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No! She can’t let him be her worst. She just cannot. Closing her eyes tightly and bringing all the energy to her hands, she pushed him hard which resulted in rahul falling on floor, releasing a string of cursing words.

Ragini sat on the bed and then grabbed a knife from the drawer along with a flower vase.
Ragini: one step rahul and I will see your end.
Rahul shook his head and walked towards her. Ragini broke a vase on his head by kicking him in groin. Rahul backed off holding his head. He sat on floor, crossed legged holding his head that has started aching from hangover.
Ragini: I said you..one step and you will regret
Rahul blinked several times until tears came to his eyes.
They both sat in silence for few minutes.
Rahul: why are you doing this to me?

He asked, his voice hoarse.
Ragini: I have said you rahul. I am not the girl for you.
Rahul: if you didn’t love me then why did you make a false promise.
Ragini: I was afraid of you rahul. How can I love a person who is not ready to bear me with another person and beat the shit out of him just because he smiled?
Rahul sighed deeply and massaged his temples.
Rahul: you will never understand me ragini. I just…
Ragini: I like you rahul but not the way you consider. I am not here to judge your love too but please try to move forward.
Rahul: I know..I know you like me and I..thought..
Ragini: hell rahul. I don’t love you. Please get that in your stubborn head. I don’t have the key for your heart. Just wait for a perfect girl.
Rahul stared her for a minute.
Rahul: will you be able to tolerate the idea of laksh and anusha?
That question caught her off guard.
Ragini: w..what?
She stuttered looking him suspiciously.
Rahul: just answer me.
Suddenly, the tension in the air increased that started suffocating her.
Ragini: no!
She accepted because its the truth.

Rahul: same way…I was unable to bear anyone talking to you.
Ragini: was..it means you are able to do it Now.
Rahul inhaled sharply.
Rahul: I just feel that no one can make you happy like me.
Ragini crossed her arms.
Ragini: but didn’t you feel necessary to know my opinion. That was I really happy with you?
Rahul dropped his head in guilty.
Ragini: then. You are paining me in name of love rahul. I can understand you but you need to leave your love for her happiness rather than getting obsessed.

Rahul: I am not obsessed.
He snapped childishly to which she rolled her eyes
Rahul: no ragini… I will make everything right. You are only mine.
With that, he launched on herself without giving a time to react. Ragini got hold of table lamp and hit him hard on his head. Rahul groaned in pain and fell on floor holding his head. Ragini hit him twice and collapsed beside him after he became unconscious.
Tears started flowing freely from her eyes

Laksh opened the door with a duplicate key after getting tired of knocking it continuously. He strolled into kitchen and saw a bowl of gulab jamun when he opened fridge for water. A smile made its way on his lips at the scene. Suddenly his mobile rang.
Laksh: ha bhai!
Aadarsh: you reached home?

Laksh: yeah. Why?
Aadarsh: we will be there with in five minutes. So, I just thought to ask.
Laksh: wasn’t that supposed to be a dinner party?
Aadarsh: oh yeah, but that was borining and moreover its 9:30my dear brother.
Laksh: waiting then..bye.
He disconnected the call and started walking to his room.

The only thing that occupied his mind since before day was rahul. He was the one troubling his wife yet she chooses to say nothing to him. He loves her bit was afraid to confess it because he was not sure about her reaction…hell! Ragini is his wife but he didnt want to force her into anything.

But rahul was threat to her, a silent threat which she was not willing to share for some odd reason. Yet, he will protect her because she was his responsibility and love.
Laksh casually opened the door of his room but stilled looking at the scene before him. The whole room was a complete mess with most of the glass items on the ground, blankets on the bed were curled up into balls. In the dim light of the night bulb he saw some form lying on the ground in pool of blood and then his eyes traveled to another shadow sitting beside it. His breathing hitched seeing the very familiar form with all ripped clothes, bruised lips, messey hair, pained eyes, pale skin with table lamp in her hand.
Laksh: ragini!
A sob escaped his lips as he ran towards her wrapping her fragile body in his strong arms. Ragini flinched for moment before looking at laksh. Relief washed her cells seeing him worried for her.
Ragini gulped and started at him emotion lessly that pained his heart.he pulled her face to his chest and patted her back assuring her. He expected her to cry or do something but she stayed still. He tugged few strands of hair beside her ear and cupped her dace, looking straight into her eyes. Along with pain, fear and confusion there is also braveness along with determination that surprised him a lot.

