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Few days passed in ragini and laksh’s life with silence acting as a mediator. Ragini became silent when she entered in her room and so Lakshya. But one thing has improved. Ragini has started talking with almost everyone in the family but ansh became close to her. She has slowly started realising that the members of her family were not that bad what she thought but still she had insecurity because everyone are new. Basically, she didn’t let her mind and heart open for them as she considers them for the reason of her destroy.
She went down stairs as usual after getting fresh.
Ragini: chachi ji! Do you need any help?
Sujatha: it’s okay ragini. I will do it by myself.
Ragini noticed some sarcasm but she ignored it because she is not bothered.
Adarsh: where is Laksh chachi?
Sujatha:how will I know?
Aadarsh: chachi!!

Laksh: what happened bhai?
Aadarsh: I heard that you are joining in the company
Laksh is about to speak something but durga Prasad cut his words.
Durga Prasad: yes aadarsh. I have asked him to join the company
Aadarsh: but San..
Durga Prasad: I have already said that he is no more a member of our family.
Everyone became quiet but ragini is utter shocked listening him.
Ragini:( to herself) whose name is forbidden? I thought that papa ji is different from other men but no he is still same..yes all men are same.
Any traces of respect that she has for her father in law were erased. Sujatha thought of countering but stopped seeing ragini there.
Ragini: I am getting late, bye papa ji
As soon as ragini left, ram Prasad questioned his brother.
Ram Prasad: I know bhayya that my son has done wrong and you let him go from the empire of maheswaris and I was by your side because you were right then but not now.
Laksh sighed and left the place.

Durga Prasad: ram, I was not wrong at that time and I am not wrong now even.
Sujatha:( sarcastically) yes bhaisa, you are always right. We both are such a dumb fellows that we are unable to notice that we are dreaming all the incidents that are happening infront of us.
Annapurna: sujatha. Please
Sujatha: why should I stop jiji? If he says that my son is wrong then he is also wrong. My son had forsaken this house for his love and this man has brought an innocent girl as a prey for his son. Both are selfish jiji
Durga Prasad closed his eyes for a moment in pain and when he opened them, only anger is visible.
Durga Prasad: enough sujatha! I think it would be better if you stop this here and…he turned to ram who is equally in rage as him…better you control your wife
He immediately started climbing the steps deciding to ignore the murmering of his brother and his wife. laksh encountered durga Prasad at the stairs but didn’t talk to each other.
Laksh: shall we bhai?
Aadarsh sighed seeing Annapurna and parineta before nodding to laksh and follow him.

Ragini entered the cafe as usual.

Riya: hey! I was waiting for you only
Ragini: for me?
Riya: guess what my brother has come back.
Ragini’s eyes widened in excitement which is even clear in her tone.
Ragini: really?
Riya: yes and yeah he also accepted to guide you for CSIR exam.
Ragini hugged riya.
Ragini: thank-you so much riya.
Riya: okay..ragini but please handle me with care. Your hug is crushing my bones.
Ragini broke the hug
Riya: and yeah I will bring some of his study material tomorrow.
Their conversation is disturbed by the servant.
Servant: mam. Sir is calling you.
Riya stood up in anger as it was not new to her.
Servant: not you mam.. Ragini mam
The eyes of both the girls widened listening. Ragini had started shivering badly.
Ragini: but why?

One can eaisly sense fear in her voice.
Servant: I think you know…..he paused…I advise you to leave this job.
Ragini gave a sad smile to him.
Ragini: I thought of giving it up after marriage but circumstances didn’t let me to..anyways I must go.
Her boss looked up from his laptop when he heard her voice asking for the permission. He simply gestured her to enter and take seat.
Ragini: sir
Her voice is replete with mixture of emotions like hate, fear, determination, sad, decision that every man is same.
Boss: well miss gado…oops Mrs MAHESWARI
He continued after seeing her closing her eyes in pain
Boss: i heard that riya’s brother is back and you are planning to take his help!
Ragini: yes sir
Boss: well even I know a person who deals with tutions of CSIR classes.
She wanted to reject his offer but sadly,study is her passion, her life so she asked him.
Ragini: will you help me in..
He smiled to her words and leaned to back in his chair

Boss: I thought that you are very well aware of my personality..anyways let me make you clear. Mrs. Maheswari, I am a man who is always desperate for rewards..so..
The seductiveness in his tone is playing with the emotions of ragini to not to beat him to the death but she is not that type of girl who can clearly give any answer or smartly escape the situation
Letting her anger be remained in her fists, she raised her water filled lashes and left the cabin.
Boss: take your own time
His voice behind her raised her temper but she left the place.

Everyone nodded at laksh as soon as he entered the office not because he is their owner’s son but because he himself became a member of the board. Aadarsh and laksh crossed all the cabins and finally reached the board meeting room. He looked around the empty room and sighed but his eyes welled up seeing a particular chair beside the head. A memory flashed his mind when he slowly moved his fingers over it.
Man: laksh! Stop behaving like child laksh.
Laksh: oh hello..revolving a chair is not childish.

