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This a short update guys buy next one will be really longer. It is more of a family story and everything which happens changes ragini and laksh’s mind. For raglak scenes, you need to be patient

Ram Prasad kept pacing in his room while sujatha entered.
Ram: I am unable to take this anymore sujatha. If bhai thinks that he is right in his place then my son is also right.
Sujatha: I will bring him back in this house at any cost.
Ram: but…
His voice became weak as he was never taught to turn against his own family members.
Sujatha: ji..please don’t give back this time. And for that durga Prasad, Had he ever experienced isolation from his blood?
Ram: you are right but bhai is equally heart breaken as us in case of Lakshya
Sujatha: but he is still in front of our eyes unlike our son.
Ram is able to understand his wife’s affection because their son was really a God’s gift. When their son was in sujatha’s womb, she had attack of severe fits and many thought that she may get aborted but he survived. Due to that impact, everyone in the house pampered him a lot and he was Apple of everyone’s eye. Even laksya’s presence didn’t affect him. It’s not that laksh didn’t get his place but his son had a special place. But that love got disappeared in a minute of argument..
Sujatha: are you listening to me?
Ram: what?
Sujatha: nothing.
She is annoyed.

Durga Prasad: Annapurna!
Annapurna: ji.. Can I talk to you?
Durga Prasad let her get inside the study and closed the door behind. silence filled the distance between them for almost 5minutes. Durga Prasad bursted out when Annapurna placed his hand on his shoulder.
Durga Prasad: kill me!! Please kill me. I am unable to take this anymore.
Any wife might have stunned listening the words but that was Annapurna maheswari, who very well knew how to manage things and especially an expert in guessing her husband.
Annapurna: death is not the end and in your case, it is definitely not.
Durga Prasad: then what can I do?
Annapurna: call him home.
His eyes turned to red listening it.
Durga Prasad: are you in your senses?
Annapurna: yes
Durga Prasad: sorry Annapurna but I cannot fulfill your wish.
Annapurna: can I say something if you don’t mind?…earning a nod from him , she continued…. What’s the difference between you and him.
Durga Prasad: he went aganist me
Annapurna: I think three years of punishment is enough.
Durga Prasad: I was never aganist his wish Annapurna. I just didn’t want him to suffer in name of love.
Annapurna: then how about ragini?
Durga Prasad gulped.
Annapurna: say me, what about ragini? Didn’t you spoil her life in name of marriage.
Durga Prasad: I accept that I was wrong during sanskar and so I have accepted laksh’s love but..
Annapurna: few things are not in our hands. Why don’t you forgive sanskar?
Durga Prasad: when did I have been angry on him to forgive but he will never step into his house.
Annapurna frowned. He answered reading her state.
Durga Prasad: if he is really feeling guilty then he might have atleast tried to ask sorry for that.
Annapurna smiled at her his innocence. He might be a strong man to world but being his wife , only she knows him
Annapurna: I think someone from our family will always ignore the letters sent by him.
Durga Prasad choked and turned to her
Durga Prasad: leave me alone.

