RAGLAK- Second love (6)

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No update tomorrow from my side friends. Writers block. I hope you understand. If possible, I will update tomorrow night or Wednesday early hours.
This is just a filler and not proof read.

Laksh opened his eyes when intense rays touched his face. lazily, he got up from the bed and went to balcony but the position of sun said him that it is almost noon. He sighed and went to washroom to get fresh. He opened the shower and let the water to drain the thoughts in his brain but it didn’t work. He never thought that he would be able to manage such a deal but with ram Prasad’s help he finally did it. While returning to their hotel, he saw HER. God only knows why she always be back of him. But her laughter stabbed his heart. How can she be so happy after ruining a life? The thought increased his frustration. He tried lot of things to distract but of no use. He came home late at night and was utterly shocked seeing ragini sleeping on the bed. Without saying any word, he went to his side on bed and leaned to headrest. She looked no less than any angel for him. Her innocent face which was bathed in the moon rays held some special charm which he had never experience. Her smile in deep sleep made him smile. Her pleasent face without any stress took away his frustration and after many days, he slept peacefully.
Laksh:( to himself) but why did ragini sleep on the bed when she usually sleeps on the couch. It means that she is not comfortable with me. But why?
” stupid question” his heart said.
He agreed with his heart and went downstairs after getting fresh.
The rest of the day, he spent in study along with his father in front discussing things about their business. Laksh himself felt a bit wiered because he never planned to enter business and administration but he did. He did because he wanted to keep himself busy. He wanted to be busy because he didn’t had that strong heart to face the rejection if ragini and forget about the lady who crusged his heart.

Annapurna: parineta!! Did aadarsh go the station?
Parineta: ma! She is his sister. Don’t worry. He said that they were on the way and might reach home anytime.
Uttara: not reach bhabhi…reached.
She ran towards Annapurna and hugged her.
Uttara: I have missed you so much badi ma.
Annapurna: me too.
Uttara: what is this bhabhi you became so thin. I think bhai is not feeding you.
Parineta twisted uttara’s ear lobe when she winked
Parineta: dramebaaz
Uttara: sorry
Sujatha who came down after getting fresh exclamined.
Sujatha: uttara!!!
Uttara: ma
They both hugged each other.
Sujatha: how were you exams
Uttara: you proved that you are typical mom, mom!
Sujatha: it is my duty to ask..
Uttara: fine.
Later uttara wished her bade papa and papa..
Laksh: so finally the chirpy bird is back.
Uttara: yes!!
Laksh: well…I am really afraid of everyone now. After all you came.
Uttara’s nose scrunched and she immediately ran after him. In that process, she bumped into ragini.
Ragini: I am sorry.
Uttara: I am sorry.
Ragini narrowed her eyes and looked around to find someone who can answer her.
Uttara: ragini bhabhi..right!
She nodded with a smile.
Uttara: I am your nanad bhabhi..daughter of RAM Prasad maheswari. Actually I was unable to come to the wedding because of my boards.
Ragini: oh!
Ragini simply smiled and left to get room.
Laksh, when entered their room, saw his wife struggling with books. The expressions on her face showed that she was a studious girl.
Laksh: CSIR..right!
Ragini: yes.
But her voice is a bit tensed.
Laksh: is everything okay?
Ragini: no..I am not able to…
She sighed while laksh saw opposite to her.
Laksh: I might have helped you but as you see, I am very poor at chemistry.
Ragini raisd her eyebrows.
Ragini: but that isnt that difficult too.
Laksh: I tried hard to pass in my inter baords and then I never opted it.
Ragini smiled at him.
laksh: fine then. Prepare well for exam.
Ragini is surprised for his wishes but didn’t show any emotion.

