RAGLAK- Second love (16)

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Ragini: Mrs. Ragini Lakshya maheswari
The colors in anusha’s face changed but she masked them with a perfect smile.
Anu: get in
Ragini stepped into her house and opened her mouth seeing the lavish interior.
” who is that?” Someone yelled from a nearby room.
Anu: a lady,more than a friend and less than a sister.
Ragini rolled her eyes and sat on the sofa infront of anu.
Anu: so, what do you want to know about us?
Ragini: not us but you and him.
Somehow, anu mentioning laksh and her as ‘us’ pained her. Anu raised her eyebrow
Anu: do you believe that everyone are correct according to themselves?
Ragini nodded because she is also correct about her martial relation
Anu: you see, I am a very modern girl and laksh is not my type of guy
Ragini frowned.

Anu: yeah, it’s true that we both loved each other but it’s after engagement that I started feeling that I am …no he is not right for me
Ragini: but as far as I have seen him, he never intruded into anyone’s privacy.
Anu almost laughed at her words.
Anu: I never said that he didn’t give me any privacy. It’s just that we are not made for each other. Their family is contrast to my thoughts. I..I..just cannot adjust with them.
Ragini: sorry to say but the reason is so silly. Every relationship bases on compromise.
Anu: and I am not ready for that. I want a person who accepts me the way I am but not by compromising. Do you say it wrong?
The confidence in her voice made ragini numb. A servant came from no where and served them with tea.
Anu: please
Ragini:no thanks, I don’t drink tea.

Ragini: then why didn’t you break the marriage before itself?
Anu: that’s what I did. I informed them that I don’t like to get married but his brother came along with his wife. They tried to convince me but I didn’t. My father said something to them and I shouted at him for saying okay. Afterwards, he explained that canceling a marriage before day would ruin our pride and promised to apply for divorce within six months.
Ragini: oh! Then why did you slap him on wedding night?
Anu sighed and sipped her tea.
Anu: he didn’t leave any event I guess..well, I was so irritated seeing him. Just say me, how would you feel when you you enter the room of your so called husband whom you married aganist your wish.
Ragini gulped and then inhaled. She pressed her lips in thin line.
Anu: I did the thing which I felt like to do and moreover, his family was so traditional. They didn’t even allow me to wear jeans. okay, under knee skrits.

Ragini then remembered that no girl in the family wore any jeans kind of thing. okay, that is a way too traditional.
Ragini: why don’t you think that they are just a bit possessive about their daughters?
Anu: that’s what I said. I need a family who accepts me as I am.
Ragini locked her eyes with anu’s.
Ragini: I accept your every explanation but …but why did you made him sign the divorce papers by manipulating him?
Anu: it’s because he is stubborn and I don’t want to live my life whom I loathe especially when I got some other to live with
Ragini smriked and crossed her legs.
Ragini: sorry to ask you but what if the one whom you choose turn out to be an imperfect one?
Anu opened her mouth and closed it again by lack of words.
Ragini: then you will hunt for someone who understands you. Then it will be no more called as a relation but a P-word.
Anu crossed her arms completely annoyed.

Anu: so you are saying that I am wrong!
Ragini: not exactly but comprise is a key for any relation but sadly you will never understand it.
Anu: may be you are correct but laksh is not my type.
Ragini: it’s because you didn’t try to understand him. You just felt that you loved but in real, you lusted him. You know, a pure attraction.
Anu: and how can you say that?
She asked with red eyes.
Ragini: simple, you will never get angry on your brother if he does something aganist you all the time because you love him and you found laksh wrong because..
Anu lifted her hand.
Anu: thanks for advising mrs. Ragini. You may leave now.
Ragini stood smriking
Ragini: I wish that you will find the real meaning of a relation ship, soon.
Anu angled her head towards the entrance. Ragini turned back just before stepping out.
Ragini: oh and I am Mrs. Lakshya maheswari.

An evil smile came on her lips seeing anu fisting her hands.

