RAGLAK- Second love (17)

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Laksh locked his eyes with her but immediately turned to the other side. Ragini pouted at him and sat on bed, folding her hands and her head down. She lifted her head when she felt someone’s presence near her. Laksh stood infront her with a spoon full of gulab jamun.
Laksh: I think those words are mine?
Ragini simply nodded but her soul is jumping in joy.
Ragini: I am sorry to hurt to you laksh
Laksh: it’s okay. Even I was carried away in the moment..its..its just that I hate my ex
Ragini: oh!! Fine..I will never hurt you
Laksh: me too.
They both smiled and ate sweet in the same way they did before few days.

Laksh is walking in the corridor but his mind is just reeling the events of his marriage with ragini. After anusha’s betrayal, only he knew how much depressed he was. The walls of maheswari Manison which knew only happiness drowned in agony and he was the only reason for that. Anusha had insulted almost everyone in the house. Sometimes, he opposed her but most of the time, he kept mum. For his one wrong step, everyone in the family suffered yet he had a good belief that he can change his beloved wife but the worst breakdown for him is divorce. She was all happy even after that, after crushing his heart. His every other family member were just tensed for him. Of course, they never let their emotions out but he is their son. In the heat of moment, he tried to commit suicide so that everyone will stay happy after that. But as said, destiny is the most powerful betrayal. Then his father brought ragini. By knowing about her background, he rejected the marriage but his father insisted infact declared the marriage. At first, he had a hope that she might help him to forget his past but her gestures are just opposite. When she said that she hate men, he understood about her being uncomfortable for him. Intentionally, he never talked about anu infront of her because of two things. One is that he didn’t want her sympathy and second, it may sting her because he experienced the same when anu was close to someother.
But after few encounters, he started liking ragini’s company. At first, he thought that it’s just because they have been staying together from few weeks but gradually realised that her smile itself makes his heart as light as cotton. For some unknown reason, he always tried to finish his work fast so that he can just spend his time admiring her. The night before her exam was a memorable one to him. Even though she didn’t touch him, there was some spark between them which he didn’t experience with anu even. Her happiness is what it started to matter him and guilt started engulfing hiding about anu and hence he shared everything with her. He still doesn’t know why, but he felt so relieved after sharing with her and it didn’t happen the same when he shared with sanskar.
When he heard that his wife waited for him to give company for dinner, his heart swell with a bit anger at the same time for staying awake till late night without eating anything.
Everything was fine till their dinner but everything got ruined after that. She used some harsh words for him which he really didn’t want to listen. But what bothered him more is ragini misunderstanding him. It must have not affected him if he was the same laksh who married ragini but it hurted because he started to feel something for her and wanted to be more to her than just a responsibility.
‘ do you think she did all this because of love?’
Laksh: love?
Maybe that’s what he was expecting at the moment. Ragini misunderstanding him is eating him till now. She, considering him as a heartless person ached him but the reason is unknown.
His heart prompted again that it might be love but he is a person who doesn’t believe in second love. He loved anusha and now he hates her. That’s all. He cannot share the same to ragini.
‘ what a person you are laksh? Love doesn’t have number’ his heat scolded him.
He pursed his lips and remembered the events that happened few minutes ago.
His heart ached seeing his wife asking for an apologize.
‘ I am the one to be blamed’ he wanted to scream because he was angry with himself for expecting something from her which he didn’t get but the words died in his throat. Why everything about her has started bothering him so much is a big question because he did feel the same with anusha
‘ because you are in..’
He shook his head clearing the thoughts because he knew the answer of his heart.
Laksh: where is papa?
Annapurna: in study, why?
Laksh: bye ma.
Before she could ask something, laksh disappeared and she shrugged for his wiered behaviour

Durga Prasad stood when he heard some heavy steps approaching his room. Laksh walked in and hugged his father tightly, shocking him.
Durga Prasad: what happened?
His voice had concern overflowing.
Laksh: parents are always right papa. Everything they do is just for children.
Durga Prasad: are you okay?
Laksh: thanks for choosing ragini as my partner.
Durga Prasad stood still for a moment then a small proud smile came on his face.
Durga Prasad: I know.
Laksh: my choice went wrong unlike sanskar but your choice will not go wrong papa, never.
Durga Prasad: I know laksh. I am happy that you are happy.
Laksh: yeah, only she can make me happy because making her smile all the time is my goal now.
Durga Prasad smiled inwardly but he eyes got moist because he always knew that he will never go wrong.