Maheswaries reached their room finding the manison empty. Everyone gasped looking at ragini. Parineta ran to her, circling her arms around ragini. That touch filled with love and affection made her burst into tears.

Laksh felt a stab hearing her painful sobs and anger started replacing every other emotion in his body. Sanskar rushed to rahul who has started moving in hangover.
Sanskar: how dare you…
He punched hard in rahul’s face making him bleed from nose. In return, rahul moaned in pain but Sanskar kept beating him back and blue. No other member made a move to stop the scene.
Laksh: how dare you do this to MY wife rahul?
Rahul shook his head and tried to defend himself from the blows but everything went unsuccessful. Slowly, realization sink into him as his head started recording the events surrounding him followed by guilt.
Adarsh: stop it laksh! Leave him
Laksh turned to his brother with bloodshot eyes effectively silencing him.

Before he could form a sentence, another blow hit his jaw and then another one to his already bruised ribs. He cried in pain for every blow but not even a single eye felt sympathy on him. This made rahul feel so cheap of himself. As he was sobering up, he understood how stupid he was and how he tried to harm the love of his life. But what all he need was a chance to say sorry, to explain himself only to ragini but she didn’t seem in a state to listen him. Still hoping, he turned his face to the woman standing in one corner of the room with a blank expression and as soon as their eyes met, rahul saw something painful in her eyes..
Irritation and….

Those every emotion tore him apart and now he felt deserved for every curse thrown to him, every blow that knocked air out of his body, every drop of blood that left his mouth and nose…everything…he deserved everything!

Parineta folder her arms across ragini’s shoulder and just like that, both of them left to guestroom. Sanskar and aadarsh pulled laksh from a very devastated, self loathing rahul.
Durga PRASAD: as much as I love you to beat the hell out of him, your wife needs you laksh. We will talk about him later
Laksh features softened listening about ragini but everything vanished with one glance at rahul.
Laksh: no way! I am not going to leave him until every thought about harming ragini leaves his body. I will file case against this bastard!
With that, laksh jumped on rahul but was stopped by sanskar and aadarsh. With one last glare, laksh made his way to HIS ragini.

Ragini was all confused about her feelings. Normally, any girl would burst with the amount of anger or pain or shock but she was not experiencing anything as such. In fact she felt bad for rahul. What she had said to him was right, he was a brilliant student who can make wonders if he uses it instead he used them to get her who had nothing to return him. Tears bubbled in her eyes.
How can she explain him that she never felt that way?

How can she make him realize what a wonderful personality he had underneath the pyscho?
Will she be able to show him the light or drown herself to death for his obsession?
And then, thee was another part of her feeling guilty for his position. In a way, she was the reason for his state. When the empty guest room echoed with someone’s foot steps, she wiped the tears away and turned to face the sky from the balcony. Before she can see him, she felt his presence, her husband’s presence. Laksh’s throat went dry seeing her face. He was never good at comforting others at times like this and so he kept silent which wasn’t helping him anyway. Each time he saw her face, flashes of previous event came to his mind. Her horrified face, pained eyes…

Laksh ran a hand through his hair and took baby steps to reach her, trying to make her comfortable. Ragini turned to him with a faint smoke to flaunt her bravery but laksh didn’t fail to notice her wince. He stopped in his tracks and for few minutes, they stared into each other’s eyes and there’s the reassurance ragini wanted. The promise, comfort and possession was what she saw in his eyes. This time, it brought a genuine smile to her face.
Laksh: rahul will receive what he deserves ragini.
Ragini smiled at him weakly. The decision was already made.


