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Ragini opened her eyes blinking several times for the pale blue light. She sat up holding her pounding head and inhaled. Everything is so blur but suddenly it became clear.. Laksh..anu..their reunion.

She gulped and sniffed but the smell is so familiar. The last time she fell road, it was raining but this is smell of some scented flowers…wait…she is in their room. Well, her room now. She turned to her left side and unlocked her mobile to check the time and its 2:28am. Laksh will be probably with her. She sighed and pulled the blankets close to her and its then she observed that she is wearing some other dress but not the one she wore for dinner, the dress which she wore the before day. Oh no!

She frowned and turned to her right feeling someone’s presence. When her eyes met with the person sitting on chair in one corner with laptop in the lap, a ghost of smile touched her lips.
Laksh: you awake?
He stood and walked to her with full of concern on his face. Why would he be concerned for her and moreover he must with his ex. Ragini scrunched her face at him. No! How did she reach their room and who changed her..
Her heart started beating in her mouth.
Laksh: how are you feeling Now?
His concern again shocked her. ‘Shouldn’t he have been worrying for her than me?’ Her mind taunted.
Ragini: wh..I ..Me..um..

She stuttered absolutely not understanding how to start
Laksh: seems like it was nightmare more than a bad dream
Ragini: what?
Laksh: yeah, you were shivering badly in your sleep. I tried to calm you many a times, wake you up but all you did is sleeping and dreaming that terrific dream.
He explained while hopping on bed.
Ragini pursed her lips. Was that really a dream. If so, didn’t she really attend the dinner?
Ragini: you brought me here?
Laksh: what? Where?
Ragini: I mean, what I remember is falling un… Unconscious on road.
Laksh: is it? At what time?
Ragini scowled seeing a smile playing on her husband’s lips. Yes, her husband now.
Ragini: around 8:30 or so

Laksh laughed out loud, really loud till tears slipped from his eyes.
Laksh: you didn’t come to dinner at first, then how can you be unconscious that too Me beside you.
He raised her eyebrows still smiling. Ragini opened her mouth wide and then closed it again. Was that really a dream?
Ragini: why didn’t I come to dinner?
She is feeling as an amnesia patient.
Laksh: because you are such a sleeping freak. When bhai went to their room saying that they will get ready, you fell asleep. Me and your sister tried a lot…alot means alot to get you up but we were so helpless in front of your sleep.
He chuckled.
Laksh: then, we felt pity on you and went for dinner. Although, I brought dinner for you in case…if you want, you can eat it now.
He explained casually but there is concern hidden somewhere in the voice along with care, affection and love…love?
Ragini: oh!

She laughed nervously but deep down, his words didn’t sound true for mind but her heart is screaming to believe him.
Ragini: I think its was a nightmare (to herself) a worst nightmare.
Laksh: are you okay now?
Ragini: better. Why were you awake?
Laksh raised an eyebrow mocking
Laksh: seriously? Your shivers woke me up.
Ragini: sorry
She murmured completely embarrassed. Laksh smiled warmly at her before switching off the bed light.
Laksh: sleep

he said while leaning in pillow.
He said sleep, but that didn’t came easily to her, not after that dream. Why did even she get such a dream? Was it because she is feeling intimidated by him or because of the talks that she had with her sister?
Well any of the reason must not result in a wiered dream of her husband and anusha. Was it really a dream because it felt so real to her. If it has happened really, then how did laksh find her? Why is he behaving normally?
‘ stop over thinking’ her heart snapped.
‘ I love you laksh’ words from her dream came to her mind.
Ragini:( to herself) seriously? Do I love him?
She bit her lip and turned to laksh who is already sleeping.