Man: but with me in it is bad.
Laksh: you should get used to this mister. After all you are the one going to occupy it with in few months
Man: no lucky, you will also join me
Laksh: no!! Business and administration doesn’t suit me my dear..
Man: oh!! Let me see. I am sure that you will definitely end up sitting in my opposite chair.
Laksh came out of his memories feeling someone’s hand on his shoulder.
Aadarsh: I know that it belongs to him but papa..
Laksh: no bhai! it belongs to him only and as soon as he returns, I will return this to him.
Aadarsh: you still have a hope?

Seeing laksh’s expression, aadarsh left to his cabin. Laksh might have perfectly sounded as bharata in Ramayana who had taken the burden of ruling the country but not as a emperor. Laksh had greatly influenced the charecter of bahrata from the time when he heard the Ramayana from his mother in his childhood. Most of the people ignore him but holding a responsibility of ruling a kingdom with a constant thought that it always belonged to his beloved brother, Rama and finally handing him in the same way without any damage to the Royal and ruling principles has greatly made the kid laksh to take him as a role model in case of his duty as a brother.

Laksh: I need to protect this place till he returns and I am sure that I will hand it over him..

Durga prasad’ jaw Clenched indicating his try to Control his anger and pain but he failed in doing so when he entered his study. He collapsed down with his head in his palms. Involuntarily, his mind sank into the memories of the day when he met ragini.

Durga Prasad looked his watch for the tenth time past one minute and instructed his driver to speed up the vehicle. As the time passed, his frustration increased as he was getting late to board meeting. Suddenly his car stopped with a jerk which resulted in hurting his forehead.
Durga Prasad: what happened kailash?
Driver: sir..actually..
Before he could complete the sentence, a girl rushed to their car and started shouting on durga Prasad.
Girl: can’t you instruct your driver to be safe?
Durga Prasad stepped out of the car and then reality struck him. An old woman was lying in pool of blood infront of his car and after hearing to girl’s words, he understood that she was some relative of the woman.
Durga Prasad: I am really sorry for what I have done.

Girl: sorry!! Huh? I know very well about the proudness of wealthy people. You just get to act as pure souls infront of the societies.
Durga Prasad: I am really sorry beta and I am even ready to pay the hospital expenses.
Girl: oh so you want to show yourself as mahan as if you are trying to save someone who fell on the road side due to heat stroke. You need to pay the expenses mister as you were the responsible for accident.
Durga Prasad was trying hard to control his emotions. First of all he was getting irritated because of the delay for his meeting and secondly he ways hated any person talking to him rudely that too in high pitch but as he was on opposite side of victim, he kept quiet.
Girl: I don’t need your pity..
Before she could continue, he heard another voice from the crowd.
Voice: instead of fighting like this, you must concentrate on dadi. She is suffocating.
Immediately kailash carried the woman to the car and they drove to near by hospital.
After everything got sort out, he went to the girl who rescued the woman in time.
Durga Prasad: thank-you beta.
Girl: ragini..uncle..I am ragini.
Durga Prasad: oh! Actually I was..

Girl: enough of your drama. You are going to pay the entire expenses now
Ragini: can’t you speak polietly to elders?
Girl: oh..so I must be polite to the person who has tried to kill my dadi.
Ragini: I know but he has accepted his mistake and is trying to correct right
Girl left the place after giving a deathly glare to both of them.
Ragini: I really pity for her dadi’s state but even you were not responsible for that uncle. Anyways I need to leave now.
Her voice had some magic which would make anyone spell bound and durga Prasad also experienced the same. She must have argued with him as everyone did instead she saw only good in him. Frankly, he was at the place of culprit as his driver didn’t pay attention but she ignored. He had realised how pure she is from her heart and decided her to make his daughter in law. Ragini’s memories flashed because he has seen the silence between laksh and her that seemed to have no end. Sujatha’s words kept ringing his words . yes he had thrown sujatha’s son out because he went aganist his wish but later guilt occupied his living state. He experienced darkness even in bright sunshine because the person whom he forbidden was more than his son. He thought of making him heir of maheswaris but no, it didn’t happened.

Later laksh had revealed that he loved a girl and this time, he didn’t want to take any wrong step and so accepted the proposal but destiny played a game with his own son this time. The girl who entered in their house was already in a plan to leave it before entering and she successfully succeeded in bleeding his son’s heart. No doubt he is durga Prasad MAHESWARI, a man with least emotions but before that he is also a father and so he decided to marry laksh with ragini but now he is regretting, regretting to make the life of pure girl into hell..
Annapurna’s knock on the study put a temporary full stop for his memories.He opened the door and saw her face with determined eyes. It didn’t take much time for him realise that he should open him today infront of her. After all, she is his wife.

Credit to: Sree harini

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