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Laksh crossed his arms and cocked his head to right side.
Laksh: why did you call me anusha?
Anusha once again smiled at him.
Anu: I don’t know laksh..I..just wanted to talk to you
Laksh: that phase of our life is completed. I can’t be by your side now.
Ragini was shocked to see laksh’s calm behavior. Anusha pursed her lips. Her eyes were sorrowful.
Anu: I have cleared pushed you away. Didn’t I?
Laksh nodded still maintaining the calm appearance. She laughed
Anu: I am sorry laksh. I always thought that your family was torturing me to behave in a way I am not but see how wrong I was.
Laksh: I always said what my family expects from a daughter in law. If you had paid more attention.. We would have been together.
That added bitter taste to ragini’s mouth.
Anu closed her eyes and opened them.
Anu: I am sorry for not understanding you Laksh. I just walked away from you just like that, I hurted you by hurting your family. I…I..behaved so stupidly. They gave me all choice to do whatever I want..but…I..
Laksh: its too late to apologize but I am happy that you finally understood
Anu shook her hard completely disagreeing him.
Anu: no Laksh. My apologies do nothing now. I was screaming at you about how pathetic your family were and I never thought even for a second how you would feel listening them from a girl who has promised to understand you.
Laksh and ragini nodded
Laksh: why is this sudden redemption?
He mocked and she smiled bitterly.
Anu: because I am experienced now
Laksh’s cocky expression immediately turned to concern.
Anu: yes, the person for whim I left you spoke the same words to me. He was back of my money but not me Laksh..that idiot doesn’t even worth to be forgiving.
She closed her eyes in pain and ragini felt a pang of guilt. That poor girl was already suffering from him and she added fuel to the fire by meeting her
Anu: your wife was right Laksh. I lusted you..not love because if I did that I would have clearly understood you at least I would try but no…what I felt for this guy was really genuine because I always compromised and understood his pain. I was with him in every thick and thin but…
Laksh: forgive him
Laksh blurted out even though the sentence where Anu said that ragini met her angered him a little. Ragini’s jaw touched the floor. He was using her words..her advice. Her heart was bubbling up with joy.

Laksh: I didn’t understand the theme when my wife explained but yeah forgive him anusha. Not for him but for you because if you won’t forgive, you will self loath for the rest of life for making a stupid decision. Forgive him and forget just like I did now. I forgive you because I don’t want any memory of us to separate me from my wife. Before, I was even afraid to let the thought of loving her because I felt like I was taking my anger and diverting it on her in the name of love but no…now that I forgave you, I can actually say and feel my feelings for her. So trust me and forgive him.
Anu gaped at him with utter shock. Ragini inhaled sharply. This was it. This was what she always wanted. The memories of them totally getting wiped to continue their future. Suddenly, she started feeling dizzy. Happiness was consuming her body.
Anu: she has really changed you.
Laksh: I am glad that she did. So what are you going to do now?
Anu. Shrugged
Anu: returning to chennai and find one just like you found your girl.
Laksh: I am sure you would
Anusha smiled at him and moved forward to hug him but he immediately stepped backwards. Her hands dropped to her sides with hurt clouding her eyes.
Ragini felt a not of sadistic pleasure even she knew that she shouldn’t.
Laksh: we both lost it now anusha.
His tone was serious enough to communicate his feelings towards her. Anu swallowed the lump in her throat and muttered a breathy sorry to him. She walked towards her car and as she was about to open the door, Laksh called her.
Laksh: all the best Anu..good luck with your future
It was the first time in there conversation he called her with the sane name he used to do before an year. Anusha smiled a genuine happy smile this time just like Laksh.
They both knew this was over and both of them couldn’t be friends but still there was a satisfaction of clearing up all the mess in their lives without regret.
Anusha’s car pulled off. Ragini’s eyes blurred and her body once again touched the cold floor just as her eyes closed.