Laksh came to home early in the evening, totally exhausted by work but he knew that it is not only the reason.
When he entered his room, he saw ragini staring him which is something unusual. He grabbed night suit from closet and turned to walk to washroom.
Ragini: can we talk?
He raised his eyebrow for her stubborness.
Ragini: can. We. talk?
Laksh: I am sorry but I am not in a mood.
Ragini: but I am laksh
Laksh stood rooted to his place gesturing her to continue. He still didn’t knew the reason of obeying her in every aspect, only in case of her.
Ragini: what’s wrong with you? If I hurted you, you must say that laksh. I don’t possess any super natural powers to read you
He angled his head and glared her showing his hands in pockets.
Ragini: okay, I accept that I was…

Laksh: just shut up!
His dominant voice made her flinch. Of course, her words might have hurted him but this is not a way to speak to a girl. But for some unknown reason, she wanted him to cheer up.
Ragini: I am sorry laksh, I blurted out in the heat of moment
She raised her hands in defense but he kept walking to her till she reached wall. Her breath started racing, having him so close.
Laksh: shut up!
She rolled her eyes understanding that he won’t give up so eaisly and she must do something, divert him.
Ragini: you know what, sanskar bhai just came here in search of you and ma said that we are going to shopping tomorrow, for didi and um..um..
She know that she is speaking nonsense and the intensity of his glare is a witness. He walked further invading her private place such that their foreheads touched. Ragini gulped and didn’t dare to stare his eyes.
Ragini: and..and..bhabhi is planning to prepare rajma today, for ansh and I..
Laksh placed his right hand on her mouth, Their breath fanning each other’s face.
Laksh: I think I asked you to keep shut?

Ragini nodded and tried to smile but it dropped when she saw pain replacing anger on his eyes
Ragini: I am s..
Laksh: why do you want to be forgiven by a heartless person?
He asked in a pained whisper.
Ragini: sorry
Even her voice is a whisper. Guilt filled her body listening him.
Laksh: no ragini…no, everyone are sorry to have me in their lives.
He buried his head in her nape and she froze. Okay, this is something she didn’t expect
Laksh: everyone!
Laksh choked which seemed like he is trying to not to cry but he started shivering. Ragini is in a confused state. Half of her wanted to coo him while other half is trying to push him. Out of it, she awkwardly tried to wrap her arm around his waist. She is about to touch his shirt but he stepped back shaking his head. She saw his Red eyes filled with tears.
Laksh: I..I am sorry

With that, he went to his side of bed without changing and slept leaving a shocked ragini behind.

Ragini paced in the room after dinner thinking about laksh’s action. Of course, she didn’t wake him for dinner because it is her first time seeing him sleep early.
‘You should be his strength’ her heart voiced out.
‘ I accept that he has suffered but you are his second’
‘ but he is yours ragini. Didn’t you observe the change of colors of anusha’s face today morning?’
‘ yeah, that was funny but still she has shared everything that should belong to to you’
Shaking her head, ragini stepped out of their room for some fresh air.


Swara slept on her side of bed after taking medicines. Usually she will be happy thinking about her child but sanskar’s silence from two days is killing her and moreover he is not letting the pain out. She closed her eyes when she felt someone opening the door.
Sanskar entered the room and saw swara sleeping peacefully. A sad smile came to his face seeing her. She has been with him at the most important phase of his life and is also sure that she will understand him, even now but he is afraid to share.
Sighing heavily, he climbed on bed and nuzzled her nape wrapping his right hand around her drawing comfort circles on her shoulder
Swara: sanskar!
Sanskar: you didn’t sleep?
Swara: no, what is the one bothering you?
Sanskar sighed and cuddled himself more into her
Swara: sanskar, please

