerly waiting for next episode and please post next part ASAP. Love you dear and take care ??????????

    1. Bela

      I will keep you guessing on when he realises it??. Thanks a lot Ammu❤❤

  27. After a long time and I really missed you. Also missed all your stories. U know what, nowadays Raglak stories are really less ????? also number of Raglak supporters too. I don’t know what happened to Raglak fans and writers ??????

    1. Bela

      Aww, I missed everyone too. College have us many projects to be done and with internships and all, it became difficult to write. When I did get time, it was festive season and I had to help Mom. But I will try and post soon.

      Raglak fans haven’t decreased at all. We are still a close pack❤❤❤

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    happy New year bells…. poor ragu…. sad for her man…. n BKG next??????? love you babe’s…..

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