RAGLAK – Second love and SWASAN – Acceptance teaser


Hello friends..this is something unlike me because I have never done something like this before but typhoid seems to effect more so I will be late friends. Hence this is a combine teaser of acceptance and second love.

RAGLAK – Second love

Location: Goa

Ragini: are you not feeling jealous
She asked swara sipping orange juice. Swara turned to sanskar and laksh who are busy in talking with receptionist, a lady
Swara: should I?
Ragini: of course
Swara: it happens when you either have a fear of losing or over possessive about him
Ragini turned to laksh who is smiling along with the girl. She felt stabbed


Ragini approached laksh and sanskar who were smiling with other man.
Laksh: hey ragini, meet my neighbour cum friend rahul.
Rahul’s and ragini’s eyes met.


Ragini came out of the washroom wiping her hands but stopped at their table in restaurant. Her heart started racing when she found laksh’s absence along with anusha who was sitting opposite to them just few minutes ago
After few minutes, a desserted road
Laksh: I am sorry anu, I love you. I cannot loose you because it’s only you I still have in my heart.
With that, he hugged her and kissed her forehead
Anusha: I am happy that you choose me
Laksh: you are my first love
Ragini: no! Come back to me,laksh, laksh..I love you
She screamed but no word came out of her mouth. She saw both them walking in other direction hand in hand, away from her. She is loosing him. NO. Suddenly, she started feeling dizzy and within seconds, her body touched the ground but her eyes are still pleading for him to come back.
After all, first love is first love.

SWASAN – Acceptance

Sanskar pulled swara into in his embrace. That evening is theirs because it’s their engagement.
Sanskar: a small pose for paparazzi
Swara: sure my dear MAHESWARI.


Sanskar: so tell me about swara gadodia, a child
Swara: nothing much, a naughty girl. I miss my dida and Nana ji

Swara opened her mouth wide, still not believing what her eyes just saw.
Swara: dida
Dida: shoru!!

After few hours
Dida: I am really happy that laksh called me
Swara: laksh?
Dida: yeah laksh
Swara smiled brightly for his help.
Dida: I did get a threatening call when me and your nana ji were on your parents case.
The hall suddenly became silent
Sanskar: who?
Dida: ram Prasad MAHESWARI!
The world around him collapsed.

Sanskar reached for his ringing mobile in his side pocket still smiling. The expression on his face changed from smile to silence to emotionless to pain after receiving the call. Swara simply stared him.

Credit to: Sree harini

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  1. Lovely ( FF Broken heart)

    Oh no I hope it’s a dream, Laksh cannot do this to Ragini 🙁 I’m on verge of crying yaar 🙁 I cannot wait now, I will wait for your update every day ( that not change from the daily lol)

    1. Hello everyone, I am very lazy right now to take your names but yeah I am alive..sree is alive. I seriously don’t know that I am capable of sleeping this much until I started taking my medicines..of course I do sleep for 18hoursif I try but these tablets are dragging it to 20

      So, I didnt reply in personal because I Amy slip my tongue and reveal anything…so will meet you all soon by double update of raglak and lengthy update of SWASAN

      Oh my god! I seriously feel that you will kill me if I don’t take rest but see, I am sleeping for more than 13 hours..

  2. Sree take care!? I’ll pray 4 u?n thanks for the teaser! Hawww! how could Laksh do such a thing!! Anyways!Just take care of urselves?

  3. Thanks for this post but who told u to write. All have asked u to take rest so take gud rest. We have a lot patience. We will wait.Now this is a warning my sis so dont take stress and get well soon.love u and plzzz take rest .

  4. Whoa! !!!! Awesome teaser. .something which is really unexpected di. …how r u now. ..take care n take rest……
    …..I hope laksh n anusha ‘s confession was only a dream for ragini n nothing happens as such….
    ….swasan engagement yeehhh. …

  5. Oh wow sree so u r planning for swasan engagement …….oh I’m so damn excited is ek news ne sab Kuch bhula diya….. I’m so so so happy…. Haha ?

    1. I did inform previously that I will treat you with SWASAN engagement….don’t be so excited because that will be the only happiest event because everything turns upside down after that.

      1. Sree sachme saara excitement tension me badal gaya ? ab aage kya ?

      2. Be excited girl..more intense scenes of SWASAN..yaya

  6. Eagerly waiting for raglak second Love. I have not read swasan acceptance. But after my exams surely I will read. M damn sure it is fab.
    I think its ragini ‘s dream that she is going to loose laksh in raglak second Love.

  7. Hi Sree How r u..?? i feel bed when u say that u r single child.. but that is not ur choice..??/ but u have so many siblings n friends here dear.. whenever u feel alone u can say any of us.. we r here for u.. always remember that.. ok ??
    n about teaser.. wt is happening..??
    is this a next hint wt is gonna happened next..??

    1. I did reply to your comment girl..it didn’t get uploaded I guess and I really don’t feel bad about being a single child now and of course, I know I have you all for me…love you.

  8. Teaser of both the ffs r rocking.About Anusha and Laksh ,i have an ardent feeling that it’s Ragini’s imagination.
    Get well soon dear.Take care of yourself properly.Do u loathe medicines or is it ok with u??????
    I am on cloud nine after recieving Sanky’s hanky.Everything seems so beautiful and bright after recieving hanky from my beloved Sanskaar….lol(Talking like love struck teenage).
    Love u ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    1. Lol needhi..I seriously feel bad for you. You did change your email ID but still TU gave you that annoying green emblem..
      Love you too.