Ragini left something stroking her cheek. She slowly opened her eyes blinking several times. Laksh smiled at her and she observed a smile forming its way on her face.
Laksh: you were smiling in sleep?
His really husky voice made her heart beat faster. Just few seconds ago, she was sleeping happily and now she felt like she ran a Marathon. Ragini frowned and the reason flashed in front of her eyes. She groaned internally. It was again some stupid dream. Seriously she must really stop dreaming about anusha that way.
But there’s the majority part in her which hoped how everything would have been real.
Ragini: a dream actually… Good one
She replied smiliar to laksh’s voice.
Laksh: shall we go out today?
Ragini: don’t you have to attend office?
He groaned
Laksh: god! I have a dinner meeting today.
He whined like a five year old. Dinner meetings always ended at late nights which he of course hated a lot. Laksh got off the bed and ragini sat crossed legged.
Ragini: I dreamed about you and anusha
She muttered causing laksh to stop in middle of taking another step. He turned, fixing her with an angry stare.
Laksh: that’s a part of MY life I never want to talk about. Drop it!
With that, he stormed out the room ending the subject just like ragini done the other day.

Ragini: oh no!
She exclaimed unlocking her mobile at dining table. Everyone turned to her with curious faces.
Ragini: results day.
Was all she managed to say because laksh dragged her to the hall with his laptop. Many members of the family smriked to themselves.
Laksh turned to a curious ragini with sad face which immediately changed her expression too.
Ragini: I lost right?
He nodded and then sighed looking at ragini.
Laksh: its okay. You can try for the next time.
Ragini: no way in my life I am going to write this which would be third time of course.
Laksh: aw! Don’t be like that. Come on! We will celebrate your loss.
He cooed and she actually smiled.
Laksh: do you know ragini? The best look from a nerd is when he/she loses exam.
Ragini narrowed her eyes and sanskar hit his baby brother there.
Sanskar: you Dumbos never know the happiness once you stand differently from the class in studies.
Ragini too nodded. Laksh shook his head murmuring ” two bookworms to eat my brain now”

Ragini frowned at laksh when they arrived the place he specifically tool her to celebrate.
Ragini: and why in the world this would be best?
Laksh: because you can now show off to the old feddler there how much strong you are.
Ragini gaped at him.
Ragini: you knew?
Laksh glanced at her and decided to play the innocent card. They both sat at a corner table.
laksh: I don’t know what you are talking about ragini.
Ragini: don’t try to act sma..
” now that this nerd has finally got some free time for her and decided to visit her best friend whom she abandoned like plague after her marriage and also unaware of punishment awaiting for her, how may I help you mam” a sarcastic voice interrupted ragini causing her to roll her eyes. Only one can talk to her that way.
Ragini: if you forgot madam..that so called friend left me for her one month old husband like a lovestruck fool. What do you want ria?
Ria grinned at her.
Ria: aw..teasing me there? Seriously ragini why didn’t you even call me since a month. I was actually worried for you.
Ragini’s eyes softened
Ragini: i am sorry. Stuck with few things in family.
She then turned to laksh
Ragini: seriously? Do you know?
Laksh and ria shared a look before her slipping away with smrik.
Laksh: she may or may not have called your phone and I accidentally received the call where she might have dropped this information.
He wiggled his eyebrows and ragini groaned. To make herself calm, she just turned her eyes to her ex boss’s cabin and saw a girl rushing out with red cheeks and bloodshot eyes.
Does some men really change?
Ria came back with ragini’s favorite which laksh welcomed happily
Raginj: is he still the same?
She asked between her sips.
Ria: of course but once my husband cut his tail off so when it comes to me, he remains silent because there is no tail to wag
Ragini actually choked coffee to laugh. Laksh was already smriking.
Ragini: you have changed a lot after your marriage.
Ria: so do you

