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Your love defeated my writers bloak and finally I wrote this part. Enjoy reading.

Few days passed and everything is becoming normal. It was not new to the walls of the Manison hearing the arguments about sanskar and then everything getting normal after few days but sadly, this time they were wrong. A postman arrived the Manison when everyone are at the breakfast table. Everyone remained silent as they knew that from where it came. Ram Prasad gestured parineta to bring the letter. sujatha’s eyes welled up seeing sanskar maheswari written on the top of it.
Ragini frowned as she is confused by the scene but soon she came out of the thoughts when her fingers pained because of touching spicy curry.
Ragini: ouch!
Annapurna: what happened beta?
Ragini: nothing ma

Parineta observed her fingers
Parineta: what happened to your fingers?
Ragini: nothing bhabhi.
Parineta: I guess you are injured. Let me help you in eating.
Ragini: it’s okay bhabhi. I will manage With spoon.
But parineta didn’t seem to listen her words, she sat beside her and started feeding ragini. At first, ragini felt uncomfortable but later she gave up as she is soft at heart. Tears came to her eyes seeing the affection of her bhabi. Laksh observed everything but payed least attention.
Soon everyone left for their officies. Sujatha entered her room with the letter and tears started flowing from her eyes. She was only one in the Manison to read that letter from three years. Initially sanskar had called many a times to everyone in their family but because of durga Prasad’s decision, noone dared to attend it. Later sanskar started sending letters to their house. At first, durga Prasad used to tear it but from past six months, he is just ignoring them. Sujatha collected the torn pieces and used to read by joining them but now, she didn’t had that difficulty. His letters always had stated apologize for his behaviour and there was a special message for every member of the family.

She sighed looking at the from address on the envelope. At first she ignored her son as she was equally annoyed as every other in the family but her heart melted within two months. After all she is his mother. Even though she knew that his son stays in BANGLORE, she never dared to call him or visit him. It was not fear but respect towards the head of the family but the frustration inside her bursted out when the so called head has fixed laksh’s marriage with his girl friend. Yet, she remained silent but the volcano finally erupted when ragini was married to laksh. Sujatha placed the envelope on the table thinking that she would read it in her free time.

Laksh is deeply involved in thoughts about ragini. Till now he thought that she hated only him but not the entire caste of men. he felt so wierd about her behaviour but his experience didn’t let him to think beyond anything the way he assumed women. The day had been a very long one for him as he had back to back meetings till midnight and moreover seeing HER on his way to home resulted in headache.
Laksh felt something fishy when he entered home because no member in the family wakes up till late night but today everyone are. He became erect listening someone screaming and it didn’t take more time to guess that it was his chacha.
Ram: bhaisa! Are you serious about this?

Durga Prasad: yes ram!
His voice is nearly audiable.
Laksh became annoyed seeing everyone but his gaze froze at ragini who is pale which said him that this matter was going on from hours.
Sujatha: thanks for understanding us.
Annapurna: he is my son even.
Laksh: ragini!
Ragini became alarmed listening his annoyed voice.
Laksh: will you follow me to my room?
Her eyes widened but she simply nodded in yes. soon they both reached their room leaving shocking faces behind.
Laksh: what happened?
Ragini: discussion laksh ji! Since the minute I entered the house.
Laksh: what!
Ragini: it’s about bringing your cousin to home
He rolled his eyes for her words as the arugements became common from the day ragini’s proposal came to this house. He went to washroom to get fresh

Ragini laid on the couch but her mind kept repeating all the words that she listened. The arugements regarding sanskar brought her sister’s memories. Infact of being two years elder to Her, they both never behaved like sisters. Everyone in the family admired and loved them equally and his dad, once who was her role model always stood by their side in all the masti and pranks they played. When she was studying second year of her B.Sc, her sister’s marriage was fixed. Everyone in the family were happy but everything shattered in a minute. She eloped before wedding day leaving her dad shattered. Dadaji has forbid to take her name and even said that noone will make any relation with her but still ragini loved her sister every much.
Ragini: didi.
She was so involved in her thoughts that she didn’t even notice laksh staring at her. Laksh literally opened his mouth seeing her facial expressions which she made while thinking. He shook his head and went to his side of bed and switch off the main lights but sleep didn’t come so eaisly. The only thing kept running in his mind is ragini! Yes, why did he asked only her about the arugement when there are his mother and bhabhi to answer him. Why did all the frustration and anger vanished seeing her face? Why did he start feeling peaceful in her presence.? He closed his eyes and then opened again.
Laksh:( to himself) because you are used to her presence. That’s it Lakshya. It’s time to sleep now.
With that, he closed his eyes and soon fell asleep.

Durga Prasad entered his study and started walking to the study table. He sat for few minutes being silent in a dim light and took mobile from his pocket. He then opened the dail pad and his fingers started trembling to dail the very much familiar number but finally he did. Someone received the call.
Voice: hello
Durga Prasad remained silent.
Voice: hello!
He still remained silent and is trying to feel the essence of that voice which he missed to the hell in these years.
Voice: Bade papa
His eyes immediately welled up. This is what he want to listen. The voice had the same magic, same affection towards him even after three years.
Durga Prasad: sanskar!
The coldness in his voice remained as a barrier for one minute and silence tried to bring their hearts closer.
Sanskar: papa
Durga Prasad: everyone here are waiting for you.

Sanskar: I will try to start for next flight
Durga Prasad: don’t forget to bring daughter in law of maheswaris’.
He heard him smiling and before sanskar could speak anything, he disconnected the call. Relief flushed his body. He didn’t know how much time he spent sitting there but after few hours, he opened the letter from the envelope which he theft from sujatha’s room and read it for 20th time.

Everyone gathered at dining table. Ragini raised her lashes from the plate looked around in frustration. She then again started eating but she drank water multiple times.
Parineta: this is favourite dish of laksh and aadarsh bhayya.
Ragini smiled but she drank water again when a groundnut stuck in her throat. She always disliked eating roast peanuts and her sister was to suffer because she always transferred her but she didn’t find anyone so close here. No doubt she is considering them as a family but still her heart didn’t open doors wide to let them in. Soon she finished her breakfast and went to store room to get few utensils that were asked by her mother in law. Laksh went to their room.
Annapurna is too busy in cleaning the table when she heard some footsteps approaching her. Her eyes dilated seeing a familiar person walking in along with a girl beside him.
Sujatha: sanskar!!

Everyone’s attention turned to the entrance to see sanskar, the ladla son of the house.
Sanskar: ma, badi ma.
He gave a smile to the girl following him. They were about to step forward but his forehead frowned. He turned to his wife and whispered pointing ragini.
Sanskar: what is your sister doing here?
Immediately she turned and two pairs of eyes met. Ragini became numb seeing the girl. It felt like God has listened to her prayers and fulfilled her wish. Her eyes dilated in happiness and she screamed.
Ragini: swara didi!!
Swara is about to run downstairs but stopped by an arm infront of her. She turned to sanskar and gave him a puzzled look.

Sanskar nodded his head horizontally.

NOTE: I know that this part has only about swara and sanskar but they are important. The next episode will also be swasan. For here, the real fun starts.

Credit to: Sree harini

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