Every member of maheswari family were waiting in the hall for laksh and ragini’s arrival. Rahul was standing in middle of the room with his head hung low. The foot steps of the couple pierced the silence over there. When rahul lift his head, he came in direct eye contact with ragini.
Rahul: I am..sorry ragini. I know that what I have done yesterday was a step beyond myself. I just…you were… I don’t know! I was totally and madly in love with you that..
Ragini gave a chuckle.
Ragini: seriously rahul. Is that your definition of love?
Rahul: I behaved like a stupid ragini but please you have no right to insult what I felt. I have actually worshipped you all these years and when I found that you..you were married, I just couldn’t think straight.
Ragini: and so you thought that the stunt of yours would prove yourself. How many times should I say you rahul that I am not the one for you. You are witty, smart, capable of understanding things yet you didn’t do anything. I understand okay that you loved me and I would have seriously appreciated it if you had moved on at least after knowing that I didn’t even stop a second in my life to look back at you.

If I wouldn’t have acted well yesterday, my life would have completely ended up being dark rahul and you are just apologizing for it…just. Apologize?
Rahul pressed his lips into a thin line. What she said was correct and he didn’t hand any answer up his sleeve.
Ragini: I am sorry for not keeping up your dreams that I would occupy important part of your life after your mother passed away but please understand that I too have a life now with people who love me. Seriously rahul, did you think that I will be able to live happily with you even after you know that I don’t reciprocate a single feeling you have on me or you thought that your incredible and undying love for me will change me? This is life rahul. Don’t be back of the things that doesn’t deserve you. K don’t deserve you rahul.
Rahul: I am sorry ragini…I
Ragini raised her hand.

Ragini: inspite you saying sorry, you should be punished rahul. Aren’t you?
Rahul nodded weakly. Ragini glanced the hall with everyone looking at her. When her eyes locked with her father in law, she knew what she decided for rahul was correct. He gave a small smile understanding his now daughter.
Ragini: I forgave you rahul.
His has touched the floor.
That’s what he needed…self loathing. Inspite of scaring her, she simply forgave him and again that thought came live and choked life out of him..
Durga prasad’s eyes glistened with genuine happiness and pride.
Laksh: what the hell ragini?
Laksh yelled but ragini didn’t even flinch.
Ragini: if what I believe about himself is still true then this forgiveness would kill him to death laksh.
Without uttering a word, rahul left the place with his head hung low while ragini went to her room.
Even though many didn’t like her decision, everyone left it on ragini because it was her place to decide.

Laksh: what is wrong with you ragini. What was that stupid decision you took downstairs?
Ragini remained calm and cool completely opposite to burning laksh. Was she blind to bypass the things rahul done to her the last night.
Ragini: I didn’t forgive him just to showoff laksh but for my own sake
Laksh: what?
Ragini: according to me, whenever something bad happens to us by someone, we should forgive them because forgiving them would free ourselves from self loathing. If I would have not forgave rahul, even though he was in jail I would either blame him or myself for the life time in either of the ways. That makes me stick to my last and I will never be able to move on.
Laksh: oh! So you say that if someone kills your parents, you will just forgive him/her and leave the pyscho to kill others.
Ragini shook her head and smiled sweetly at his sarcasm
Ragini: of course few cases need punishment but not for this one.
Laksh: but he freaking tried to …
Ragini: when the situation is right, you will understand what I meant laksh.
And like that, she ended the topic

Ragini stirred in her sleep and opened her eyes at midnight only to find the space beside her was empty. She walked out of the door whose door was agar and spotted laksh sneaking out the main doors. Ragini pursued her lips thinking whether it would be good on spying on her husband. But again that was her husband so she gave in and followed him. As soon as laksh reached the garden, he glanced the place and ragini ducked herself to hide from him. She then settled in a dark corner from where laksh was visible. After few minutes of waiting, a car pulled into the garden.
Ragini’s hands started to sweat as she observed the situation in front of her. A lean figure climbed out of the car with a perfect close up smile on her face but that didnt reach her eyes.The woman was very much pretty in her black jeans and camisole. Ragini frowned when she found the lady very much familiar.
” hello laksh” she greeted. Surely ragini hsf listened to that voice before..
Oh no! Realization dawned to her.


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