Ragini checked the clock for hundredth Time. It struck 2:30 am. She knew that laksh had a dinner meeting but which freaking dinner meeting would take be this late?
She pouted at the clock and pulled the sheets close to her chin. Suddenly, she heard a faint knock.
Ragini: ji ma?
She asked seeing Annapurna there with a wide smile on her face. Ragini was already able to listen the screams of joy from downstairs of sujatha and ansh.
Annapurna: your sister’s water broke
Ragini: wh..what?
She was more surprised by the fact that she didn’t receive any call from her mother inspire of saying to infirm her first.
Annapurna: and I also know that you are very much exited but will you please check and lock the house and come?
Ragini smiled unable to retort her in law words. Soon, everyone left leaving ragini alone while she checked whether the doors and were were locked as quick as she can.
Later after locking the main door, she hired a cab. Immediately after getting inside she unlocked her mobile to call laksh. Her eyes popped our because there were a dozen missed calls from laksh and two from her mother. Without batting a lash, she dailed laksh’s number
By the second ring he picked up the call greeting hello.
Ragini clearly heard the concern and also anger in his voice and she knew she had now got a lot to listen.
Laksh: why didn’t you pick my call ragini? Do you even know how much I was worried about you. Hell! I was in conference with twelve people around and what all I can think stupidly is about you. Where the hell were you?
He snarled at ragini. Seriously he was reacting just like her father did and that erupted a giggle from her mouth.
Laksh: you are finding it am using mrs. Maheswari?
Somehow him calling her Mrs. Maheswari flipped her stomach and also brought color to her cheeks.
Ragini: look, my mobile was in silent and I didn’t even knew about it until I unlocked to call you. Please be dong be mad at me.
Laksh sighed with relief.
Laksh: where are you now?
Ragini: on the way to city hospital. Didi broke her water.
Laksh inhaled sharply and there was silence for a minute.
Laksh: I am such a dumb person.
That earned a giggle from her, again.
Ragini: I am glad you realized.
Laksh chuckled this time and suddenly ragini was almost thrown into the front seat.
Ragini: what happened bhayya?
She asked massaging her temples that hurt bad. Even before the driver can answer, ragini realized the reason. Laksh was stepping out the car parked in front of the car not to mention they were in middle of the main road with very few vehicles. Ragini opened the door as reflex.
Ragini: you were on your way to home when I called you..right?
Because there was no other possibility for him to reach that quickly. He nodded.
Laksh: you…you weren’t lifting your mobile and…and I thought that rahul…
He trailed off. She narrowed her eyes to him.
Ragini: you could have at least called to any other member in the family.
Laksh nodded weakly again.
Laksh: I know..it’s the reason I called myself dumb earlier.
Seriously, he had lost every ounce if thinking capacity when ragini didn’t pick up his call. She smiled warmly at him.
Ragini: yes you are because who would worry their self to death just because the other didn’t received the call?
Laksh: trust me..many dreadful things ran in my mind that could have happened to you.
Ragini frowned in disgust
Ragini: please don’t show off laksh. I am much more older than you think and I can perfectly look after myself.
Laksh: oh really!! But last time when I checked, you were not even capable of beating the life of the man who laid his finger on you.
The atmosphere around them was no more sweet but was on fire.
Laksh: and do you even have any idea how I would feel when something happens to you.
Ragini chuckled sarcastically.
Ragini: why laksh because my father would rip off your head as he has given her hand to you to look after her as your responsibility.
Laksh: you were never a responsibility!!
Laksh yelled. That’s it. How can she even feel that she had some place in his life when she never was his love.
The dream from the previous night came to her mind and instantly fury ran through her.
Ragini: yes I am..its the reason you either try to save me from the entire world or don’t give a thing what happens to me..
She was pushing his buttons.
Laksh: stop telling ragini and also looking after you always doesn’t mean responsibility.
But laksh never got over anusha. Then how can he even care for her? It was just his responsibility so that he won’t hurt someone just like how he and anusha were.
Ragini: why? Why should I believe you laksh. You were cold towards me from the first day of marriage and if I remember properly, I was the one who started the first conversation between us. You never said where you were going or when will you return or which type of snack you would like at evenings? Did you? And suddenly you started caring and trusting me at a point where you said about anusha voluntarily. The thing what you are feeling right now is nothing but the affection a room mates share…you…
Laksh: I love you okay? Do never dare to speak something like what you said now. Yes, I never played attention to you and so you were.I was not at all ready for this marriage or any relationship because the one I had completely destroyed me and my family. Then how do you think I would be so carefree around you knowing that I cannot give any love for the girl who stepped my way with hope in her heart?
Ragini opened her mouth and closed it again.
Laksh: leave about talking, seeing your face alone was enough to loathe myself but I was blackmailed by my father and I had no option ragini. When you said that you hate men, I wanted to show you how good they are and see now I ended up in loving you, my wife. You don’t even know what I felt when I saw you day before yesterday ragini..so cold and numb
His voice cracked. Ragini studied his face for a minute. Sincerity was reflecting in his eyes. The thick silence between them was broken by silence.
Laksh: I know you love me too. I can feel that. Let’s forget about everything ragini. Our life starts from this moment. Give Me your hand. Let me show you a side of mine you never saw.
He held his hand out for her. Ragini glanced at him and his hand. Sure she has already in love with her husband but there was something holding her back. She bit her lip and once again anusha came in her mind. No matter what! She’d be always second.
Laksh: you might be not be my first ragini but always last
He answered to her inner voice.
Ragini almost placed her hand in his but withdrew again.
Ragini: no Laksh….I need sometime for this..to think about us. I am sorry
She turned her back to his and started walking towards the cab. Laksh gaped at her. As ragini was about to open the door, she heard him yell behind her.
Laksh: if you are worried about my status…then I am still a vir..
Before he could complete the word, ragini slapped him hard on his left cheek. His eyes almost popped out from the pain. Ragini grabbed laksh’s collar and pulled towards her. Laksh slowly made contact with with her eyes and that’s when he saw how angry she was.
Ragini: what the hell do you think about you Laksh? Yes, I loved you thinking that you are different from other men in my life who actually have an option to select something about myself for my life but pathetically it turned out that you are not anywhere near to that. Hell Laksh, you are no different…I hate you Now…I HATE YOU
Ragini screamed out of her lungs and marched towards the car. Before the poor boy can process anything, the cab disappeared in the darkness.

