Raglak Few Shots by Bela: Cocktail (Prologue)

Okay guys, Bela here. So I had a bit of a free time after my pre boards and decided to catch up with a few Raglak stories and observed Nikky. And when I thought about it, she is right. We are getting less Raglak stories in number. So I have decided to write a few shots on our fave pair Raglak. It is not related to Swaragini. It is about Raglak in a different world.

I am afraid I won’t be regular. This is the prologue. If you want I will continue but please don’t expect this to be regular.


“Ragini, I know you find yourself too young to marry. But what is the harm in SEEING the boy once? If you like him, just enter into an engagement and marry some years later. At least see him beta, he is my friend’s son. Who knows, you may like him?”

I shuffled uncomfortably. How should I tell Papa that I already like Sanskaar? My best friend Sanskaar who is a playboy, a spoilt rich brat? Papa liked him but not enough to allow me to date him, knowing of his reputation. And wait, Sanskaar wouldn’t even date me, first of all.

Lakshya was Papa’s childhood friend’s only son, a billionaire who was heir to the prestigious Maheshwari empire. They owned hotels, resorts, schools and restaurants all over the country. Recently, Lakshya took over part of the business and even started gyms across the metropolitan cities of India. The most Eligible bachelor out there. Hmph.

I remember our time as kids. He is based in Mumbai while we live in Delhi. His family was now shifting to Delhi so as to allow his father, Mr. Durgaprasad Maheshwari to enter politics. He got in touch with Papa, one thing led to another and now I was being cornered by my beloved parents into ‘seeing’ this Lakshya. I wondered how he was now. He was a bit slow when we were kids………….

“I…….I will meet him.”


“A girl, did you say?” I asked Papa incredulously. Papa glared back at me.

“I may be modern but I would never bring rishtas from boys for my only son!” He replied curtly. Maa giggled uncontrollably at this while even I smiled.

“Papa, you know I already like Kavya and we have an off-on thing going on………”

“Which is exactly why I want you to consider a SERIOUS relationship! You are 26 for God’s sake! You are already heading some of my business ventures perfectly and you are eligible. She is using you! Ragini Gadodia is Shekhar Gadodia’s daughter. She is the heiress of the biggest fashion house in this country- R-Bazaar. Not in ruins like your girlfriend’s family, who are desperate to fill their family treasury! And I am not asking you to go and fill her hairline directly. Just meet her, talk to her. If you like her then pursue this. I want you to at least START beta. There is nothing left for you in your relationship with Kamya…….”

“Kavya, Papa.”

“Who Kavya?”

“My girlfriend Papa.”

“Wasn’t her name Kamya?”

Maa burst out laughing when she saw Papa’s confused face. I slapped my forehead in irritation.

“Whatever. I just know that she is the daughter of that useless drunkard Kapoor. All he does is come to our parties and drain our wine cellar! Imagine that girl as my bahu? I want a daughter, not someone who I want to slaughter!”

I sighed. It was no use trying to make him understand. Anyways, it is just a date. I would go, meet her and kindly reject her. And even pay the bill. I am a gentleman after all!

“Please try and understand Lakshya. She is your Papa’s childhood friend’s daughter Ragini. You used to play together as kids, remember?” Maa asked me gently.

A memory of a girl with pigtails in a pink frilly frock, two years younger to me, shrieking at me to not spoil her dress came to my mind. I muffled a chortle that was about to escape my lips. That wimpy girl………with a small nose and round lips and oiled hair, I wondered how she must look now………..

“I will meet her.”


“We reached Delhi. Finally. Now, we will rest and in the evening, you will go and meet Ragini at our hotel.” Maa said to me as she wagged a finger at me. I smiled politely while she grinned and kissed my temple fondly. “Mera Raja beta. Sab sahi hoga!”

I wore my brown Ray Ban aviators and assumed my haughty expression which guarded me from people. Inside though, I prayed to God to let this meeting with Ragini Gadodia turn out to be a dead end.


“They are here. Now, Ragini beta, remember. 5 pm at Lucky’s Caffe. They own it, so you may be escorted to the private chambers. Okay?” Maa said to me as she kept the phone down.

Lucky’s Caffe. It is a REALLY bomb place. Styled fashionably, it is world class. I have gone there numerous times with Sanskaar and his girlfriends. This was the first time though when I was going on a date myself. I would go, listen to him kindly, gently reject him and even offer to split the bill. I am kind, if not anything else. Yes. Plan on!