  9. Oh no i don’t want this to happen for raglak… Please make it a dream and if it’s not a dream then how is this even possible

  10. I hope its dream of rag n then they come close…… N god knows y my sanku all the time….. Update fast dr

  11. sree harini ji aap rest lijiye…thik hona sabse imp hai..

  12. I hope nthng happened like this i hope it is a dream if lucky will get back anusha then wht abt ragini…..

  13. awww u r wndrful writer.. I also think that its ragini’s dream… welll take care and rest and get well soon..

  14. Interesting teaser and eagerly waiting for next episode.Plz plz plz update next part soon.

  15. Come on.. Let it b a dream.. I felt lyk someone stabbed my heart. Laksh can’t do that…

  16. intresting teaser of acceptence please continue soon……..

  17. Typhoid??????????????????

    Shreeeeee…………………. I really dnt know abt dis….sorrrrryyyyyyyyyy……..take a proper rest………………take care of urself………………..get welllll soooon dear…….

    1. Hey joya, I am alive…no need for any sorry.will surely her well soon. Do they u want topresceivlr something like Dr. Anjali…
      I would be looking forward for that Dr.joya??

  18. Sree harini i am priyu i am your one of the biggest fan, first time i am commenting on tu i am fan of your writing skills .
    Actullay i am a silent reader of ur ff and other ff too . Akka nenu kuda hyderabadi …. after reading ur comment on anjali di’s ff u became my icon (dont even dare to think it as sympathy ) actually this comment is for a purpose that is world’s most beautifull thing FRIENDSHIP . Actually every time i was betrayed in the name of friendship but still i consider friendship as most beautifull thing of the world . I have no friends except one but she is far away from me . When i said about u to my mom the first thing she said is make her ur friend . U may have got like this comments many times but this a special one please will you accept me as your friend *fingers crossed*. Coming to the teaser raglak : omg lucky can’t do that swasan :dida my all time favorite and typhoid same pinch akka me too *pouts*please say to anjali di and anu di to become my friends na please please . You know from yestarday my mom is eating my head for every 5 minutes she is asking me only one question “did sree harini accepted your friendship ? ” you will become my friend na *puppy dog eyes* if ur answer is no dont worry i wont feel bad i will always belive u as my icon

    1. Hey Priya…nice to see a hydrabadi girl. Actually ga neeku reply type chesa but current poindi, rain. You know..

      You don’t need to cross your fingers because you are my friend dear and I will be really happy to make the one but Akka..NO!!! please.

      Oh God! You are also suffering.wish you a speed recovery..dear and I won’t say anything about your comment on fictions because I may slip my tongue.

      1. Actually i am very very younger . U cant imagine my age . Tension tisukoku nenu niku akka piluvanu and about my typhoid uffff what to say u know i am jumping right now i didnt jump this much even whem i got 1 rank in my annual because u replied me , thanks sree ( no akka ) for accepting me as ur friend even anu di replied me

      2. Sooo cuteee priyu!!!

        I havent read the teaser yet…. Came right to the end of the page… But Priyu, I think ur really young…

        And don’t worry!! I will be ur friend… U don’t have to ask!! 🙂 🙂

      3. Anjali di thank you so so so so so so much . Sorry i didnt see ur reply i have fever mum is not allowing me to touch the phone

      4. So sweet of you pritu and take care because I know how typhoid is

  19. Sree take care of urself dear…take proper rest…Get well soon…We all will wait for u..take care dear..☺?

  20. Swasan engagement.. wow

  21. Thanks 4 d teasser buddy……n tak care of ur health….love u…

  22. Engagement! ❤ wow. I dont read da Raglak FF. But now I’ve to read it. I’m so lazy. How many chapters dear I’ve to read! *pouts*

    A lovely teaser. Take care. Typhoid? Seriously? You have to take care of ur health first! So stick to your bed. Its an order!

    1. 18 my dear sissy.. You don’t know that I was suffering from typhoid… It’s okay and I strictly follow your order.
      Wanna talk to you and everyone here but I am feeling tired. Please forgive me for not being active.

      1. Hey I also didn’t read till now but now will surely but after this day… Agar ma ko pata chala abhi online hoon bhukamp aayega ?

  23. It’s OK pls take rest dear sree waiting for u

  24. What typhoid… I simply checked ur teaser…read joya’s comment got to knew about this….?????
    Kutty take care urself …what is this…yaar
    Plz z take rest…don’t come here again..samjaa..

    1. Okay mumma..I will take care..please don’t beat me…lol..I heard about your grandmother’s demise and very sorry for that. I wish and pray God to give you strength to get out of this.

      Now it’s okay if you don’t read my previous episode ..and engagement, I promised that I will show it in my story..

  25. Actually I was bcy with some family … Didn’t read ur prev few epi…new twist..? Awaiting part is thier engagement
    Anyway plz take rest Dr……love u

  26. Sree missing u badly ? want to cry now .

  27. Dear sree sorry for late enquiry I just want to ask you k na bcoz its been long read from you anyways be k .tc

  28. When will you post sree waiting!!!

  29. i misssss uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  30. Plz post second love!!!

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