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I know you all are waiting for raglak. Just bear this one. Later, I will shower you with raglak.

Sanskar nodded his head in no.
Sanskar: I think it is not good for you to run in this state.
Initially swara narrowed her eyes but soon she got his words and smiled. She then slowly caressed her expanded belly.
Swara: I am sorry
He smiled and both descended the steps hand in hand while driver brought their lugagges in.
Ragini ran towards swara and hugged her tightly. She felt like atleast she had someone to share her feeling with now. Swara gripped her sister tightly showing her possessiveness and love in that. Mean while sujatha, Annapurna hugged sanskar and started sobbing. His eyes became wet too seeing his family.
Sujatha: you became so thin sanskar. But don’t worry you will gain weight quickly.
Everyone smiled but ragini didn’t leave her hug.
Swara: what are you doing here?
Immediately ragini broke her hug and turned towards Annapurna.
Ragini: ma! I think we must inform papa about sanskar ji’s arrival.
SWASAN became numb for a minute but later they felt happy as ragini got married to the same family.
Ram Prasad , durga Prasad and aadarsh who were descending steps, paused for a moment seeing sanskar. Sanskar ran towards them and hugged ram tightly.
Ram: sanskar!!
It is the name that ram had forgot to spell out and sanskar craved for three years to listen. They stood hugging each other for few minutes. Aadarsh even joined them. Sanskar and durga Prasad’s eyes locked for a moment but dp trailed off. Sanskar bowed to touch his feet but durga Prasad simply blessed him and moved forward.
Sanskar is very much involved in with his family members until he heard a voice.
Uttara: you have again proved that you don’t love me.
Sanskar turned to her.
Sanskar: oh! So what did make you feel in that way?
Uttara: because you didn’t…
Her words were interrupted when sanskar hugged her tight and kissed her forehead.
Sanskar: I can’t even ignore you kitty.
Uttara narrowed her eyes listening him.
Uttara: kitty!! How many times did I say you not to call me like that
Saying this, she started running back of sanskar.
Sansjar: I am sorry uttara. Please pardon your brother
Uttara: no way
Sanskar bumped into laksh who came downstairs listening some noise.
Laksh: SA..sanskar!!
Sanskar stood for a minute to realize the moment
Sanskar: lucky!!
Laksh: bhai..when did you come? Why didn’t you inform us before coming? where were you these many days. Nor even a single phone call? Did you ever miss me?
Sanskar: lucky…
Laksh: leave it bhai..you are always the same.atleast do you have the idea of how much u missed your side when I was..