Laksh gave a close up smile to ragini before leaving to office. Ragini frowned for his wiered bright smile and brushed off his gaze which she saw that had some strong emotion in them.
Uttara: ma! We should go for shopping today.
Sujatha: we are shopping for swara and I think you are not needed there.
Uttara pouted and went to parineta.
Uttara: convince my mom bhabhi..please
Parineta: your mom! No way uttara. Only badi ma can do that.
Uttara: but she is with my mom today.
She just glanced the room pouting but her eyes widened with happiness when she saw her brother. She turned to her bhabhi who is already trying to surpress her laughter.
Uttara: sanskar bhayya..
She sang which almost startled sanskar who is sitting with swara at dining
Sanskar: what!?
Uttara approached him batting her lashes
Uttara: do you remember bhai that you once promised to take us to shopping?
Sanskar: when?
He tried to act innocent
Uttara: I know that you remember, so fulfill your promise, now.
Sanskar opened his mouth at uttara’s command. Swara bursted out into fits of laughter. Sanskar raised his hands in defence.
Sanskar: that’s the last thing I want to do in life uttara..shopping with girls would be my first option to death.
Uttara narrowed her eyes warning him.
Uttara: no one here are girls bhai, we are ladies
Sujatha: do I look like a girl?
Ragini bursted out laughing this time.
Sanskar sighed before grabbing his wallet and credit cards.

After 20minutes, all the ladies reached mall with sanskar.
As soon as ragini got out of the car, her eyes gleamed with happiness seeing laksh waiting for him.
Ragini: wh..what..are you doing here?
Sanskar: I called him, you know, I really don’t want to get bored.
He answered from behind.

They took nearly three hours to select two lehangas for swara, three siuts for uttara, three saree for sujatha, Annapurna and parineta each. Ragini is still searching.
Sanskar: will you complete today?
Ragini nodded distracted debating herself to select which color.
Uttara: I think you need experience bhai, but don’t worry. I will give you enough.
Sanskar’s glare made her shut her mouth.
Ragini wrapped two sarees on her two shoulders and glanced herself in mirror to select one but suddenly her gaze fell on laksh who is at opposite counter. She saw him talking to sales girl holding a green color saree but soon dropped it and left the place ignoring sales girl’s words.
Ragini: I want to check the other counter ma!
Annapurna nodded and finally ragini finished her shopping.

Everyone got inside the vehicle and are waiting for Annapurna to get inside who is in call with her husband.
Annapurna: I think we should inform shekar ji about this
Durga Prasad: I am not sure whether he will agree.
Annapurna: but it is our duty to inform him about godh bharai as
Swara is his daughter
Ragini heard the last sentence when she came to call Annapurna.
Ragini: ma! I forgot to say you that I have an appointment with one of my friend. Shall I go?
Annapurna: okay beta. Laksh will drop you in his way to office.
Ragini: no! I mean I will go ma. Please.
Annapurna nodded.

shekar: ji durga Prasad ji
He slammed the receiver after disconnecting the call and fisted his hands.
Sumi: what happened ji?
Shekar: maheswari clawn is celebrating swara’s jodh bharai and he wants us to attend
Tears of affection came to sharmista’s eyes.
Sumi: godh bharai!! My daughter is expecting and she returned to Kolkata?
Surprise is written on her face.
Dadaji: she is not a girl of this house sharmista. Stop over acting.
‘ can I get in’ a sweet voice made everyone to turn to the entrance and shekar smiled seeing ragini.
Shekar: you have every right to come in dear.
Ragini nodded emotionlessly and stepped in.
Ragini: I think the news reached you by this time but anyhow I came here to inform you that didi’s godh bharai is being celebrated tomorrow evening. So I want you all to attend it.
Shekar opened his mouth to retort but ragini raised her hand stopping him. Everyone gasped in surprise.
Ragini: I know that you don’t like ….don’t like swara di but this is function of maheswari papa and you have your other daughter there. So attend for respect, atleast.
Ragini’s voice is still emotionless.
Dadi: stay for lunch ragini. I will prepare your favourite today.
Saying this, dadi walked towards kitchen but is again stopped by ragini
Ragini: no need dadi..
She locked her emotionless eyes with shekar’s confusing one.
Ragini: I am a MAHESWARI now and my family is waiting for me and more over please…don’t…act as if you really bother about me.
With that, she walked out the house leaving utterly shocked gadodias behind