Laksh still stood there grinning from ear to ear. He don’t why those words cane out of his mouth bit at the moment when ragini turned her back, he felt like age would never come to him but now, he was totally happy and from the entire conversation, I love you was the only sentence his brain accepted
With joy bubbling inside him, Laksh hopped into the car

Adarsh: its just caserian sanskar.
He spoke to sanskar who was currently sitting in hospital chair with his head in his hands. Due to complication, Swara was taken into the OT for operation.
Sanskar: you wouldn’t say the same if you were in my shoes
Adarsh shook his head
Adarsh: come on man, even ansh was never this nervous for his annual results.
Sanskar gave him a glare for which he only received a chuckle
Ragini observed her mother and in laws talking about the features their grand child would share while their husbands were giving a disapproving glances muttering how pathetic they were when she entered the floor. As she was approaching them, she saw adarsh saying something to sanskar to which he was simply glaring and ansh running towards her from parineta.
Ansh: they are killing Swara chachi..they are killing her.
The five year old kid panted making ragini open her mouth wide
Parineta: its just caserian.
She immediately reasoned stopping ragini from having a heart break. Later she scolded ansh and took him away. Ragini heard foot steps behind her and groaned.
Ragini: what are you doing here anyway. Go and find a girl who would love you what you were referring few minutes ago
She spatted when Laksh stood beside her. He nudged her.
Laksh: aww..come on ragini. I am sorry.
Ragini: but I am not
She dead panned. When nothing came from him, she turned only to see him staring her with amused smile.
Ragini: what?
Suddenly, she became self conscious. Laksh shook his head.
Laksh: who are you and what have you done to the girl I fell in love with?.
She narrowed her eyes and he immediately caressed his cheek which she beat few minutes ago.
Laksh: you are fetish..that girl never was.
Ragini blinked several times before straighting her self.
Ragini: she is still available but not for you anymore
He sighed. Just as she turned, he again spoke.
Laksh: okay then..I am leaving
Ragini took a 180 degree turn with wide eyes.
Ragini: where?
Laksh: you know? My wife actually asked me to find another girl should would…um..you know? So I am going to reception area to declare this exclusive offer.
If looks could kill, he would be six feet down.
Ragini: you wouldn’t dare
He gave her a lopsided grin.
Laksh: I gully intend to.
Sanskar: oh my god!
He shouted both in relief and excitement that made both of them turn to him. There,, a baby was in his arms that made ragini immediately fall in love with it. They approached sanskar
Sujatha: hey look! His eyes are same as sanskar’s father.
Sharmista: and that nose is sharp as adarsh
Adarsh pouted and pointed his nose
Adarsh: its not sharp!
He whined but everyone ignored him.
Ansh: even mine…yay!!
He chirped holding his nose. Annapurna and dad I smiled at the happiness spread over the area. Ragini’s eyes welled looking at her sister’s…even her son.
Laksh: bhabhi is going to kill you bhai. There is not Sven a single resemblance with her.
Sanskar blinked in horror
Sanskar: oh no!! If he hasn’t got any physical appearance in sink with his mother then surely his nature would resemble her. God save me!
Laksh: you know right that you are over dramatic now?
Sanskar: yeah! You have your whole life to figure about your bhabhi Laksh.
Ragini nodded along with all other gadodias because they knew the truth in sanskar’s words.
Come on, which girl would beat five guys to death just because they commented on the dress looked pathetic on her?
Yeah, Laksh has really got whole life to figure his ladla bhabhi.