Sanskar: two days back, papa said that he was proud of me. No doubt because he brought up me such a way but..
He trailed off and buried his head deep into her neck inhaling her scent. She is worried now.
Swara: but what?
Sanskar balanced himself on his left elbow and raised his head. He then carresed her bump with his right hand, his lips in a thin line
Sanskar: I am not sure whether I will be able to give the values to my child as my dad did
Swara smiled at him and placed her palm on his.
Swara: no one is perfect sanskar but don’t worry, you will be best as dad, atleast for our child you will always be best

Sanskar: I seriously wish but..
Swara: no but sanskar. Don’t over think and yeah now stop acting like a typical lady. You never look good when your mood is off

Ragini wrapped her arms around her and started walking along the corridor but her steps stopped at her sister’s room

Sanskar: so what? I am your husband and I will be me around you.
He pouted and swara smiled. sanskar’s words hit ragini’s heart and she got an answer for laksh’s behaviour.
‘See, he is he because you are his wife’ her heart prompted and this time she cannot stop her self from accepting.
Eavesdropping a couple’s conversation is not polite, so she walked forward by two steps but stopped listening swara’s words which is choked.
Swara: our child has got the love of Dada, dadi sanskar but what about Nana and nani?
Sanskar cupped swara’s face and wiped tears with his thumb.
Sanskar: it takes time swara,after what we did, it will be really difficult for your parents to accept us.
Swara: what if they don’t?

Sanskar: they will..now sleep
He made her lie down after assuring.


Laksh streched his body but his eyes searched for ragini. Disappointment filled him when he registered her absence and without wasting a minute, he went to washroom to get fresh. After more than an hour, he came out dressed in a T- shift and casual trousers as he had more two hours to go to office. He once again glanced the room for ragini but something got his attention. He walked to the table beside their bed and saw a bowl of gulab jamun with a note.
‘ I would like to share it with the one who is near me’
He smriked and turned around to see ragini standing at entrance.
Ragini: accept my apology, please

Laksh stared her.

Credit to: Sree harini


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    N now d epi was lovely…n nc dat rags knows both povs n will now stand 4 lucky……nc epi..love u n tc

    • Sree harini

      Haha..I love gulab jamun dev and so added here. And yeah, ragini will stand for laksh but few incidents must happen before that. So wait for three episodes.

  5. swathi

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    • Sree harini

      If any will realize her mistake, raglak will be separated..do you want that?.. Lol . this thought of apologizing just randomly came to my mind and it is pictured perfectly, I guess.

  6. vrindha

    Hello sree it is my first ever comment on any ff.but I just wanted to share That I got really addicted to this fan fiction and I am checking my mobile just to read it.u r amazing darling.keeping apart that it is a fan fiction but the way u r narrating story is really amazing

    • Sree harini

      Wow..that’s an honor for me that you choose my ff to start your commenting on this site. I am so glad to know that you are addicted and will try to post two updates for you.

  7. Wow wt an ans she gave anu.. Really Hilarious.. Loved it.. N then lakshya n Ragini’s convo.. Loved it a lot.. But y he said sorry.. He is so intense.. He is trying to control his emotions but y he said everyone r sorry that I couldn’t understand.. N Ragini is battling b/w her heart n mind whom to choose..??
    N.swasan nice part.. Like perfect couple both understand each other very well.. N then omg her style of apology is too good..

    N take care.. 🙂

    • Sree harini

      Hi falguni, laksh saod sorry because he almost hugged her and then he felt that everyone are sorry for him just because he thinks in the way because he is still possessed by his past which is the main theme of my story and you will understand it clearly when we reach climax.

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  9. unknown

    Can i say something Frankly?
    I am litterly getting fed of the word SECOND.ur thoughts related to love is like backward.please.

    • Needhi Singh

      Hi ,i am sorry i may hurt u but her thought is not backward ,instead second word is really heart prickling.No body wants second hand cellphone in this era and here we r talking about husband, which is the only relation we cannot share even in our worst nightmare.Being Laksh ‘s second will absolutely pain her as he is her first.Moreover , Ragini does not love Laksh .She was forced in this marriage ,so it’s natural that she will take time to adjust.Sree has shown something genuine .First love is really special.Every one wants to be someone’s first love but in case of Ragini this is highly impossible ,so it will flinch her.She is right dear.i am not bashing u but just expressing my pov and ya i am little protective about my sissy ,so thoght to clear your misconception about Sree.Sorry dear ,if u r hurt.