Laksh stopped realizing that he is about to speak his girlfriend cum ex wife.
Sanskar: I am sorry lucky. Please forgive me as you always do and I promise that I will never leave you all.
Laksh: enough of your drama now.
Sanskar: drama!
Laksh sighed and immediately hugged sanskar. Ragini is totally shocked to see laksh in this shade.
Laksh:so where is my bhabhi?? Swara right!
Sanskar: hmm..so you didn’t forget her name.
Laksh: no..where is she?
Swara: I am here
She shouted and laksh turned to her but immediately narrowed his eyes.
Laksh: I thought that you brought my bhai back bhabhi but no.
Swasan raised their eyebrows.
Laksh: you brought my bhai back as a father.
Sanskar smiled a bit while laksh winked.
Laksh: so who will be that
Sanskar: boy
Swara: no girl
Sujatha: enough ..you all go to your respective works and ha sanskar go to your room along with swara.
Everyone dispersed from the hall. Swara is pulled back by sujatha.
Sujatha: we have accepted sanskar it doesn’t mean that we…I have accepted you. Member that.
Swara gulped and left the place. She tried to trace out sanskar but failed in the Manison.
Parineta: for whom.are you searching
The unexpected voice made swara to jump a little but but soon she composed.
Swara: sanskar’s room.
Parineta gave her directions and left.
Sanskar entered he room and became emotional seeing it. His memories knocked the door of his heart and he sat on the bed until he heard his wife’s voice
Swara: what is this sanskar? How can you leave me alone?
Nothing went into sanskar’s ears but he hugged her. Swara started rubbing his back when felt him shivering.
Swara: sanskar
Sanskar: hmm
Swara: are you alright?
Soon she realised that it is a stupid question to be asked.
Sanskar: yeah swara but became emotional. I guess bade papa is still angry with me.
Swara smiled at his words.
Swara: no one can be angry with you for much time. Everything will get to their places.
Sanskar broke his hug and cupped her face.
Sanskar: did you take your tablets?
Swara made a face which angered him.
Sanskar: you will never change.
Swara: same as you.
After taking medicines , swara stood up to leave but sanskar stopped.
Swara: I need to spend time with ma, badi ma, bhabhi and ragini…ragini!
Sanskar: OK you can spend time with them but be careful.
Swara quickly came our of the room to check ragini. She had many questions running in her mind regarding their marriage.
Seeing his room, sanskar went to his past. It was during M.B.A first year that he saw swara who was studying CSE in the same college. He met her through a common friend and soon became close friends but during the end of semister, she proposed him and he immediately accepted as he also planned to propose her. Everything went fine till swara’s wedding was finilaised. She said that she would end her life if she won’t get married to him. So he dared to disclose about his love to his family and he finally succeeded but his bade papa reluctantly disapproved it as he had already promised one of his friends about sanskar marrying his daughter. He tried hard to convince him but it didn’t seem to work. Even his badi ma, ma, papa noone accepted it. He knew that they won’t accept because it was something which they didn’t expect their son to do. Only laksh was by his side and he had met swara twice. Laksh kept him boosting so that he might become normal but before of the day of wedding, swara called him saying that she was going to end her life. He immediately went to her and tried to convince but failed. So he had to choose another option. He went to his home and met durga Prasad alone in the study and requested him by saying swara’s condition but silence was the answer. not having any other way, he eloped with her and stayed at one of his friend’s house and later shifted to banglore as swara got job on campus there. He too shifted his job from Jaipur, where he was selected oncampus to banglore. Initially, depression and silence filled his day and night as he never thought of standing aganist his family but swara was the one who healed him. The decision they took might be the result of heat of emotions but swara stood beside him as a family. She behaved like a mother, father, sister and wife. So he decided to give her the happiness from which she departed. He can be he only with swara. She knew how to handle him infact she can read him very well than himself. Swara always stood at the place of peace for him. Her smile lightened his day. She always acted as a good wife and now it is the time for him to return. He is pretty confident that even his family will accept her .
He looked around his room and sighed.
Swara almost peeped into every room of the manison but was unable to find ragini. So she made her way to kitchen .
Swara: bhabhi.. Do you know where ragini is?
Parineta: she will be back by 5:00
Swara: back?
Parineta: yeah..she works in cafe.
Swara: cafe? What’s the need for the work in cafe being a daughter in law of durga Prasad MAHESWARI..
Parineta laughed at swara’s words.
Swara: why are laughing at me?
Parineta pulled her cheeks.
Parineta: just like that. Accha what do you want to eat? Don’t hesitate to ask.
Swara: what!
Parineta: I mean I will fulfill your every wish in preparing dishes that are your favorite. I can do this much for my son right?
Swara: son?
Before parineta could speak anything, sanskar joined them.
Sanskar: bhabhi..she is a perfect example of tube light. Your words must be clear and direct otherwise she will eat your brain till she understands .
Swara narrowed her eyes and glared him.
Swara: I am not tube light okay!.
Sanskar: you are
Swara: see bhabhi..your brother in law always teases me..
Parineta laughed aloud seeing swara’s cute face.
Annapurna, who is present In the kitchen from the start of the conversation, too laughed at her.
Swara: accha..now say me. Who is the son about whom you were talking about?.
Parineta and sanskar looked at each other and bursted our laughing.
Swara: you are changed sanskar.
Sanskar tapped her tip of nose.
sanskar: I am always the same. By the way you look cute when you turn red.
Swara left the place making a face.
Parineta: okay sanskar..I will be back in half an hour
Sanskar: where are you going bhabhi? Should I drop you?
Parineta: it’s okay sanskar. I am going to school to give lunch to ansh
Sanskar: ansh…oh ansh..I guess he is five years now
Annapurna: yes..you must see his naughtiness. He is same like you and your ladla brother.
Sarcasm in Annapurna’s voice made parineta and Sanskar laugh
Parineta: ma is true..anyway I leave now.
Parineta left the place
Sanskar: ma!
Annapurna: hmm
Sanskar went to her and made her face him.
Sanskar: how is swara ma. How did you find her?
Annapurna: at first I thought that the feeling you had for swara was just infatuation but after seeing you both, I realised that I was wrong. I can eaisly say that you are happy with her and she knows to make you happy. Regarding acceptance, it will take time sanskar.
Sanskar smiled and is about to leave but Annapurna interrupted him.
Annapurna: but ragini’s sister.. might help her to get a place in everyone’s heart eaisly.
Sanskar looked puzzled but he left the place silently

