RAGLAK- Second love (16)

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Ragini: Mrs. Ragini Lakshya maheswari
The colors in anusha’s face changed but she masked them with a perfect smile.
Anu: get in
Ragini stepped into her house and opened her mouth seeing the lavish interior.
” who is that?” Someone yelled from a nearby room.
Anu: a lady,more than a friend and less than a sister.
Ragini rolled her eyes and sat on the sofa infront of anu.
Anu: so, what do you want to know about us?
Ragini: not us but you and him.
Somehow, anu mentioning laksh and her as ‘us’ pained her. Anu raised her eyebrow
Anu: do you believe that everyone are correct according to themselves?
Ragini nodded because she is also correct about her martial relation
Anu: you see, I am a very modern girl and laksh is not my type of guy
Ragini frowned.

Anu: yeah, it’s true that we both loved each other but it’s after engagement that I started feeling that I am …no he is not right for me
Ragini: but as far as I have seen him, he never intruded into anyone’s privacy.
Anu almost laughed at her words.
Anu: I never said that he didn’t give me any privacy. It’s just that we are not made for each other. Their family is contrast to my thoughts. I..I..just cannot adjust with them.
Ragini: sorry to say but the reason is so silly. Every relationship bases on compromise.
Anu: and I am not ready for that. I want a person who accepts me the way I am but not by compromising. Do you say it wrong?
The confidence in her voice made ragini numb. A servant came from no where and served them with tea.
Anu: please
Ragini:no thanks, I don’t drink tea.

Ragini: then why didn’t you break the marriage before itself?
Anu: that’s what I did. I informed them that I don’t like to get married but his brother came along with his wife. They tried to convince me but I didn’t. My father said something to them and I shouted at him for saying okay. Afterwards, he explained that canceling a marriage before day would ruin our pride and promised to apply for divorce within six months.
Ragini: oh! Then why did you slap him on wedding night?
Anu sighed and sipped her tea.
Anu: he didn’t leave any event I guess..well, I was so irritated seeing him. Just say me, how would you feel when you you enter the room of your so called husband whom you married aganist your wish.
Ragini gulped and then inhaled. She pressed her lips in thin line.
Anu: I did the thing which I felt like to do and moreover, his family was so traditional. They didn’t even allow me to wear jeans. okay, under knee skrits.

Ragini then remembered that no girl in the family wore any jeans kind of thing. okay, that is a way too traditional.
Ragini: why don’t you think that they are just a bit possessive about their daughters?
Anu: that’s what I said. I need a family who accepts me as I am.
Ragini locked her eyes with anu’s.
Ragini: I accept your every explanation but …but why did you made him sign the divorce papers by manipulating him?
Anu: it’s because he is stubborn and I don’t want to live my life whom I loathe especially when I got some other to live with
Ragini smriked and crossed her legs.
Ragini: sorry to ask you but what if the one whom you choose turn out to be an imperfect one?
Anu opened her mouth and closed it again by lack of words.
Ragini: then you will hunt for someone who understands you. Then it will be no more called as a relation but a P-word.
Anu crossed her arms completely annoyed.

Anu: so you are saying that I am wrong!
Ragini: not exactly but comprise is a key for any relation but sadly you will never understand it.
Anu: may be you are correct but laksh is not my type.
Ragini: it’s because you didn’t try to understand him. You just felt that you loved but in real, you lusted him. You know, a pure attraction.
Anu: and how can you say that?
She asked with red eyes.
Ragini: simple, you will never get angry on your brother if he does something aganist you all the time because you love him and you found laksh wrong because..
Anu lifted her hand.
Anu: thanks for advising mrs. Ragini. You may leave now.
Ragini stood smriking
Ragini: I wish that you will find the real meaning of a relation ship, soon.
Anu angled her head towards the entrance. Ragini turned back just before stepping out.
Ragini: oh and I am Mrs. Lakshya maheswari.

An evil smile came on her lips seeing anu fisting her hands.

Laksh came to home early in the evening, totally exhausted by work but he knew that it is not only the reason.
When he entered his room, he saw ragini staring him which is something unusual. He grabbed night suit from closet and turned to walk to washroom.
Ragini: can we talk?
He raised his eyebrow for her stubborness.
Ragini: can. We. talk?
Laksh: I am sorry but I am not in a mood.
Ragini: but I am laksh
Laksh stood rooted to his place gesturing her to continue. He still didn’t knew the reason of obeying her in every aspect, only in case of her.
Ragini: what’s wrong with you? If I hurted you, you must say that laksh. I don’t possess any super natural powers to read you
He angled his head and glared her showing his hands in pockets.
Ragini: okay, I accept that I was…

