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She slowly opened her eyes when she didn’t feel anyone’s presence near her. Her eyes widened seeing him standing infront of her with a confused expression. Laksh smriked at her and went into washroom after taking night clothes. When he returned, he saw her arranging bedsheets on the couch near by.
Laksh: it’s okay ragini. I will arrange it by myself
Ragini became numb for a moment because he addressed her with her name. It means that he atleast know whom he is getting married to. She glared at him and again continued her work.
Laksh: ragini!
Ragini: good night laksh ji!

Saying this she turned off main lights and to his surprise, she slept on the couch. He exhaled deeply and went to right side of the bed as he is used to sleep there and leaned on the head rest. He turned his head to see her. She didn’t even care to remove her jwelery and lehenga which are visibly heavy. His mind sank down in to deep thoughts.

Ragini! When his parents had brought proposal he refused it and there are two reasons for that. Firstly, he stopped believing in love as his first love gave him a bitter experience and secondly she is not a divorcee like him. He cannot be that insane to marry such type of girl when he knew that he cannot be the reason for her happiness. But as always, his father had declared his decision and he was left with no other option since his choice proved him bad. He prayed God many a times requesting her to make her refuse this but no..she accepted it. He had seen her only once that too on their engagement. guilt occupied major part of his heart after seeing her innocent face and tried to talk to his father but he rejected saying that he didn’t want anyone taking decisions otherwise he will also get into the forbid list. He was literally shivering when he entered the mandap and glanced at her mother asking her last time to think about this marriage but it seems like destiny was not favouring him. But a hope, measured the size of an atom raised in his heart seeing her smile. May be she will help him in getting over his past, May be she will give him that love on which he lost trust but his assumptions proved wrong seeing her activities few minutes ago. He himself doesn’t want to take this relationship further but her actions said that how much hate she has on him.

Tears formed in his eyes but he quickly composed himself and rested his head on pillow but sleep didn’t seem to come to him so early.

Next morning
Ragini opened her eyes listening a knock on her door. She turned to bed and was surprised as laksh was not there. She slowly opened the door.
Annapurna: good morning beta. Come down quickly as you need to prepare dessert.
Ragini smiled and nodded in yes. She closed the door and wondered where he might be. It is then she realised how big her room is. Her heart jumped out because it is for the first time in her life seeing such a thing. She slowly walked into the balcony and inhaled the fresh air deeply and turned to the other side. The smile on her face faded away seeing laksh sitting in a cradle with laptop in his hands. She immediately went inside to fresh up.

Laksh started laughing aloud seeing ragini who was struggling with her pleats. her face turned into red but with anger.
Ragini: what is there in it to laugh?
She said softly because she was never taught to be rude with elders. After all he is her husband.
Laksh pointed her pleats on shoulder and she turned to mirror to check them. There was genuine in his laughter as she messed up.
Laksh: why will you wear such type of outfit which you are not comfortable with?
Ragini:I guess I have the right to choose things myself.
Laksh became numb listening her and went into washroom with out uttering a word. Ragini started adjusting her pleats but stopped in middle. She looked around and tiptoed to the washroom and bolted it. After few minutes, laksh started banging the door.

Laksh: will someone open this door? Who the hell bolted it from out?
Ragini slowly opened the knob of it. Laksh came out of the washroom in full rage.
Laksh: did you do that! Ragini?
Ragini just looked into his eyes for a second and again started doing her work. A smrik appeared in his face when he saw neatly arranged saree as he understood the reason behind it.
Soon they both went downstairs.
Annapurna: ragini, bhabhi will help you in your ritual today. She is in kitchen and you can go there.
Annapurna’s voice irritated her a lot instead every face of the family was a irritation. because for her, it is a jail and she was a prisoner. She slowly made her way to kitchen where parineta was already busy in cooking. Ragini simply stood there without opening her mouth.
Parineta: oh ragini! You came..sorry I was actually busy in preparing lunch for ansh. Here are all the ingredients for kheeer.

Ragini gave a fake smile to her and started boiling the milk. A five year old boy Came running and bumped into ragini.
Parineta: ansh!
Ansh ignored his mother’s warning and looked at ragini.
Ansh: you are my chachi..right?
She nodded in yes and smiled to him. Who doesn’t like kids?
Ansh: you were really looking pretty yesterday chachi. I tried to say this to you but you seemed uninterested.
His pout made ragini smile genuinely.
Ansh: chachi! Will you prepare gulab jamun for me..please.
Ragini is totally melted by his innocent looks and voice. She immediately sat down on her knees and carressed his hair.
Ragini: so my little champ loves jamun..fine but you need to pay for that.
For a moment , his face became pale and he turned to parineta.
Ragini: I am still waiting.
Ansh: what..what should..I..
He fumbled and it brought a smile on her face.