Ragini came out the cafe and startled seeing laksh.
Ragini: what are you doing here?
Laksh sighed and stepped into the car and gestured her to get in. She immediately followed him.
Laksh: actually papa has asked me to pick up you. So..
Ragini: oh!
Laksh: coffee?
She wanted to say no but her body showed opposite to it. Soon they reached to a cafe. Ragini read the whole menu twice and looked up from the card to see laksh. He is still reading it
Ragini: would you mind if I order?
She asked him being famished.
Laksh: never
Ragini ordered two espresso and some snacks for her. They didn’t converse much and silence engulfed them
Laksh: why do you work at cafe?
Ragini stopped sipping the coffee and raised her lashes. She sighed and resumed to her work
Laksh: I am sorry. I must have not asked.
He shook his head and enjoyed his coffee. Suddenly, ragini felt bad for treating him ill. She may not accept him as her husband but can atleast consider as a human. So she parted her lips to reply.
Ragini: actually, papa is an ordinary employee and it is really hard to survive with single salary. I aspired to become a research scientist but I cannot be a burden to him..so..
She took a bite of biscuit and raised her head. He is already staring her with confused expression.
Ragini: so..I just started a part time job.
Laksh: but that is not answer to my question.
She narrowed her eyes.
Laksh: why are you still working.
Ragini gulped hard listening him. How can she say that it is because if him that she is still doing the job. How can she explain her pain to him when he is also a man who always love to be arrogant and dominating.
Ragini: I..I…just live to be independent and earn for myself
And she knew it is wrong. Laksh smiled at her and again silence filled them. Ragini stood to return to car after paying bill. She took two steps forward and suddenly felt someone behind her. She turned her head and saw laksh close to her. At first, her heart raced but she walked forward ignoring it. He followed her and his body is almost touching her back.
Ragini: why are you following me?
Laksh stared into her eyes and frowned. He then turned them to see few men walking on road.
Laksh: will you please keep quite for few minutes
His voice is replete with dominance and Anger and caring?
Ragini:( to herself) men are men. So arrogant.
She reached the car and he waited till she got into it. Later he too got inside the car and drove off to manison. Ragini didn’t even care to ask reason for his wiered behaviour and he too seemed equally uninterested. After reaching the house, laksh again followed her till her room. Now she is totalky annoyed by his behaviour but didn’t show it up.
Without talking to him, she went to washroom to get fresh up. It is then she saw her dress torn somewhere at her back. She wondered how it torn but quickly remembered how she felt something stuck to her dress while getting up from chair in cafe. A smile came on her face remembering laksh’s concern and she cursed herself for thinking him bad. She came out of the washroom wearing casual clothes and saw a note on dressing table. It read
‘ I am sorry if I over reacted’.
She again smiled and went down for dinner. The dinner is quite as usual but before years, it was not the case. Laksh’s eyes involuntarily searched for his wife. She is busy in serving dishes. He stared at her for a minute or two but she didn’t even meet her eyes with his. Suddenly his thoughts drowned to the moment he saw her dress torn. Seeing few men around and her carelessness, his anger heightened and secured her but later felt bad because he knew that she is already uncomfortable with him and he made it more awkward.
Annapurna: sit dear. Have your dinner. I will ask ramesh to serve.
Ragini nodded to her mother in law bit for the first time, her cheeks turned red while sitting beside him. She didn’t even look at his hand.
That night, ragini came to the room early so that she can escape from laksh and the embarrassment. By the time laksh entered, ragini is fast asleep. It hurted him but for no reason, he felt like apologizing her and slept thinking the ways.

Ragini woke up in the morning and turned towards bed but to her surprise, he is not there. She felt bad bit brushed it off and went to balcony. There she saw a plate of jalebies with a small note. He leaned to the table to read it
Ragini: I am sorry. Please talk to me. Atleast smile
Ragini smiled seeing it.
Laksh: thank god you smiled.
He appeared from no where and age immediately lowered her eyes.
Laksh: I am sorry ragini. I must have not reacted overly. Please pardon me.
Ragini still kept examining the floor.
Laksh: please.
Ragini: how can..I..talk? I..I ..mean it is so…so..embarrassing.
Laksh let a sigh of relief.
Laksh: please forget that.
How can she forget the care that he shown to her but she need to and she will.
Ragini: how did you get to know that jalebies are my favorite?
Laksh smriked which soon turned into smile.
Laksh: your mom.
Ragini’s face became dull and he observed it. As he is a smart guy, he changed the topic.
Laksh: come on now. Eat them fast. They are hot and I am really trying hard to surpress my temptation.
She gave him a bright smile and took one piece from it but stopped in middle.
Laksh: what happened now?
Ragini pursed her lips before answering Ragini: I didn’t brush.
Without meeting his eyes, she immediately ran to washroom. Laksh’s chuckle made her blush.
By the time she came out, he is sitting in the cradle waiting for her. She smiled at him and sat on chair beside him. Laksh gave her a piece. Her face became dull for a minute but she accepted it because deep inside her heart, she has started considering him as human.
They both emptied the plate under bright sunlight. Both ragini’s and laksh’s heart is light with some unexplained pleasure and it is the best morning after their marriage

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