Laksh: just shut up!
His dominant voice made her flinch. Of course, her words might have hurted him but this is not a way to speak to a girl. But for some unknown reason, she wanted him to cheer up.
Ragini: I am sorry laksh, I blurted out in the heat of moment
She raised her hands in defense but he kept walking to her till she reached wall. Her breath started racing, having him so close.
Laksh: shut up!
She rolled her eyes understanding that he won’t give up so eaisly and she must do something, divert him.
Ragini: you know what, sanskar bhai just came here in search of you and ma said that we are going to shopping tomorrow, for didi and um..um..
She know that she is speaking nonsense and the intensity of his glare is a witness. He walked further invading her private place such that their foreheads touched. Ragini gulped and didn’t dare to stare his eyes.
Ragini: and..and..bhabhi is planning to prepare rajma today, for ansh and I..
Laksh placed his right hand on her mouth, Their breath fanning each other’s face.
Laksh: I think I asked you to keep shut?

Ragini nodded and tried to smile but it dropped when she saw pain replacing anger on his eyes
Ragini: I am s..
Laksh: why do you want to be forgiven by a heartless person?
He asked in a pained whisper.
Ragini: sorry
Even her voice is a whisper. Guilt filled her body listening him.
Laksh: no ragini…no, everyone are sorry to have me in their lives.
He buried his head in her nape and she froze. Okay, this is something she didn’t expect
Laksh: everyone!
Laksh choked which seemed like he is trying to not to cry but he started shivering. Ragini is in a confused state. Half of her wanted to coo him while other half is trying to push him. Out of it, she awkwardly tried to wrap her arm around his waist. She is about to touch his shirt but he stepped back shaking his head. She saw his Red eyes filled with tears.
Laksh: I..I am sorry

With that, he went to his side of bed without changing and slept leaving a shocked ragini behind.

Ragini paced in the room after dinner thinking about laksh’s action. Of course, she didn’t wake him for dinner because it is her first time seeing him sleep early.
‘You should be his strength’ her heart voiced out.
‘ I accept that he has suffered but you are his second’
‘ but he is yours ragini. Didn’t you observe the change of colors of anusha’s face today morning?’
‘ yeah, that was funny but still she has shared everything that should belong to to you’
Shaking her head, ragini stepped out of their room for some fresh air.


Swara slept on her side of bed after taking medicines. Usually she will be happy thinking about her child but sanskar’s silence from two days is killing her and moreover he is not letting the pain out. She closed her eyes when she felt someone opening the door.
Sanskar entered the room and saw swara sleeping peacefully. A sad smile came to his face seeing her. She has been with him at the most important phase of his life and is also sure that she will understand him, even now but he is afraid to share.
Sighing heavily, he climbed on bed and nuzzled her nape wrapping his right hand around her drawing comfort circles on her shoulder
Swara: sanskar!
Sanskar: you didn’t sleep?
Swara: no, what is the one bothering you?
Sanskar sighed and cuddled himself more into her
Swara: sanskar, please

Sanskar: two days back, papa said that he was proud of me. No doubt because he brought up me such a way but..
He trailed off and buried his head deep into her neck inhaling her scent. She is worried now.
Swara: but what?
Sanskar balanced himself on his left elbow and raised his head. He then carresed her bump with his right hand, his lips in a thin line
Sanskar: I am not sure whether I will be able to give the values to my child as my dad did
Swara smiled at him and placed her palm on his.
Swara: no one is perfect sanskar but don’t worry, you will be best as dad, atleast for our child you will always be best

Sanskar: I seriously wish but..
Swara: no but sanskar. Don’t over think and yeah now stop acting like a typical lady. You never look good when your mood is off

Ragini wrapped her arms around her and started walking along the corridor but her steps stopped at her sister’s room

Sanskar: so what? I am your husband and I will be me around you.
He pouted and swara smiled. sanskar’s words hit ragini’s heart and she got an answer for laksh’s behaviour.
‘See, he is he because you are his wife’ her heart prompted and this time she cannot stop her self from accepting.
Eavesdropping a couple’s conversation is not polite, so she walked forward by two steps but stopped listening swara’s words which is choked.
Swara: our child has got the love of Dada, dadi sanskar but what about Nana and nani?
Sanskar cupped swara’s face and wiped tears with his thumb.
Sanskar: it takes time swara,after what we did, it will be really difficult for your parents to accept us.
Swara: what if they don’t?

Sanskar: they will..now sleep
He made her lie down after assuring.


Laksh streched his body but his eyes searched for ragini. Disappointment filled him when he registered her absence and without wasting a minute, he went to washroom to get fresh. After more than an hour, he came out dressed in a T- shift and casual trousers as he had more two hours to go to office. He once again glanced the room for ragini but something got his attention. He walked to the table beside their bed and saw a bowl of gulab jamun with a note.
‘ I would like to share it with the one who is near me’
He smriked and turned around to see ragini standing at entrance.
Ragini: accept my apology, please

Laksh stared her.

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