‘ and I love you anu’
Ragini scowled at words and cuddled him. Making sure of herself that he is asleep, she slowly raised her left hand forefinger and caressed his cheek. A small smile formed on her face. She took a minute to saviour his dear, dear face. Thinking of him and anusha worried her and surprisingly her heart started beating fast out of fear. She wrapped her arm around his torso and placed her head on his chest. inhaling his scent which is soothing her worries, she snuggled more into him. He is here, with her now. And thus, every worry and tension drained away from her body. She never felt so comfortable in presence of any man except his father and the thought he is asleep made that more comfortable. Least she knew is laksh is awake, enjoying the moment same as her.

Laksh stretched his limbs, opening his eyes after a peaceful sleep. The first thing he saw is a completely fresh ragini standing in front of the mirror brushing her hairs.
Ragini: good morning
She wished him from the mirror itself. He grinned but suddenly it fell
Laksh: were you awake last night?

Ragini: yeah…and I think that’s not a big deal because I have had enough sleep yesterday…really enough sleep.
Her cheeks turned to pink out of embarrassment and he laughed loud.
Laksh: it will be really difficult for me to wake you up in future.
Ragini: I don’t sleep that way every time..I was…just…stop teasing me.
She begged and he smriked teasingly before entering washroom.

Sanskar: sleep well?
He mocked raising his eyebrow and ragini flushed.
Ragini: I was..just…you..you know.
Swara: you are scaring the poor girl
Sanskar turned to Swara with wide, dramatic eyes
Sanskar: really? I thought I would scare only you.
Swara narrowed her eyes. Ragini let out a breath of relief that she was holding since yesterday night. So, it was really her dream. But why did she dream something that way and every time laksh said something sweet to anu, she felt hurt and rejected. What was that then? And again she smiled for thinking that laksh was telling lie to her.

‘ why would he lie to you? ” her heart scolded and ragini felt bad because there is no reason for him to lie to her.
Laksh: back to earth
Ragini came out of her thoughts at laksh waving a hand in front of her. She smiled at him before attacking at breakfast.
Swara: I would like to have some balck coffee please
She said to the waiter and ragini observed laksh getting still. Her heart flinched by his expression. She can bet that it might be his ex’s best.
Laksh felt a pang of unwelcomed pain listening black coffee. It was anusha’s favorite. Whenever anything happens that reminds him either anu or their relationship, it was always a knife twisting deep into his soul. At first he felt bad and then irritation followed by anger that his did. he made such a bad choice in his life that not only affected him but also his family. When he said to Sanskar that His past was haunting him, it wasn’t wrong because every time he thinks of anu, it boils his blood and he starts hating himself. Every thought and emotion stops him from taking a step forward because he is suffering here while she is spending an happy life destroying his.
Ragini: I will be back in a minute

She said in a broken voice and walked out of the restaurant. As if in cue, her mobile rang.
Ragini: hello bhabhi
Parineta: how are you ragini?
Ragini: I am fine bhabhi. Anything important?
Parineta: nothing as such. Actually I called Sanskar yesterday to talk to you all but he said that you were sleeping. Are you feeling okay with health.
Ragini flushed again.
Ragini: um..yeah bhabhi. I ..just..felt tired.
Parineta laughed.
Parineta: oh girl! Its okay dear. Don’t forget to call evening. Ansh is really running and screaming all the house to talk to you.
Ragini smiled thinking at the picture
Ragini: sure bhabhi
Parineta: bye ragini..I don’t want to waste your trip

Before ragini could say anything, she hanged the phone…okay! What was that?
Shaking her head, ragini walked into the restaurant. Her heart is very light now.
Ragini: where is laksh?
Swara pointed through the glass doors where laksh is speaking to someone in phone and Sanskar laughing aloud next to him.
Ragini smiled seeing laksh’s irritated face. Every time she thinks about the dream, her heart flustered. What if it happens really someday? Will he leave her? No he wouldn’t dare..would he?
Ragini stared him. Swara is too busy in her mobile playing a game to notice anything
Ragini:( to herself) do you love her more laksh? Is she more important than me? Will you go to her if she returns? No you wouldn’t…you wouldn’t because you love me. I can sense it but…still
..do you love me lakshya?