Laksh came home in the evening and directly went to his room. He saw ragini reading some books but he chooses to ignore them and went washroom.
Ragini is trying hard to mugup few formulas from the book. She is so involved in reading that she lost her senses for surroundings. Her twisted eyebrows, tensed expression, parted lips, her locks of hair which are disturbing her 3 times in a minute made a pair of eyes to stare at her.laksh smiled seeing her because it reminded him his brother who was also equally involved in reading as ragini
Her face became expression less seeing him.
Laksh: what is that you are reading?
Ragini: I am preparing for CSIR
Laksh exclamined in surprise.
Laksh: CSIR…seriously
Ragini felt inconvient because he is staring her as if she was some alien
Ragini: yeah!! But why?
Laksh: I heard from some of my friends that it is really difficult to pass that.
Ragini: yes
Laksh: so is this your first attempt?
Ragini opened her mouth but something struck in her mind. without giving a answer, she left to dining area.
Laksh:( to himself) no way laksh..she is uncomfortable around you. Don’t even dare to talk to her again.
His head started paining a lot thinking about ragini infact girls. He sat on his bed with his head sandwiched between his palms. But nothing helped. He stood up with a determined look as he got answer for his relief. He went to the dresser and took the album of his marriage. His eyes turned red seeing HER face and he took one the photo in which he was filling her hairline and then burned it. After few minutes, he felt like his head started becoming light and then he went downstairs.
Dining is too silent that day as everyone are trying to battle their own emotions.
Ragini went to her room after dinner and started arranging couch for sleep. The coil breeze which touched her cheeks, made her to go to balcony. For the first time, she thoroughly looked each and every corner of it. A spacious balcony with a small pots containing flower plants, an egg shaped cradle with two chairs and a table winned her heart. The coldness felt by her feet brought tickles which flew till her stomach. She steched her arms and inhaled deeply.
Laksh came inside the room and went to his side of bed after selecting one of the novels from his shelf. He leaned to headrest and started reading but soon is disturbed by some sound followed by a cry. He immediately got up and saw tears in ragini’s eyes. Nothing came into his mind, he immediately ran to her.
Ragini tried to blow air to her right hand fingers which are badly wounded while sliding the balcony doors. Laksh looked at her face and then at her hands. He immediately grabbed her wrist which startled her and before she could react, he dragged her Into the washroom. She felt relieved when cold water touched her fingers.
Laksh: what’s the need to close the door of balcony? Who has asked you to do that?
The concern in his voice made ragini numb.
Ragini:( to herself) huh? Is he really concerned for me?
Laksh brought first aid box and leaned on his knees beside her who is sitting on bed. He slowly started applying cream to her finger tips and even kept looking her face occasionally to read any traces of pain but being a reserved girl, she didn’t express anything. Unable to tolerate any silence, laksh spoke out.
Laksh: I think it is paining a lot. Please never be careless
Ragini immediately jerked her hands after bandaiding. He is expecting a sorry but is annoyed seeing her behaviour.
Laksh:( to himself) all girls are the same. Heartless!!
On addition to the situation, the room became dark indicating power cut. This annoyed ragini.
Laksh: I think it may take time. It would be better if you sleep…sleep on bed.
Ragini: no
Laksh: but why?
Silence is the answer for his question. He tried to sound authoritative.
Laksh: you are sleeping on bed. That’s final
Ragini: final! All men are the same. Everyone try to dominate a woman either by wealth, arrogance,attitude, proud of being a man and mainly thinking that every girl will fall for their lustful talks.
Laksh opened his mouth wide because this is not the answer for his question.
Ragini: I don’t know what happiness you all get by torturing a lady either physically or mentally. Why are you so proud of being a man. Yes I accept that our society gives high class for you but it doesn’t mean that you can force any girl to accept your wishes. I hate men. I hate the way they think that they are superior. I hate the way they take desicions of one’s life and force it on them. I hate the way they always seek only one thing from girl.
The volcano which she had tried to bury inside her heart erupted. Of course not completely but it made laksh smile.
Laksh crossed his arms near his chest.
Laksh: finished!
Ragini: oh! Sorry. I just blurted out my emotions to that caste whom I hate.
Her nose tip became pink which clearly stated her anger.
Laksh: what if I say that all girls are the same.
Ragini gave him a questioning look. He repeated the sentence but with confidence this time.
Laksh: what if I say that all girls are same. That every girl is a beautiful creation of God with heartless bodies, That they are really such kind of people who knew only cheating, That they are always at the back of money? That only they have the power to break a heart? Only women have the power to fake their feelings and they keep clinging to every men who occupied the highest class in society and they can eaisly change their feelings like a chamelion for one person.
Ragini’s fore head frowned with confusion.
Laksh: if I say that this is true then are you going to believe me?
Ragini nodded in no.
Laksh: everyone has different prospects about life according to their experiences and each individual is correct based on it. As I had never bashed women so you too don’t have any right to bash us.
Ragini pursed her lips and went to couch. Laksh ignored her and went to balcony. After few hours, the room lighted up and ragini saw some card type of thing lying on the ground near dressing table. She slowly went to it and picked it up. The half burnt image showed laksh filling a girl’s hairline. His words kept ringing in her ears.
Ragini: is he is that man who doesn’t include in my category of men??

Credit to: Sree harini

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      Sanskar and swara change ragini’s mind hence I am involving him more. Please don’t be angry with me. As I said, this is a family story and you will find their stories even but everything changes their mind. Ragini and laksh need to be shown mirrors now and they will be SWASAN.

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