Ram Prasad came early to spend his time with his son. on the other hand, sujatha didn’t leave Sanskar even for a second. She kept clingling to him and almost filled his stomach with his favourites during lunch.
Ram and Sanskr were in sanskar’s room.
Ram: where is swara?
Sanskar: she is getting fresh papa.
Ram: I can imagine how hard it might be for you to stay away from us but I promise you that I will never loose you sanskar. I am even ready to move out of this place if bhaisa raises any question about you.
Sanskar: I think my absence made everyone bold. But it’s nice to see you like this.
Ram: yes sanskar. Laksh followed your steps in love.
Sanskar: what!
Ram: yes. He went aganist bhai and finally got married to the girl he loved.
Sanskar: love marriage..that too lucky. Bade papa had accepted…what a change papa.
Sanskar is shocked rather than being surprised.
Ram: yeah but..
His words were cut of by sujatha.
Sujatha: sanskar.. I made your favourite snacks. Comeon now, eat them.
Sanskar: seriously!! I mean I ate so much in lunch which is enough for me till tomorrow’s breakfast. I can’t mom.
Sujatha: don’t complain sanskar. You need to eat
Swara came out of the washroom getting dressed in night suit.
Sanskar: swara will eat behalf of me..after all she is my better half
Swara: what..no way.
Sujatha turned her face to other side and it didn’t go out of his notice.
Ram: accha swara..I forgot to ask you. In how many moths will my grand daughter will be in my lap?
Swara:( blushes) in two months papa. I am in seventh month.
Sanskar: this is not fair.
Ram and swara: what!
Sanskar: I mean papa., don’t you want a grand son instead of daughter?
Ram: I am fed up seeing males in our family.
Sujatha: you are right ji. Even I am with your father.
Swara smiled seeing her mother In law as she got a company who just thinks like her.
Swara: yes ma!
Sujatha stood up to leave while sanskar held her hand.
Sanskar: don’t you want to feed your son.
Enough! Sujatha melted for his words and then fed sanskar.
Soon ram and sujatha left the room.
Swara: I think ma is not comfortable with me.
Sanskar: don’t worry dear. She is just like you..so I am confident that you both will become best sas bahu Jodi who will be fighting all the time.
Swara: may be..what!
Sanskar winked which irritated swara.
Sanskar: stop making faces now. Eat these.
Swara: I don’t want to.
Sanskar: but my son wants..
Swara started eating the left over snacks and in middle she turned to him.
Swara: not son..okay
Sanskar smiled at her.

Laksh came home exhausted but all his worried vanished seeing swara and sanskar. Everyone are at dining table. Swara is with ragini.
Swara: I really didn’t expect that we both will get married to same house.
Ragini: yes didi.
Swara: how are ma, papa, da..
Ragini smile faded away but she composed.
Ragini: they are still angry on you. But don’t worry everything will be alright.
Sanskr: angry!! I thought that they will be happy that finally the most nuisance girl left the place.
Ragini: you can’t say that to her. My sister is a good girl
Sanskar:( sarcastically) Yeah..I know how good and silent your sister is
Swara: don’t listen to your jiju..he always love to tease me.
Swara observed some kid hiding behind ragini.
Swara: who is he?
Ragini turned to him and made him sit in her lap
Ragini: ansh..aadarsh bahyya’s son.
Swara tried to pull his cheeks but he turned his face. he looked at her as if she is some alien..
Sanskar: hi ansh..bhabhi, your son has grown up.
Uttara came down stairs along with laksh.
Uttara: don’t scare that poor fellow bhai.
Sanskr: achha..I will scare you then.
Uttara: no way.
Meanwhile ansh ran towards laksh. sanskar followed him and tried to touch and ansh clutched laksh’s shirt tightly.
Laksh: he is your chacha ansh, just like me.
Ansh turned to sanskar inspecting him from top to bottom.
Ansh: chacha!
Sanskar: hmm
Ansh: then where were you all these days?
Everyone became silent listening him
Laksh: actually chacha went to meet his aunt, just like you go to meet your nana, Nani during vacation.
Ansh: but summer vacation will be for one month
Sanskar: yes because you are kid. I am very much older to you so I will have three years.
Ansh: three years..ma. Did you listen that! I want to grow up faster now
Sanskar: you will champ
He said caressing his hair
Ansh: so you are my chacha!
Sanskar: hmm
Laksh: but he will be a good friend of you.
Ansh: promise?
Sanskar smiled and gave him a chocolate.
Sanskar: promise
Ansh grabbed the chocolate and ran to aadarsh.
Ansh: papa..I got two friends. Laksh chacha and sanskar chacha.
Ragini: then how about me ansh?
Ansh looked at ragini who was pouting and thought for a while.
Ansh: you are my girl friend.
Sanskar, swara and ragini opened their mouth while others laughed.
Parineta: I said you before that ansh shares your’s and laksh’s genes.
She pointed sanskar and laksh.
Laksh: why are you dragging me in between?
Uttara: perfect bhabhi. Ansh is more like laksh bahyya than sanskar bhai.
Laksh: oh hello..this person looks innocent but the things he do are just unimaginable.
Sanskar: I am so innocent.
Swara: I know how innocent you are. I agree with you laksh.
Laksh: yes bhabhi..we both are a pair
They both shared a high five.
Swara: even my daughter too.
Everyone smiled but Annapurna’s eyes welled up with happiness

Credit to: Sree harini

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