A beautiful, kind and rich girl who is heiress of R-Bazaar, the biggest fashion house of the country. She is a businesswoman by blood who genuinely enjoys designing and is working under her father currently, ready to take over anytime. Has a major crush on her childhood buddy Sanskaar. Is practical but hopelessly romantic.


Part owner of the Maheshwari empire and soon to inherit the entire business, he is a suave, smart, handsome and arrogant ‘gentleman’ who is nevertheless kind to people. He loves his parents a lot. Is in a headache inducing on-again, off again relationship with Kavya Kapoor. He is practical too but has issues in letting go. Is very stubborn.


A handsome playboy who has a new girl on his arm every week. Is best friends with Ragini and considers her his ‘bro’. He is to inherit his father’s law firm and is so, training to be a lawyer.


Beautiful, rich and spoilt, Swara is a supermodel who is Sanskaar’s new girl. She is a go-getter and what she wants, she gets. Is daughter of a rich politician Kaushik Bose and a former air hostess Sharmishtha Bose. Arrogant about her looks.


Parents of Ragini. Love her immensely. Shekhar owns R-Bazaar and is waiting for the day he leaves it to his daughter to enjoy with the love of his life, his wife Janki who is a doctor. They were childhood lovers. They are aware of Ragini’s infatuation with Sanskaar and are worried for her which is why they pressurised Ragini to meet Lakshya. Very fun-loving and understanding.


Parents of Lakshya. Annapurna is a philanthropist who inherited schools from her rich father. She married Durgaprasad who was her betrothed. They had an arranged marriage but fell in love afterwards. They are worried over Lakshya’s stubbornness to not move on and wish for a good girl for their only son. In this FF, DP is a cool dad.


She is the younger daughter of Kewal Kapoor who is on the verge of bankruptcy. She likes Lakshya but is selfish and narcissistic. Is after him only for his money. She is pretty and trying to make it into Bollywood. Lakshya is a hurdle for her.

What will happen now? Will Raglak reject each other? Or will sparks fly at their meet? Keep looking for ‘Cocktail’ a romcom set in Delhi 2017

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  1. Welcome bela… After so many days… I’m big fan of ur writing skills…..u portrait every reaction nd expressions of the character is really well… I loved ur ff… Please continue…if u have free time try to upload it… All d best for ur board exams… Do well… ??Take care dear!!!!!

    1. Bela

      Thanks a lot Mintu………the idea is to write as a stressbuster. I will post tge first part soon 🙂

  2. Finally happy to see u back after ages missed u so much and I even missed ruhaan ??

    And this ff sounds intresting

    Can’t wait till the next part

    Till then
    Take care
    Keep smiling ?

    1. Bela

      Thanks Angel. Ruhaan misses you too.???

      I will definitely try to post at least the first part soon. Till then, take care?

  3. Hi Bela. Great to see you back. Superb start. Looking forward to the next update

    1. Bela

      Thank you Priya. I will try and post soon 😀

  4. Dear, the storyline looks awsome. Please continue as soon as u can. I was waiting for u to come back after ur boards and here u are even before that. Thank u dear and best wishes for ur boad exam……

    1. Bela

      Thanks a lot Greeshu………what to do, I am a TU addict???

  5. Wow amazing update soon

    1. Bela

      Thanks a lot Khushi???

  6. Jazzy

    bela bela the extremely vehla good to see u back again……… and raglak story yipeeee and waiting for next parts sooo interesting

    1. Bela

      Thanks a lot Jazzy……..it feels so good to be back??

  7. Sindhura


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      Thanks Sindhura?

  8. Pls continue this prologue seems to be interesting ..

    1. Bela

      Thanks aadhya. I have given the first shot for submission?

  9. Really looking forward for this new story nice

    1. Bela

      Thanks Ankita??

  10. Awesome

    1. Bela

      Thanks Ammy??

  11. Shrutii

    prologue was awesome…glad that you are back again..!!! ^_^

    1. Bela

      Thanks a lot Shrutii………it feels amazing to be back amongst you all???

  12. nice. please continue

    1. Bela

      Thanks Gayu. I will surely do??

  13. Asw

    Bela once again in raglak track I don’t bother about regular all the best for ur exams it’s rocking keep going

    1. Bela

      Thanks a lot Asw. I will try and rock although I am always in for a shock??

  14. Awesome pls continue

    1. Bela

      Thanks Megha. I will?

  15. Ria

    Hey Bela,
    Glad to see you back again. Had been wondering about your OS today and seems like you’re back quite early. Anyway, looking forward to the story, to be frank. Take your own time. All the best for exams. Starts on 10th March, right?