When Swara opened her eyes, she saw everyone..meaning everyone in the family around her bed. Sanskar was by her side with their son in his hands
Sanskar: told you it will be boy.
Swara: I still don’t understand how your intuition was this much true.
Sanskar immediately broke eye contact with her
Swara: you know about this. Dont you?
Sanskar smiled awkwardly.
Sanskar: remember when you fell from stairs in initial months, the doctor accidentally revealed the gender and begged me not to say because she might loose her job.
Swara narrowed her eyes and pouted.
Swara: I hate you
Sanskar: and that’s what I get to hear baby boy
He spoke to his son and everyone gathered in the room smiled warmly. Ragini frowned when she didn’t see Laksh and walked into corridor in search of him. He was standing at the corner if the floor near the window leaning towards the wall sideways. Ragini slowly made her way and rested her head on his. He smiled affectionately at her and wrapped his left arm over her waist
This moment, all ragini knew was being second was never a problem of hers but Laksh being caring towards her just because he felt animatedly that he should.
Ragini: don’t you want to know what I dreamt off?
She whispered
Laksh: no
His voice mirrored hers. Ragini raised her head from his shoulder to look at him. He was already staring her. He smiled loving at her.
Laksh: because it wasn’t a dream. I found you lying on the floor in garden and brought to our room.
Joy bubbled inside her. She again rested her hard back on his shoulder and he pulled her towards him.
There were no more regrets or pasts intertwining their future.
Laksh found someone who would stay and love him for the rest of life in the name of second and ragini found a true mate being second. In both the ways, their second love was going to last for the life time because being second never matters until it will be last in any relation. Least they both knew was there is nothing know as second in a relationship. Every emotion is pure and pious without being named but not to worry because they have their whole lifetime to exploit this together.
The first day of sun fell on their faces filling brightness in their lives promising old days yet beautiful memories to cherish for.


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    1. Sreeharini

      you always bring a smile on my face brother..thatys so cute of you actually.. will be in touch with swasan..so dont be upset

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    love you all.. keep doing great and just try to forgive like ragini to stay happily ever after. trust me, it works

    sree singing off here..bye..love you all

    don’t forget i will be here to reply you for any sort of quetsion or for a friendly chat

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      first of all ilavarshi, there is no thing like you shouldnt comment if you are not indian. in fact, i feel much more honored. so please take that out of your mind. actually i would have better than this but i am glad that you loved each and every part of the fiction.

      but i must say that my writing skills are poor when compared to few other authors here like anu and anjali. ofcourse i had learned a lot from my first fiction till here and many stood as inspiration.

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