Their eyes met and he nodded slightly to her still talking on phone. Ragini opened her mouth for his answer to her unasked question and immediately she turned her head away from him.
In first place, why did she even think of him loving her?
‘ because you too..’ Ragini mentally slapped her heart before it can complete the answer for her question.
This is just getting on her nerves. Perhaps, a girl time would serve better.
Ragini: so, didi. How was Bangalore like?

After half an hour…

Ragini and Swara walked to their respective husbands after paying the bill at restaurant. Swara really took a very nice in tasting all the items of restaurant. As they approached, they saw the brothers talking to some third person…wait..they are laughing and joking. Laksh turned to them revealing the person to ragini.
Laksh: hey ragini! Meet my…sorry our friend cum neighbor..RAHUL
ragini’s and rahul’s eyes met that held some unfamiliar emotion to the viewers which is familiar to the participants of eye lock.
Can her life become more complicated?

One month later..

Its been a month where ragini saw rahul for the last time. As she wished, he stood on his legs finally with a respectable position but to her bad fate, he was neighbor and best friend of laksh and Sanskar before vacating the place six years ago. Every thing is good now, Swara is in baadi getting pampared by everyone and excepting baby in a week or two. Sanskar drops at baadi to meet Swara before coming home while she had started to consider and love the family as her family. Though her feelings for laksh are still not clear, they both are beyond friends Now. For some reason, she found his arms the most protective place and sometimes slept with him cuddled, only when he was asleep.

Ragini heard some muffled voices while descending stairs. When the view became clear, her breath raced..oh no! Not again. The person whom she prayed not to see is right in front of her.
Aadarsh: hello ragini. Meet rahul
Ragini smiled awkwardly at them looking into rahul’s eyes that had odd detetmination in them. Ragini gulped and went to kitchen to help parineta in serving lunch.
Being Sunday, everyone are present at table.
Laksh: I really want to kiss the hands of the person who made my favorite today.
Laksh said licking his fingers. Parineta raised an eyebrow at ragini who blushed. Laksh just gave her an awkward smile. Though ragini is aware of burning gaze of rahul on her, she simply ignored it.
When she went to rahul to serve, he brushed his fingers with hers and she stilled.
Rahul: you wife is very obedient laksh.
Laksh: what?
Rahul: I mean she looks so obedient, traditional and a person who knows how to keep promises.
Ragini gulped and turned around.
Laksh: that she is. Very innocent though
Rahul: innocent?

Rahul raised an eyebrow while his eyes searched for ragini.
Soon, the table filled with laughter. Durga prasad has changed a lot after sanskar’s arrival so ram Prasad. Sanskar is still the apple of their eyes. Laksh observed ragini being dull and moody from the day they came back from Goa.

Ragini went to kitchen to wash her hands. While returning, someone pulled her by waist and pinned to the fridge. She screamed in shock. The only thought that came to her mind is rahul.
Laksh: what’s wrong?
Laksh’s soothing voice made her open her eyes which she was unaware of closing. When she opened the eyes, she met another pair which are filled with concern and confusion
Laksh’s hands are on her shoulders and his face is just few inches away but that didn’t affect her instead she found it protective as always.
Ragini: nothing
Ragini shrugged trying to break the eyelock. Laksh lifted her chin so that he can see her.
Laksh: you are very bad at lying. Did I say you that anytime?
Ragini gulped and smiled nervously.
Laksh: say it. You are not you… ragini.

He left her and ran his hands in hair.
Laksh: and it is so irritating. Am I not trustable.
Trust! Even she is not sure about it but deep down, her heart is screaming… Yes!..yes!!
Ragini: seriously laksh..trust Me. There is nothing to say.
Laksh opened his mouth but ansh’s entry made him quiet. Ragini left the room and he stood there gazing at the direction she went.
Surely, there is something wrong.