    1. Bela

      Thanks a lot Ria. Which one were you thinking about? I admit I am back far earlier than I planned to be but I don’t plan to be regular.

      And the exams are from 9th March. Thanks again ?

      1. Ria

        Hey Bela,
        Okay, the OS was ‘Teri Yaad Saath Hai’. Oh, looks like I messed up a bit with the dates because for 10th, it gets over on 10th April. Anyway, just going to read the first shot now.

        Glad to have you back although, the OS is the only work of yours that I’ve read. 🙂

      2. Bela

        I like all my works. Teri Yaad was a bit emotional and clichéd. But I still loved it. :O

  16. Awesome storyline
    keep going

    1. Bela

      Thank you saranya??

  17. OmG!!!! It’s from bela…
    Welcome back and superb starting
    I don’t bother about regular but please
    Write this few shots…
    All the best for your exams
    Thank u thank u sooo much for giving this fewshots on raglak.

    1. Bela

      Thank you so much abi. I do plan on continuing this, I have sent the first shot for submission already??

      Raglak ke liye kuchh bhi??

  18. welcome back bella darling..finaly, after a long break you are back to action..we mised you nd your stories very much yar..thank you so much 4 this

    1. Bela

      Did you miss me? Not as much as I missed you all. Thanks a lot for this welcome.??

  19. Hy bela the vela welcome back to be honest i ws byond happy seeing u back ur ffs they r simply awesome love u to d core nd thnx fr this amazing prologue

    1. Bela

      Thanks Mayra. Even though I am not Vela anymore, I do plan on writing this FS whenever I am free. Thanks for the love?

  20. Dharani


    1. Bela

      Thanks Dharani?

  21. Anonymous (raglak)

    Good to c u back Bela dear……no need to fear/worry about regularity….post it when ever u r free… Bcz ur writings r worth waiting….

    1. Bela

      Thanks a lot Anonymous……..it feels so good when someone says you are worth the wait. I have already given the first shot for submission, have fun???

  22. Asra

    bela dear u r back…Welcome back dear….awesome prologue dear….continue dear..waiting for u….
    All the best for ur board exam dear….God bless you dear…tkcr

    1. Bela

      Thanks a lot Asra??
      Take care?

  23. Amazing……finally u are back…..

    1. Bela

      Thanks Ashnoor. Finally back in the playground…….just see how I throw the ball?

  24. I ‘m soo glad that u r baack bela di..

    1. Bela

      Thanks Athena. Even I am so glad??

  25. Fats

    Bela ❤️, it’s great to see you back with another story. The concept sounds really exciting. I wonder if RagLak’s rejection will go as planned. Can’t wait to read more.
    P.S: Take as much time as you like to update. And good luck for your exams ?.

    1. Bela

      It is so good to see you back in my comment box once again. The concept is I guess kinda well used but I would twist as per my fancy. Raglak achieve the impossible always. Let’s see what happens.???

  26. IQRA222

    awesome and do continue

    1. Bela

      Thanks IQRA222. ???

  27. Hi I read ur ff koi mujhe ko yun mila h jaise banjare ko Ghar. That was awesome. It’s great start

    1. Bela

      Thanks Mithu?
      Koi Mujhko was an accidental venture which turned out to a success. Glad you liked it.

  28. A.xx

    AMazing and gald ur back and cant wait for next part xx

    1. Bela

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  29. Its awesome. Loved it . Glad that you are back with another story indeed it will be as awesome as ur previous ones . Thanks for the come back I’m a biggggggggg fannnnnn of ur stories n I still read the previous ones.

    1. Bela

      Thanks so much Shreya. Fingers crossed, I hope this one turns out to be a success.
      Still reading the previous ones? Thanks a lot dear???

  30. Omg Pleaseeeee Post the next part soon its awesomeeee but why Sanky has to be Ragini’s unrequited love in all your ffs?I hope this time Ragini rejects him

    1. Bela

      Thanks a lot Aim.??
      Sanku was the unrequited love in Koi Mujhko too, I agree. But don’t worry, Raglak all the way!!!!!!

  31. Welcome back dear, awesome concept

    1. Bela

      Thanks lovely????

  32. Marvelously interesting

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      Thanks tani???

  33. Aasthu

    Bela you are back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! welcome back….this is interesting….I loved the prologue…..update when you are free….

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  34. Interesting prologue and waiting for first episode

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      Thanks Ammu. I have submitted it for review. ??

  35. Awesome..Gud to see u back bela….Keep going

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  36. Welcome back. I’m eagerly waiting for your return.

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