      • Joya

        Actually m not hurt.do you know the difference between mobile and human being?
        I read here in someone’s comment love is love.it’s not a race.love is not 1st ya second.i agree with this though.it’s my POV.
        If u r going to give this num to love,that’s clear u r unknown what is true love.

      • Joya

        Sorry ha unknown please….. u dnt have any right to talk like that….
        And needhi my teply is to u…because i really like u and shayad tum bura nahi manogi agar hum tumhe kuch kahe to….humne huk se tumhe kuch kaha hai agr tumhe bura laga to bol dena…..

      • Joya

        I agree that unknows opinion is wrong…….that’s unknown dnt have any r8 to say anything about shree like dis but i also dnt agree with u needhi………u r comparing between human being and phn’s…so i commented………………….. I really dnt wannna hurt u………i knwo i dnt have any ri8 to talk between u and unknown but i wanna to share my opinion about dis…………….sorry if i hurt u….

      • Hi Joya i am not hurt instead i am really happy that my point matters to u and u took a responsibilty to correct. It was just a example dear .i just wanted to show people’s hateredness towards second.i agree that humans and non-livings r different.She needs time to adjust with it as it’s completely foreign to her.i really loved it ,when u pin-pointed my faults.No body does it without care .Even i really like u and i am great fan of your shayaris .i am just a stupid teenage , no so i don’t possess deep knowledge but glad that my Joya sis corrected me.u have full right to correct me and speak in between ,whenever i am wrong.i am really happy to see your affection.

    • Sree harini

      I really appreciate your frankness dear I have two reasons to explain. First of all the tiltke is second and second is it will be really very difficult for a girl like ragini to digest the fact that her husband is already married. But don’t worry, the word second will not been seen until climax fromnow and this is also according to story which you will understand.
      Regarding love, my thoughts are not backward, I suppose because love is always the same, pure and divine and I strongly don’t believe in love at first sights. So my story may reflect that and moreover, I informed before hand that it is a family drama..
      I just explained you unknown, didn’t offend you. Hope your will understand dear.

      • Joya

        And ha harini wo i am not hurt that sentence for u in my above comment……actually humre bich jo huaa uske liye qki hume tum par gussa nikalne ka koi huk nahi tha…….

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      Thanks for your reply shree harini.waiting for next.update as soon as possible.i understand your view.

      • Sree harini

        Hey unknown, please don’t be mad at anyone dear. It’s just needhi tried to explain my idea.

  10. Ramya

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    • Sree harini

      Feeling sad for laksh?? Don’t worry dear ragini is with him. I still have some beautiful episodes planned for you ramya.

  11. mitti

    Superb Di….I visualise all the scenes n literally I am able to imagine it perfectly…gulab jamun part was cute. ….simply awesome

    • Sree harini

      Aww..thank-you so much and I am glad that you are able to imagine. Of you see, the words on note are somewhat similar to what laksh said to ragini.

  12. Ani

    Just love ur ff… Its awesome… Cnt wait to read ur ff….Raglak scenes was nice and expecting more…

    • Sree harini

      I will really try my best to teach your expectations but sorry to say as there won’t be any intense scenes between then for next three updates.

  13. Awestruck……..Ragini literally rocked.Her answers were so accurate and practicle.i truly loved her.Laksh is justified in his behaviour and his behaviour ,actions and words ,everything is just perfect for setting forth his predicament.Ragini is finally in the relationship from heart .Swasan r just adorable as always but little bit sad as end is coming near.It’s 25 shot and we have reached 16 ,so the conscience has started reminding me about it’s closure.Last part was so sweet.Awwww……..Mrs Laksh Maheshwari has finally thought about her hubby in positive way without any mu. Loved the way Ragini retorted to Anusha ,she so deserved it.Anush’s character is so relevent to today’s girls (leaving me……..lol).i read in newspapers, couples taking divorce for stupid and silly reasons.Love u sissy .Update soon.Episode was just heavenly and this confrontation was just the need for changing Raglak’s relationship status from u and me to we.