A week later…

Ragini wiped sweat on her forehead and then changed the bag of vegetables in her hands. the midnoon sun is really becoming a tough challenge for her Now. After that day, laksh forced her many a times to say the reason for her being uncomfortable but she just avoided.
What can she say to him..that his childhood friend was the one who was obssessed with her. Its not that rahul tried to do something with her but his eyes had something strange emotion that made her squirm around him.

Strangely, she lifted her head feeling someone’s strong gaze on her. There he is again..oh no!
Rahul: hello ragini
He stressed ragini and that didn’t sound good.
Ragini: hello.
Rahul smiled weakly
Rahul: laksh really doesn’t have any idea how innocent you are? how you play with other’s emotions and still act innocent.?
Ragini: oh please!
Rahul: we both know that what I’ve said is right ragini. You said that you will wait for me…then why?
His pained voice made her feel guilty.
Ragini: look..rahul
Rahul: please, I am not In a mood of listening to any of your explation.
Ragini: but..
Rahul: why ragini? You know how much I love you, what I Can do for you. Look at me. I am here because of you, your words but still…
Ragini: I am really sorry rahul. As I have said then, I really never had any feelings towards you..I..I..just
.said that way to get rid of you.
Rahul stepped back gasping.

Rahul: rid? Did I ever hurt you ragini? Just look at me, will I hurt you?
He held her by shoulders making her to look into his eyes.
Ragini: no rahul. You are really a good person but I was…was so afraid by your obessession. But everything happens for a good cause. See, you are here because of me. You are witty, Don’t misuse it.
Rahul shook his head. These many years, he dreamed holding her hand but what she did…kicked him and crushed his heart under her foot. The knife twisted deep into his soul.
Rahul: may be I was good ragini but not now.. And you really don’t know what you got yourself into.
Ragini shievered at his words but masked a brave face.
Rahul: I was leaving in hope of meeting you…my ragini. She was so innocent and I know she loved Me. What did you do to her?
Ragini: I never loved you rahul. Try to understand.
Rahul: but…

Her words are hurting him. They stood in silence for a minute.
Rahul: was it because you are married now?
Ragini: what?
She snapped.
Rahul: you have changed because you are married?
She felt like slapping him but controlled the rage.
Ragini: just stop talking rubbish rahul. You don’t even know what you are talking. First thing, I never loved you. Get that into your thick skull and…
Reading his pained and determined expression, she continued
Ragini: I am not the girl for you. I am sure that there is a girl in this vast universe whom you deserve. Just find her.
She tried hard not be sarcastic but failed.
Rahul: you are the girl for me..and you will be, always.
Ragini: in your dreams.
She snapped and is now panting. Rahul shook his head and smile came on his face, a devious smile that made her shiver once again.
Rahul: I can make them real

Ragini: by kidnapping?
Rahul: I am not that low ragini. You are mine, all mine. Keep that in mind.
Ragini inhaled, her rage trying hard to come out but she is suppressing it.
Ragini: look rahul. I am married now and leading a happy life with my husband.
Rahul: happy life?
He smiled sarcastically weighing the words.
Rahul: oh darling! No one can make you happy as I do.
Ragini opened her mouth to shout at him now..he has crossed his every limit. Their heated conversation is disturbed by someone’s cough. Both of them whipped their heads to see a person leaning on the car, relaxing, with his arms and legs crossed.

Hello everyone. Thanks for all the overwhelming love and prayers. It really helped me to improve my condition
I have missed you all like hell but sad thing is that we are very close to end now..so I will be updating alternate days. Just keep a note.
I am really good and fine Now but feeling weak, very weak. But no problem. I am the same Sree, the chirping bird…lol

Guys, feeling bored and disappointed by ending this fiction but it was a planned one. So keep commenting so that I can chat with you asap

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  36. Hello everyone…I actually thought of giving double update today but I am too weak and I still have to meet doctor for checkup. So please check on Tuesday for double update ..surely on Tuesday. So don’t miss it.

    I have read the five comments here and will reply for sure.

    Love you all.

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  38. I will update the first one around 3pm and as soon as it gets published, I will update the second one…
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