Ragini: you need to kiss me.
She said turning her head to one side showing her cheek. Ansh immediately kissed her and she hugged him
Ragini: your dish will be waiting for you when you will return from school.
Ansh: thanks chachi. Love you..bye mama.
He ran out the room after taking his carrier.
Annapurna who came there to take curry smiled satisfactorily seeing ragini and ansh bonding.
Soon, ragini finished the kheer and everyone appreciated it.
Ragini: papa ji..
Her voice is too low to be audiable but durga Prasad’s attention is on her from the minute she entered. He didn’t want her to feel any kind of suffocation among them.
Durga Prasad: ji beta.

Ragini: papa..I ….I want to go to cafe for work. ..will you allow me?
Everyone’s breath stopped for a moment because they knew that he won’t accept . ragini is working as one of the accountant there and durga Prasad never encouraged anyone but to their surprise he spoke out.
Durga Prasad: your wish beta. No one in this house will go aganist your wish.
A sad smile came on her face.
Ragini: thank-you papa

ragini entered the cafe with a bright smile on her face because it is a place where she can live for herself. As soon as she entered, she saw her friend riya being dull and she very well knew that his boss was reason for that.
Ragini: riya! Why don’t you protest him
Riya: will you protest if same thing happens to you?
Ragini became numb for a while listening because she is correct. She didn’t had enough courage to face her sadistic boss who always had a lustful eye on women. She thought of resigning but due to depression of marriage, she didn’t dare as this job would give her some relief.

Laksh entered his office with red eyes. It is the place which had totally ruined his life, his dreams and everything. His steps stopped for a while towards his way to his HR room seeing her, the source of his pain and destruction. He didn’t want to concentrate on anything related to her but she came infront of him wantedly. His hand turned into fists listening to her laugh along with his best friend. He immediately rushed into the cabin.
Laksh: sir! I guess the two months of my contract has been finished. If you handover my files, I would happily return to my life.
His voice is replete with the desire of leaving the place.
Boss: oh Mr. Maheswari! I thought that you are enjoying in her company.
His sarcasm increased the redness and heat in laksh’s eyes
Boss: well I too don’t want any unwrothy person in my company. So you may leave.
Laksh gave a deathly glare to Him and grabbed the files on the desk.
Laksh: good bye forever.

ragini came home at 6:30 and then she suddenly remembered her promise to ansh. She immediately made jamun and served him.
Ansh: thank-you so much cahchi. I love you. My mom never allows me to eat sweets but you are the best.
Ragini made a face
Ragini: achaa..you need to give reward for this.
Ansh pouted as his lips are with sugar syrup
Ansh: how can I?
Ragini: it’s okay I will take.
Saying this she kissed him on both the cheeks. He hugged her.
Ansh: love you cahchi.
Aadarsh: ragini! Where is my share of sweet?
He smile faded away listening him.

Ragini: I will just bring bhayya
Aadarsh: at the same time, give some for your poor husband. He too loves them..a lot.
Her fingers turned into fist.
Ragini: ji bhayya
Ragini entered their room with bowl in her hands . laksh is in balcony reading some book.
Ragini: laksh ji! This is for you.
He tilted his head and looked her questiongly.
Ragini: gulab jamun..aadarsh bhayya said that…that you like them.
He signalled her to place it on the table adjacent to her. Ragini left the place.

She started adjusting her hairs after getting fresh and opened one of the doors of dressing table to find comb. Her jaw touched ground seeing nearly ten to fifteen perfume bottles in it.
Ragini:( to herself) oh my god! I guess he maintains a shop here. By the way what will he do with these many bottles. No doubt..he must be a casanova. Every man is the same.
She immediately closed the door with a force which resulted in some hard source falling on her head, probably from the roof of the dresser.
Ragini: ouch!!
She looked down and then realised that it is an album. She slowly picked it up and cleaned the dust on the surface and opened it.

Her expressions changed seeing the pictures in it. Laksh is with another girl in the same bridal attire but his face is charming. His smile is so genune and pure infact she hasn’t seen it till now. He looked so happy at the time of his first wedding, probably. A photo has fallen down in the process of turning the pages of album. She immediately took it from the ground.
The girl in the photo is too beautiful infact gorgeous. The smile is angelic and her eyes looked like the mirror of her heart. She turned the photograph and saw few lines
” the only reason for my breath is you. My heart will stop beating when you will go away from me..you are the only girl whom I loved and will love till eternity.. I LOVE YOU ANU.. your’s, only yours..lucky”
Ragini: lucky!!

A tear rolled from laksh’s eye who just ate the sweet.

Credit to: Sree harini

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