    • Sree harini

      Needhi,neddhi, needhi! Do I really have words to express my love? The answer is definitely no dear. As I said, every incident that happens will change raglak and it has started now.
      Aww your remembered my number count! Yes it will be finished at 25 but don’t worry I will give you few worthy episodes which really matches our thinking.
      Change in ragini’s thinking has started but what about laksh? Will surely answer this question. Anusha is a confused personality actually which will be justified before ending this story. Even I feel bad when couple take divorce for silly reasons. Once I read that a man divorced hos wife just because she makes noise while eating..I really felt like slapping him.
      Love you so much needhi and I love your over protectiveness too. Seriously I am blessed..love you so..so…much. Ummah and I agree with you that this confrontation is required for making raglak ‘we’

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    • Sree harini

      Cutest appreciation dear..there will be no negitivity in my story and I am trying myself to make it unique.love you so much smiley and will always try my best to amaze you.

  15. Joya

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    • Awww……….so sweet of u for saying sorry.It’s not required dear.it’s my opinion regarding hers and u have yours ,so it’s completely fine dear.Actually i am glad that i wrote above comment because i got a chance to u ,which is very rare.So my stupidity actually paid me with something better off.my thoughts about love my be wrong but unknown calling Sree’s thought backward was just not right.

      • Sree harini

        I am really sorry needhi on behalf of my reader. I am really really sorry. I can understand how might you have felt dear..I am really sorry

      • Sree harini

        What? Vini di posted 42?? Omg I am late. Thank-you for informing joya..will surely read now.

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      I can understand your pain joya but please try to understand me for once. I never speak to any one rudely but if that has happened then again I am sorry but I know you will never be sad for me because hate is a strong emotion.

      • Hi sree ,why r u saying sorry dear ?? Our bond is above these comments.i am not hurt dear. U have not done anything wrong ,so no need to say sorry.I was laughing on reading unknown’s comment because he/she is no one to me ,so i am least bothered about his/her but dear your sorry means a lot ,so no need to waste it.

      • Sree harini

        And one more thing joya,for me, nothing has happened between us but seriously I must be punished badly…according to everyone. You understood needhi and said that if she felt gity by your words then she can say but not me..I am not jealous or offending needhi here but my main question is that do you still believe that I am such a heartless human being who will never consider any other’s feelings? These thoughts are paining me a lot because most of the peoplein my life misunderstand me but it stabs when someone who I really feel emotional for and why do you always think that I am a flase person just building up fake stories. If that’s a case then I would have never returned here joya. Please understand me. I really don’t wish you to forgive me because I am a sin holder but you can atleast try to understand
        And about love that you mentioned in my ff, I will surely justify my title because I too believe that love is only one which is not a race.

      • Sree harini

        Needhi dear, only you know how to woo me. I seriously want to embrace and cry for some unknown reason. I am overwhelmed to your love needhi..seriously out of words. You are so mature girl. Love you so much sister.

      • Joya

        Just read vini di’s epi 42….u will feelllll better………….
        Just close ur eyes u will feel needhi’s presence………………………………………………….

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      Agree i m bad person.i m stone hearted girl but still i will be sad for u bcz hate chahe kitni bhi strong emotion q na ho PYAAR k samne kahi najar nahi aati…..pyar to us river ki tarah hai to nafarat ka pahaaf chirkar usme se bhi apna rasta bana leta hai………

      And ha u care for other’s emotions…….. Shree forgive ka to sawal hi nahi aata qki kuch hai hi nahi…..