Laksh sat on the bed waiting for ragini to come out of the washroom. He lifted his head when he heard the door opening but opened his mouth a little seeing ragini emerging out with the same green color saree he thought to buy. His fingers ached to buy the saree at the mall but controlled him presuming that she might be mad at him for gifting her. The parrot green color plain crape saree with silver shimmer border brightened her skin. He bit his lower lip to stop the smile seeing her perfectly arranged pleats. It took him to the memories of the very next day of their marriage.
Ragini blushed a bit for his burning stare on her and turned to mirror. The thought of pleasing him added glow to her already glowing skin.
Laksh: thanks
He murmured and then immediately composed himself but frowned at her. She raised her eyebrows questioning him from the mirror.
Laksh: why do you always braid your hair?
Ragini: huh?
Laksh: I..I ..mean loose.. Hair …suits you.
Ragini smiled at him and left her hair loose slightly curling them at the bottom.

Swara smiled at sanskar who is hugging her from back before wearing bangles.
Sanskar: I love bangles swara
Swara: I know patidev. It’s the reason I have started wearing sarees too.
Sanskar: but this is lehenga.
He pouted
Swara: but of your favorite color, pink.
Sanskar smiled and hugged her more tightly.
Sanskar: and yours too, orange.
Swara again gave him a warm smile but soon it disappeared and tears came to her eyes.
Swara: godh bharai is also being celebrated sanskar..but..my ma, papa, Dada..
Sanskar: shh swara. They will accept us. Just give them some time.
Swara: you are aware about my failed attempts to contact them right? Then how can I hope that they will accept me?
Sanskar made her turn to him and wiped her tears.
Sanskar: everything will be alright swara.
And with that, he pulled her into his embrace and both of them closed their eyes to feel the moment.
Uttara: be aware bhayya, you should lock your room.
Swara and sanskar opened their eyes and saw uttara standing infront of them with a camera in her hand.
Sanskar: no!
He warned but she smiled at him and ran out from the room.
Sanskar followed her to delete the picture.
Sanskar: I am warning you. Stop.
Uttara: no way.
Sanskar: uttara!!
He screamed when he reached the middle of the steps at the entrance.
Uttara: I am here bhai!
Uttara teased from behind. Sanskar turned but collided with some person but immediately caught hold of his hand before falling.
His eyes widened seeing shekar infront of him. Shekar looked puzzled but opened his mouth to say thank you..
Swara: sanskar..
Swara called him from behind. Hearing a familiar voice, he angled to see the person but burned with anger seeing swara.
Swara’s voice died in her throat and suddenly the atmosphere became heavy as the pair of shocked eyes met with the pair of hatred eyes.

Credit to: Sree harini


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    • Sree harini

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    Sree as usual ur every single update rocks! N i was just dying to read ur ff! U said u’d updated yesterday itself n so i started checking it once in every half n hr! Finally i read it??Coming to this episode! Awww! Raglak’s cuteness??My fav part was Ragini wearing the same saree he’d chosen?N Laksh bitting his lower lips to stop smiling was very realistic?That’s something i love abt ur ff?Every single word sounds realistic?Now without any delay upload the next one?

    • Sree harini

      Don’t check for every half an hour ramya because TU will take minimum three hours to upload but that’s kinda honor.
      Aww..even I love raglak a lot…and can’t upload rpisude because TU won’t update any submissions till 29th.

  16. Krystal

    Hi sree harani i just found out about your ff and i read it………..ITS AMAZING you describe every characters part so good that i cant help smiling and you use the words so smartly depending on the scene and the characters emotions…….and i just love raglak and i cant wait until they become 1 soul……..(;

    • Sree harini

      Thank-you so much krysatl and I am glad that you choose this one…o am out of words for your appreciation and will try my best to reach your expectations.

    • Sree harini

      Hello guys..relax..TU is not accepting submissions till tomorrow. And I will update as soon as lines get open.

  17. Neha

    Sree tu updating ffs plzz upload swasan acceptance I’m waiting since how long I forgot upload na ???

    • Sree harini

      Will post early morning dear..actually I am not getting the correct link for SWASAN to proceed further..so I stopped writing that in middle but don’t worry neha…as promised, you will get two episodes of SWASAN tomorrow.. And don’t cry.

  18. hey awesome update n sorry i was in village so i couldn’t read some of previous updates n today i read all of them n all are fantastic i just loved it raglak scenes rocked superbbb n waiting for next make it soon dea plzz

    • Sree harini

      Hello Naimi..it’s okay dear. I hope that you enjoyed your vacation well.. Will post raglja afternoon cause I must upload SWASAN first

  19. Sree harini

    Hello everyone, please don’t be mad at me but I am still typing it guys..will upload at evening..a long one..really really long one.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.