Raglak short story: Misunderstandings (Prologue)

‘Misunderstandings’, what all it causes?
Break in trust!
Break in heart!
Break of tear dam!
But not in ‘love’!
‘Misunderstandings’, what all it leads to?
Learn a hardest lesson of life…!
New life… maybe a happy or dark one!
Develops hatred or increase the distance between the two…!
Or sometimes… it may lead to ‘revenge’, a dreadful revenge!
This is the story of a couple (Obviously Raglak) where you are going to see what this ‘misunderstanding’ had led their life to!

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  1. Awesome

  2. Superb prologue

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  6. Amazing part nd can’t wait for next

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    Wonderful prologue didi
    Can’t wait for next episode di

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    Amazing dear and loved it

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  22. It’s interesting prologue dear ???? thanks a lot for another Raglak story ????? eagerly waiting for first episode and please post next part ASAP. Love you dear and take care ????????

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