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      Needhi thaks a lot dear………for everything…………thanks for understanding…..humri shayri pasand karne k liye bhi thanks ha???.
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        Sorry to hurt you now, but you stupid, idiot girl (postive way) Do you know how much I am crying now after reading this?
        Seriously mujhe nahi pata ki reader meri page check karenge. I would have really commented if I would have known. And I am again in tears reading that you angry only on the person you love..*happy tears*
        You are not bad or stone heart and please never say that..I don’t have any friend who are the way especially joya is not like that.
        I was not at all hurt by you joya. Mujhe sirf iss baat ki dhuk thi ki tum mujhe misunderstand karri and meru life mei woh cheez hamesha hoti hai and I break many a times. That’s it.
        Chaloo ab ek hug dedo mujhe and everything is sorted, gussa bhi *pouts*
        I should be sorry joya, not you dear. Your anger is justified. May be I behaved stupidly.
        I am smiling like a idiot now and apart from needhi, you have me who admires your shayri..of course I understand only 80% of it because of my poor Hindi knowledge.
        You are so special to me joya and I am really serious about this. Any relation which started after a fight will surely be strong (my pov) so just expecting the same from you…love you so much didi..I am really sorry for hurting you and yeah from today you are my dadi *winks* if you don’t mind
        See I am still crying and the mobile screen is soked with them.

      • Plz don’t cry dear and i would have seriously pulled u in a bone-crushing hug ,if u were in front of me . Chill and don’t sob for pretty reasons. Love u and keep smiling dear.Sree yaar ,now even everything is sorted with Joya di too ,so smile whole-heartedly and ya why r u so adamant to snatch my ‘cry baby ‘ title.I love it and i wouldn’t share it with anyone.(lol……it was bad i know but just tried to enlighten your mood).

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        Grinning from ear to ear nesdhi and you didn’t fail in lightening my mood..lol. This is my best day and thanks for the hug dear..and yeah ‘cry baby’ title is only for you. I don’t even dare to snatch it. Lol..good night to you and joya

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      I m smalll kid …….i dnt know d meaning of Misunderstanding???
      Tight hug from my side also to both of u……….

      Keep smiling…………….. Ur hindi is poor……but i dnt understand English…. I Never heard english word b4?
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        I am in love with funny joya..actually I am always…
        Meri mobile bilkul thik hai..and I know that you will surely beat me. So, I always keep it safe. It’s just that my mood was not good yesterday cause of my dance tutor.


    hi sree harini… i am a new reader of ur ff….i read ur whole today…….awesome…when will be ur next update????

    • Sree harini

      Thank you so much for breaking your silence dear. I am still typinv the episode. Will inform surely when I post it.

  17. kalai

    awww awsm jst luved it
    actually nw I m addicted to ur ff
    jst wants to c raglak moments nd I know u will do it in ur style
    must say u r a perfect script writer
    de way u described de emotions of raglak r awsm
    thank u sooo much fr dis beautiful RAGLAK ff
    wen u end dis plzzz write new one it’s a request

    • Sree harini

      Really glad to know that you are addicted dear. I just got this idea at the time of laksh betraying ragini in serial. I love raglak same as SWASAN, so will justify them for sure and sorry dear I cannot write another ff. Many of my readers requested me to write a raglak ff in my previous story so, this one emerged as my promise. If you want to read any other then I am writing acceptance..you can check it

  18. sima

    Oh miss harini…..u r tooo good ….i also read all ur epi now onlyyyy…oh my gosh the way of describing every thing is soo cute.i admire uuu…previous epi all goodd….but ragini shld undersyand lucky in early epii……tthe dialogues are very super jiiii.plsss upload soon and frequently…if u can upload many im one day;,

    • Sree harini

      Wow…thanks for breaking silence dear.thank-you so much for appreciation. I am trying my best to give multiple episodes but my health is supporting me right now. But will surely try to update.

  19. Sree harini

    Sorry guys, I am really in a bad mood today after receiving scolding from my dance tutor, so will upload tomorrow.

    • Its ok Sree we can wait for ur update n don’t get upset.. everything will be fine..

      Bas ek Choti si Duaa hai..
      Jin Lamhon me Aap MUSKURATE Ho..


      n yes i want to share 1 msg..

      A man who has gone out of his town comes back n finds that
      his house is on fire.

      It was one of the most beautiful houses in the town, and the man loved the hose the most! Many people ready to give double price for the house, but he had never agreed for any price and now it is just burning in front of his eyes.

      And thousand people have gathered ,but nothing can be done, the fire has spread so far that even if you try to put it out nothing will be saved. So he becomes vary sad.

      His son comes running n whispers something in his ear:

      “Don’t be worried. O sold it yesterday n at a very Good price-three times. The offer was so good I could not wait for You. Forgive me.”

      Father said”thank god.it’s not ours now!”then the father is relaxed n became a silent watcher, just like 1000s of other watchers.

      Please think about it ! Just a moment before he was not a watcher, he was attached. It is the same house… the same fire.. but now he is not concerned . In fact started enjoying it just as everybody else in the crowd.

      The second son comes running,and he says to father “What r u doing ? You r smiling-and the house is on fire ?” The father said,”don’t you know your brother has sold it.”
      He said,”we have taken only advance amount,not settled fully. I doubt now that the man is going to purchase it now.”

      Again,everything is changes !!

      Tears which had disappeared, have come back to the father’s eyes,his smile is no more there,his heart is beating fast. The ‘watcher’ is gone. He is again attached.

      And then the third son comes,and he says, “That man is a man of his word.I have just come from him. Ha said,’it doesn’t matter whether the house is burnt or not.it is mine. And I am going to pay the price that I have settled for. Neither I knew, nor you knew that the house would catch on fire.”

      And again the joy is back and family became ‘watcher’! The attachment is no more there.

      Just feeling that ” I am the owner! I am not the owner of the house!” makes the whole difference.

      This is the simple methodology of the mind, that you have to nothing to do with it.. Everything starts with a thought!

      Most of the thoughts r not yours but from your parents,your teachers,your friends,the books,the movies,the television,the newspaper. Just count how many thoughts are your own, and you will be surprised that not a single thought is your own. All are from other sources, all are borrowed-either dumped by others on you ,or foolishly dumped by yourself, but nothing is yours.

      Sow a thought, You reap an action.
      Sow a act, you reap a habit.
      Sow a habit, you reap a character.
      Sow a character, you reap a destiny..!

      The message was long but worth reading it to feel the truth…

      I know kuch jayada ho gaya na.. 😉

      Take care dear love u 🙂

      • Sree harini

        I just loved it *tears* oh my god! This is so simple yet beautiful.
        Thank-you so much falguni for sharing this message with. It is such a motivational one that… That….I am not getting words and you choosed an apt one for my mood.

        Don’t feel bad because you haven’t said anything extra infact I welcome such type of thoughts and people.

      • Joya

        Very nice………..i think movies and all can force us for thinking.conclusion tak nahi le kar ja sakte………. every coin has two sides….agar hum kisi bhi baat k dono sides ko understand karna sikh gaye to humre thoughts humre ho sakte hai……….

    • Ty Sree .. 🙂
      I just want to cheer up ur mood n I m happy n glad that i succeeded in that
      LOVE U 2 DEAR 🙂
      Yesterday Actually i was too tiered that i couldn’t commented any ff but i read peoples comment n i feel bad that ur mood is not good.. so i thought this is the best medicine i have tried so share it with u..
      take care

      • Sree harini

        You are so caring falguni and your concern brought tears to my eyes…love you so much dear..

  20. Sree harini

    I just checked the site but raglka is still not uploaded. I am really mad at this site buy yeah, I will see till afternoon. If the episode doesn’t get uploaded, I will surely update it again….this is a first for me as it never happened.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.